15 Best Anime Podcasts You Must Follow

Best Anime Podcasts

Podcasting is a phenomenon that is growing in popularity around the world. The whole concept started around the year 2000 but soon expanded and is today practically an essential part of Western pop culture, with podcasts having thousands and thousands of followers around the world. The art of podcasting is very specific and you have to know how to attract people and which people you want to attract. This is why there are lots of topic-specialized podcasts that focus specifically on one, single topic. We on Fiction Horizon have decided to do the same, as we are going to bring you a list of the 15 best anime-focused podcasts you need to follow if you want to stay in touch with the latest from the world of anime.

If you would like us to include your podcast on the list don’t hesitate to contact us. We will check it out, and if everything is ok include it on the list.

Otaku Spirit

Link: Official Website
Active Since: December 2011
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “Otaku Spirit is dedicated to bringing you the best of anime new and old. We update regularly with news, reviews, podcasts, and other media surrounding our love. It’s anime from fans, for fans.”

This short description tells us much about Otaku Spirit, a site with lots of anime-related material for fans, created by the fans themselves. It offers news, and reviews and is a great place for discussion on all matters related to anime.

Anime Summit

Link: Official Website
Active Since: July 2015
Frequency: 2 episodes per week

Description: “The Anime Summit Podcast spawned from the /r/Anime Reddit Community as a project to help spread our love of anime and get more connected to the content we enjoy!”

This is a community podcast that resulted from increased activity from Reddit users who loved anime and decided it was time to become global and more available. The podcast offers a lot of news, reviews, and tons of other information created by fans who are passionate about anime. You can also join the discussion on Reddit or on the podcast’s official Discord channel.

Blake and Spencer Get Jumped

Link: Official Website
Active Since: Unknown
Frequency: 1 episode per day

Description: “Your hosts, Blake and Spencer, will watch anime and then tell the story, along with anime news, behind-the-scenes stories, and funny anecdotes. Plus bonus crossover episodes with other creators and special convention coverage featuring special interviews with voice actors and other industry professionals. This is your podcast if you want to enjoy the world of anime, whether you’ve never watched an episode or you are a diehard fan! Jump in!”

Blake and Spencer are two anime fans who decided to launch their own blog and podcast related to anime. They offer reviews, comments, and news from the world of anime. The really good thing about their podcast is that it is recorded with a lot of passion and love.

Baka! Baka! Baka!

Link: Official Website
Active Since: August 2016
Frequency: 1 episode per day

Description: “Baka Baka Baka is an anime podcast done in a book club format. Comprised of the podcast hosts and the listeners, The Baka Club watches a single season of an anime every 2 weeks before extensively reviewing it together. All opinions, theories, and ideas are welcome here. When you’re hanging with a bunch of Baka’s, there’s no way to go wrong.”

This blog and podcast project is run by three guys, Troy (“the host with the plan. While he rarely knows what he’s doing, his deep love of explaining things make him the ideal candidate for story recap”), Jeremy (“the theorist, stringing together technical details to peek behind the curtains of your favorite anime sets.  No one knows for sure what he sees back there – some say he might be hallucinating”), and Jason (“the critic, constantly searching for that perfect anime. Willing to give just about any anime a chance, he always seems to be hunting for that plot hole or character that didn’t get enough screen time”).

They mostly offer reviews and comments on anime series and episodes.


Link: Official Website
Active Since: January 2019
Frequency: 1 episode per day

Description: “Every week Jack and Rick watch an anime series then they get to get together and talk about it while giving their perspective on it. They watch everything from new just finished airing series to shows dating back as far they can get. At the end of every show, they give a show a rating along with a reason for that rating.”

This is a “talk show” format podcast where two passionate anime lovers watch a series and then get together and discuss the whole thing, offering their reviews, commentaries and ideas on different anime series.

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Ghost in the Cloud

Link: Official Website
Active Since: June 2017
Frequency: 3 episodes per quarter

Description: “Based out of New York, we have been hosting episodes since June of 2017. We’re a dynamic duo of all things nerdy. Between the two of us we love it all from video games, Sci-Fi and Marvel to Art History, NASA and British television. But really, what could be more enjoyable to podcast about than Anime? We even have the occasional guest, more anime enthusiasts like ourselves. As our friend Blake says, If you have this episode without me “hell will rain upon you”.

Don’t worry, he was our very first guest. Every episode we’ll give you a general synopsis of the anime before we get into the ‘deep stuff’. This is where we have debates, discuss our favorite characters and pose questions to our listeners.

We’d love to hear from you so hit us up on social media!” This podcast is hosted by John and Bridgette, along with guests who regularly appear on their long-running podcast that mostly focuses on reviewing different anime episodes and series.

Wasasum Anime Reviews

Link: Official Website
Active Since: January 2018
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “It’s about time you followed us down the rabbit hole. You want anime reviews? We got it! Want that dank hentai content you can’t find anywhere else? We got that too! Want to know if your Waifu is really your true love to be? Find a therapist! At the Wasaum Anime Podcast, we make dreams come true!”

Wasasum Anime Reviews is a different kind of podcast that gives you an insight in the the more darker and mature anime series, reviewing episodes and whole series. It’s a somewhat unique podcast in the field of anime and we highly recommend it if you prefer such genres and subjects.

Anime at the Gates

Link: Official Website
Active Since: Unknown
Frequency: 1 episode per quarter

Description: “Friends Shane and Craig spin an “Anime Wheel” which contains every anime ever, and they review the first episode of whatever it lands on.”

This podcast is probably the quirkiest one you’ll find on the web. The episodes aren’t overly frequent, but the two guys running the show have a very interesting system we think you should definitely check out.

Namely, they have a wheel and they pick their anime at random. When they make their choice, they review the first episode of the series and continue forth with the next pick. This is a very interesting concept and we definitely think it’s worth checking out.

Anime Story Structure

Link: Official Website
Active Since: December 2018
Frequency: 16 episodes per year

Description: “Emma and Brian hang out, watch a season of anime, and search for intention and meaning through discussing each episode’s story structure. Sometimes the cat joins.”

This seems like a very easygoing duo that has a fixed goal – watch a season of an anime and then thoroughly discuss it episode by episode. This plan explains the relatively small number of episodes per year, but you know you’re going to get a thorough analysis of each anime they pick.

Instant Ramen

Link: Official Website
Active Since: Unknown
Frequency: 1 episode per day

Description: “Instant Ramen is an anime podcast with Juan and Trip. We’ve been watching too much anime for too long, and we’re here to tell you about it! Kind of a review show, kind of a news show. All anime. All day.”

This is also a fan-run podcast recorded by two friends who adore anime and who have been watching it for years. They are extremely knowledgeable and have lots of information at hand, which makes their episodes so fun. The episode are a combination between reviews and regular news so you’ll get everything you need from them to satisfy your daily anime needs.

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Super S

Link: Official Website
Active Since: November 2016
Frequency: 5 episodes per month

Description: “Welcome, welcome to Super S Anime podcast. Every other week hosts Dustin and Lindsay will share the shows and movies they’ve been watching from the world of anime. Join them and their guests as they keep up with the busy world of Japanese animation. Be sure to subscribe to the show and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.”

Dustin and Lindsay are a podcasting duo with several years of experience that bring the world of Japanese animation to their subscribers. They watch a show and then share their impressions and give a review on a monthly basis. The podcasts also feature guests from time to time.

Canuck Otaku

Link: Official Website
Active Since: Unknown
Frequency: 1 episode per day

Description: “Welcome to the Canuck Otaku podcast! We’re just a couple of Canadians talking everything related to Japanese culture: Anime, manga, video games, music, food and drinks. We also may talk about our general lives so hopefully you’ll learn more about us personally along the way. Whether we’re reviewing the latest seasonal anime, ranting on genre stereotypes or deep diving into a specific series or episode, we hope you will join us for the ride!”

Canuck Otaku is a reliable Canadian podcasts that deals with Japanese culture in a much broader aspect than just anime. They talk about movies, culture, news, video games, music, anime and other stuff, which is why they are so good and which is why we strongly recommend you follow them.

Anime SHUN

Link: Official Website
Active Since: July 2018
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “Weekly podcast where Host Keenan Baker and Cohost Brennon and Rob talk about all things anime.”

This simple description from the podcast’s site reveals everything you need to know about the crew running it. They’re quite enthusiastic about what they do and they give good information about anime, so who are we complain? We definitely recommend checking them out as they are definitely worth your time.

My Anime

Link: Official Website
Active Since: August 2017
Frequency: 1 episode per month

Description: “My Anime Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that covers all things anime. As well as covering some of the latest weekly running anime there are also in-depth multi episodic breakdowns of the best from the world of anime. Your hosts are Yata and Taka.”

My Anime is a podcast that has been present on the scene for several years now, which proves that Yata and Taka are doing a good job. They give reviews and extensive analyses of anime series, but also provide some news and other information from the world of Japanese animation.

Rant Café

Link: Official Website
Active Since: Unknown
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “Weekly Anime Podcast featuring prominent Anime YouTubers and Memers.”

Rant Café has a very interesting concept. There aren’t any fixed hosts or guests, but rather the channel actually “collects” prominent names from the scene and then brings them together for weekly podcasts about anime. The “cast” includes famous YouTubers, Memers, and other online celebrities that are authority figures when anime is concerned.