50 Best Anime Podcasts You Must Follow in 2022

Best Anime Podcasts

If you are looking for anime podcasts, you are in the right place. In this article, we are bringing you the biggest resources of anime out there. Check out these anime podcasts, and find your next listen.

Podcasting is a phenomenon that is growing in popularity around the world. The whole concept started around the year 2000 but soon expanded and is today practically an essential part of Western pop culture, with podcasts having thousands and thousands of followers around the world. The art of podcasting is very specific and you have to know how to attract people and which people you want to attract.

This is why there are lots of topic-specialized podcasts that focus specifically on one, single topic. We on Fiction Horizon have decided to do the same, as we are going to bring you a list of the 50 best anime-focused podcasts you need to follow if you want to stay in touch with the latest from the world of anime.

1. Anime Out of Context

Anime Out of Context

In their words: “Listen as Shaun explores the sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful, and always hilarious world of Anime. And Remington tries to understand any of it.”

Link: Official Website

2. Featured Anime Podcast

Featured Anime Podcast

In their words: “A couple of podcasters called Jack and Rick, get together to give our views and take on anime shows and movies. Sometimes we love the shows or movies that we watch and other times we really do not like them, but regardless of what we watch, we love to get together and talk about it and bring joy to all of our listeners! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.”

Link: Official Website

3. Suuuper Anime

Suuuper Anime

In their words: “The Suuuper Anime Podcast is a show that looks to entertain, inspire and inform you about anime. We provide our opinion and thoughts on various anime topics, as well as examine these topics from a real-world perspective on what we can learn from anime. Whether you’re new to anime or a seasoned veteran, every week, we invite you to come to listen, share and laugh with us :-). We hope every episode ignites your otaku spirit and leaves YOU feeling SUUUPER!”

Link: Official Website

4. Project Tsundoku

In their words: “There is no surprise that the anime and manga scene has become massive over the last few years. Whether you’re getting ready to purchase your first manga, or you’re looking to add another series to your packed bookshelf; Project Tsundoku is here to help! We deep dive into the manga world to bring you heartfelt reviews on a range of titles. Looking to win a FREE MANGA! We give away a copy of each title we review, check us out on Instagram to learn more @projecttsundoku.”

Link: Official Website

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5. Anime Addicts Anonymous

Anime Addicts Anonymous

In their words: “The official channel of the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast is dedicated to making your anime addiction worse! We now stream live at www.twitch.tv/aaapodcast every Sunday at 5 PM EST! Listen for informative discussions on anime and Japan, current anime news, and in-depth reviews on all the newest (and the occasional retro) show. Join our community and take pride in your anime addiction!”

Link: Official Website

6. Rant Café Anime Podcast

Rant Café Anime Podcast

In their words: “Weekly Anime Podcast featuring prominent Anime YouTubers and Memers. Business inquiries: therantcafe@gmail.com.”

Link: Official Website

7. Wasteland! An Anime Podcast

Wasteland! An Anime Podcast

In their words: “Hosts Dom Esclovon and Nathaniel Garofalo explore anime (and sometimes manga) together with determination and the power of friendship.”

Link: Official Website

8. Otaku Spirit

Otaku Spirit

In their words: “Otaku Spirit is devoted to bringing the best of anime, new and old, to the fans. The focus of positive and informative viewpoints of anime is what sets it aside from other sources. Giving every anime a chance, and not resorting to destroying a show just for laughs. It’s content for anime fans, by anime fans!”

Link: Official Website

9. Fan Service

Fan Service

In their words: “Join the crew of Rooster Teeth’s Fan Service, as they discuss the latest news, trailers, and series from the world of Anime.”

Link: Official Website

10. The Anime Nostalgia Podcast

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast

In their words: “What was it like being an anime & manga fan before the 2000s? And were some of my favorite anime series really as good as I remember them? Welcome to the Anime Nostalgia Podcast, a mix of anime & manga history, reviews, and talks with other fans on titles and aspects of fandom from everywhere from the 70s to the 90s!”

Link: Official Website

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11. Otaku Cram School

Otaku Cram School

In their words: “Otaku Cram School is a podcast devoted to educating listeners on the best that otaku and Eastern pop culture has to offer… anime, manga, light novels, video games, JRPGs, music, and more! Join our teachers Chris-sensei, Ebónné-sensei, and Mike-sensei each month on a new episode / lesson!”

Link: Official Website

12. Anime World Order

Anime World Order

In their words: “A podcast all about Japanese cartoons and comics as discussed by three self-proclaimed experts in the world of anime and manga! Plus anime news/reviews, coverage of classic anime, hentai/yaoi, and much, much more. Updated every week. We hope.”

Link: Official Website

13. Anime Is Lit

Anime Is Lit

In their words: “A podcast exploring what makes anime meaningful to people. Hosted by K and Danny—two weebs who talk about anime like its literature, except fun and not boring.”

Link: Official Website

14. ANNCast


In their words: “The ANN After Show is a weekly podcast from Anime News Network, the internet’s most trusted anime news source since 1998. Hosted by executive editor Lynzee Loveridge and video producer Jacki Jing, each week we talk in-depth about the season’s hottest shows with special guests and deliver the trending stories you need to know. Geek out with us each week, gain new perspectives, and discover the details you might have missed.”

Link: Official Website

15. IGN Anime Club

IGN Anime Club

In their words: “IGN Anime Club meets every week to talk about anime news, new and classic shows, cosplay, conventions, and more. At the end of every episode hosts Miranda, Alaina, and Meghan invite listeners to join them in watching and discussing a featured show.”

Link: Official Website

16. The Weebcast

The Weebcast

In their words: “Max and Austin talk about anime and life.”

Link: Official Website

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17. All Ages of Geek

All Ages of Geek

In their words: “We geek out about anime, and video games and do a ton of reactions to your favorite shows on YouTube. We are a group of geeks who run the interactive multimedia company All Ages of Geek.”

Link: Official Website

18. The /r/Anime Podcast

The /r/Anime Podcast

In their words: “Formerly known as The /r/Anime Podcast, now known as Tokyo Podfathers. Fun, conversational, and grown-up discussions about old anime, new anime, and occasionally whatever other things we happen to like.”

Link: Official Website



In their words: “MultiAnime PodCast is a program dedicated to the latest news on Anime, Video Games, Manga, Movies, TV, and everything a Geek wants to know. Hosted by Alex, Andy, and a panel of Dark Side subject matter experts. EVERY MONDAY THERE IS A PROGRAM. Hosted by Alex and Andy”

Link: Official Website

20. Podigious! A Digimon Anime Podcast!

Podigious! A Digimon Anime Podcast!

In their words: “A critically nostalgic, analytical podcast tour through the Digimon anime!”

Link: Official Website

21. Shonen Tapes

Shonen Tapes

In their words: “The Shonen Tapes is a podcast where homies Kevin and Sean deep dive into anime every week. Topical episodes some weeks and deep dives into shows and characters other weeks. Twenty years of friendship between the hosts come with the non-stop banter you’d expect while hanging out with your friends. Subscribe to catch The Shonen Tapes every week!”

Link: Official Website

22. Dip Down Anime

Dip Down Anime

In their words: “What’s up everyone!? We’re excited you have come across our podcast! I’m Stevie Ray and she’s Amber, and we post content related to or about anime. Amber has been a fan of anime since she was a kid and I however only have gone anime crazy since meeting Amber. So with Amber’s immense knowledge and my lack of knowledge, I’m sure it will make for a great time as we all experience anime together! We hope you come along and join our anime journey!”

Link: Official Website

23. Anime Protagonist Podcast

Anime Protagonist Podcast

In their words: “Listen in each week to hear Cole, Jay, and Mike discuss the latest news in anime, manga, and gaming! We also play anime-themed mini-games and review anime.”

Link: Official Website

24. The One Piece Podcast

The One Piece Podcast

In their words: “A podcast dedicated to the manga and anime series One Piece. We’ve been discussing the latest episodes and chapters since 2009! The One Piece Podcast is created by the fans, for the fans.”

Link: Official Website

25. Shoujo Sundae

Shoujo Sundae

In their words: “Shoujo Sundae is a delectable podcast safe haven for fans of shoujo anime and manga. If you have a strong love for shoujo, but no place or people to talk about it with, welcome to your new favorite ice cream parlor. Your hosts, Giana Luna and Chika Supreme invite you to come get a scoop and add as many sprinkles as your heart desires!

Each episode of anime is broken down into categories to reflect on the symbolism, positive/negative aspects, and hot takes of each show they review. New episodes every Sunday. Let’s dig in!”

Link: Official Website

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26. Kawaii-Fi Radio – Anime Podcast

Kawaii-Fi Radio - Anime Podcast

In their words: “Kawaii-Fi Radio is all about Anime, Manga, and Japanese Otaku Culture! From the big anime news stories to what’s worth watching to Back Catalogue recommendations, we’re an all-ages podcast celebrating the world of anime – new and old! New episodes fortnightly and monthly YouTube Videos!”

Link: Official Website

27. Baka Banter Anime Podcast

Baka Banter Anime Podcast

In their words: “Baka Banter is a deep dive into the world of anime. Hosts Ionatan Kuperwajs and Ravi Pancholi break down the latest in anime through a critical lens, dish out their hottest takes, and sit down with guests from across the anime industry.”

Link: Official Website

28. Sugoi Cast: un podcast sobre animé

Sugoi Cast: un podcast sobre animé

In their words: “A podcast where two girls talk (passionately) about anime. What more can you ask for in life?”

Link: Official Website



In their words: “The first-ever anime podcast for Casual Anime Fanatics. If you love to watch anime and love to laugh, look no further! Our anime podcast covers a broad range of topics in a fun, hilarious, cool, casual, and authentic conversation-style format. This is THAT ANIME PODCAST you’ve been searching for.”

Link: Official Website

30. Otaku Melancholy

Otaku Melancholy

In their words: “Otaku Melancholy Podcast is a podcast for the people who like anime a little too much by people who like anime a little too much. Covering all sorts of topics from the worst, the wildest, and the weirdest of anime in their Animisery episodes to breaking down and analyzing if the modern classics are really classic or just “crap”sic in their Was It Hype series, Otaku Melancholy is the part serious anime discussion and part stupid comedy podcast that’s all weeaboo for you. New episodes air every Tuesday! Go to our website at www.otakumelancholy.com to see all our links! Ganbatte!”

Link: Official Website

31. Did You Have To?

Did You Have To?

In their words: “Did You Have To? A podcast all about the adaptations of your favorite anime. We’re a bi-weekly podcast where our hosts, LaNeysha and Kate, look at the long road of live-action anime adaptions and ask the creators, did you have to? It all started with a tweet about how terrible Dragonball Evolution was and all the anime that have been adapted since. We will be reviewing everything from both the US and Japan all in an effort to crown the worst — and hopefully, find some gems along the way. Each episode is released on the first and third Fridays of the month.”

Link: Official Website

32. Sailor Moon Fan Club

Sailor Moon Fan Club

In their words: “In each episode, Victoria L. Johnson (@missoldskool) interviews incredible fans of popular 90s anime and manga including bestselling authors, indie comic book and manga creators, influencers, musicians, and more. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and YouTube.”

Link: Official Website

33. PUCL: A Pokemon Podcast

PUCL: A Pokemon Podcast

In their words: “One of the longest-running Pokemon podcasts, PUCL covers the many facets of Pokemon. We talk about video games, battling, community news, anime and manga, trainer tips, and more!”

Link: Official Website

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34. Naruto Shippuden Live

Naruto Shippuden Live

In their words: “We, at Naruto Shippuden Live, always give you the most up-to-date and groundbreaking deck types, news releases from James Takenaka himself, and combos made by you, the listeners! Tune in to enjoy!”

Link: Official Website

35. Trash Taste Podcast

Trash Taste Podcast

In their words: “Trash Taste is the premiere anime podcast exploring anime, manga, and otaku culture with top anime YouTubers: Joey from The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, Connor from Cdawgva, and occasionally special guests.”

Link: Official Website

36. Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast – ON HIATUS

Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast - ON HIATUS

In their words: “It’s our last episode before a summer hiatus and we don’t hold anything back, as we catch up on everything going on in our weekly series, especially our newest series: Neru: Way of the Martial Artist. We’re in the process of renovating our office, so the Shonen Jump podcast is going on a hiatus for the summer. During this time, we’re also going to consider changes to the podcast, and we want to get feedback from you! What do you want to hear about in the Shonen Jump podcast? Do you like the weekly frequency and podcast length? Any other ideas you’d like to share? Tell us! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you soon!”

Link: Official Website

37. Ghibliotheque – A Podcast About Studio Ghibli

Ghibliotheque - A Podcast About Studio Ghibli

In their words: “Welcome to the Ghibliotheque, the podcast that leafs through libraries of films from the world’s greatest animation studios. In 2018, Michael Leader, an avowed Studio Ghibli fanatic, sat down with Jake Cunningham, who had never seen any of the Studio’s work before. Together they looked at the history behind Ghibli’s films (including Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Princess Mononoke), and got a critical perspective from Jake as a first-time viewer. They covered all of Studio Ghibli’s films, visited Japan on the ultimate Ghibli pilgrimage, and have since interviewed artists, animators, and filmmakers who have either worked on or have been deeply inspired by Ghibli’s films. With their co-host Steph Watts, they have also branched out to cover filmographies of other studios and filmmakers whose work has revolutionized animation, from Satoshi Kon and Mamoru Hosoda to Cartoon Saloon and Henry Selick. Where will we go next? For more information, follow us on Twitter at @ghibliotheque, or on Instagram at ghibliotheque.pod. “

Link: Official Website

38. It’s Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast

It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast

In their words: “It’s Super Effective is a weekly Pokémon podcast that covers news and information on Pokémon GO, the Pokémon anime, and the video games (such as Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield, as well as, Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee). The podcast also talks about battling, Shiny Hunting, the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon merchandise, and more! While the show is mostly news-focused, we cover listener e-mails and in-depth Pokémon trivia! The podcast also reaches out to other media personalities about Pokémon. It’s Super Effective is an award-winning podcast and one of the most downloaded Pokémon-based podcasts on the web. Its Super Effective is dedicated to bringing unique, creative Pokémon content to the internet.”

Link: Official Website

39. Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session

In their words: “Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, Ari Rockefeller, along with other amazing staffers! Join them as each week they discuss anime, games, conventions, fandom, geek stuff, and everything in between, as well as their unique take on the topics at hand!”

Link: Official Website

40. Ze Shows – Anime Pulse

Ze Shows – Anime Pulse

In their words: “A suite of podcasts. Anime Pulse is an anime podcast. We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of Anime, with reviews, rants, and stories. Manga Pulse is a manga podcast. We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of Manga. and we’re just fun to listen to.”

Link: Official Website

41. Anime Slushie

Anime Slushie

In their words: “Mary (@cubewatermelon) and Cherry (@phoenix_feet) watch anime and can tell you all about it if you’d like.”

Link: Official Website

42. Anime Club After Dark

Anime Club After Dark

In their words: “Weekly podcast that delves into all things anime, manga, and otaku culture related!”

Link: Official Website

43. Mobile Suit Breakdown: the Gundam Podcast

Mobile Suit Breakdown: the Gundam Podcast

In their words: “MSB is a weekly Gundam podcast for new fans, old fans, and not-yet fans. Nina (a Gundam first-timer) and Thom (a lifelong Gundam fan) analyze, review, and research all 40 years of the iconic sci-fi anime mega-franchise Mobile Suit Gundam in the order it was made. We research its influences, examine its themes, and discuss how each piece of the Gundam canon fits within the changing context in Japan and the world, from 1979 to today. Part history podcast, part discussion podcast, and all Gundam podcasts.”

Link: Official Website

44. Jojo’s World

Jojo's World

In their words: “Jojo’s World is a fortnightly Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure recap and discussion podcast. In each episode, Jojo superfan Liam S. Smith is joined by newcomer Nick Ballantyne to watch an episode and have an unscripted, largely coherent discussion of its influences, references, and basically anything else that seems interesting.”

Link: Official Website

45. Sailor Business

Sailor Business

In their words: “MOON PODCAST ESCALATION! Sailor Moon fans Jordan D. White, Chris Sims, and a cast of guests set out to watch one of the greatest superhero stories of the 20th century, trying to figure out just what Sailor Senshi’s powers are, whether Luna should have a British accent, and just what is going on with Mamoru’s purple pants. It’s a critical breakdown of every single episode of Sailor Moon, complete with what life lessons we can learn. Join us every week — and keep your mind on Sailor Business!”

Link: Official Website

46. The Dynamite In The Brain Anime Podcast

The Dynamite In The Brain Anime Podcast

In their words: “The anime podcast where the two hosts invite their friends from around the world to have conversations about anime and manga, play stupid games, and occasionally sing.”

Link: Official Website

47. GeekNights Wednesdays: Anime Manga Comics

GeekNights Wednesdays: Anime Manga Comics

In their words: “GeekNights Wednesdays is the weekly Anime and comic segment of GeekNights, including discussion of anime, manga, comics, Asian cinema, anime conventions, and more.”

Link: Official Website

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48. Narushow: A Podcast About Naruto

Narushow: A Podcast About Naruto

In their words: “An anime noob, an anime moderate, and an anime adept watch Naruto every week and try to decide if they even like it. (Spoiler: they do. Except for some characters.)”

Link: Official Website

49. My Hero Academia Podcast

My Hero Academia Podcast

In their words: “The My Hero Academia podcast discusses the My Hero Academia manga, anime, and spin-offs as well as news and more!”

Link: Official Website

50. Anime Summit

Anime Summit

In their words: “The Anime Summit Podcast spawned from the /r/Anime Reddit Community as a project to help spread our love of anime and get more connected to the content we enjoy!”

Link: Official Website

  • Hrvoje Milakovic is co-owner of Fiction Horizon and a big cinephile. Apart from that, he likes to read comics, play games and collect action figures. He has been featured on LifeWire, Yahoo and IMDb, to name a few.