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Apple TV’s ‘Still Up’ Episode 4 Release Date & Time 

still up episode release date

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Apple TV+ keeps expanding its roster of TV shows, and the September slate has already kicked off with ‘The Morning Show” and ‘The Changeling.’ However, there’s plenty of content to be released to spice up your autumn evenings. ‘Still Up’ is a British comedy series premiering on September 22, 2023, on Apple TV+. 

Created by Steve Burge and Natalie Walter, the show stars Antonia Thomas and Craig Roberts as Lisa and Danny, two insomniacs who form a late-night connection despite never meeting in person. The cast also includes Blake Harrison, Rich Fulcher, Samantha Spiro, Lois Chimimba, and Luke Fetherston in various roles. Now that we’ve covered the technicalities let’s review the release schedule. 

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‘Still Up’ episode 4 release date

Episode 4 of ‘Still Up’ will be released on Friday, September 29, 2023. Following a three-episode premiere, additional episodes will be released weekly every Friday night. The title of the upcoming episode is so far unknown. As for the time, across all timezones, the release schedule is as follows:  

  • Pacific Time (PT) – 9:00 p.m
  • Central Time (CT) –11:00 p.m
  • Eastern Time (ET) – 12:00 a.m
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – 04:00 a.m
  • Central Europe (CET) – 06:00 a.m


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How many episodes will ‘Still Up’ have?

‘Still Up’ is scheduled to have eight episodes in total. With the first three releasing on September 22, we can expect the finale to drop on October 27. The following is the expected release schedule for the series: 

  1. ‘Still Up’ Episode 1 -‘ The Pharmacy’,’ September 22, 2023
  2. ‘Still Up’ Episode 2 -‘ The Dress,’ September 22, 2023
  3. ‘Still Up’ Episode 3 -‘TBA,’ September 22, 2023
  4. ‘Still Up’ Episode 4 -‘TBA,’ September 29, 2023
  5. ‘Still Up’ Episode 5 -‘TBA,’ October 6, 2023
  6. ‘Still Up’ Episode 6 -‘TBA,’ October 13, 2023
  7. ‘Still Up’ Episode 7 -‘TBA,’ October 20, 2023
  8. ‘Still Up’ Episode 8 -‘TBA,’ October 27, 2023

Where to watch ‘Still Up’?

The only way to watch ‘Still Up’ is via Apple TV+, considering it’s Apple TV original series. You can watch the show with an active subscription. 

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