Armor Toughness in Minecraft (EXPLAINED)

Armor Toughness in Minecraft (EXPLAINED)

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What is Armor toughness in Minecraft?

Armor in Minecraft gives any player protection from the attacks. It consists of one helmet, one chest plate, boots, and leggings. As you keep progressing in the survival mode, you need stronger armor. Apart from good armor, you will need armor toughness too. Armor toughness reduces the amount of damage taken by the player per hit. So what is this armor toughness?

Armor toughness in Minecraft is an attribute of armor defense level. It provides the player with extra protection from strong attacks. Toughness level acts as extended life for a player when under attack. 

There are seven armor types in Minecraft. These are golden, turtle shell, chainmail, iron, leather, nephrite, and diamond. Armor bars above the health show defense points. When you get a diamond or a netherite armor, you can see the toughness bar above the food bar. 

Let’s make it hard to kill you in Minecraft by learning about the armor toughness and ways to get it.

What does armor toughness do in Minecraft?

In this stable, you can see the different armor defense points with toughness points.

Armor     ToughnessHelmetChestplateLeggingsBootsCombined
Turtle Shell0N/AN/A02
Armor    Defence pointsHelmetChestplateLeggingsBootsCombined
Turtle Shell2N/AN/AN/A2

To understand the armor toughness, first, we need to understand the concept of damage and armor penetration.


Damage inflicted by the enemy depends on the type of armor. For every two hits, one armor point gets compromised. 

Now to penetrate one armor point, four damage points are needed. There are two types of damages in Minecraft: One negated by armor and the second that is not affected by the armor.

Armor will negate the effect of some damages. In the process, armor will take the damage. Armor cannot protect a player for infinite hits in normal conditions without mods. Therefore after several hits, the armor will eventually get destroyed. The armor bar above the health bar will disappear.

Armor can protect the player from these types of attacks

  • Getting hit by lightning 
  • Snowball shot from a snow golem
  • Snowball shot from a player
  • Hit from an anvil
  • Explosions 
  • Fireworks
  • Fire, Lava, and Magma blocks
  • Fireball
  • Dragon fireballs
  • Pufferfish
  • Egg hit from a player

Armor won’t protect you from the game environment and other elements.

  • Some of them are
  • Starvation
  • Falling from big heights
  • Damage from standing on fire
  • Collision while flying
  • For being too long below water level
  • Magic
  • Suffocating inside a block
  • falling into the void
Armor Toughness in Minecraft (EXPLAINED)

Toughness is the sum of all the armor points. For example, each piece of diamond armor gives two toughness points. Collectively it will be eight toughness points.

Armor toughness increases the time to kill if attacked continuously. Only diamond and netherite armors provide toughness. Diamond provides 8 points and netherite 12 points of toughness. Armor toughness ensures damage reduction with damage received.

For example, if the damage of 10 points is received, armor toughness will make it lesser than 10. The range of reduction varies with the amount of damage received. If you have full strength armor, then a blow of 10 points will reduce the damage by around 72%. In any scenario, armor will reduce the attack by at least 0.8% and a maximum of 80%.

Diamond Armor Toughness

Diamond Armor has the highest toughness value of 8 points. 

Each piece of diamond armor gives +2 toughness. Diamond armor is the toughest of all the armors but does not stop knockbacks.

How to get Diamond Armor in Minecraft?


Like every other armor, diamond armor requires 24 pieces of material for crafting. Each piece of armor is crafted separately and combined in the end to get full armor.

For crafting the helmet, you require five diamonds. Eight for chest plate. Seven diamonds for leggings. Four diamonds for boots.


Each diamond piece is taken separately and repaired. Two armor pieces of the same kind are combined in a grinder to give a new item. For example, after killing two enemies, you get two diamond armor helmets. Let’s assume one helmet has the durability of 40% and the other has the durability of 30%. When repaired, the new helmet would have a durability of 75%. 

Netherite Armor Toughness

Netherite Armor has the highest toughness value of 12 points. 

Netherite is very hard to find and protects any player from 80% of the damage. This armor has +1 knockback resistance as compared to diamond armor. It takes a lot of game time to get netherite. 

How to get Netherite armor in Minecraft?

The Nether update of Minecraft introduced a material stronger than diamond. At high difficulty levels, the netherite armor is a necessity. The best way is to craft a diamond armor and upgrade it to a netherite one. 

Firstly craft a smithing table; by using four wooden blocks and two iron ingots. Place the iron ingots in the first row, and then place the four wooden blocks below them on the crafting table. Place the table on the ground. Right-click on it and put the diamond armor in the first slot and netherite ingot in the second slot. You will give you a netherite armor with all enchantments and 12 toughness points.

Tinkers’ construct armor toughness

For the tinkers’ construct armory first, make an Armor forge. Use the armor forge by placing the core items(boots, leggings, helmet, and chest pad) along with the trims and armor plates. The trimes will give you effects and durability. Armor plates will give toughness; For a toughness level of five, use a sponge or invar armor plate.

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