‘At Midnight’ Ending Explained: Why Is the Movie Called “At Midnigh”t?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained of At Midnight, a new romantic comedy arriving on Paramount+ this weekend as part of their Paramount Originals line of movies. The film is directed by Jonah Feingold, and stars Monica Barbaro, Diego Boneta, Fernando Carsa, Catherine Cohen, and Whitney Cummins. The film tells the story of Sophie, a massive movie star who is on the verge of finishing shooting the last movie in a very successful series of blockbuster films. However, things turned upside down when she meets Alejandro, a worker at the hotel she is staying in.

The film is a classic romantic comedy that talks about following our dreams and being brave when the moment to make those crucial decisions comes. The film was shot on some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, and the tropical environment really adds to what is just another typical run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. Monica Barbaro does a great job at playing a famous actress looking for something more than franchise work. Diego Boneta also does an excellent job at playing the typical man with commitment issues. They look great together.

The following paragraph contains spoilers for At Midnight. Read at your own risk.

Why Is The Movie Called At Midnight?

The film begins with the introduction of Alejandro, a worker in a very fancy hotel on the coast of Mexico. Alejandro hopes to get a promotion soon, which would take him to New York, where he can hope to become a hotel manager. However, Alejandro is a bit of a troublemaker. We see him for the first time cooking for a gorgeous woman. It is implied they had spent the night together, but they laugh when they realized they don’t know each other’s names. We learn that Alejandro never commits to a relationship and considers all these women just tourists.

After Alejandro’s introduction, we meet Sophie, our other main character. Sophie is a very famous actress. She has been the main character, and her boyfriend, Adam, in a trilogy of films that have made millions at the box office. However, Sophie has come to a terrible realization; Adam has cheated on her, and now she is forced to keep working with him while they are shooting the third movie in the franchise. It is a terrible experience, and she feels trapped by her relationship and the franchise, as she is interested in doing more serious acting work.

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Alejandro and Sophie have a very classic meet cute when Alejandro enters her room by accident and finds Sophies completely naked. It is a very embarrassing moment, but it is clear that Alejandro liked what he saw, and Sophie liked being watched by Alejandro. Late at night, after coming from a hard shooting day, Sophie arrives hungry, but the late-night menu is not the best. Alejandro then finds Sophie in the kitchen trying to get a midnight snack. This is the first of their midnight encounters, and the pattern that gives the film its name.


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The couple flirts over food, and they start to know each other. It is adorable. Alejandro speaks of his experience to his co-workers, who are sure that Sophie is interested in him and that he should just go for it.

Do Alejandro and Sophie End Up Together In The End?

Sophie also speaks with her best friend about Alejandro, and she is clearly happier than she has ever been. Her friend also suggests that she should just go for it, as you never know what might happen. Sophie approaches Alejandro once again, and they decide to go on a date. The date goes pretty well; they go dancing, and at the end of the night, they kiss each other. Alejandro doesn’t really know Sophie’s status with Adam, but he is interested enough that he doesn’t care.

They go on another date where they go to the beach. At that place, the phone signal is almost null, so people cannot really reach Sophie when she has a sudden meeting with the studio heads. Sophie gets chewed on, but she persists in their relationship with Alejandro. She also invites herself to Alejandro’s sister’s birthday. There they have their first fallout when Alejandro says that she is only a tourist to shut up his annoying dad, but Sophie overhears it and takes it seriously.

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It seems that true love doesn’t exist. However, Alejandro realizes he truly loves Sophie and must try to make things right with her. He goes to the set where she is shooting the movie, and there, in front of the entire filming crew, Alejandro confesses his love for Sophie, but she doesn’t welcome him back. Sophie has her own realization later and goes to Alejandro’s place.

There she finds him packing, as he has decided to leave the hotel and open his own somewhere else. Sophie realizes that Alejandro is following her advice. There, she asks for food, just like the first time when they met in the kitchen at midnight. Alejandro accepts the offer and gets ready to cook for her, as they give their relationship another opportunity.

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