Batwoman: First Look At Pamela Isley’s Suit Revealed

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Original Poison Ivy is back! Agent Carter star Bridget Regan is set to debut as Pamela Isley in the next episode of Batwoman. Her co-star Nicole Kang now shared the first look at Pamela’s suit on TikTok.

Batwoman Season 3 debuted last October. The first seven episodes of the season that aired so far have mentioned Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy and set up her on-screen debut in the second part of the season. Bridget Regan was cast as Pamela Isley last summer.

Previously on the show, Nicole Kang’s Mary Hamilton, a member of Batwoman’s team has come in contact with Poison Ivy’s veins, which infected her with Ivy’s villainous influence and turned her into a supervillain. Although Mary became the new Poison Ivy that way, the original Ivy is still set to show up.


Batwoman: First Look On Bridget Regan’s Original Poison Ivy Revealed

As the previous episodes explained, Pamela was a student at Gotham University and ex-girlfriend of Renee Montoya, who is played in the show by Victoria Cartagena (who also played Montoya on FOX’s show Gotham). Back in the day, after Pamela became a supervillain known as Poison Ivy, Montoya sought Batman’s help and Batman defeated Ivy so that she couldn’t harm anyone ever again. But now, Poison Ivy is about to come back, and with Mary as Poison Ivy now too, there will be some serious trouble for Batwoman and her team.

Poison Ivy’s storyline is only one in the series of storylines that this season of Batwoman needs to resolve before its end. Batwoman will return with an all-new episode on January 12.

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