Are The Alien vs. Predator Movies Canon? (& Should You Watch Them)

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The 80s were full of different movies that have stood the test of time because, let’s face it, these movies had some of the most iconic characters and monsters ever seen on screen. Of course, two of the most iconic 80s alien monster movies are Alien and Predator, which are so popular that they have their own franchises. In fact, they had two crossover Alien vs. Predator (AVP) movies released during the 2000s. But are the Alien vs. Predator movies canon?

It is most likely that the Aliens or the Xenomorphs are canon in the Predator universe because a Xenomorph skull could be seen in Predator 2 and that the Xenomorph spear in Alien vs. Predator was featured in one of the newer Predator movies. However, the Predator is not canon in Alien.

The thing about the Alien and the Predator franchises is that they both belong in their own respective universes. There is also the possibility that the Prometheus movie seemingly rebooted the entire Alien franchise and has disregarded the AVP movies in its timeline. Now, with that said, let’s look at whether or not the Alien vs. Predator movies are canon.

Are The Alien vs. Predator Movies Canon?

Those who grew up during the 80s or are simply fans of 80s movies will know for a fact that it was a decade full of some of the most iconic movie characters ever because watching movies was the top source of entertainment for most people during that era. Of course, the 80s gave birth to some of the most terrifying monsters in movie history, especially when we talk about monsters that come from another world.

In that regard, the 80s was the time when two alien monster movies became quite popular among fans. The first movie was Alien and the second one was Predator. Both of these movies have different premises and entirely different monsters. But they have the same gist in the sense that the characters need to survive against creatures they know nothing about and are from a different planet.

Of course, the popularity of these 80s movies allowed them to launch their own movie franchises that gave birth to numerous sequels. Some of these sequels couldn’t reproduce the magic of the original movies, but they are still quite memorable to fans of both Alien and Predator. And when we got to the 2000s, those who held on to the nostalgia of the 80s monster movies actually produced crossovers.

That was how the world was able to see the crossover movie called Alien vs. Predator (AVP), which is basically a movie wherein both the Alien and the Predator exist in the same universe. Of course, in this case, there are numerous Xenomorphs and Predators (Yautjas) in one single movie. And there is even a large Xenomorph at the end.

The success of the first AVP movie allowed it to have a sequel called AVP: Requiem, which featured a Predator that was infested by a Xenomorph and was stronger than the usual Predator that we saw in the past. Of course, the movie grossed well enough at the box office due to the popularity of both the Alien and the Predator franchises.

But while both of the AVP movies that were released in 2004 and 2007 respectively were quite successful as far as their earnings, there weren’t any more of these movies produced. In fact, both Alien and Predator eventually had new movies of their own. 

Alien went on to have a movie that seemed like a reboot in the form of Prometheus, which quite possibly explored the origins of the Xenomorph. Meanwhile, Predator had more movies in the same universe and even had a prequel movie called Prey. But is Alien vs. Predator canon to either or both the Alien and the Predator universes?

From what we’ve seen in the subsequent Alien movies, it doesn’t seem like the AVP films are canon. That’s because, again, the franchise was seemingly rebooted by the Prometheus movie in 2012. This movie eventually led to the release of Alien: Covenant, which is the latest Alien movie in the franchise.


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As of this writing, there hasn’t been anything that connects Prometheus and Alien: Covenant to any of the older Alien movies or even the AVP movies. That’s why we do believe that the AVP movies are not canon to the Alien universe, especially to the reboot movies.

Meanwhile, as to the Predator franchise, we do believe that the AVP movies are canon to this universe. At first, it seemed like the AVP movies were merely fanservice to those who grew up watching Alien and Predator. However, in 2018, The Predator was released.

The Predator actually had a reference to the AVP movies when a spear that might be familiar to those who saw the first AVP film was put on display. We are talking about the spear that was crafted out of the tail of a Xenomorph in Alien vs. Predator, as this was a weapon used by the surviving Yautja to deal with the Xenomorph infestation in an ancient pyramid. As such, the fact that the tail of the Xenomorph existed in The Predator proves that Xenomorphs exist in that universe and that the AVP movies might have happened.

Meanwhile, back in Predator 2, there was also a Xenomorph skull that could be seen in one shot. This was the clue that made fans believe that Xenomorphs also exist in the universe of the Predators. That’s why we have the AVP movies, which eventually pit these two extraterrestrial monsters against one another.

Why Should You Watch The Alien vs. Predator Movies? 

Truth be told, the Alien vs. Predator movies weren’t exactly good in terms of their quality and storytelling. They were more of fanservice movies to those who grew up watching Alien and Predator movies when they were younger. Of course, the 2000s were full of these types of movies, as we did see Freddy vs. Jason.

Nevertheless, the Alien vs. Predator movies can still be quite fun to watch. They might not be canon to the Alien universe and are perhaps canon to the Predator franchise, but they are still going to give you a ton of action and entertainment during a lazy weekend. That’s why it might be a good idea for you to give these movies a shot.


Of course, hardcore fans of the Predator movies should be able to find value in the AVP movies because, as mentioned, they could be canon to that universe. While the stories of all of the different Predator and AVP movies aren’t directly interconnected to one another, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from watching the AVP films if you are going to binge through all of the Predator movies.

But if you’re an Alien fan, you might want to skip the AVP movies because they don’t provide value to the franchise at all, especially after the entire Alien movie series was seemingly given a reboot. Still, the AVP movies are quite fun because of how they turned into action-survival movies rather than horror-survival films. But, as far as the continuity is concerned, you might want to skip these movies.

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