Minecraft: How To Move a Beehive With Bees? (Without Getting Stung)

how to move bee hive withouth getting stung in minecraft

Bees are a valuable part of Minecraft’s ecosystem. They have the ability to pollinate your crops, making them grow faster, and they produce valuable honeycombs that are used to craft a variety of goods. You can usually come across bees while you’re exploring the Minecraft world, and those locations are not always going to be convenient for you to visit repeatedly. That’s why we made this guide to analyze how to move bees without harming them or yourself.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can transfer a beehive without getting stung by breaking it with a tool enchanted with silk touch while bees are inside it. That way bees are going to stay inside the bee nest and will not be angered while you’re transferring them.
  • An alternative way is to light a campfire underneath a bee nest and cover it with a carpet in order to avoid burning bees. Once the bees are calm, you can use shears to harvest 3 honeycombs that are needed to create a beehive. Use that beehive to transfer bees to your desired location. 

What is the difference between a beehive and a bee nest? 

A beehive is a naturally occurring block that houses bees. Bee nests cannot be crafted, but their equivalents, beehives, can be crafted. The only difference between a beehive and a bee nest is the fact that a bee nest is a naturally occurring block while a beehive is a crafted block. 

bee hive vs bee nest
Beehive (left) and bee nest (right)

Where do you find bee nests?

Bee nests naturally spawn on oak, birch, and mangrove trees on meadows, plains, sunflower plains, mangrove swamps, flower forests, typical forests, birch forests, and old-growth birch forests. The chance of coming across a bee nest is highest on meadows, being 100 %, and lowest in forests, birch forests, and old-growth birch forests, being only 0.2 %. 

Each bee nest naturally spawns with 3 bees inside. Bees can reproduce naturally; you can feed them with flowers, which will result in 2 adult bees spawning a baby bee. 


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Beehives, on the other hand, cannot be found naturally. They are created at a crafting table by combining 6x planks of any kind with 3x honeycombs. Honeycombs are extracted from bee nests using shears. 

crafting a bee hive 1
Crafting a beehive

What happens when you get stung by a bee in Minecraft? 

When you get stung by a bee a poison damage debuff is applied to you and the bee that stung you dies one minute later. It’s a tragic loss of bee life that should be avoided at all costs. While bees are usually peaceful creatures, there are instances in which they will absolutely attack you: 

  1. You attacked/harmed a single bee 
  2. You destroyed a beehive or bee nest 
  3. You have collected a honey bottle or honeycomb from the nest

You can recognize an angry bee by its red eyes. The bee will not stop chasing you until she manages to sting you. 

Going by everything we’ve said, it seems hard to utilize bees properly since they react aggressively every time you interact with their nest. There are several ways to avoid getting stung by bees, so let’s see them.

How to move a beehive with bees without getting stung?

We’ve learned that bees react aggressively every time you tamper with their nest. There are two main easiest ways to move bees to the location of your choosing: the silk touch tool technique and the campfire technique. 

bee hive full of honey
Bees usually become aggressive when you try to harvest their honey

Moving a beehive with silk touch

Obviously, for this one, you will need a tool enchanted with a silk touch. Silk touch enchantment allows you to break a bee nest without it being destroyed. It will drop to the ground like a regular block which you can pick up. All bees contained within the nest will be inside as well and will not attack. To move a beehive with silk touch without getting stung follow these steps: 

  1. wait for nightfall or rain since those are times when bees are in their nests and will not venture outside 
  2. Approach the bee nest 
  3. Break the nest with a tool enchanted with silk touch. The block should fall to the ground, and once you pick it up, it should appear in your inventory.
  4. Place the bee nest in the location of your choosing. The bees from the nest will not be aggressive toward you. Once they leave the nest, they will act like nothing really happened. 
silk touch bee hive 1
If a bee nest is destroyed with a silk touch it drops just like a regular block

Moving a bee hive with a campfire 

This technique is a bit more complicated and does not technically involve moving the hive. It only allows you everything you need in order to create your own hive, which you will place in the location of your choosing. The steps are as follows: 

  1. Take a good look at a bee nest; if it’s covered with honey and dripping, you are most likely to find 3x honeycombs inside. 
  2. Approach the bee nest and put a campfire underneath it; make sure to cover the campfire with carpet to avoid burning the bees.
  3. equip shears and activate the bee nest or beehive 
  4. 3 honeycombs should drop once you pick them up; combine them with 6x planks of any kind to create your own bee hive, and you’re good to go. 

It might seem like a lot of trouble to go through for a couple of bees but trust me it’s worth it!

smoke honey
A campfire covered with carpet will allow you to harvest honeycombs without getting stung

What are bees used for in Minecraft? 

Bees produce honeycombs, bottles of honey as well as honey blocks. They are also natural pollinators, and they can make your crops grow faster

In order to utilize bees correctly as pollinators, you need to know what kind of plants bees are attracted to. If there aren’t any flowers or bushes nearby, bees will not leave their nests and are practically useless. Make sure your bees are near flowers, sweet berry bushes,‌flowering azalea, flowering azalea leaves, or mangrove propagules in order to even leave the nest. Bees will not be attracted to flowers in pots. 

bees swarming azalea bush
Bees swarming flowering azalea bush

Once the bee has collected pollen, it will look different. If the bee drops pollen on wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, melon stems, pumpkin stems, berry bushes, and cave vines there’s a chance for a plant to advance to the next stage of growth, pollinating works very similar to bone meal. 

Bees carrying pollen, pollinating crops

And that would be all. There are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to be a successful beekeeper. Bees are non-aggressive by nature but will attack you as soon as you interact with the bee hive or bee nest when they are around. In order to harvest either a bee nest or bee hive, you will need to pacify the bees with smoke, or you will have to wait for dark / rain and for them to retreat to their hives.


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Once you’ve acquired your very own nest or bee hive, always make sure to place it somewhere with lots of flowers, or your bees will never even leave their nests.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below! 

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