Is At Midnight Based on a True Story or a Book? Explained

Is At Midnight Based on a True Story or a Book

With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, Paramount+ is prepared accordingly with the upcoming release of a romantic comedy titled “At Midnight.” The movie sees Alejandro and Sophie, two people with conflicting personalities and lifestyles, falling in love, despite their best efforts to avoid it. Rom-coms with this sort of premise are nothing new, but the story of At Midnight is just unique enough that viewers are wondering whether the movie was based on a true story or a book? 

The movie “At Midnight” was not based on a true story, and it was not based on a book. The original draft was written by Giovanni Porta, with Maria Hinojos writing the second draft of the movie. When it comes to the story, it’s totally fictional, with no connection to any kind of real-life events. 

Now that we’ve covered that At Midnight is a unique film with no ties to real life or books, it’s time to analyze the upcoming movie in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in the premise and how it scales up against other similar movies, stay with us and keep reading!

What is At Midnight about? 

At Midnight follows two protagonists who were brought together by fate. Alejandro (played by Diego Boneta) is a hotel manager at the moment focused on expanding his business and opening his own hotel, and Sophie (played by Monica Barbaro) who is a movie star on the rise. Sophie finds herself in Mexico while shooting some scenes for her upcoming superhero movie called “Super Society 3”. She is hard at work trying to prove herself in the hopes of getting her own spin-off movie.


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Sophie is a heavily driven and ambitious individual who suddenly gets sidetracked when she catches her co-star and boyfriend (played by Anders Holm) cheating. Sophie makes a mental promise to herself not ever fall in love. But fate connects her with Alejandro, who made a similar promise. Despite rather playing it safe and avoiding falling in love, Alejandro and Sophie start getting together at midnight and eventually fall in love. 

Alejandro and Sophia at midnight

Sophie and Alejandro are two individuals with fundamentally different personalities and lifestyles. Alejandro is a highly structured and driven person, who prioritizes his own career advancement and leads a disciplined life. On the other hand, Sophie’s life is characterized by unpredictability and a more free-spirited approach.

Although she is also ambitious like Alejandro, her professional pursuits lead her in a different direction, away from the stability that Alejandro values so highly. In “At Midnight,” these two individuals find themselves struggling to resist their mutual attraction to one another, despite their conflicting personalities. The story serves as a reminder that love can conquer all odds, even when we try to resist it, and that sometimes the greatest love stories are those between two people who are vastly different from one another. 

Alejandro and Sophia at midnight 2

The movie “At Midnight” has a classic and timeless story, which has captured the imagination of many audiences. The central theme of the movie, two people brought together by fate who fall in love despite trying to avoid it, is a familiar one. However, there has been much interest in the origin of the story, leading many to wonder if it is based on real events. 

Was At Midnight inspired by a real event or a book? 

At Midnight wasn’t inspired by real events or book. The original script for the movie was written by Giovanni Porta with the actor Diego Boneta (in the role of Alejandro) in mind. Eventually, the original script was picked up by Maria Hinojos, who wrote the second draft of the movie. In an interview with Screenrant, the director of At Midnight, Jonah Feingold, said that the original writer wanted to connect Mexico and the rom-com genre in a never-before-seen way. 

“The original draft of the film was written by a guy named Giovanni Porta, and it was with Diego Boneta. Those two guys wanted to make a rom-com that honored Mexico in a way that we hadn’t seen in romantic comedies before, and then a wonderful writer named Maria Hinojos wrote the second draft. She actually plays the director of the fake movie within the movie called SuperSociety.”

Diego Boneta, the star of the movie, emphasized how big of a role Mexico itself has in the movie. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase this beautiful country, so much different than what we’re usually used to seeing. 


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“We wanted to do something different. Luis Miguel was a big part of my life these past 5 years and it was an amazing experience, At Midnight is its own thing. It’s a love letter to Mexico, as well. There aren’t enough rom-coms shot there in the same vein as Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris. Mexico is a character in this film and you’ll see it through the eyes of our director Jonah (Feingold).”

As you can see, the film is not based on real-life events or other existing media. Instead, it is a unique and original story that offers a fresh perspective on Mexico. The film aims to tell a heartwarming love story that is entirely its own.

At Midnight, the highly anticipated film is set to premiere on February 10th and is expected to offer a visually stunning experience with its beautiful cinematography and talented cast and crew. Additionally, the story promises to be intriguing and keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It’s a must-watch for anyone looking for a good rom-com experience.

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