Are Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, And Jaskier Immortal In The Witcher (& Do They Age)?

Are Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, And Jaskier Immortal In The Witcher (& Do They Age)?

In The Witcher series, one of the things we saw in season 1 is that there are different timelines that go back to more than 50 years before the events of the main timeline. However, we noticed that some of the characters do not age in between decades of seeing them in different timelines. So, are Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and Jaskier immortal in The Witcher?

Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and Jaskier are not immortal. Geralt and other Witchers age very slowly because of the process they undergo when transforming into Witchers. Mages like Yennefer can live for centuries because they halt the aging process through magic. Meanwhile, Ciri and Jaskier have human lifespans.

The aging process of some of the characters in The Witcher can be something that can easily confuse other people. However, as long as you know which ones age like normal humans and which ones tend to live longer lives, it would be easier to understand the ages of some of the characters in The Witcher.

Is Geralt Immortal?


Geralt is the main character of The Witcher, and we have noticed that ever since his introduction in season 1, he doesn’t seem to age. This is interesting to note because the events in episode 1 of The Witcher happened more than 50 years before the events with Geralt and Ciri. However, Geralt never aged during that span of time. So, is Geralt immortal?

No, Witchers are not immortal. No Witcher is immortal because they are capable of dying either due to natural causes (age) or other means such as outright getting killed in battle. This is why there aren’t a lot of Witchers remaining in the continent, even though there were a lot of them in the past. Witchers can die, as they are not immortal.

Does Geralt Age?

While Witchers may not be immortal, what is important to note as well is that these monster hunters do, in fact, age. This might not be apparent because we never saw Geralt showing any signs of aging in the long length of time in between different timelines. However, all Witchers still age.

When Witchers are injected with the mutagen that allows them to turn into mutants or Witchers, their aging process slows down. That means that they still age but in a manner that is very slow to the point that Witchers can possibly live for hundreds of years. For example, it is possibly more than 150 years old.


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But Witchers usually don’t die of old age, as Geralt implied in season 2. That’s because Witchers usually die in battle or through other means before they get to an age that is too old. But, considering that Vesemir can still fight even though he is well past 150, a Witcher’s aging process is very slow.

Is Yennefer Immortal?

How Did Yennefer Lose Her Magic? Where Have Her Powers Gone?

Like Geralt, Yennefer is another character whose timeline was a bit confusing because she never showed any signs of aging since her introduction. It is estimated that the year was 1210 when Yennefer was taken to Aretuza to be trained as a mage. However, the events of the main timeline happened some time during the 1260s, and that is more than 50 years since Yennefer’s introduction. So, is Yennefer immortal?

No, Yennefer is not immortal and can still die. Mages are not immortal, but they do use magic that will allow them to live for a very long time and quite possibly longer than Witchers, considering that mages are not as exposed to danger as Witchers are. Still, the fact of the matter is that mages are not immortal and will still some day die. 

Does Yennefer Age?

One of the most eye-catching parts about Yennefer is the fact that she doesn’t look a day over 25 during the entire series, even though decades have passed since her introduction. In fact, the books say that she is nearly 100 years old. So, does Yennefer age?


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The thing about mages is that they actually use some sort of magic that will halt the aging process so that they will retain their youthful appearance. However, this magic doesn’t completely stop them from aging, as we do see some mages that look older than others. That means that mages can still age but at a rate that is very slow and quite possibly slower than the aging process that Witchers experience. This is why Yennefer and all of the other mages still retain their youthful glow.

Is Ciri Immortal?


The third central character of The Witcher is Ciri, who is the princess of the fallen kingdom of Cintra. She was introduced to the story during the main timeline when she was right around her teens. This means that she is yet to experience the handful of decades that Geralt and Yennefer have already experienced in their lives.

Despite carrying the gene of the Elder Blood, Ciri is not immortal and is as fragile as any human being can be. She may be one of the most powerful beings in the entire story, but Ciri is still a human girl. That means that she is not immortal.

Does Ciri Age?

Consequently, considering that Ciri is an ordinary human girl, she experiences the same aging process that humans undergo. We saw this in the likes of her grandmother Calanthe and her mother Pavetta, who both aged ordinarily, although we never got to see the older version of Pavetta.


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Still, because Ciri is by all accounts an ordinary human gifted with extraordinary powers, her aging process is not too different from any other ordinary human in the world of The Witcher.

Is Jaskier Immortal?

Is Jaskier Already Dead in Netflix's The Witcher TV Show?

While he may not be one of the main characters, Jaskier is one of the most important secondary characters in The Witcher. And you might have noticed that, ever since he was introduced to the story, he does not seem to look too old. However, once you understand his timeline, it will make sense.

So, to get things out of the way first, Jaskier is not immortal. He is an ordinary human bard that will live the life of a regular human. There is nothing special about Jaskier except for his gift of coming up with songs.

Does Jaskier Age?

If Jaskier is not immortal, does he not age? Well, some of you may get confused by this because we did see Jaskier in multiple timelines that are separated by decades. However, what you need to know is that Jaskier did, in fact, age during the events of The Witcher.


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When Geralt and Jaskier met for the first time, Jaskier was just 18. During the events of Pavetta’s marriage to Duny and the revelation that she is pregnant, Jaskier was 28. And because Ciri is somewhere around her early teens in the main timeline, Jaskier is in his 40s. We even see Jaskier looking a bit older in season 2 than he did in season 1 because he ages like any ordinary human.

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