Apple TV’s ‘Silo’ Schedule: Episode 10 Release Date & Time 

Silo series release date schedule and time

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Silo” is a new science fiction TV series brought to you by Apple TV+. The show was created and written by Graham Yost and directed by Morten Tyldum. It is based on a series of novels under the same name by author Hugh Howey. The show stars Rebecca Ferguson, who is also an executive producer for the series.

The story is set in a dark and hazardous future world, where a community of people lives in a huge silo that is hundreds of stories deep underground. Society has strict rules and regulations that they believe are necessary for their safety and survival. The people living in the Silo are divided into different levels, and each level has its own duties and responsibilities.

The show explores the lives of the people living in the Silo and the challenges they face as they try to survive in this dangerous & toxic world. As the story unfolds, the characters begin to question the validity of the rules they have been living by and wonder if there is more to life than what they have been told. It sounds like an interesting premise, and now that we’ve summed up what the series is about, it’s time to see the technicalities. Let’s see when Silo releases on Apple TV+. 

Silo Episode 10 Release Date 

Episode 10 of Apple TV’s Silo series will be released on Friday, June 30. The series follows a weekly schedule, with new episodes released every Friday. The 9th episode’s title has been revealed, and it’s “Outside.” As for the time, across all timezones, the release schedule is as follows: 

  • Pacific Time (PT) – 21:00 p.m
  • Central Time (CT) –11:00 p.m
  • Eastern Time (ET) – 12:00 a.m
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – 04:00 a.m
  • Central Europe (CET) – 06:00 a.m

How Many Episodes Will Silo Season 1 Have?

The first season of Silo will have ten episodes. Since the first two episodes are set to be released on May 5, we can expect the finale to be released on June 30, 2023. The following is the full release schedule for every episode of Silo. 

  1. Silo Season 1 Episode 1, “Freedom Day,” May 5, 2023
  2. Silo Season 1 Episode 2, “Holston’s Pick,” May 5, 2023
  3. Silo Season 1 Episode 3, “Machines,” May 12, 2023
  4. Silo Season 1 Episode 4, “Truth,” May 19, 2023
  5. Silo Season 1 Episode 5, “The Janitor’s Boy,” May 26, 2023
  6. Silo Season 1 Episode 6, “The Relic,” June 2, 2023
  7. Silo Season 1 Episode 7, “The Flame Keepers,” June 9, 2023
  8. Silo Season 1 Episode 8, “Hanna,” June 16, 2023
  9. Silo Season 1 Episode 9, “The Getaway,” June 23, 2023
  10. Silo Season 1 Episode 10, “Outside,” June 30, 2023

Where to watch Silo?

Considering that Silo is Apple Original, the only place you can watch the series currently is the Apple TV+ streaming service. This isn’t likely to change in the future. 

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