Atrociraptor vs. Velociraptor: Which Raptor Will Win In A Fight?

Atrociraptor vs. Velociraptor Which Raptor Will Win In A Fight

The Jurassic movies cannot get enough of Raptors because these are probably the most popular dinosaurs in the entire six-part saga. That said, Jurassic World: Dominion introduced a new Raptor in the form of the Atrociraptor, which was strong enough to give Owen, Claire, and a bunch of CIA agents a ton of problems. But is the Atrociraptor stronger than the ever-popular Velociraptor? In a fight between an Atrociraptor and a Velociraptor, which Raptor will win?

A fight between an Atrociraptor and a Velociraptor can go either way because they both have their strengths and weaknesses. While Atrociraptors are bigger and stronger, Velociraptors are smarter and are just as mobile. As such, it would be a coin toss between the two Raptors.

It is important to note that size isn’t always the determining factor in a fight between two animals because there are times when the smaller creature might have some advantages over its bigger rival. The same could be said about a fight between an Atrociraptor and a Velociraptor, as it could go either way. That said, let’s examine this rivalry in greater detail.

Size And Strength

The one thing that stands out the most about the Atrociraptor is that it is a bigger Raptor. It is noticeably bigger than the Velociraptor but still isn’t as big as the Indoraptor. But the fact that it is bigger than any Velociraptor already gives it a distinct size and strength advantage as it can simply overpower smaller dinosaurs without having to sacrifice any of its speed and mobility. That is why the Atrociraptor was bred to become a killer.

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On the other hand, the Velociraptor isn’t a small dinosaur but is actually quite big if you compare it to the actual size of a real Velociraptor. Then again, while it isn’t as big as the Atrociraptor, its size is already enough to provide it with its mobility and speed, especially when it is hunting its prey. And we’ve seen how strong a Velociraptor is time and time again because this creature is all muscle.


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The Velociraptor is by no means a small animal, but the Atrociraptor is just simply bigger than it is. That means that the Atrociraptor has the automatic size and strength advantage that will allow it to overpower the smaller Velociraptor.

Atrociraptor 1, Velociraptor 0


The Atrociraptor was seen to be quite fast as it was able to chase after Kayla and Claire while they were in a truck running at full speed. What’s even more impressive is the fact that these dinosaurs were able to keep up with Owen on a motorbike that was running at full speed on a relatively smooth road as well. In that regard, these are very fast dinosaurs that were able to become as fast as they are because they had larger strides and bigger leg muscles.

jurassic world dominion chris pratt velociraptor hr

Velociraptors are very fast dinosaurs that were able to keep up with Owen’s bike in the events of Jurassic World. However, it didn’t look like the bike was running at full speed because Owen was only chasing the Raptors toward the Indominus Rex instead of trying to get away from them. Then again, the fact that they were able to run just as fast as Owen’s bike means that these dinosaurs are fast hunters.

While both of these Raptors are very fast despite being bipedal runners, we are giving the slight edge to the Atrociraptors because they were able to showcase their speed when chasing a truck and a bike both at their full speeds. And the fact that the Atrociraptor has a longer stride and stronger legs give it a distinct speed advantage.

Atrociraptor 2, Velociraptor 0


Like any other Raptor dinosaur, the Atrociraptor is a very nimble and mobile dinosaur that could use its powerful legs to full effect when jumping and running. We were able to see an Atrociraptor running after Owen while it was on the roof, as that was a great display of how nimble this dinosaur can be. That is what makes the Atrociraptor so scary because it was able to maintain its speed and mobility despite being bigger.

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The Velociraptor has always been one of the nimblest dinosaurs in the Jurassic saga because they can climb things and are great at avoiding obstacles. Even Beta, Blue’s daughter, was nimble enough to avoid Owen’s tranq shots in Jurassic World: Dominion. Of course, there’s the fact that Blue was able to use her mobility against bigger dinosaurs like the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor while surviving to tell the tale.

It is difficult to give this round to any of these Raptors because they are both very mobile and nimble. The Velociraptor may be nimbler because of its smaller size, but the fact that the Atrociraptor is still very mobile despite being bigger is quite impressive. This round is a tie.

Atrociraptor 2, Velociraptor 0


There is little to no information regarding how smart the Atrociraptor is because that’s something that we never really saw in its limited screen time in Jurassic World: Dominion. All we know is that this dinosaur was chosen to be trained killers by Santos as they are probably easier to train than Velociraptors. As such, we are not saying that they are dumb, but we aren’t saying that they are very smart Raptors as well.

One of the biggest assets that the Velociraptor has is its intelligence, as it was described as the second smartest creature on the planet during the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In fact, during the events of the first Jurassic Park film, the Velociraptors were smart enough to learn how to open doors using doorknobs. Meanwhile, Blue herself displayed her intelligence when she was communicating with Owen and when she and her siblings were smart enough to develop a mutual relationship of respect with humans. 


While we often see the Velociraptors as effective killing machines, they are smart enough to understand whether or not they are simply being used. As such, the Velociraptors are smarter than the Atrociraptors, who were bred and trained to be killing machines that follow orders.

Atrociraptor 2, Velociraptor 1


We haven’t seen a ton of impressive feats on the part of the Atrociraptors because they had a limited screen time in Jurassic World: Dominion. They were strong and capable enough to take down trained CIA agents and were able to showcase their strong legs by chasing after Owen on his bike. But, other than that, they haven’t displayed how strong and capable they are in a true fight against another dinosaur that is just as strong or even stronger.


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On the other hand, the feats of the Velociraptor have been documented well enough ever since Jurassic Park. Two Raptors gave a T-Rex a hard time in the first Jurassic Park movie. Meanwhile, in Jurassic World, Blue and her siblings were able to hold their own against the dominant Indominus Rex. Meanwhile, Blue was able to hold her own against the Indoraptor and even kill it by mounting a surprise attack that led to the hybrid dinosaur’s death.

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So, based on the fact that the Velociraptors have been able to do so much more than the Atrociraptors. As such, there is no doubt that the feats of the Velociraptors are so much more impressive than what the Atrociraptors have been able to do in the Jurassic movies.

Atrociraptor 2, Velociraptor 2

Atrociraptor vs. Velociraptor: Which Raptor Will Win In A Fight?

In truth, the Atrociraptor has all of the different physical advantages against the Velociraptor in a fight because this dinosaur is not only bigger and faster but is just as nimble as well. But then again, Velociraptors have always been portrayed to be smarter and more cunning than any other dinosaur we have seen since the first Jurassic Park movie. 

Veteran hunter Robert Muldoon in the first movie was even impressed by how clever the Velociraptors are, and that intelligence on the part of these dinosaurs was what was able to allow them to accomplish a lot in a span of six movies. As such, we cannot really tell which between the Atrociraptor and the Velociraptor will win in a fight because this fight can go either way.

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