15 Best Anime Like KonoSuba You Need to Watch

15 Best Anime Like KonoSuba You Need to Watch (2022 Update)

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, abbreviated KonoSuba or Shukufuku by its author, is a light novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki. This follows the adventure of a boy who is sent to a fantasy world after his death, forming a trouble team with a goddess, a sorceress, and a crusader to fight against monsters. The series has received an anime adaptation which aired from January 2016 to March 2017. An anime film was released on August 30, 2019. KonoSuba is a great blend between isekai and comedy, so if you like that genre, you’ve come to the right place!

To honor the strange cuteness of KonoSuba, we have decided to compose a list of the best anime series like KonoSuba that every fan needs to see. The list is going to include a total of 15 different titles which resemble the KonoSuba anime in one way or the other.

1. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Original Run: April 4, 2013 – present
Number of Episodes: 13

The Demon King Satan seeks to conquer the world of Ente Isla by annexing its four continents with the help of his demon generals Alciel, Lucifer, Malacoda, and Adramelech. Following their confrontation with the hero Emilia Justina and her companions after they kill Malacoda and Adramelech, Satan Jacob and Alciel escape Ente Isla through a portal that takes them straight to Tokyo.

However, due to the lack of magic in the modern world, Satan and Alciel take the form of what represents their human appearance. In order to survive in this world, Satan Jacob takes a part-time job at a fast food restaurant named MgRonald while Alciel serves as his servant. One day, Satan Jacob, who now calls himself Sadao Maō, meets a girl who turns out to be Emilia in the form of Emi Yusa.

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The story then unfolds and explores the personalities of each of the characters and their moral values. Other characters from Ente Isla also make an appearance and also face the new dilemmas of the world, often in a comical way.

2. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Original Run: January 11, 2016 – March 28, 2016
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

A boy named Haruhiro awakens along with twelve other people in a world called Grimgar. None of them have any memories of their past other than their own name, and in order to survive they decide to join as soldiers of the Alterna border town’s Volunteer Army. Haruhiro is part of the group composed of Yume, Shihoru, Ranta, Moguzo and led by their leader Manato, who slowly begin to progress in order to survive in this new world.

But just when everything is going its best, Manato is shot to death during a mission, and before expiring he asks Haruhiro to be the new leader of the group. Still upset by the loss of his friend, Haruhiro decides to inherit his will and keep his companions alive.

3. Gin Tama

Original Run: April 4, 2006 – March 25, 2010
Number of Episodes: 201

In the Edo era, Japan was invaded by aliens called Amanto, creatures of various shapes, but all more or less humanoid. These manage to defeat the samurai after long fights. From then on, a radical futurition cut with the classic decoration of Japan is set up and the Amanto forbid the wearing of the saber in public. Despite everything, there are still some who prefer to keep their bushido. In this completely anachronistic Japan, there are still people who refuse to give up their saber.

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Among them is Gintoki Sakata, an eccentric former samurai who helps a teenager named Shinpachi Shimura, save his sister Tae from a group of aliens who want her to join a brothel. Impressed by Gintoki, Shinpachi becomes his apprentice and works with him as a handyman with the goal of paying Gintoki’s rent.

4. No Game No Life

Original Run: April 9, 2014 – June 25, 2014
Number of Episodes: 12

Sora and Shiro are inseparable brother and sister, both in reality and in video games (they are not actually brother and sister but see each other as such). As a team, their individual skills make them invincible: Sora has a shrewd intuition, great culture, very high intelligence, and unwavering insight, while Shiro possesses an intelligence beyond genius.

In the real world, they are reclusive, antisocial, and hikikomori. In the video game world, they play together as 『 』 (white), a mysterious group of online gamers unaware of defeat, finishing first in every game they participate in. Because character account names are always empty space, they are known as “White”.

5. Utawarerumono

Original Run: April 3, 2006 – present
Number of Episodes: 51 (+ 4 OVA)

In a world similar to 9th-century Japan, an unnamed stranger, whose face is perpetually hidden behind a mask impossible to remove, is found gravely wounded in the forest by two sisters, Eruru and Aruru, who take him to their village and save his life.

Having recovered, the man, who remembers nothing about himself or how he got there, is renamed Hakuoro and adopted by the rest of the village, but soon realizes the state of misery in which the peasants and poor people are forced, harassed by corrupt officials and an incapable emperor. Due to a series of circumstances, Hakuoro ends up leading a rebellion which, quickly turned into a revolution, allows him to overthrow the emperor by taking his place; from this position, however, he understands that peace is difficult to maintain.

6. Log Horizon

Original Run: October 5, 2013 – March 31, 2021
Number of Episodes: 62

With the release of its twelfth expansion pack, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Elder Tale, has unquestionably become the most played MMORPG in the world with a user base of several million players.

However, following the release of its twelfth expansion, Novasphere Pioneers, 30,000 Japanese players and several thousand more around the world logged in at the time of the update found themselves trapped in the game with no ability to log out. Among these players, Shiroe, an unsociable young adult and his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki. In order to overcome the obstacles and dangers of this world that has now become their reality, they decide to team up.

7. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Original Run: April 4, 2015 – present
Number of Episodes: 37 (+ 3 OVA)

Commonly referred to as the “Dungeon”, the city of Orario managed by its Guild, has an enormous underground labyrinth in which regularly appears a host of monsters, ranging from goblins to dragons. The gods, having decided long ago to live among mortals, give their “Falna” (blessings) to those with the courage and qualities required to walk the Dungeon: these chosen ones then become adventurers.

By defeating monsters, they obtain crystal fragments which are used to craft magic items, among many other treasures; however, they can also be exchanged for currency. Residents of Orario can join groups called “Familia” which perform a variety of functions, ranging from exploring the Dungeon to crafting items or participating in the active life of the city as well as providing utility services. public.

Each of these Familia is named after the deity who founded it and serves the latter. In the style of role-playing video games, adventurers are distinguished by their orientation as well as their level, which they increase through their training and quests, and gain abilities according to their prowess. The story follows those of Bell Cranel, a young novice aspiring to find love and become the best adventurer, and his little goddess Hestia, a solitary deity in search of followers to create his Familia.

8. Gate

Original Run: July 4, 2015 – March 26, 2016
Number of Episodes: 24

Second Lieutenant Itami, taking advantage of a leave to go to a fanzine convention, finds himself in a station in the Ginza district of Tokyo, while at the same time a giant door appears. Many medieval soldiers, dragons and other wondrous creatures come out of this gate and attack everyone they meet for no reason.

While Itami helps civilians flee, the Self-Defense Forces arrive and quickly neutralize these otherworldly enemies, as the military’s modern arsenal is far more effective than the old-fashioned arsenal of these suicidal enemies. . Later, the Japanese government decides to send its military to the other side of the gate to prevent another attack as well as to assess the potential of this special area.

9. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Original Run: April 4, 2016 – March 24, 2021
Number of Episodes: 50 (+ 2 OVA + 50 ONA)

One day, leaving a convenience store, a Japanese high school student in a tracksuit named Subaru Natsuki is transported to a parallel world without any explanation. While trying to make his mark in this new world, Subaru is attacked by a band of bandits.

On the verge of death, he is saved by a silver-haired half-elf named “Satela,” accompanied by a cat-like spirit, Pack. To reciprocate, he decides to help her with her daily chores, including finding the badge stolen from her by Felt, a young girl living on theft.

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Later, in the slums of the city, they are attacked and killed by a mysterious person. Before dying, Subaru promises Satela that he will do anything to save her.

10. Dog Days

Original Run: April 2, 2011 – March 28, 2015
Number of Episodes: 38

On the continent of Fronyald, the Republic of Biscotti is under heavy attack from a neighboring country (the battles resulting in no injuries and being considered sporting competitions), the Kingdom of Galettes. In order to defend her lands, Princess Millhiore F. Biscotti decides to summon a hero capable of saving the country.

However, it will be Shinku Izumi, a simple middle schooler from Earth, who will be summoned leaving everything to believe that he is the long-awaited hero. The latter will be entrusted with the sacred weapon called “Palladion” in order to fight his enemies. Despite his lack of experience, Shinku will have to progress and do everything possible to repel the invader and thus save his new friends.

11. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

Original Run: January 11, 2013 – March 15, 2013
Number of Episodes: 10 (+ OVA)

The story follows Izayoi Sakamaki, a boy who misses the world. One day, an envelope arrives at his house. By opening it, he finds himself in an instant transported to a parallel world.

From there, he discovers that two other “problem children” have also been carried by the same envelopes: a taciturn girl named Yo Kasukabe, as well as a beautiful and haughty young girl called Asuka Kudo.

Subsequently, a young girl, Kuro Usagi, appears and informs them that she has summoned all three of them to the “No Name” community to overthrow a demon.

12. Outbreak Company

Original Run: October 3, 2013 – December 19, 2013
Number of Episodes: 12

The protagonist of the plot is the otaku (anime and manga fan) Shin’ichi Kanō, whose love proposal was abruptly rejected by a longtime acquaintance with reference to his hobby, after which he isolated himself socially. After a year, his parents give him the choice of going back to school or looking for a job. He then applies to the company Sōgo Entertainment Shōsha Amutec-sha, who are looking for an otaku. During the interview, however, he is stunned by Jinzaburō Matoba.

When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in an unfamiliar environment and to his delight, as an otaku, sees a cute maid who first speaks to him in an unknown language and then gives him a ring with which he can understand her language and himself introduced as Myusel Fourant. Shortly thereafter, the corporal of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces Minori Koganuma appears, as well as Matoba, who introduces himself as head of the “Authority for the Exchange and Promotion of Far Eastern Culture” belonging to the Cabinet Office.

The Japanese government found a dimensional portal in Aokigahara a year ago, the exit of which leads to another world where magic exists, specifically the “Holy Empire of Eldant” in which it is currently located. In order to achieve amicable relations with this, the Japanese government developed the idea of ​​bringing Eldant closer to modern Japanese culture, in particular anime, manga and computer games, and founded the semi-public company Amutec together with it.

However, since according to Matoba it would only go wrong if officials tried it, an otaku was sought, so Shin’ichi is now the company’s general manager. For this he was given the mansion he is in, with the half-elf Myusel as his personal maid and the lizardman Brooke Darwin as the gardener.

13. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Original Run: July 5, 2018 – June 11, 2021
Number of Episodes: 22

Takuma Sakamoto is an ordinary human who is mysteriously transported to the world of his favorite MMORPG, Cross Reverie in the guise of his own character, the mighty Demon King Diablo.

The two young girls who summoned him, Rem and Shera, attempt to use a spell to make Takuma their servant, but the spell is considered and they end up with magical necklaces tied around their necks, thus becoming his slaves.

With a serious case of social anxiety, Takuma still decides to take on the role of his character while interacting with others and uses his high stats and vast knowledge of Cross Reverie to survive in his new environment, traveling with him.

14. Ixion Saga DT

Original Run: October 6, 2012 – March 30, 2013
Number of Episodes: 25

One day, when Kon Hokaze, an avid gamer, is playing an MMORPG, he suddenly receives a message from an unknown female character. Thinking that he was finally lucky, he agrees with the girl’s request for a meeting, but instead of a date in the ordinary world, he is suddenly transported to another World, where he accidentally saves the young princess by falling on top of her pursuer.

Not understanding how and where he got to, and most importantly not knowing the way back, Kon, together with Princess Ecarlight and her retinue, consisting of a transsexual servant Marian and a bodyguard warrior Sandgren, sets off on his journey.

15. In Another World with My Smartphone

Original Run: July 11, 2017 – September 26, 2017
Number of Episodes: 12

The 15-year-old Tōya Mochizuki is accidentally struck by lightning and killed by God. As an apology, God allows him to be reborn in a fanciful world but very different from his old world with one special request. Tōya uses it to bring his smartphone to the new world with him.

God also amplifies his physical, mental, and magical performance to apologize again for killing him. Enjoying his second life, Tōya befriends many different people in this world. He begins to travel from one world to another.

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