75 Best Dubbed Anime of All Time (Ranked)

best dubbed anime

Anime is one of the biggest entertainment industries in Japan today, second only to Manga. But what happens when you take this unique storytelling style and re-create it in another language? Would you lose some of the magic? Or do dubs offer something a subtitled version can’t? It’s a debate that has raged for decades and one we’ll probably be having for many more to come. And that is why I have decided to go through the best-dubbed anime here in this article.

I have listed here the best-dubbed anime series that I consider similar in story or character and very strong in their English dub. Some may disagree with my choices on what constitutes a great dubbed anime, but everyone should be able to find at least a few titles on here they like. So, let’s check them out.

Editor’s Note: This list was updated in December 2023 and includes some new titles.

75. ‘Tsubasa Chronicle’ (2005)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

This is one of the best English dubbed anime. So, I included it in the list. This is the first of two ‘Tsubasa Chronicle’ movies. It’s just a short movie with no big changes, but what changed was enough reason to mention it here after all. Sakura doesn’t have any magic in this world. Clow Reed reincarnated into Fujitaka Kinomoto, and Nadeshiko has been cut out entirely because she never existed in this AU. 

The point of view switches between Syaoran and Fay, making it clear how Syaoran feels about Sakura’s absence (although he doesn’t know she also exists in this world). As usual, Sakura is taken hostage and has to be saved by Syaoran. An interesting part is when Syaoran throws himself between Sakura and a bullet. He protects her but not from the impact, which hurts him badly. This time, it’s Fay who heals him afterward.

74. Spice And Wolf II (2010)

Spice and wolf thumbnail

A certain investor wants to expand his business with Lawrence’s company, but he requires an additional worker for this task due to the threat of wolf attacks. Now it is Lawrence and Holo’s job to find a suitable person for this position. But they are not alone in completing that task; another contender will do whatever it takes to win.

This prequel shows how the two main characters met each other by starting as enemies; Holo is trying to steal Lawrence’s profits and trying to save his business. The fight between them takes place in the snow, which has a strong symbolic meaning in this show (e.g., there are many moments where something “white” inspires awe or happiness). 


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73. ‘Haganai I Don’t Have Many Friends’ (2010)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

This anime is really fun. A high school boy called Kodaka, who has a troubled past with both friends and bullies, meets Sena (the most popular girl in the class) and Yozora (who claims she can talk to ghosts). They form a club for people like themselves, and they make more friends along the way. But Kodaka seems to be extremely bad at making friends, and Yozora is too obnoxious.

I like this anime. The characters are all extremely interesting. They bounce off each other very well; Yozora is too serious, Sena is too dramatic, Rika (an older student) is cute, and Tsuntsun, Yukimura (Sena’s friend), is playful and responsible. The relationship between the main characters is also interesting.

72. ‘Fairy Tail’ (2009)

fairy tail

While this long-time fan favorite has been going strong for quite some time, it shows no sign of slowing down. ‘Fairy Tail’ is an amusing series that combines action, comedy, and drama to create memorable moments. It also has one of the best English dubs available, owing to its adult cast’s commitment. While the series does take some time to get going, when it does, fans will be glued to their seats until they conclude this fantastic franchise.

71. ‘Welcome To The NHK’ (2006)

Welcome To The NHK

There is a lot of sad anime out there, but few have the same sadness as Welcome to the NHK. This bleak tale about how you may never know what goes on in someone else’s life is tragic and true in its depiction of people like this.

While many anime series attempt to recreate the more comedic side of things with their dubs, these services offer something different that sets them apart from other anime titles. It revolves around Tatsuhiro Satou, a 22-year-old hikikomori who hasn’t worked and believes a “conspiracy controls the world.” A boy called Satou is very shy and does not talk to people. A girl called Misaki Nakahara helps him by changing him into a more confident person.

70. ‘Highschool DxD’ (2012) 

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

The story is about a boy named Issei. He died on his first date. He was then reincarnated as a demon, and he works for Rias, one of the prettiest girls on campus. He is a pervert who always gets into trouble. He’s also known as “The Imp” or “Perverted Trio (Gokuraku).” Highschool DxD is an anime about high school life. I prefer to call this show “Rias Gremory” because that’s the real main character in my opinion.

69. ‘Danganronpa: The Animation’ (2013)

Is Danganronpa On Netflix Prime HBO Hulu Crunchyroll Or Funimation 02

In ‘Danganronpa’, a group of 15 high school students is at a special school. They have to graduate, but it is hard. The bear Monokuma tells them that they have to kill someone to graduate. The only way to graduate is to kill one of your classmates. If the other classmates find out who it is, they will kill them, too. But if they don’t find out, then only the killer graduates and the others are killed. School Killing Game is a show where bad things happen in school. It is not good. But it can also be funny and sad. The show has a lot of talking, and sometimes the main character is funny when he talks.

68. ‘Black Butler’ (2008)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

A boy sold his soul to a demon for revenge. A demon took the form of a loyal butler. The butler had to protect and serve him, and he could summon the butler anytime he wanted to. This is Funimation’s most popular show, and it has been for the past four years. It has a good mix of comedy and darkness, making it hard to stop watching once you start. Many episodes end with cliffhangers, so you want to keep watching. The voice acting in ‘Black Butler‘ is really good. Travis Willingham does a really good job playing Sebastian. He sounds scary sometimes and very nice other times.

67. ‘Kakegurui’ (2017)

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In ‘Kakegurui Hyakkaou Private Academy is a place for the rich. But it has a special curriculum. If you are rich, it’s not about athletic prowess or book smarts that keep you ahead. It’s about reading your opponent and understanding the art of the deal. There’s no better approach to polishing those talents with a rigorous gambling education than living like a king. The winners live like kings at Hyakkaou Private Academy, but the losers are put through the wringer; nevertheless, when Yumeko Jabami joins, she’ll teach these kids what it’s like to be a high roller.

This anime has nothing supernatural in it. Every character is an original character with unique powers and abilities, but they don’t feel like deus ex machina (powers that come at the last moment and save their life). Instead, they feel like even more of a surprise when they show up during the series. The artwork for this anime does not pale out or look below average compared to other modern anime; it looks great! And I think that’s everything I can say about this anime without providing spoilers.

66. ‘Durarara!!X2’ (2015) 

durarara x2 shou 03 03

It is a TV show that has been on since 2011. The characters are the same, but there is more of Izaya, and he is more entertaining than before. There is also an English dub, and it brings out all these aspects even more because people can watch them in English. It has been six months since the bad thing happened in Ikebukuro. It seems like peace has returned to the city. The teenagers go to school and have fun. The strongest person in Ikebukuro works hard every day. The headless rider has a plan. The cops chase her through the night. This will not last forever because something new will come. Slowly but surely, the unknown thing will seize the city and bring an all-new storm.

65. ‘One-Punch Man’ (2015)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

One-Punch Man is really good because Madhouse did some cool things with the directing. Funimation has made many good dubs. Even though there are more, this one is still really good. Saitama has superpowers. He can beat anyone with one punch. He does not do anything important, but he trains a lot and loses his hair. He is now bald. He does not seem to care about anything, but he cares about his friends and the city. One-Punch Man has some good funny comedy scenes. It’s a good anime if you want to watch something funny or exciting.


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64. ‘Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou’ (2015)

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

This show got an amazing English dub by Sentai Filmworks. The story of this show is about monsters from another dimension. They want to be citizens in our world.  They go on dates with men or women of their choice. You can select who you would like them to date, depending on your preferences. This show has seven seasons out so far, both subbed and dubbed. This is one of the most-watched anime in America.

63. ‘Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo!’ (2016)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

This anime is about a guy who had his life taken away from him. But then he got a second chance to live in another world. He was given an item that would allow him three wishes if used properly. If he uses them, then he can go back home or bring people with him who have been killed. The show has some good comedy scenes if you are watching it for something funny to watch. If you are not, it’s still worth giving it a try because it has some cool stuff that happens later in the series, especially toward the end.

62. ‘Ajin’ – 2nd season (2016)


This anime is my favorite because you can watch it subbed or dubbed, but I recommend watching its dubbed version. Ajin, the first season, was really good, and season two takes off where it left off in the last episode. The show has some cool scenes. The bad characters are unhappy about Ajin being in their world. 

This can be a pretty dark anime, but I think that makes it even better because it keeps you anticipating what will happen next. Please give this anime a try! My Two Cents As for me, if I had to name my favorite anime, it would be Ajin season one, without a single doubt. The dub of this show is good enough for me. You can also find the voice actors from this show on Funimation. 


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61. ‘Ninja Slayer’ (2015)

nancy lee ninja slayer anime 374

‘Ninja Slayer’ was a great show. It had some problems, but these did not stop the show from being good. The character of Ninja Slayer had lots of voice actors and Bryce Papenbrook did a great job as this character. Sentai Filmworks has been doing English dubbing on anime more often in recent years. They make it so that people can enjoy the anime. Sentai Filmworks is one of the best companies for making those dubs happen because they do a good job.

60. ‘Parasyte’ (2014)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Parasyte’ is a show that has scary parts. It is not like other shows that are light and happy. This show talks about how monsters take over people’s bodies. But there is fun in how the script plays with these different ideas. This series has a few problems, but it is still very great. The voice work is good and makes the show even better. The problems are very little. But they still exist, so I have to mention them. I give ‘Parasyte’ a great score of 9/10. The show is worth watching if you like horror anime and you don’t mind violence in your shows.

59. ‘One Piece’ (1999)

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‘One Piece’ mixes many different types of things, like anime and long-form animation. Although’ One Piece’s’ visuals are not as good now, the English dub is still one of FUNimation’s best performances.

A pirate named Gol D. Roger had lots of money and power and was the Pirate King. His treasure (One Piece) was hidden in the Grand Line. All the people tried to find it. No one ever found it because it is too dangerous in there. Twenty-two years after Gol D. Roger died, a boy named Monkey D. Luffy wanted to become a pirate and search for Gol D. Roger’s treasure to be the next Pirate King.

58. ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ (2014)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

Tokyo Ghoul has slow parts. But it also talks about what people have to do to stay alive. This is true for each character in the show. And while I have not seen all of the ‘Tokyo Ghoul dubs, the ones I have seen are some of FUNimation’s best works in recent memory. That is because they have a good script and talented actors.

In this story, mysterious creatures called “ghouls” haunt people and eat humans. People are scared because they don’t know if they will eat them next. Kaneki meets a girl named Rize at the café he goes to, and they share the same interest in reading. He does not know that this will change his life overnight.

57. ‘Wolf Children Ame And Yuki’ (2012)

Wolf Children Ame And Yuki

‘Wolf Children Ame and Yuki’ is a great movie that shows how people can sometimes become what they hate the most. This happens when Hana falls in love with a man who turns out to be part wolf himself. The story begins when she decides to move into the forest with him. 

They have two children together, but they will have their birthdays at different times from any other child because their half-wolf nature makes them age slower than normal humans. I had no idea how good this movie was until I watched the dub. The cast of voice actors did a great job on this film, and they gave each character a unique personality.

56. ‘Steins; Gate’ (2011)

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Okabe Rintarou, a university student who calls himself Crazy Mad Scientist Hououin Kyouma and his lab’s members work on a microwave device that can send messages to the past. ‘Steins; Gate has some pacing issues, but I think they are good. They help me understand the show better. And it is also interesting when the main character struggles with his new power. ‘Steins; Gate’ is a good show to watch. Some well-known actors take care of its English dub. You will not want to miss it.

55. ‘Soul Eater’ (2008)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Soul Eater’ is a show where you want to have a lot of fun. The wackier it is, the more fun you will have watching it! Each episode has its jokes. If you want a show that will keep your eyes glued to the screen and not be too serious, then ‘Soul Eater’ is a good anime for you! As long as you can handle some of the brutal scenes, people should have a lot of fun with ‘Soul Eater’! This is the best-dubbed anime that you can watch, in my opinion. Some people might disagree with me on this, but I still think so nonetheless. I strongly recommend watching Soul Eater if you have not already!

54. ‘D.Gray-Man’ (2006)

D.Gray man

‘D Gray Man’ is a show that almost everyone has seen at some point in time. There are already 146 episodes, so it’s hard not to have an opinion about it! If you have not seen this show, then I do recommend checking it out! You might find yourself laughing quite a bit throughout this series. This anime never gets old, even ten years after its release date! The story revolves around the main protagonist, Allen Walker, who is born with the power of “Innocence.” Innocence is a type of weapon that can purify evil things with its holy power. Therefore, it can be very useful in the fight against the Akuma who are trying to destroy this world!


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53. ‘Bleach’ (2004)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

Bleach‘ follows the adventures of the hotheaded teenager Ichigo Kurosaki, who inherits his parents’ destiny after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper. This anime is worth watching because the main story arcs are good. The English actors who handled English dubs well for this anime are famous people, like Johnny Yong Bosch.

52. ‘Black Lagoon’ (2006)

Beretta 92Fs Black Lagoon

A Japanese businessman has had enough of the corporate world and chooses to stay with the mercenaries that captured him, joining their crew. I think that ‘Black Lagoon’s’ exciting take on the criminal underworld distinguishes it as one of the best action-heavy series FUNimation has brought to the West. You can’t go wrong with watching Black Lagoon in any language with well-known actors like Johnny Yong Bosch providing the English dub.

51. ‘Hellsing Ultimate’ (2006-2014)

hellsing ultimate 1

‘Hellsing Ultimate’ is an action-heavy series with a lot to offer to those who are prepared to dig into its world. It is one of the bloodiest and craziest series I’ve ever seen. With Brina Palencia, Preston Plow, and Tristan MacAvery doing the English dub, you can’t go wrong watching this series in any language.


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50. ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ (1992-1995)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

If you’re seeking an anime that has plenty of action while also doing well in terms of character development, Yu Yu Hakusho is the show for you. A series that demonstrates the power that an underdog protagonist can wield when surrounded by a strong cast; there are few friends as loyal as Yusuke, and if you need proof of that, look no further than this anime.

49. ‘Wolf’s Rain’ (2003)

Wolfs Rain

‘Wolf’s Rain’ stands out from the rest of the action/adventure anime genre because of its distinct visual style and exciting take on the “lone wolf.” With well-known performers like Steve Blum handling the English dub, you can’t go wrong viewing this series in either language.

48. ‘Parasyte The Maxim’ (2014)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

Some people do not like the idea of body horror and murder, but I think ‘Parasyte’s’ take on the whole “alien invasion” trope is unique. It stands out to me as one of Funimation’s series that the Japanese brought over from Japan. This series has audio in both languages. And the actors are great, so you will never be unhappy with watching it.

47. ‘Death Note’ (2006-2007)

death note

If you haven’t heard about ‘Death Note’s anime adaptation from Manga, you are missing out on a classic! In the first few episodes, you will get overwhelmed with information on the Death Notes and the characters involved in the storyline. But if you continue watching, it will all fit together nicely! It is exciting to watch this anime play out, seeing how each character tries to outsmart one another for their goals to be fulfilled. It is a brilliant series which I believe you should watch!


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46. ‘Attack On Titan’ (2013-2023)

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‘Attack on Titan’ is a brilliant series to watch, and you should check it out! I loved the character development and how much each character grew as they went throughout this storyline. There were so many surprises along the way that blew my mind! It’s a must-watch!

45. ‘Noragami’ (2014-2015)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

I loved watching ‘Noragami!’ It was a light-hearted anime with a brilliant storyline to follow. Each character is unique, and it is easy to get to know them at the beginning of the series. Watching the storyline develop throughout was a treat, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!


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44. ‘Death Parade’ (2015)

Death Parade

I started watching ‘Death Parade’ because it was one of my friend’s favorite series, and she made me watch it for weeks on end while we were at university together; but in total honesty, I’m glad that she did! This anime had brilliant character development, and each episode focused on different people who went to a bar where they would play games that tested their lives and their secrets. It makes you wonder what goes through people’s minds when they get into these situations where you can’t lie; watch it!

43. ‘Seraph Of The End’ (2015)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Seraph’ is an excellent series that combines action with fantasy! It has a brilliant storyline, and there are so many twists in this anime, which made me love it even more. The characters are fantastic, too! But be warned, if you haven’t read the Manga, there might be spoilers for upcoming arcs because this anime only adapts the Manga’s first arc.


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41. ‘Code Geass’ (2006-2008)

code geass

Code Geass is another series that I watched earlier in my anime career, as it came onto Netflix UK about two or three years ago. It has some great fight scenes, and there are some great characters, too, especially Lelouch! The plot of this anime was brilliant, and the storyline enticed you. For this reason, I finished watching it rather quickly, like in a week or two, because I couldn’t stop watching it!

42. ‘Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira’ (2011-2012)

Zenyaku Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira OVA 02 BD 1280x720 x264 FLAC 14FA7A60.mkv snapshot 15.36 2011.10.11 13.26.31 1

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira‘ is a dubbed anime where a group of friends finds themselves in a village where murders have been happening. However, these murders seem to be caused by something supernatural, but it’s not until the very end that they find out what’s happening. It has a complicated story and an exciting plot.

40. ‘Akatsuki No Yona’ (2014-2015)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Akatsuki No Yona’ anime has one of my favorite heroines ever (in animes where she has her series) called Yona. She’s so cute and kind, but when she transforms into the Red Dragon Empress, then she’s plain badass! If you haven’t already read the Manga for this, then you should check it out. It’s an excellent series, and the anime adapts it very well, especially since some episodes weren’t in the Manga yet.

39. ‘Orange’ (2016)


I loved ‘Orange’ anime! Sometimes, I was annoyed with the characters, but other than that, this has to be my favorite shoujo series, which also had an exciting storyline! It follows Naho as she receives a letter from her future self who tells her about all these essential things that will happen to the new transfer student, Kakeru, and how she needs to keep them all safe because something might go wrong doesn’t. This anime is full of heartwarming moments, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the Shoujo series because it is excellent!


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38. ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ (2006)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Ouran High School Host Club’ follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at the prestigious Ouran Academy. Haruhi accidentally stumbles into the school’s Host Club, a group of attractive and charismatic male students who entertain female clients. When the club mistakes Haruhi for a boy, she becomes a host to repay a debt. As she navigates the world of high society and romance, comedic situations arise, challenging traditional gender roles and expectations. The series explores themes of friendship, identity, and the absurdities of wealth and privilege.

37. ‘K-On!’ (2009)

K On

I watched This short series recently on Netflix UK because I wanted more anime in my life. It revolves around Yui Hirasawa, who joins the Sakuragaoka Girl’s High School Light Music Club with her childhood friend, Ritsu Tainaka because she thought it would be fun but didn’t think they would. Get up at 6 am every Saturday just for band practice! Even though this anime is short, it’s still full of laughs, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh!

36. ‘Reborn’ (2006-2010)


This was a fantastic series about mafia bosses and the Vongola family in Italy, where Tsuna lives. The first half of the series focuses on how Tsuna becomes part of the mafia world, meets people like Reborn (who only wants him dead), and loves everyone around him, including his future wife, because he doesn’t want them getting hurt. There are also fights with other Mafia bosses who take place now and then, but this anime has way more than just fights. It also has comedy, which I love.

35. ‘Akame ga Kill’ (2014)

Pumpkin Akame ga Kill

‘Akame ga Kill!’ is a dark fantasy anime that follows Tatsumi, a young warrior from a small village who travels to the capital with dreams of making a difference. However, he discovers a corrupt and oppressive government ruling the capital, leading him to join a group of assassins known as Night Raid. The group aims to overthrow the corrupt regime, and each member possesses a unique weapon called Teigu. As Tatsumi becomes entangled in the deadly conflicts, he faces moral dilemmas and uncovers the harsh realities of the world he sought to change.


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34. ‘Shugo Chara!’ (2007-2008)

Shugo Chara

‘Shugo Chara’ anime was amazing because not only did it have some intense fighting scenes with Amu, but it also had a great story that involved the Easter Company. Amu also has romance because she has three other egg characters who like her and want her love, including Ikuto-Tadase-Kukai. If you like shoujo anime, then this one is definitely for you, and if you’ve watched it before, I suggest re-watching it because I honestly forgot what happened in the middle.

33. ‘Rozen Maiden’ (2004-2006)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

Rozen Maiden anime is about Jun Sakurada, who hates dolls because his mother would always bring them to his birthday, but he hates that they look human, which creeps him out a bit. Then, one day, when buying a loaf of bread, a doll named Shinku suddenly appears from a gachapon machine and tells him to collect all seven of her sisters to fight against other enemies like Suigintou, who wants to take over the world. This only got me interested further, and I’m glad to say that it’s worth watching if you like comedy as well as some fighting scenes here and there.

32. ‘Spirited Away’ (2001)

spirited away no face

Finally, Studio Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’ was one of my favorite movies of all time! It had comedy in it, which was great, but also had friendship between Chihiro. He moves into a new town with her parents, loses them because they turn into pigs after eating food in the spirit world, and befriends Haku, who helps her find her way around to save them from turning into pigs forever. Some spirits don’t want Chihiro to leave because she can see them, and they would love for her to stay forever. I loved the movie when I first saw it in my country’s cinema when I was about five years old, so definitely check it out if you haven’t already!


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31. ‘Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo’ (2004)

Gankutsuou The Count Of Monte Cristo

The story is about Alexandre Dumas’ novel of the same name. It revolves around a young man, Edmond Dantès, who is falsely accused and put in jail. He had escaped with clever planning. With a new name – The Count of Monte Cristo – he seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. This anime series has an exciting characteristic – many people think it looks like another famous masterpiece, James Cameron’s Avatar.

30. ‘Fate/Zero’ (2011-2012)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

Fate/Zero is a prequel to Fate/stay night focusing on the Fourth Holy Grail War events in Fuyuki City. I think you should watch this after watching the original franchise, including UBW ( Unlimited Blade Works ) and HF ( Heaven’s Feel ) – it will make more sense that way. The anime series is based on a book called “Fate/Zero” by Gen Urobuchi. The book is illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi and written by Kinoko Nasu. The music is composed by Yuki Kajiura. Oh, and did I mention that there are superheroes in the Holy Grail War? Some people say that ‘Fate/Zero’ improves upon its parent franchise.

29. ‘Ergo Proxy’ (2006)

Ergo Proxy

‘Ergo Proxy’s’ story is about a fake world that only has three organizations. These three organizations keep people from becoming rebellious. If someone tries to rebel, then the organization’s job is to stop them. The problem with this organization is that they take away freedom and rename history so that no one will think anything different of the Monad. One such countermeasure involves creating humanoid-shaped autonomous robots called Autoreivs, which help mitigate the labor shortage caused by the dwindling human population. Autoreivs are robots that help find humans. To find people, they look for hair color, eye color, gender, voice print, and body temperature.

28. ‘Akuma No Riddle’ (2014)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Akuma No Riddle’s’ story is about a world where killing people is legal. The rich have made this into a sport and built schools for it. This school has a lot of talented girls. Some people have studied with mentors. One of the 26 “Death Teachers” is preparing others. If you don’t kill someone, then you will get expelled. A student named Haru Ichinose started a new school.  A while after she enters, an assassination game begins for the whole school. The mastermind is unknown. As she struggles to survive this ordeal with her life and virtue intact, she soon learns that there’s more to this school than meets the eye and that everyone here carries their dark secrets.

27. ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ (2009-2010)

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Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who participate in an alchemy experiment to bring back their deceased mother, but they can’t use alchemy anymore after the tragic incident. The quality of the animation is top-notch. It’s studio Bones who did Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and many more. It has a very compelling story that puts you in the main character’s shoes, a great soundtrack, and excellent fight choreography. There are no fillers or pointless episodes in this one. I felt myself cheering for the protagonist all the time.  Overall, if you haven’t seen this, then please do so. It’s available on Netflix, too.


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26. ‘Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet’ (2013)

Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet

Gargantia is a dubbed anime about a young man who gets stuck in an unknown world where he must learn to adapt to the situation. Throughout the series, we see him exploring this new planet and trying his best to fit into this new environment. Gargantia is an anime that deals with challenging issues, so people with a serious genre would like it.

25. ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ (1996-1998)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Rurouni Kenshin’ follows the main character, Himura Kenshin, as he tries to start over after avenging his family’s honor by taking part in the revolution that shook Japan. If you’re into history, then this is an anime for you! It shows how badly some people were treated during that period and gives us a look at how much violence Japan had faced.


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24. ‘Naruto Shippuden’ (2007-2017)

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden‘ is a series where we follow Naruto and his friends as they grow up and learn to become even stronger ninjas than before. I like this series because it’s an easy way to ease into anime since there are episodes that you can watch out of order (full episodes or just clips). The English dubbed version isn’t wrong, but it isn’t as good as Samurai Champloo, Soul Eater, DBZ (long-running series with many seasons), etc. 

23. ‘The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya’ (2006-2009)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

Generally considered the best English dubbed anime series of all time, this Japanese work is great because it has a touch of all the top genres (supernatural and slice of life). For example, the main character is not a standard male self-insert lead who “wins” through strength or kindness against all odds but rather very average in every way and has no special abilities. The other characters are also well-drawn and help add to the story instead of acting as stereotypical tropes for other characters to bounce off.

22. ‘Nothing’ (2001)


An anime broadcasted for only three months in Japan can still be considered an artistic masterpiece. The plot is very minimalistic, the characters are all unlikeable, and the art style is incredibly unique. Do you like Kubrick films and the works of David Lynch? Then this anime is for you.

21. ‘Angel Beats!’ (2010)

Angel Beats

‘Angel Beats!’ is an anime that takes place in the afterlife, where a group of deceased individuals with no memories of their past lives finds themselves in a high school setting. The protagonist, Otonashi, wakes up in this realm and encounters a girl named Yuri, who leads a resistance group called the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen) against an enigmatic girl known as Angel. The SSS members aim to defy Angel and resist their fate in the afterlife, exploring themes of death, redemption, and the significance of the time they have left.

20. ‘Clannad’ (2007-2008)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

I enjoyed the first half of the ‘Clannad’ series more than any other anime because it focuses on family drama instead of one main character (like most do). The second half focuses more on romance, and I thought it was less exciting but still promising.


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19. ‘Claymore’ (2007)

claymore 8ен2

The show starts as a relatively standard fantasy wherein Clare’s main female character is an innocent girl who gradually becomes more brutal and more battle-hardened as she fights monsters. However, the show quickly becomes less standard as other main characters are introduced and involve complex relationships (for example, Clare acts as a surrogate mother to one of them), which gives rise to individual battles.

18. ‘No Game No Life’ (2014)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘No Game No Life’ show starts as standard fare wherein a brother and sister duo who are NEET (not in education, employment, or training) win all their games to prove that effort and planning are better than cheating in the real world. However, the show has a unique twist after episode 6, which makes it stand out from other concerts in its genres (anime about gamers), and I believe the dub voice acting was great.

17. ‘Outlaw Star’ (1998-2001)

Outlaw Star

‘Outlaw Star’ show’s use of a Western theme was unusual when it first aired and still stands out from other more typical anime shows today, especially since it takes place in space. The main character, Gene Starwind, is a rather average guy who likes to gamble on random things and often loses money, but his best friend, Jim Hawking, manages to win most of the time due to his genius IQ. They eventually find an alien girl named Melfina, whom they end up helping out with her treasure-seeking mission.

16. ‘Scrapped Princess’ (2003)

Scrapped Princess

‘Scrapped Princess’ is an anime set in a fantasy world where a prophecy predicts the destruction of the world when a princess named Pacifica Casull reaches the age of 16. Due to this prophecy, Pacifica is labeled the “Scrapped Princess” and is believed to bring calamity. In an attempt to avert disaster, her own brother and sister, Shannon and Raquel, are assigned to protect her. As they journey together, they face various challenges and uncover secrets about Pacifica’s true nature, the world they live in, and the mysterious origins of the prophecy.

15. ‘Sword Art Online’ (2012)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

Sword Art Online‘ is one of the best and most famous anime shows today that subverts its tropes because it has an exciting death game premise that is unique compared to other shows in its genres (action anime with virtual reality).

However, the story can become very predictable because it follows a video game logic wherein the main character will always win at everything or lose badly against more vigorous opponents unless they power up.


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14. ‘Trigun’ (1998)


‘Trigun’ is a science fiction Western anime that follows Vash the Stampede, a gunslinger with a mysterious and legendary reputation. Vash is known for causing widespread destruction and chaos, earning him a massive bounty on his head. However, despite his fearsome reputation, Vash is a pacifist who values life and avoids taking it whenever possible.


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13. ‘Lucky Star’ (2007-2008)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Lucky Star’ is an anime about the daily lives of Konata, Kagami, and Miyuki, who are first-year students at a high school in Tokyo. These three girls are very close friends. 

The story is easy to follow while also having some depth at points (such as the girl’s relationships). The lucky star will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed once it has finished. I recommend this anime for older audiences, mainly teenagers, since there are some jokes that younger audiences probably won’t get.

12. ‘Azumanga Daioh’ (2002)

Konachan.com 9522 azumanga daioh mihama chiyo

‘Azumanga Daioh’ is an anime following the lives of six high school girls and two of their teachers. The series primarily focuses on the everyday events at their school and spends some time focusing on the characters’ backstories, such as Chiyo’s parents, her ten-year run as class rep, and Osaka’s upbringing. I would recommend it to everyone! The characters are very different and react differently to the events around them, not just how you might think. For example, Sakaki’s backstory is sad, but her response is also hilarious since she’s such an innocent and gentle character. I also found the comedy in Azumanga Daioh to be brilliant!

11. ‘Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad’ (2004)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad’ series details Tanaka Yukio’s journey as he follows his dreams of becoming a professional musician. It all starts when Yukio transfers to a new high school and meets his bad-tempered but talented childhood friend, Koyuki. Since both are not very good with their academics, they end up in the same homeroom class Yui, Chiba, and Ryusuke also attend.

I highly recommend this anime; I think everyone should give it a chance, even if you’ve never heard of rock music before! Each character is unique in their way, and you can’t help but cheer them on as they follow their dreams and try to overcome all of the hardships that life throws at them. Those kinds of moments are what make this anime genuinely memorable!

10. ‘Hetalia Axis Powers’ (2009-2016)

animesher.com aph hetalia axis powers hetalia 1752496

‘Hetalia Axis Powers’ (often shortened to ‘Hetalia’) is an anime that follows the world’s nations as they live, fight, and learn together. ‘Hetalia’ is an anime that crosses between comedy and history as it uses many famous events in world history as the basis for its jokes. However, I think ‘Hetalia’ is best suited for older audiences as it touches on some dark points in history, such as the Holocaust and Hiroshima. I would recommend ‘Hetalia’ to those of you looking for a different kind of anime!

9. ‘Gintama’ (2005-2021)


Gintama‘ is another anime that also has some comedic elements to it. The story takes place in another version of Japan, where aliens have invaded and conquered the country. Gintoki Sakata and his friends work odd freelance jobs in the city until one day when, they come across a teenage girl named Kagura who belongs to a clan of extraterrestrials. ‘Gintama’ follows the lives of Gintoki and his friends as they fight for what’s right, even though it never seems to do them much good. I recommend ‘Gintama’ to anyone looking for an anime with a lot of comical elements mixed in with some action!


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8. ‘Baccano!’ (2007-2008)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Baccano’ is a brilliant anime about many different folklore and events colliding in New York. Each character has their own intricate background story, which makes it interesting to learn about their past lives and see what paths they take in the present day. Despite being a very entertaining anime, ‘Baccano’ can sometimes be confusing since it lacks a linear plot and jumps from one scene or story to another. I would recommend this anime to those of you who like mysteries. Each character has a unique personality, and the way they mix with other characters is exciting!

7. ‘Toradora!’ (2008-2009)

toradora 1

‘Toradora!’ It is an anime that follows the lives of Ryuuji and Taiga as they end up becoming friends and helping each other solve their problems. Ryuuji and Minori are two of the main characters in this story. They call themselves the “Palmtop Tiger” group because they get into a lot of trouble at their high school. ‘Toradora!’ It is one of the anime where you can’t help but sympathize with each character as their problems slowly unfold before them, and they try to find a solution. I recommend Toradora! who wants to watch an anime that is light-hearted and filled with fun and exciting characters.

6. ‘Hyouka’ (2012)


‘Hyouka’, follows the lives of the four members of the Classic Literature Club as they try to figure out each mystery that crosses their path. Chitanda Eru is a curious girl who loves anything related to secrets, while Mayaka Ibara is her best friend who loves Manga more than anything else. With Satoshi Fukube and his love for puns, the four of them try to solve each mystery they encounter. ‘Hyouka’ is a brilliant anime with many mysteries involving exciting characters. Apart from ‘Hyouka,’ other OVAs are all related in some way to the original series. Anyone who likes mystery can watch this anime.


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5. ‘Shinsekai Yori’ (‘From The New World’) (2012-2013)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Shin Sekai Yori’ is an anime that deals with many issues, such as humanity, ethics, and equality. In ‘Shin Sekai Yori’s’ world, when a person turns 12, they develop telekinetic survival abilities. But as time passes, those who turn 12 and can’t control their powers become a threat to society living in a peaceful world. They create a unique containment system where children with violent tendencies are euthanized and turned into fertilizer for crops to combat this issue.

‘Shin Sekai Yori’ follows Saki Watanabe as she and her friends grow up without knowing the consequences of their powers, but as time goes on, they slowly begin to understand the harsh reality of their world. ‘Shin Sekai Yori’ is a brilliant anime that deals with complicated issues, so I recommend this anime to those interested in watching something more serious.

4. ‘School Rumble’ (2004-2010)

Lala Gonzalez From School Rumble

‘School Rumble’ is a funny anime where each episode follows the lives of high school students Harima and Tenma as they slowly fall in love. Along with these two main characters, ‘School Rumble’ includes their classmates, who add a bit of fun to this anime, even though events such as Karasuma’s feelings for Tenma tend to get in the way of their relationships. I would recommend ‘School Rumble’ to anyone who wants to watch a light-hearted anime with interesting characters, even though you’re not getting anything more than what you see at first glance.

3. ‘Shakugan No Shana III’ (2011-2012)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Shakugan No Shana III’ is the final season of the ‘Shakugan no Shana’ series where it mainly focuses on Yuji’s development as a character. Throughout this anime, we see him put through many trials and forced to mature as he acts to save his friends. ‘Shakugan no Shana III’ is the last part of an anime where many people have given their all to help save one of their friends. But more than anything else, ‘Shakugan no Shana III’ has a brilliant set of characters who will keep you on edge as they face each trial that comes before them. I recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch a drama anime filled with unique characters and an exciting plot.

2. ‘Mawaru Penguindrum’ (2011)

Mawaru Penguindrum

‘Mawaru Penguindrum’ is an anime about how family relationships can affect the people around you and what you do to help them out of tricky situations. It mainly focuses on three siblings: Shouma, Kanba, and Himari Takakura. This anime deals with challenging issues, so I would only recommend this anime to those interested in watching something more serious.

1. ‘Gungrave’ (‘Beyond The Grave’) (2003-2004)

75 Best Dubbed Anime Of All Time Ranked (2021 Update)

‘Gungrave’ is an anime that focuses on the life of a man named Brandon Heat as he struggles with his past decisions made when he was young. As the story progresses, we see him seeking revenge against those who betrayed him and how he faces the consequences of his actions.

Have anime to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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