Minecraft: Here’s What Armor Toughness Is & How It’s Different From Armor

armor toughness

Armors and weapons are essential parts of the Minecraft experience, and to truly thrive in Minecraft’s vast world, you’re going to have to understand the most basic as well as more complicated aspects of your gear. We’ve already covered how to improve your armor through enchantments in one of our previous guides, and today we’re going to be dealing with a secondary attribute of Minecraft armor – toughness. Before we advance to the more technical part of our guide, let’s see how armor toughness works in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Armor toughness in Minecraft works by reducing the damage strong attacks do to your armor.
  • Strong attacks are more likely to pierce your armor, and armor toughness somewhat alleviates the damage of those types of attacks.
  • Armor toughness shouldn’t be mistaken for armor defense. As all armors in Minecraft have a defense but not all have toughness as a secondary attribute. 

What is armor toughness in Minecraft? 

Armor toughness is a secondary attribute in Minecraft related to your armor. Toughness can be considered an extra layer of defense when it comes to strong attacks. 

Defense attribute, in general, protects against most sources of damage. There are some sources of damage that armor does not protect against like warden’s sonic attacks, fall damage, hunger damage, etc. In general, armor will not protect you against environmental effects and magic-based attacks. 

Your defense points (or rather the power of your armor) are represented visually by the armor bar. The more defense points you have, the more powerful your armor is. It’s logical enough. All armor types in Minecraft have defense points, and all armor in Minecraft protects you to some degree, ranging from the weakest armor, like turtle shell armor, to the strongest armor in the game, like Netherite Armor

Armor toughness is a secondary armor-related attribute. Depending on what you keep track of, you will notice how the bigger armor toughness has a positive effect on your overall armor defense points. The higher your armor toughness is, the fewer defense points you will lose and the more protected you will be against strong attacks. To put it in more simple terms, armor toughness will protect you against strong attacks by reducing piercing damage to your armor. 


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Only two types of armor in Minecraft have armor toughness attributes. We’re talking about the two most powerful end-game armor in the game diamond armor and netherite armor. 

How much armor toughness does diamond armor have? 

When a full set of diamond armor is equipped, you will be provided with 8 points of armor toughness. Each piece of diamond armor (helmet, chest plate, boots, and leggings) provides you with 2 armor toughness points. In theory, if you have 1 diamond armor piece and the rest of your armor pieces are of iron quality, you will only have 2 armor toughness points. This is better than nothing, but it can still be improved upon. 

diamond armor toughness
every piece of diamond armor provides you with +2 armor toughness

How much armor toughness does netherite armor have? 

Netherite armor provides you with 12 points of armor toughness if a full set of netherite armor is worn. Each piece of netherite armor provided you with 3 points of armor toughness. Since netherite armor is the most powerful armor in the game, it makes sense for it to provide you with the most protection. 

netherite armor toughness
Every piece of netherite armor provides you with +3 armor toughness

How to add armor toughness with commands in Minecraft? 

We’ve already learned that we can modify armors in Minecraft by using a variety of commands. We can create god-level items with a few lines of code that makes us almost invincible. Armor toughness is no exception, as this attribute can be added as well in combination with other armor-related attributes. To add armor toughness with commands in Minecraft, follow these steps 

  • Press t 
  • type /give @p diamond_chestplate 1 0 {AttributeModifiers [ { AttributeName: “generic.armor_toughness”, Name:”generic.armor_toughness”, Amount:10000, Operation:0, UUIDMost:33541 UUIDLeast:886417}]} 

In theory, this command should add to your inventory a diamond chest plate with armor toughness set to 1000. You can easily give yourself a piece of modified netherite armor as well by changing the armor type in this command. Any attribute can be added to armor via this command. 

Armor defense points can be added as well by using a generic armor attribute modifier. 

Is durability related to armor toughness? 

Durability is not directly related to armor toughness, but both are attributes certain types of armor can have. High durability on your armor will provide you with sturdy armor that will not break easily. The most durable armor in Minecraft is by far the netherite armor. Netherite armor can take hundreds of hits before deteriorating compared to Leather armor pieces that can withstand fewer amount of hits. 


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What is the best armor in Minecraft?

The best armor in Minecraft is Netherite armor, as it provides you with the highest defense rating and it has the most armor toughness as well. Netherite armor is considered end-game armor and will be the hardest to obtain when all things are considered. You can always easily add yourself a whole set of armor via commands, though. 

netherite armor
A full set of enchanted netherite armor

To sum everything up, armor toughness is a secondary attribute that provides you with an extra layer of protection when it comes to strong attacks. Not all armor in Minecraft have armor toughness as an attribute. It’s usually reserved only for the strongest armor in the game – diamond armor and netherite armor. A full set of netherite armor provides you with the most armor toughness points. Since armor toughness is an attribute, it can be added to your armor artificially via commands. 

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