Lost Ark Hoverboard: How & Where To Get It

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Lost Ark offers players quite a few options when it comes to traveling around Arkesia, including scenic traveling by sea, lightning-fast teleportation through Triports, or following classic paths on land. While traveling by foot can reward explorational players, traveling on a Lost Ark mount is probably one of the best ways to get around.

The Apostel Hoverboard mount from the Arthetine Dungeon can be obtained by obtaining 150 reputation points, and will take at least 15 days to acquire. The Neugier God Hoverboard mount is an exclusive Twitch drop, available until March 1st, requiring players to watch 4 hours of a partnered Twitch stream.

Although there are plenty of awesome mounts to choose from, including horses, dinosaurs, and even mythical beasts, these two Hoverboard Mounts have brought a flurry of excitement for Lost Ark players. Stick around to find out how you can get your hands – and your heels – on these sweet and speedy Lost Ark mounts.

Lost Ark Hoverboard Mounts

There are only two hoverboard mounts available in Lost Ark at the moment, both of which can be attained by just about any dedicated player willing to go the extra mile. Both hoverboard mounts can be obtained with some time and effort, but both of them will definitely be worthwhile!

Lost Ark Apostel Hoverboard Mount

Many Lost Ark players have had their eye on the hoverboard obtained from the Arthetine Dungeon, which is more of a collectible mount as it does take some solid work. While you may assume it’s going to be an absolute nightmare to get, this smooth and shiny hoverboard only demands some classic dedication to the Lost Ark grind.

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The Apostel Hoverboard mount is the classic version, obtainable through simply playing the game and exploring Arkesia. Players will need to do quite a bit of farming to obtain this hoverboard mount – and actually mount it. As a result, obtaining the Apostel Hoverboard mount will take over two weeks in total (even if you’re playing every day).

But, the great thing is that since it’s part of the game, players can obtain this hoverboard without too much pressure concerning timeframes. Still, it’s always better to get into the grind and obtain this mount sooner than later.

How To Get The Apostel Hoverboard Mount In Lost Ark

While any devoted player can get their hands on this hoverboard, there are a few specific requirements to mount this stylish ride. Unlike many other rewards in Lost Ark, this hoverboard mount is a reputation reward, and 150 reputation points will be required before you can receive the mount.

Players will need to get up to 50% completion in Arthetine to receive the Apostel Hoverboard mount. Follow these steps to obtain the requirements necessary for chasing Lost Ark‘s classic hoverboard mount.

  1. Reach level 50.
  2. Complete the North Vern storyline.
  3. Unlock Una’s Tasks.
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Once you have these basic requirements, it’s time to start earning the reputation points necessary for receiving and mounting the classic Lost Ark hoverboard. Follow these steps until you obtain this awesome mount:

  1. Visit the Facility X-301 island near the Arthetine port to the east of Arid Path.
  2. Complete the short quest that will unlock the loop of the island.
  3. You will receieve a Una’s task called Android Emancipation. But, you will need to recieve a quest called Servicable Condition before you’ll gain access to the boss.
  4. Talk to the NPC called Detetctive Product to receive this quest.
  5. Once you have Servicable Condition in yor quest log, work towards collecting all 1000 Power Batteries from the android enemies around the island.
  6. Turn in the quest to Detective Product to recieve a Secret Hideout Access Card. This card will grant you access to the Experimental Tarmakum Boss. You will need to kill this boss to complete Android Emancipation.
  7. Ensure you have at least 300 Gear Score before entering the dungeon. Kill the boss, Tarmakum.


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Only 10 reputation points are rewarded after completing Android Emancipation. Since these tasks reset once every day, they can be repeated once a day for 15 days to get the hoverboard mount as soon as possible – players cannot shorten the timeframe by using Alt characters.

Lost Ark Neugier Gold Hoverboard Mount

The Neugier Gold Hoverboard mount has gotten the Lost Ark community in a frenzy, as its epic appearance is only matched by the fact that it’s an exclusive item. While it is technically quite simple to get a hold of this mount, it will take some time.

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This mount can only be obtained as a Twitch drop – more specifically, from Twitch Drops tier 4 Loot. Since the Neugier Gold Hoverboard is exclusive to Twitch drops, it will only be obtainable until March 1st.

While hearing the words ‘Twitch drop’ may have you feeling pessimistic already, this Twitch drop is pretty much fool-proof. No luck-based drop rates, no watching channels for hours on end or even days only be to left with nothing – you’ll get that golden hoverboard as long as you make it in time!

How To Get The Neugier Gold Hoverboard Mount In Lost Ark

To start off the process, Lost Ark players will need to have a Twitch account. After you have created your Twitch account, follow these steps to acquire the Neugier Gold Hoverboard mount:

  1. Follow a partnered Twitch channel that you can watch for at least 4 hours. The Twitch channel’s broadcast must have the ‘Drops Enabled’ tag.
  2. Make sure the stream is actually giving out the Neugier Gold Hoverboard on Twitch by checking their titles and drop notifications as well.
  3. Twitch Streamers that are known to be giving away the Neugier Gold Hoverboard mount include poopernoodle, amzngtom, abadassunicorn, Fextralife, AresLPs, and jessirocks.
  4. Make sure your profile is set to ‘Online’ and start watching the stream! You should get the drop after 4 hours.
  5. The Neugier Gold Hoverboard is a tier 4 Twitch drop, so keep an eye out for it.
  6. If you’re still in the process of getting the drop and are growing impatient, you can see how far along your drop is by clicking the icon on the top right corner. You’ll see a progress bar that should hit 100% before you receive the Neugier Gold Hoverboard mount.
  7. After earning the Neugier Gold Hoverboard mount Twitch drop, claim the reward via your ‘Drops Inventory’.
  8. Link your Twitch account with the Lost Ark website and your Steam account.
  9. Once these accounts are linked, the Neugier Gold Hoverboard mount should appear in-game within 24 hours.
  10. The gold hoverboard should be received via an in-game mail. Check your Product Inventory, which is located on the bar at the top of the screen.
  11. Right-click it in your inventory and Add the Neugier Gold Hoverboard to your mounts collection.
  12. Open up the ‘Mount Menu’ (Alt+V).
  13. Select the Neugier Gold Hoverboard to start riding it. Drag the gold hoverboard’s icon into your Hotbar to access it on-the-go.

There are plenty of cool, stylish, and down-right badass mounts that Lost Ark has to offer its players, but these futuristic hoverboard mounts are nothing short of irrisistable! Check out Twitch as soon as possible to get your hands on the exclusive, limited-time golden hoverboard, or play the game to obtain the classic Lost Ark hoverboard.