Bellion Defense Quest in Lost Ark (Walkthrough)

lost ark bellion defense guide

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A plethora of tasks and objectives await those who play Lost Ark, spanning across Arkesia’s various regions and vast oceans. Players will need to complete many quests to progress in the game even after they reach the endgame, including the Bellion Defense Quest.

The Bellion Defense Quest, also known as the Defense of Bel-Illion Quest, takes place in the Ruins of Bel-Illion. The quest requires players to retrieve special stones and help defend the Bellion Harbor from brutal demon attacks, and its completion enables further quests within the same chain.

Quite a few players have been struggling to get a grip on this quest, as completing it can seem somewhat perplexing. Stick around to find out how to unlock the Bellion Defense Quest in Lost Ark, how to complete it, and what kind of rewards await successful players.

Bellion Defense Quest In Lost Ark

Also known as the Defense of Bel-Illion, the Bellion Defense Quest requires players to complete a few tasks in order to protect Bel-Illion Harbor. Demons and creatures are attacking from all sides, and the player will need to help defend against them.

lost ark bellion defense 7

According to the Bellion Defense Quest’s official description by the Lost Ark Codex:

“Thanks to information received from Alberin, Shandy has previously assembled troops throughout Akrasia and sent them to South Bern. However, all his efforts will be in vain if the harbor of Bel-Illion falls under the onslaught of the Black Knights before the allies arrive.”

Players will need to interact with NPCs, search for specific items, and travel throughout the surrounding area to complete the quest. The quest is important for continuing the entire quest chain and grants players some awesome rewards upon completion.

Bellion Defense Quest Requirements

While the quest itself is rather straightforward, unlocking it can feel frustrating for many players. The Bellion Defense Quest is barred by a series of other quests with the same chain, namely ‘Esthers Decision’, which follows ‘Informant Shandi’, both of which take place in the Ruins of Bel-Illion.


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Both of these quests will need to be completed before players will be able to complete the Bellion Defense Quest. In addition, the Bellion Defense Quest is important for continuing the chain, as it acts as a prerequisite for quite a few other quests – all of which take place in the Ruins of Bel-Illion as well.

Below are all of the quests that can be accessed after completing the Bellion Defense Quest:

Quests After Bellion DefenseOfficial Description
Hero’s Path“Bel Illion Harbor is saved, but the Battle of Bern is just beginning. Allies prepare to march towards the Beoran Plateau, where the Fetranian legions stand like a black wall.”
War on Two Fronts“Helmworth finds out the reason why Rilbar’s Guard remains nearly unrelenting. These creatures can become a serious problem if they attack together with the Black Knights, so urgent action must be taken.”
Rehearsal Before the Fight“An army of Black Knights is approaching the harbor and will soon attack its defenders. However, the Knights of the Order of the Sun are used to fighting overwhelming enemy forces.”

Bellion Defense Quest Walkthrough

The official description outlines the Bellion Defense Quest’s objectives, but the instructions do not necessarily give much in terms of specific information – such as locations or object descriptions. The Objective of Bellion Defense Quest has been outlined as follows:

  • Approach Guillen
    Interact with object – OBJECT #112448
  • Leave harbor
    Interact with object – OBJECT #112449
  • Search first moon rune
  • Search second moon rune
  • Search third moon rune
  • Come back to the portal in the Harbor of Bel-Illion
    Interact with object – OBJECT #112453
  • Talk to NPC – Ludwig
  • Give away Guillen moon runes
  • Talk to NPC – Adele
  • Talk to NPC – Shandi
  • Protect Bel-Illion Harbor

Understandably, players still have many questions about how to complete Bellion Defense Quest successfully. We’ve gathered everything you need to finish off this quest and continue on your journey throughout Arkesia, with pictorial images thanks to Levonel.

lost ark bellion defense

If you have completed the Bellion Defense Quest’s prerequisite quests, as mentioned above, you should be able to start off the quest. Head to the Quest tab and click ‘Locate’ to open up the map and set a marker for Avele, as seen below.

lost ark bellion defense map

Follow the marker on your minimap until you reach Avele – she should be standing near an angel statue, dressed in a cape and armor. She will inform the player that in order to defend Bellion, the port will need to be restored.

lost ark bellion defense 1

In order to restore the harbor, Avele will need to have Moonlight Sounstones (Moon Runes). The player will need to find these Soundstones around the nearby area, using the blue circles on the minimap as a range guide.

It’s worth noting that the entire area is filled with monsters and creatures, many of which players may need to defeat in order to retrieve the Moon Runes. Below are the locations of each Moonlight Soundstone:

  • Bellion Ruins
lost ark bellion defense 2
  • South Ruins
lost ark bellion defense 3
  • East Plaza
lost ark bellion defense 4

After you have retrieved all 3 Moonlight Soundstones, use the Bellion Port Triport to head back more quickly. Once you step off the Triport platform, speak with Ludwig as seen below.

lost ark bellion defense 5

From there, head back to Avele and speak with her – she should still be located in the same place as before. She will then use the retrieved Moonlight Soundstones. A brief cinematic scene will play, displaying Avele performing a mystical task, with the Moon Runes.

lost ark bellion defense 6

After the cutscene is complete, speak with Shandi, who will be standing nearby observing the ongoing. Have a brief conversation with Shandi in order to continue to the next objective.

lost ark bellion defense 8

Below the staircase near the levitating and glowing orb summoned by Avele, there should be a small orange circle. Use this area to activate and enter the Bellion Port.

lost ark bellion defense 9

Speak with Shandi again before following the orange circles and heading into battle with the troops. Players will need to spend a few minutes fighting the invading demons alongside a few other brave warriors, surviving waves of attacks.

lost ark bellion defense 10

The player will need to head to different areas in order to defend from all sides, breaking through barricades along the way. Brief cutscenes will display invading demons from the sea or show various heroes joining you in your fight, after which the battle will continue.

lost ark bellion defense 11

A final epic cutscene will play, displaying the battle’s crescendo and the face behind the attack. Fleets of enemies and powerful sea creatures will begin to unleash their fury upon the protagonists.

lost ark bellion defense 12

But, just in time, the long-awaited reinforcements will arrive to take over. From this point, the Bellion Defense Quest will be deemed complete.

Bellion Defense Quest Walkthrough Summary

  1. Speak with Avele
  2. Retrieve the Moonlight Soundstone in the Bellion Ruins area
  3. Retrieve the Moonlight Soundstone in the South Ruins area
  4. Retrieve the Moonlight Soundstone in the East Plaza area
  5. Use the Bellion Port Triport
  6. Speak with Ludwig
  7. Speak with Avele
  8. Speak with Shandi
  9. Enter the Bellion Port
  10. Survive waves of attacks until reinforcements arrive.


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If you’re looking for a visual guide on exactly how to complete the Bellion Defense Quest, or want to have something solid to reference throughout your own experience, check out the video guide below thanks to Levonel:

Bellion Defense Quest Rewards

Players will be rewarded with the following Lost Ark items upon completing the Bellion Defense Quest:

Bellion Defense Quest RewardAmount
Experience Points2,000
Legacy Points4,054
Big Weapon Crystal (Personal)300
Big Armor Crystal (Personal)1,260


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While the Bellion Defense Quest can seem confusing at first, the objectives are rather straightforward and simple. It does involve some fierce battles with monsters, demons, and creatures from the deep, but players will be rewarded with some awesome items – not to mention some epic cutscenes and cinematics throughout the quest!

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