How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? [A Simple Guide]

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? Simple Guide

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Minecraft honeycomb is one of the essential resources for all Minecraft players. Getting honeycomb is not a difficult task for you. But crafting won’t work for getting a honeycomb in Minecraft. What else would you do to get a honeycomb in Minecraft? Of course, you will harvest and farm honeycombs in Minecraft.

If you want to learn more about Minecraft honeycomb, you will find this guide really helpful.

What Is Honeycomb Used For In Minecraft ?

Honeycomb is a crucial resource in Minecraft. You can use a honeycomb to get many other valuable items in your Minecraft world. Different crafting recipes require honeycomb as the raw material.

Honeycombs are best for making honey blocks, waxed copper, and candles. The most critical function of honeycomb is to help you decorate your Minecraft world and its surroundings. 

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft?

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? Simple Guide

Minecraft has several fantastic resources for its users. You will never get bored with Minecraft. Minecraft keeps pace with your demands by adding tons of useful and purposeful resources to your Minecraft world. One of those resources is a honeycomb. 

Honeycomb is not craftable. You won’t be able to get it from your crafting table or grid. You will go for harvesting and farming honeycombs in Minecraft. Perhaps, this is the only way to get your hands on honeycomb in your gameplay.

Are you ready for a honeycomb hunt? Let’s find out how to get a honeycomb in Minecraft. 


Perhaps, the only way to get a honeycomb in Minecraft is farming. You will use this method to get yourself availed of the endless services of a honeycomb in Minecraft. First, you will need to learn about what farming is in Minecraft?

  • Farming is all about getting Minecraft resources that are difficult to grab otherwise. 
  • You can use a shear (An alternative to Minecraft scissors) to get a honeycomb in Minecraft. 
  • You will use the shears on nests or beehives to make them drop honeycombs. 
  • It would be best if you use this method of getting honeycomb in Minecraft. 
  • What makes this method best is the unexpected output that you will get in the end. You will be able to collect three honeycombs from this method. 

There is another way for getting a honeycomb in Minecraft. Honeycombs usually spawn naturally across the Minecraft world. You can search beehives or bees nest to get some honeycomb for your gameplay. You can easily harvest honeycombs by using some cutting tools.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Without Being Attacked?

Shearing is the most important part of the whole process. You can use a shear to make this process way easier than before. Here, I will tell you about the method of getting a honeycomb without being attacked. 

What would you do then? 

  • First you need to arrange a light source around the beehive or bees nest. You can use any light source for this purpose, such as a campfire, fire point, lamp, light, or related items. 
  • You will place your light source underneath the beehive. To facilitate this process, you can use either flint or stones. 
  • It would help you keep your bees far away from anger or rage. 
  • There is another important thing that will make this process easier than before. That thing is a Minecraft dispenser. 
  • What does a dispenser do in Minecraft? Dispenser with shears with help you get a honeycomb without being attacked in your gameplay.
  • By using a light source and a dispenser, you can easily get a honeycomb for yourself. These things will make the bees calm and free of anger. 
  • You can easily use your shear without getting any damage in your gameplay. 

What Do You Do With Honeycomb In Minecraft?

Being a super-cool helpful item, the honeycomb will serve you well for many purposes. You can use a honeycomb to make plenty of useful items for making your game highly performant. The recipe for making all those items varies from one item to another. Let’s dig out the information about all those items you can make with a honeycomb in Minecraft. 

1. Used For Crafting Candles 

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? Simple Guide

Are you looking for the warm glowing candles in Minecraft? Here, you have Minecraft honeycomb in your services. Crafting candles is not difficult in Minecraft. All you need is a cutting surface, some suitable knives, and some bews sheets. 

You will need to melt beeswax to get a candle in Minecraft. What you will do is assemble the items required. Then you will use them to craft a Minecraft candle. A suitable crafting grid will turn the raw materials into a wonderful candle with a sweet scent. 

2. Used For Crafting Waxed Copper 

Are you tired of using items made out of copper in Minecraft? Copper items result in oxidation. You will find it harmful to your gameplay. Well, honeycomb helps you a lot in this regard. 

Honeycombs turn the copper into waxed copper to prevent further oxidation of items made out of copper. You will require one honeycomb and one copper block to craft a waxed copper in Minecraft. 

3. Used As A Sweetener For Your Desserts 

You can use honeycombs in most of your desserts. Minecraft sweets contain a large amount of honeycomb. You will require a small amount of honeycomb as a sweetener in your dishes compared with the number of other sweeteners. It is not the only benefit that you will get from the honeycomb. You can use honeycombs as a topping on your Minecraft sweet dishes. 

4. Used To Improve Your Health

Along with being edible, honeycombs also improve your health. You can use the honeycomb as an essential ingredient in your diet. Honeycomb will help you fight several infections in Minecraft. Minecraft players will find honeycomb in the best of their health. 

Not only honeycomb improves your health, but also beneficial for your heart health. 

5. Used To Make A Minecraft Player More Powerful 

Honeycomb removes most of your stress and will make you feel relaxed in your Minecraft world. You can use a honeycomb for various purposes. You can use it to increase the efficiency, looks and performance of your game. 

6. Used To Stop Oxidation Of Many Items 

Oxidation is a natural process. You can easily lose your useful items in Minecraft. In the presence of oxidation, you will have to give up on your Minecraft items. Minecraft is doing a lot in this regard. 

Honeycomb is an important resource of Minecraft. It would help you get rid of the oxidation of your things. You will see that your items will stop oxidizing in the presence of honeycomb in your Minecraft inventory. Raw honey in honeycomb also contains antioxidants. You will use them to prevent oxidation. 

7. Used To Make A Beehive 

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? Simple Guide

Beehives in Minecraft are an alternative to the natural world bee nest. Honeycomb is one of the primary ingredients in making a beehive. Beehives are of prime importance in Minecraft. Not only will you get honey, but you also are able to get your hands on honey blocks in your game. 

1. Crafting a beehive requires you almost six wooden planks and three honeycombs. You will have to place three honeycombs in such a way that the second row of your crafting table will show no space. 

2. After that, you will add six wooden planks in the first and third row of your crafting table. 

3. That’s how you will get a beehive from your crafting table. To make it functional, you will move the beehive to your Minecraft inventory. 

What’s the point of getting a beehive in Minecraft? Minecraft beehives are easily accessible when compared with natural beehives. You will find them a lot more cleanly as well. 

8. Serves As A Source Of Getting Honey In Minecraft

Honey is an important resource in Minecraft. You can’t get honey directly from honeycomb. Still, there are possibilities that you will get it from honeycomb in one way or another. 

9. Used To Make Honeycomb Blocks In Minecraft

Wanna add new blocks to your Minecraft world? Well, Minecraft is there for you. You can make honeycomb blocks with the help of honeycomb in Minecraft. 

To make a honeycomb block, you will need a crafting table. It will help you get honey blocks quite easily. Using honeycomb and a crafting table, you can easily turn honeycomb into honeycomb blocks. You will require four honeycombs to make one honey block.

10. Used For Decoration Of Minecraft World

The decoration is one of the essentials in Minecraft. You will need it to get your footholds in this competitive Minecraft world. 

What would you do with honeycombs? You can use honeycomb blocks to decorate your buildings, structures, walls, roofs, and many other places. 

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Bedrock?

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? Simple Guide

Minecraft Bedrock Edition also lets you get and use honeycombs for different purposes. Honeycomb is also an important resource in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You will use the same method of getting honeycomb as you have used in Minecraft Survival mode. 

You need to cater to a few things before getting a honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Let’s find out those things first. 

  • Collect the raw materials beforehand
  • Make sure that your Minecraft Edition will be appropriate for honeycomb. You will do so to make your honeycomb fully functional for your gameplay. 
  • Facilitate the whole process by utilizing some light or fire sources around your targeted location. 
  • Add the honeycombs to your inventory as soon as you see them falling from the holes of beehives. 

How To Get Honeycomb In Survival Mode

Minecraft is full of useful resources. You would desire to get your hands on such useful resources in Minecraft. One such resource is a honeycomb in Minecraft. Let’s get to know how you would get a honeycomb in different editions of Minecraft. Here, I will tell you the way of getting a honeycomb in Minecraft Survival mode. 

Follow the given steps to add this useful Minecraft resource to your inventory slot. 

1. Find Bees Around Your Minecraft World

The first thing you will do while getting a honeycomb in Minecraft Survival mode is to locate the bees. Make sure that you are well aware of the locations of bees in your Minecraft world. It would be important to get a honeycomb in Minecraft. 

2. Make A Fire Point For Your Protection

Well, this thing will help you get rid of the anger of Minecraft bees. You will use any source of light or a fire point for lighting your Minecraft base. You can use campfires, light sources, or many other things for the same purpose. 

Fire point will also help you keep your bees far away from you. Minecraft bees would hesitate to wander around you in the presence of such fire points. 

3. Make A Shear

Making a shear is crucial to keep this process running in your gameplay. Are you ready to craft a shear to grab some honeycombs in Minecraft? 

  • You can craft a shear by using two iron ingots in Minecraft. 
  • What you will do is to collect or craft iron ingots beforehand. 
  • Use your crafting table for this purpose. 
  • You will use a crafting grid of 3×3 for making a Minecraft shear. 
  • Place one iron ingot in the second block of the first row of your crafting grid. 
  • Place one more iron ingot in the first block of the second row of your crafting table. 
  • Make sure that you have adjusted iron ingots at their exact places. 
  • Your crafting table will help you transform iron ingots into a shear. 

4. Find And Search A Bee Nest Around Your Minecraft World

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? Simple Guide

Once you have crafted a shear in Minecraft, you can move on to locate beehives or bees nests. There are a few places from where you can find beehives. You can see beehives hanging from the Minecraft oak trees or a birch tree. You can find beehives in forest biomes, flower biomes, plain biomes, and sunflower plain biomes. 

What are the possibilities that you will get beehives in these Minecraft biomes? 

  • Sunflower plain biomes 5% chances 
  • Flower forest biomes 2 % chances 
  • Forest biomes 0.2% chances 
  • Plain biomes 5% chances

5. Hold Your Shears In Your Hand

Now you will hold the crafted shear in your hand. For this purpose, you will open your ‘Hotbar’ in Minecraft and then select shear from the ‘Hotbar’. Make sure that you are not making any noise around the beehives. Or else Minecraft bees will get disturbed. As a result, you won’t be able to collect honeycomb from the beehives or bees nests. 

6. Inspection Of Bees Nest 

Now you will get an idea from the beehives about the expected amount of honey. You will do so to get an idea about the amount you will get after using a shear on the beehives. 

7. Use The Shears 

After having a deep inspection, you will proceed forward. Now you will use your Minecraft shear to disturb the beehives. Make sure that the shear is able enough to do this task. With the help of shear, Minecraft bees will get easy access to the beehives. 

Once the bees enter the beehives, the level of honey will increase there. And a stage will reach when you see the honey falling from the holes of beehives. That’s how you will get honeycombs from the beehives. 

8. Pick Up The Honeycomb To Avoid Any Loss

You will need a shear for the collection of honeycombs in your gameplay. It would be best if you collected them as soon as possible. You will do so to avoid losing the honeycombs from your gameplay. 

Make sure that you have picked or collected all the honeycombs from the beehives. Or else, honeycombs will disappear soon from that place. Choosing the honeycombs will help you add honeycombs to your Minecraft Hotbar. 

9. Use Your Ready To Go Honeycombs 

After going through all the steps mentioned above, you will use honeycombs for different purposes. 

How To Get Bees In Minecraft?

Bees are among the crucial and most useful mobs in Minecraft. They will serve you a variety of purposes. But first, you will need to get bees in your Minecraft world

Getting bees is not tricky in Minecraft. All you need to do is to wander around your Minecraft world. You can get bees from several Minecraft biomes (plains biomes, forest biomes, flower biomes, sunflower plain biomes, birch forest hills, wooded hills, and birch forests). You will have to use a shear to make this process easy for you.

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