Berserker Leveling Guide In Lost Ark: The Right Way To Level

lost ark berseker class

Warriors have been an iconic class throughout MMORPGs for ages, and Lost Ark’s Berserker class doesn’t disappoint. This class is relatively straightforward to handle and offers brute strength, but his hulky structure can make him tricky to level up.

Berserker Class Overview

The Berserker advanced class lies within the Warrior main class, flaunting a ton of vicious abilities and some amazing qualities. But, despite his high max HP, he can still end up dying quite frequently at lower levels.

But, with the right build, skillset, and methods, players can make the Berserker undeniably OP – to the point where most enemies and bosses won’t even be able to touch him at higher levels. The Berserker class is super fun to play with and often becomes a favorite for many Lost Ark players for this reason.

lost ark berserkers

Since the Berserker is quite versatile, players will likely need to create two setups and switch between them while leveling. Once you hit level 50, create a decent setup for the Chaos Dungeon and Cube, and create an alternative setup for Raids.

Berserker Abilities

While every class in Lost Ark has Identity skills, the Berserker class has a Berserker Meter. The Berserker can enter an empowered stance once this meter is filled, increasing his overall power level.

Entering Burst Mode will result in the following benefits:

  • Increased movement speed
  • Increased attack speed
  • Increased damage
  • Increased critical damage

Berserker Awakening Skills

Gaining access to the Berserker Awakening Skills will take time, as you will first need to hit level 50 – not to mention completing a ton of quests. You will need to follow the Main Questline until you reach Vern city, where Beatrice will ask you to visit her in Trixion.

Berserker lostark

Below are the Awakening Skills for the Berserker class:

Chain of Vengence

The Chain of Vengence Awakening skill focuses on dragging enemies closer, inflicting explosive damage, and then knocking them back.

Berserk Fury

The Berserk Fury Awakening skill enchants the Berserker’s sword. You will acquire a charge bar, and its damage and range will increase the longer you wield it. Berserk Fury deals more damage than Chain of Vengence, but it generates less Fury.

Berserker Leveling Guide

The Berserker class has some incredible AoE and burst abilities, and the damage does compensate for the longer cooldown times. The main thing that can put players off is low mobility during the leveling phase, but it can be pretty simple to make him tough enough to avoid the most negative side effects of his biggest weakness.

Gear & Combat Stats

Focus on equipping the highest item level gear possible while you’re leveling up the Berserker. Prioritize the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats, as this will increase the Berserker’s clear speed and overall damage.


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Since the Berserker class can take any help he can get regarding his mobility (or lack thereof), try and focus on Agility for increased movement speed. Prioritize reduced casting time as well, as this will help with faster skill cooldowns.

Best Berserker Class Engravings

Each class in Lost Ark can gain access to unique class Engravings, and either Engraving will afford special benefits. It will take some time to unlock class Engravings, but these are the setups you can expect for the Berserker class:


This removes the exhaustion debuff after Burst Mode comes to an end, which will allow players to start regenerating Fury immediately. It also increases movement speed and attack speed by 20%, while increasing the Crit Rate by 30% when in Burst Mode.

It is incredibly useful for players who want to use their Burst Mode more often and increase Burst Mode’s effectiveness or are still getting the hang of its timing. It’s recommended for more inexperienced players to start off with the Technique class Engraving.

The Berserker’s Technique class Engraving is best paired with the Chains of Vengeance Awakening skill.


This completely removes the Fury gauge, enabling players to toggle Burst Mode on and off at will. This ability is absolutely insane, considering how vicious and unstoppable the Berserker becomes in Burst Mode – but, it does come at a great cost.

Players with this engraving are capped at 25% of incoming shields from support classes while they’re in Mayhem Burst Mode. This class Engraving also lowers stat bonuses – only gaining 15% attack and movement speed, without any gains in crit rates.

The Mayhem class Engraving is impressive, but it’s more recommended for advanced players. The Mayhem class Engraving is best paired with the Berserk Fury Awakening skill.

Generic Engravings

The Berserker class would benefit from quite a few generic Engravings, including the following;

  • Cursed Doll: This engraving boosts attack power by 16%, but it can be dangerous since it reduces your healing by 25%.
  • Grudge: This engraving is kind of a double-edge sword – it increases the damage dealt to bosses or high-tier enemies by 20%, but it also increases their damage by 20%.
  • Master of Ambush: This engraving can be useful for the Berserker if you’re rotating between front and rear attacks, as it increases back attack damage by up to 25%.
  • Raid Leader: This can be beneficial as you will deal extra damage based on how much you move, which can come in handy if you’re dealing front and back attacks in rotations.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon: This engraving increases crit damage by 50%, but attacks also have a chance to deal 20% less damage.

Continue The Main Story

If you really want to gain levels as quickly as possible, continuing the main story and quests will be incredibly advantageous. The main storyline features a ton of mobs to fight, which will provide plenty of experience overall.

lost ark world

Plus, completing each quest will grant players quite a lot of bonus XP. Continuing the Main Questline will be beneficial to any class at any stage of the game, as it will grant players some solid rewards in addition to unlocking some awesome activities in-game.

Skill Point Allocation

It may be tempting to try and level up all of the Berserker’s skills, but it really isn’t practical while you’re still leveling up. If you want the fastest campaign possible, focus on building skills that deal AoE damage and prioritize crit chance.


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Below are the most notable Skill Tripods for the Berserker class:

  • Level 12: Shoulder Charge (4 points) for mobility to traverse around the map and dungeons; Finish Strike (4points) for AoE and single target burst with Push Immunity.
  • Level 20: Finish Strike (48 points) for density clearing and single target burst.
  • Level 25: Tempest Slash (20 points) for density clearing and single target burst.
  • Level 30-31: Whirlwind (4 points) for AoE clearing and phasing through mobs; Tempest Slash (48 points) for more damage.
  • Level 35: Diving Slash (4 points) for extra mobility to traverse quicker; Hell Blade (20 points) for an extra gap closer with AoE clearing.
  • Level 40-41: Red Dust (20 points) for critical strike chance buff and damage increase taken on targets debuff.
  • Level 44: Red Dust (48 points) for higher damage increase on debuff and more damage.
  • Level 48: Hell Blade (48 points) for more damage.
  • Level 49: Strike Wave (20 points) for AoE clearing.

Wind Blade and Powerful Swing can also be great fillers, especially at lower levels. But, these should be replaced with more effective skills as you level up.

Berserker Gameplay Tips

The type of experience players will have with the Berserker class will always differ, depending on skill setup, gear, build, playstyle, and much more. But, there are a few fundamental aspects that Lost Ark players should keep in mind throughout the Berserker’s gameplay.

Killing Mobs With Berserker

Since the Berserker specializes in huge AoE and high damage bursts but has relatively long cooldowns, taking on mobs will require some special approaches. It’s always more beneficial to try and pack up the mobs or elites before attacking as you can deal damage to all of them at once.

Mobility Moves

The biggest downfall of the Berserker is his lower mobility speed, agility, and overall nimbleness. This can be problematic, as he will need to somehow dodge enemy attacks while holding down on the frontlines.

There is only one move that will allow the Berserker to dodge attacks effectively, with a 10-second cooldown which just isn’t enough to survive. Thankfully, there are quite a few mobile skills for the Berserker class.

lostark berserker

Anything that allows the Berserker class to move around during battle will be an absolute must. Pile on skills such as:

  • Shoulder Charge
  • Diving Dash
  • Tempest Slash
  • Whirlwind

Just Keep Swinging

Staying in attack mode is key for players choosing the Berserker class, as there are many benefits to continuous attacks. Attacking enemies fills up the Berserker class’s Fury Meter, which is incredibly useful for tougher enemies and bosses.

Consistently swinging at enemies such as mobs will also prevent them from getting too close for comfort. So, this sort of approach may seem purely offensive but can act as a means of defense as well.

Rotate Frontal and Back Attacks

Using a rotation between front and back attacks will offer plenty of benefits in battle. For example, you could swing forward using a frontal strike, then follow that attack with a slash back in the opposite direction with a rear attack.

Rotating attack styles in this way will help ensure that basic troops keep turning without being able to stop and attack, essentially creating a flurry of unstoppable attacks. This sort of playstyle also really helps the Lost Ark journey as it makes for a swift leveling experience as well.

Boss Fights With Berserker

The Berserker’s metered ability may become available after dealing enough damage to opponents and enemies. Although it may be tempting to unleash this mode every time it’s available, this shouldn’t always be your approach with the Berserker class.

Lost Ark 1

If there is a boss coming, save this mode for the start of the boss encounter. This ability offers a ton of benefits, as it provides some passive buffs that assist critical strikes and overall damage.

Burst Mode also has its own burst damage ability when it’s used, making it a really solid attack form. But, again, it has quite a lengthy cooldown.

So, players will really need to be strategic about when the Berserker’s metered ability is used. Killing bosses will also become significantly faster after you acquire Red Dust, which deals some solid burst damage.

Although it can be frustrating to get stuck with the Berserker class, it’s definitely worth the effort. With so much power and force behind each of this class’s attacks topped with the right approaches, you’ll be taking down hordes of enemies in no time.

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