Atlanteans vs. Asgardians: Which Nation Is Stronger in Marvel Comics?

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People are now becoming more interested in the Atlanteans due to the release of the latest Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer, as it was clear that Atlantis and Namor are going to get involved in the lives of the Wakandans. As such, we are now seeing another mythical nation joining the MCU on top of the fact that Wakanda and Asgard already exist. While we don’t know how the MCU will portray the Atlanteans, we know that this nation is formidable. But who between the Atlanteans and the Asgardians is stronger?

Asgard is most likely going to defeat Atlantis in an all-out war. On top of the fact that Asgardians are incredibly powerful, they are fierce warriors that have lived for centuries and have battled countless opponents throughout the galaxy while protecting the Nine Realms under Asgard’s protection.

It’s going to be interesting how strong as a nation Atlantis will be in the MCU. However, we already have our answers in the comics, especially when we compare them to another powerful nation in the form of Asgard. Now, with that said, let’s look at why the Asgardians are more powerful than the Atlanteans in greater detail.

Physical Attributes

In the comics, the Atlanteans are actually aliens that migrated to Earth ages ago and began settling in the planet’s oceans. They are not capable of surviving on the surface without any breathing apparatus, but due to their alien physiology, the Atlanteans are capable of lifting up to 4 tons. Meanwhile, the strongest out of all of them are capable of lifting much heavier than that. Atlanteans are also incredibly fast compared to the fastest ordinary human athlete due to the fact that they are simply physically superior.

An ordinary Asgardian male can lift up to 30 tons, and that means that Asgardians are incredibly powerful and are even stronger than most other Marvel superheroes with super strength. Meanwhile, the strongest out of all of them is Thor, who is strong enough to lift more than a hundred tons. Asgardians are also a lot faster and quicker than regular human beings due to having denser muscles. This means that the Asgardians are incredible physical specimens that are far superior compared to regular humans.


The regular Asgardian is several times stronger than the regular Atlantean. On top of that, the Asgardians don’t have the same physical limits that the Atlanteans have because they are capable of living on the surface. As such, Asgard takes this round.

Atlantis 0, Asgard 1


The Atlanteans went through a lot of events in the comics and had been hiding underwater for a long time. As such, there aren’t many Atlanteans on Earth in the comics, as there are only around 10,000 of them living in Atlantis in the comics. As such, the Atlanteans are far too few compared to the humans living on the surface of the planet, and the fact that there aren’t many Atlanteans was probably the reason why they were able to hide from mainstream society for a long time.

atlanteans 1

Asgard is a comparatively smaller nation compared to all of the other nations and planets in Marvel comics because of the fact that the planet itself is actually small. There aren’t a lot of Asgardians due to how small of a nation it is but that hasn’t stopped Asgard from being able to protect the Nine Realms. We have no estimates in relation to the population of Asgard in Marvel Comics, but there probably aren’t more than a few thousand Asgardians in the galaxy.


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While we can’t really give a number when it comes to how many Asgardians there are in Asgard, we know that there aren’t too many of them. This probably means that the Atlanteans probably outnumber them but not by much because Atlantis only has 10,000 or fewer people.

Atlantis 1, Asgard 1


The Atlanteans are an alien race, and that means that they were advanced enough to develop technology that allowed them to travel through hyperspace centuries back. Of course, while the Atlanteans don’t have the resources of their native land, they are still pretty advanced to the point that the weapons and technology that they use are better than mainstream human society. The Atlantean army, in fact, relies on ray and laser weaponry and is able to use compounds that allow them to breathe on the surface without trouble.

atlanits tech

Asgardian technology is the perfect combination between magic and science because the Asgardians were able to develop a society that uses magical powers for scientific purposes. In that regard, while Asgard doesn’t look like a technologically advanced society, a lot of the things that they use rely on magic to function as Asgardian technology doesn’t always rely on mechanisms and computers but on their ability to harness magical energy. That is why Asgardians have primitive-looking ships that are capable of flying and why they can make use of the Bifrost, which allows them to travel from one planet to another quite easily.

As impressive as Atlantean tech is, Asgardian tech seems to be even more impressive due to the fact that it blends magic and science together. This is one of the reasons why Asgardians are so formidable throughout the universe.

Atlantis 1, Asgard 2

Notable Residents

Atlantis is known for a good number of notable residents among its ranks. Of course, the most notable Atlantean in Marvel is Namor, who is the king of Atlantis and is half-human. While he may not be a full Atlantean, Namor is stronger than any of the other Atlanteans. Aside from Namor, there are other notable Atlanteans in the likes of Attuma and Namorita, who are both stronger than most of the residents of Atlantis.

Of course, Asgard is home to one of the most powerful Marvel heroes in existence—Thor, the God of Thunder. Thor is basically the most notable Asgard and is physically the mightiest out of all of his kin. His father, Odin, is the king of Asgard and is the most powerful Asgardian and may even be the strongest god. Meanwhile, other notable names include the likes of Loki, Valkyrie, Sif, and the Warriors Three.


Thor alone is stronger than anyone that Atlantis can offer, as he may even be strong enough to take on a good chunk of the Atlantean army, just like how he was mighty enough to take on some of the strongest cosmic beings in the universe. As such, Asgard takes this round.

Atlantis 1, Asgard 3

Military Training

Due to the fact that Atlantis is secluded from the rest of the world and tries its best to keep its society hidden from the mainstream world, it has a formidable army that is trained well enough for a possible hostile encounter with the surface-dwelling humans. In fact, Atlantis, small as it is, participated in World War II as one of the nations that opposed the Axis Powers. As such, Atlantis has a population that’s well-trained enough to handle any kind of hostile situation and has even been to war with Wakanda, a much bigger nation.


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The Asgardians are some of the finest warriors in the history of the universe as Asgard itself has been through a lot of different wars when it was conquering the Nine Realms and protecting them from beings like the Frost Giants and the Dark Elves. Even an ordinary Asgardian soldier is formidable enough to be a master of both armed and unarmed combat. That is precisely why Asgard has a strong enough army that was able to conquer a lot of planets and put them under their protection.


Atlantis fights wars with humans, but Asgardians fight wars with Frost Giants and Dark Elves. The difference in how formidable Asgardians are compared to Atlanteans when it comes to warfare is night and day.

Atlantis 1, Asgard 4

Atlanteans vs. Asgardians: Which Nation Is Stronger In Marvel Comics?

The fact that the Asgardians are basically worshipped as gods and have powers that allow them to be gods is what makes them a lot stronger than Atlanteans. While Atlantis may have the bigger population and could probably use its technology well enough against Asgard, the Asgardians have the likes of Thor and Odin, who are probably both powerful enough to take on the entire nation of Atlantis on their own. And when you factor in how Asgardian tech runs on magic and how well-trained Asgardian soldiers are, there is no way Atlantis could win a war against Asgard.

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