30 Best Bald Anime Characters (RANKED)

30 Bald Anime Characters (RANKED)

Baldness is present in anime in different forms, both in younger and older characters. Some characters are completely bald, some are only balding, while others simply shave their heads (or say that they’re doing it while they’re actually bald). Be that as it may, this article is going to bring you the 30 best bald anime characters ever.

We’ll be using different sources and rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness they represent. The list is going to be pretty diverse, including various characters from various franchises and genres.

Best Bald Anime Characters

30. Zommari Rureaux


Franchise: Bleach

Zommari Rureaux is the Septima Espada. He is a former Adjuchas. It does not own fracción and represents drunkenness. The only remnant of his mask is a crest at the top of his head. He is dark-skinned, very tall, and muscular.

Zommari Rureaux has a very calm temperament and seems to enjoy solitude and meditation. However, he will lose his composure when his defeat is evident and will show before his death his fanatical devotion to Aizen, whom he considers his emperor.

He will also question Byakuya Kuchiki about the shinigami’s right to kill hollows, which he considers misplaced pride. His pride, calm, and speed are reminiscent of Byakuya.

29. Nappa

nappa dragon ball z 218962 1280x0 1040043

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Nappa is an elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta and was Vegeta’s previous companion. Before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Nappa was the general of the Saiyan Army under the Empire of Freeza and the assistant to Prince Vegeta.

After the death of most of his species, he along with Vegeta and Raditz work as soldiers directly under the command of the tyrant Freeza. Nappa has a destructive personality and likes massive destruction, like when he destroyed much of the Eastern Capital. He’s also cocky and quite sadistic, reveling in when his enemy suffers.

28. Bob

Maitre Bob en colere

Franchise: Fairy Tail

Bob is the guild master. He’s a bald transvestite walking around in his underwear. He has known Makarov for a very long time. He seems to have a sense of justice. He can go through walls. Before founding Blue Pegasus, he was part of Fairy Tail where he teamed up with Makarov, which is why they have known each other for a long time.

27. Dutch


Franchise: Black Lagoon

He is the boss of the Lagoon Company, a trio of pirates in Southeast Asia, working as mercenaries for the Moscow Hotel run by Balalaika in Roanapur. Very serious, although motivated above all by greed (like his two friends), he does not hesitate to transgress Balalaika’s orders to accomplish what he considers to be right. Worryingly, to say the least, he has an intellectual education, claiming to have knowledge that ranges from rain dancing to elephant hunting.

26. Yasushi Takagi

Yasushi Takagi

Franchise: Nana

Yasushi Takagi, nicknamed Yasu, is a member of Blast as a drummer and is the leader of the band. He is a trainee lawyer and had previously left the group to devote himself fully to his profession. He is very protective of Nana Ōsaki and continues to keep in touch with Ren despite their separation.

Yasu is undoubtedly the most mature character in history because he knows how to take a step back and make good decisions in situations that jeopardize the happiness of those around him.

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25. Incognito 


Franchise: Hellsing

Incognito only appears in the anime as the main antagonist. He is an androgynous vampire from Africa, created using various chips to make people vampires, and further enhances himself at a later time, absorbing an ancient deity through a ritual. He has a great talent for summoning demons and can physically manifest his tattoos, which he uses to cut people to pieces. He generally uses firearms in combat that he summons from his body.

24. Hanzo

Hanzo HxHunter

Franchise: Hunter × Hunter

Hanzo comes from a large family of ninjas. He will participate in the hunter exam at the same time as Gon and Killua and will be the opponent of the first of them in the last stage. He is very strong, compared to the rest of the gang, Gon will be completely dominated during their fight, but Hanzo will eventually give up, when he finds that he will not be able to crack Gon, even by torturing him.

23. Keith Shadis

Keith Shadis1

Franchise: Attack on Titan

Keith Shadis was the chief instructor in charge of the training of Instruction Unit 104. He was also the former commander of the Exploration Corps and was in command of it when the Maria wall fell in 845. Keith seems to be an extravagant person, tough and insensitive to being an instructor. He uses a kind of psychological terror on his students to force them to become good soldiers. Keith can be very scary if his rules are not followed.

22. Jura Neekis

Jura Neekis

Franchise: Fairy Tail

Jura Neekis is both the ace of the Lamia Scale guild and one of the 10 great sacred mages. In 791, he was the 5th most powerful mage on the continent, but he does not brag about it and remains rather modest.

A user of tectonic magic, he is able to shape sand to give it the strength of steel. Loving his guild very much, he gets along very well with Leon and Cherry. It is also in the company of these two members that he represents Lamia Scale during the alliance of the Light with the other guilds.

21. Dot Pixis


Franchise: Attack on Titan

Dot Pixis is the supreme commander of the Garrison Corps and is responsible for the southern sector of the Wall Rose. His physical appearance is based on that of the Japanese Imperial Army general, Akiyama Yoshifuru. He has a brilliant and analytical strategic mind and is a determined and decisive commander, although he prefers to resort more to persuasion and diplomatic flexibility than to the strength and rigor of military law.

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20. Jiren

jiren 1548646890483 1280w 1200x675 1

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers and a participant in the Tournament of Power. He is the strongest of the team in Universe 11. According to Vermoud, God of Destruction in Universe 11, Jiren is on the level of a God of Destruction and even beyond, the having already exceeded in terms of power for a long time. He tends to meditate before fighting in order to channel his power. Jiren has no hair or body hair and has large black eyes and small nostrils. He’s a very muscular alien and like all his teammates he wears a red and black uniform, white boots and gloves.

19. Hit


Franchise: Dragon Ball

Hit is one of Champa’s 5 fighters from universe 6 and is therefore naturally opposed to the Beerus team which belongs to universe 7. Unlike Cabba, he does not come to greet his opponents and remains behind. Shortly after Frost’s defeat, he is the only one to realize with Vados that he was planning to steal the tournament award.

However, Hit manages to knock him out thanks to a mysterious technique. Shortly after Magetta’s defeat, Son Goku and Vegeta begin to see the threat he could represent.

18. Gennai

1200px Gennai

Franchise: Digimon

Gennai is a mysterious and old man made up of digital data guiding diggers in their quest. He appears in episodes 13-54 of the first season. In general, it gives clues as to what children might find in their adventures and thus help them fight their enemies. In the second season, Gennai appears younger and helps DigiDestined in the real world.

17. Kami

Kami DBZ

Franchise: Dragon Ball

The Kami of the Earth, or Supreme in the Mediaset version of the anime, is the Guardian of the Earth, the one who is in charge of watching over the world and its inhabitants and preventing the emergence of threats and evil. Despite being the protector of the Earthlings, God is a Namek, one of the last survivors of his lineage.

While still a child, he is rescued by his father to allow him to survive the disaster that hits Namek. On Earth, the young man is corrupted by the evil that lurks in the hearts of men, and, in order to become the guardian of the world, he frees himself from the evil hidden in his soul, giving life to the Great Little Wizard.

16. Dr. Sakezō Sado

Sado Sakezo

Franchise: Space Battleship Yamato

Generally a carefree person, Dr. Sado is actually serious when it comes to his responsibility to take care of other people. For example, while Okita is suffering from his old injuries, he tries everything in his power to coax the Captain to accept the surgery. He also likes to drink sake, but only when he is certain that his medical skills are not needed by anyone.

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15. Jet Black

Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop

Franchise: Cowboy Bebop

Jet Black is Spike’s teammate and owner of the Bebop, he is a former police officer of Ganymede. Jet was once an inspector with the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) for many years until he lost his left arm in an investigation that went wrong when his corrupt partner betrayed him. His arm was replaced by a cybernetic limb. The character of Jet is the epitome of the father figure of the team.

14. Agil

Real life Agil

Franchise: Sword Art Online

An adult player Kirito meets at the same time as Asuna during a preparation meeting to defeat the Tier 1 boss, a month after the start of Sword Art Online, in which a player verbally lashes out at ex-beta -testers while Agil takes their defense.

He is obviously very strong and fights with an ax. Apart from his activity as a member of the Group of Conquerors (the informal name of players from all groups, meeting collectively and regularly devoting themselves in the fights against the Bosses of Tiers in order to finish the game), he runs a shop at the 50th Tier, in which Kirito does most of his trade.

13. Gluttony

Sympathetic and Monsters gluttony 7

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

Embodying the sin of gluttony, he has the appearance of a simple-minded obese. A century-old, he is able to eat anything from flames to steel, he is often used by other homunculi as a frontline soldier, sending him as a hunting dog to the search for targets that he finds thanks to his sense of smell and which he overcomes thanks to his great physical strength and the regeneration capacity of his stone.

In addition, he is able to erase all traces of his victims thanks to his ability to swallow but also to his power.

12. Frieza

frieza dbz feature image

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Frieza and his family are in the planet trade by wiping out a planet’s population and selling the planet on. The demand for planets eventually becomes so great that Freeza subdues the Saiyans and lets them conquer planets for him. This goes well for a long time, but the Saiyans are getting stronger with their increasing experience in battle, closer to Freeza’s elite troops in strength.

The king of the Saiyans, King Vegeta, rebels and attacks Freeza, but in vain, his attempt proves fatal. The king’s son, Prince Vegeta, will work for Freeza. Freeza begins to fear that one day a Saiyan will rise up to defeat him, so he decides to destroy the planet Vegeta. Only four Saiyans escape this fate; Son Goku, Raditz, Vegeta and Nappa. However, it is later revealed that there were more surviving Saiyans; Tullece, Paragus, Broly and Tarble.

11. Makarov Dreyar


Franchise: Fairy Tail

Makarov Dreyar is the 3rd, 6th, and 8th master of Fairy Tail, the guild of the most unruly magicians. His power is incalculable, he is one of the ten great sacred magi (the most powerful on the continent). He mainly uses the magic of gigantism but is also able to use elementary magic (in particular fire, air, or light).

Its ultimate fate is the Law of the Fairies. Even in the guild, no one except Mirajane really dares to argue with him and he is very discreet about his private life, Luxus is his grandson and his son (Ivan) is an enemy of the guild. He sometimes has drinking contests with Kanna, whom he loses, or complains about the damage done by the mages in Fairy Tail.

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10. Chiaotzu


Franchise: Dragon Ball

Chaozu is a small white man with red cheeks. He is very good friends along with Ten Shin Han. Chaozu is not a strong character but does what he can during the fights. He has telepathic powers. He sacrifices himself to defeat Nappa, but fails. He and Ten Shin Han have known Son Goku since childhood. He trained with Ten Shin Han, Yamcha and Piccolo with King Kai after their death in the Saiyan saga.

9. Blaine


Franchise: Pokémon

Blaine is popularly known as the “hot-headed quiz master”, simply because he loves to pose puzzles to his fellow men. Before he became head of the arena, he worked with Mr. Fuji in the Pokémon Laboratory on Vermilion Island and was instrumental in the research series on the creation of Mewtwo. Furthermore, his trademarks are the bald head and his sunglasses, which he supposedly only takes off when he comes up with new quiz questions.

8. Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

This endearing state alchemist, “the alchemist with the mighty arm,” is as naive and generous as his muscles are imposing. He brags about his family’s heritage all the time (the art of fighting, drawing, running, etc.) and is sometimes rather overwhelming. He often strikes a pose long enough to show off his muscles, constantly looks ecstatic, and is almost always off the mark, (almost) always has little stars next to his face.

7. Piccolo

piccolo ready 1

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Piccolo is at one point forced to fight with his arch-rival, Goku, against an alien Saiyan, Raditz, who is trying to conquer the world. Together they manage to defeat this Saiyan, but Goku had to sacrifice his life for this. Just before Raditz dies, he announces that two even stronger Saiyans are coming and that they have heard from his scout about the Dragon Balls that Piccolo was talking about.

Piccolo then decides to train Goku’s son Son Gohan while waiting for the Saiyans. Slowly he becomes endeared to the education and training of Gohan and during the battle with the two Saiyans he sacrifices himself to save Gohan from death.

6. Tien Shinhan

Tien Shinhan

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Ten Shin Han is a tall, bald character with three eyes. He was an assassin trained under the Crane Hermit, Master Shen. His master ordered Ten Shin Han to kill all of Muten Roshi’s students. He met Son Goku in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai.

In this Tournament, he defeated Yamcha, and even broke Yamcha’s leg to be cruel. In the final he faced Son Goku. Tenshinhan narrowly won. Since then, Tenshinhan is no longer a murderer, betrays his master and joins the heroes. Tenshinhan is good friends with Chaozu. They are always together and also have the same fighting techniques.

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5. Ikkaku Madarame

Madarame.Ikkaku.full .187801 1

Franchise: Bleach

Ikkaku Madarame is the third officer in the division and like all members of it, he particularly enjoys combat. He will meet Zaraki, his future captain, in Rukongai, during a fight between them. While both were not yet shinigami.

At the end of a long fight, Madarame will lose, and will swear to devote his life to the only man who could dominate him like this. It is for this reason that he will join the ranks of the 11th Division. He will be Ichigo’s first opponent in the Seireitei against whom he is waging a fierce battle.

4. Saitama

one punch man season 2 episode 2 the human monster review ge1v

Franchise: One-Punch Man

Young inactive having lost taste for life, he decides to become a hero after having faced a giant crab. From then on, he trained for three years to become a powerful hero – ten kilometers of running, a hundred push-ups, a hundred sit-ups, a hundred squats, every day.

After “intensive” training, Saitama notices two changes: he has grown terribly strong, to the point of defeating his enemies in one fell swoop, and has lost all of his hair. Its main attack is the famous “One Punch” which can defeat very powerful enemies like the King of the Seas, Ashura Rhino, the King of the Underworld, or even a gigantic meteorite, and many more.

3. Krillin


Franchise: Dragon Ball

Krilin is human and first appeared in Dragonball. Along with Goku, he trained with Master Roshi. He is Goku’s best friend. Krilin is one of the strongest fighters compared to the other Z warriors, he took part in the fight against Vegeta and Nappa and then destroyed a few Saibai men.

Together with Goku’s son Son Gohan, he went to the planet Namek and fought alongside Gohan against Frieza’s henchmen, the Ginue Command and Frieza himself. Krilin was killed by Frieza which led to Goku’s transformation into Super Saiyan. Later he was wanted back.

2. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto


Franchise: Bleach

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto was the captain of the 1st Division, in office for almost 1,000 years, as well as the superior of all other division captains. After the destruction of the chamber of 46 by Aizen, he made the main decisions.

His real name is Yamamoto Shigekuni but he has several nicknames: Old Yama by Kyouraku and Jijusai by Ukitake. During the battle of Karakura, he took command of the battalions of Gotei 13. He intervened personally by creating a wall of fire imprisoning the three deserting captains, then by killing the chimera created by the fraccións of Hallibel which seriously injured four vice-captains.

1. Master Roshi

04 master roshi dragonball anime character

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Master Roshi is a character from the Dragon Ball manga series. He is one of the first teachers of the main character, Son Goku. Goku and Bulma meet Master Roshi for the first time at the beginning of the series. Master Roshi is the teacher of the turtle school. He is also the inventor of the Kamehameha energy attack. Despite his relatively simple position in the story, he forms the basis for much change.

This is how Goku first met his best friend Krillin because Krillin wanted to train with Master Roshi. During the first martial arts tournament featured in the series, Master Roshi fights under a different identity, Jackie Chun, to test Goku and Krillin’s progress.

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