20 Best Aragorn Quotes & Lines from The Lord of the Rings

Aragorn Quotes

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Aragorn, son of Arathorn, is one of the main characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series. He is the King that Gondor waited for so long and one of the toughest warriors the Middle Earth had ever seen. In the movies, we’ve seen his bravery, leadership, and impeccable decision-making that made him such a beloved character right from the start.

Not only that, but if you watch the movies closely, you’ll see how amazingly inspirational, funny, and overall good Aragorn is from the quotes he delivers throughout the movies. Here’s a list of the 20 best Aragorn quotes and lines from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Best Aragorn Quotes from The Fellowship Of The Ring


“I would have gone with you to the end. Into the very fires of Mordor.”

Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

Although Aragorn is arguably one of the strongest men not only in the Fellowship but Middle Earth overall, his loyalty to a small, young Hobbit is never in question.

He knows how important Frodo is to defeat the Dark Lord, Sauron. After the Uruk Hai catches up with the Fellowship, all the while Boromir is corrupted with the Ring’s power, Frodo knows he needs to continue the journey alone. He does so, and Aragorn supports his decision but delivers this epic quote as a testament to his loyalty.

“Not if we hold true to each other.”

Aragorn to Legolas and Gimli, The Fellowship of the Ring

Frodo and Sam embark on the journey to Mordor alone. Boromir dies from his wounds. Merry and Pippin are kidnapped by the Uruk Hai, leaving Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas all by themselves after the events of Amon Hen. Gimli despairs, saying that the Fellowship failed.

In all that horror, Aragorn knows they may have lost a battle, but the war hasn’t even started yet. That’s when he delivers these encouraging words before taking the trio on a quest to find and rescue the two kidnapped Hobbits. Never lose hope, guys – not even when it seems that all hope is gone.

“I will not let the White City fall, nor our people fail.”

Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

Boromir and Aragorn had problems between them, seeing that Boromir is the son of Denethor, serving as the Steward of Gondor who has no king. He was the next in line to the throne, but as Aragorn, the heir of Isildur, returns, Boromir realizes he’s never claiming the throne of Gondor. 

It causes a ripple between them, but in the end, they set aside their differences in a very emotional farewell.

Boromir is dying from multiple arrows piercing his body. In his last moments, he expresses grief and remorse for his actions and letting the Ring corrupt his judgment, accepting Aragorn as his future King. After all, they are both children of Gondor, and all he wants is for his home to survive the war.


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That’s when Aragorn gives him this promise, after which Boromir takes his last breath. The Lord of the Rings culminated in fulfilling the promise, as Aragorn returned to Minas Tirith (the White City), and the city prevailed, ultimately crowning him King.

“I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. And, if by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.”

Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

As the Fellowship of the Ring is formed, there’s a lot of skepticism around giving Frodo Baggins the direst of all the tasks – taking the Ring to Mordor to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom. However, Aragorn is one of the first to plead his trust and loyalty to the Hobbit, promising to protect him any way he can.

After offering Frodo his sword, Legolas offers his bow and Gimli his ax. It’s as if Aragorn had felt or seen something trustworthy in Frodo, so he leads the way and puts his faith behind the young Hobbit. This shows that Aragorn doesn’t judge a person by the size of their body but their heart. It is ultimately why Frodo succeeds in his task.

“I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends.”

Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

Frodo starts doubting his ability to finish the quest and asks Aragorn if he would protect him even if it meant death for him, too. That’s when Aragorn says this quote to Frodo.

He knows that the war is only beginning and that the odds are against them. But, Aragorn was fighting all of his life, surrounded by enemies. Now, he finally has friends by his side, and he wouldn’t even mind such a noble ending.

“An Ill Fate Is On Me This Day, And All That I Do Goes Amiss!”

Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

Aragorn is probably the bravest character in the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy that never seems to lose hope. However, even he gets caught up in despair after the Fellowship starts crumbling – Boromir dies, Merry and Pippin get kidnapped, while Frodo and Sam leave by themselves.

Aragorn blames himself for what had happened, but only for a second. He recollects his thoughts later, realizing the war isn’t over, so he, Gimli, and Legolas rush to try and save the two abducted Hobbits from the hands of the Uruk Hai.

“You cannot wield it. None of us can. The One Ring answers to Sauron alone. It has no other master.”

Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

As the Fellowship gathered for the first time, they tried to decide what to do with the One Ring. Boromir is already affected by its powers, suggesting they should use it. However, Aragorn knows it’s not possible.

It’s a nice quote that not only gives us more information about the One Ring but also about Aragorn’s knowledge and wisdom.


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Best Aragorn Quotes from The Two Towers

20 Best Aragorn Quotes & Lines

“There is always hope.”

Aragorn, Two Towers

Once again, Aragorn shows why he’s the only one who can be the true King of Gondor, the only true leader of men. Helm’s Deep is under siege, with 300 men inside it trying to defend themselves against an army of over ten thousand Orcs. To add to it, half of the men never saw any battle or never even wielded a sword.

That pushes the men into fear and despair. So, when Aragorn speaks to a boy – Haleth, son of Hama – and the boy tells him that the men are saying they won’t survive the night; that there’s no hope, Aragorn once again shows what true leadership looks like. “There’s always hope.”, he says, and that hope eventually materializes into a victory.

“None knows what the new day shall bring him.”

Aragorn, Two Towers

Nobody knows their fate. One can only hope for the best, and Aragorn knows that. It is wrong to lose hope because no battle is lost before it begins. It’s a quote we should all remember every day.

You never know what tomorrow will bring, so why live in the future and the “what if?” Instead, live in the moment and cherish what you have.

“Open war is upon you, whether you risk it or not.”

Aragorn, Two Towers

Rarely do men have the courage to arrive at another man’s kingdom and directly question his decisions. That’s exactly what Aragorn did when he and the Fellowship arrived at Rohan to save King Theoden from Saruman’s evil influence.

Theoden doesn’t want to gather his armies and fight the evil that’s growing stronger, stating that he doesn’t want to risk open war. That’s when Aragorn says this iconic quote, telling King Theoden that the war is inevitable. It is how they prepare that will decide their fate.

“They will hold.”

Aragorn to Gandalf, Two Towers

This was Aragorn’s promise to Gandalf before the wizard embarked on a journey to track down the banished Riders of Rohan and bring them back to fight for their kingdom. Helm’s Deep is severely outnumbered by the enemy, but Gandalf puts his trust in Aragorn, telling him the city’s defenses have to hold.

That’s when Aragon promises “they will hold,” despite the odds they are facing. It just continues to play into his character that just never gives up. It isn’t over until it’s over.

“Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.”

Aragorn to Theoden, Two Towers

This was just an epic moment between two Kings. Rohan and Gondor ride together, fighting the horrors that knock at their front door. Although Aragorn and Theoden had disputes in the movie, they come together in the most crucial time to ride out and fend off the horde, allowing humanity to live another day.

“It’s the beards.”

Aragorn to Eowyn, Two Towers

Although Aragorn is usually serious, brave, and inspirational, he loves joking and laughing with his friends. When Gimli speaks about the misconception that there are no Dwarf women, he says they are so alike in voice and appearance that they are commonly mistaken for Dwarf men.

That’s when Aragorn leans to Eowyn and whispers this hilarious quote to her ear. The funny thing about it is that it’s true.

“Then I shall die as one of them!”

Aragorn to Legolas, Two Towers

It is very rare when Legolas and Aragorn don’t see eye-to-eye. Legolas and Aragorn speak in Elvish as they are getting ready for the Battle for Helm’s Deep. Legolas despairs, saying that he sees fear in the men’s eyes.

Aragorn tries to look at the bright side, saying they have a better chance in Helm’s Deep than Edoras. However, Legolas persists, saying they are all going to die. That’s when an angry Aragorn yells the quote above in English.

It shows that he will always remain with his people, even if it means dying with them, no matter the odds.


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Best Aragorn Quotes from The Return Of The King

20 Best Aragorn Quotes & Lines

“For Frodo.”

Aragorn, The Return Of The King

Minas Tirith survived, but the war isn’t over for as long as the One Ring isn’t destroyed. Now that the battle of Pelennor Fields is over, though, Sauron’s eye can focus elsewhere, meaning it would be nearly impossible for Frodo and Sam to climb Mount Doom and destroy the Ring in its fires. So, how can they help the Hobbits? Distraction.

Aragorn leads the men to attack the Black Gate, the main entrance into Mordor. They know it’s a battle they will lose before it even begins, but it might just be enough to distract Sauron long enough for Frodo and Sam to destroy the Ring.

As Aragorn’s and Sauron’s armies march into slaughter, the son of Arathorn just says, “For Frodo.” It’s a testament to his loyalty and fate once again because even when he knows he’s marching into certain death, he never gives up, hoping that Baggins and Gamgee will succeed in their mission.

“A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day.”

Aragorn, The Return Of The King

Never give up. Even when it seems everything is about to break, even when death stares into your eyes – you never give up.

This quote is a part of Aragorn’s speech to his army after the Battle of Pelennor Fields, in front of the Black Gate. It is more than enough to inspire his troops, as even those who have despaired raise their swords and march into battle. Indeed, it was not this day, as they won against all odds. 

Aragorn had some epic inspirational quotes, but even today, when I’m facing adversity and an obstacle of any kind in life that seems unbeatable, I say “not this day” and do my best. Call me a geek if you will, but it really works because, even if you fail, you’ll have pride in not giving up.

“My friends, you bow to no one.”

Aragorn to Hobbits, The Return Of The King

This quote was followed by probably the most emotionally-charged scene in the entire trilogy – apart from the farewell ending. Middle Earth is saved, Sauron is defeated, and Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor. During his coronation, the crowd bows down to him as he passes through.

The four little Hobbits do the same, bowing down to the King as he approaches, but Aragorn stops them and tells them they should bow to no one. He acknowledges how much they did and bows down to them, and the whole crowd follows. Aragorn might be King, but he stays humble and loyal to his friends regardless of his status.

“I do not fear death.”

Aragorn, The Return Of The King

“The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut.” That’s written atop the Dark Doors of Dimholt, an entrance to a city of the undead within the Dwimorberg mountain. It gave me chills when Legolas was only reading the sign, but not Aragorn.

He shows his courageousness by delivering this epic quote before entering the doors without hesitation, even after their horses got so spooked they ran away. It just shows what kind of a man Aragorn is, and I love this epic testament to his character.

“You will suffer me.”

Aragorn, The Return Of The King

Even when the situation is the worst, Aragorn never loses his confidence. In one of the most nerve-racking standoffs in the trilogy, Aragorn faces the King of the Undead, asking him to fulfill his promise and fight for Gondor in return for their freedom. If they do, Aragorn will release them from their curse and finally let them rest in peace.


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However, they’re having none of it, as the Undead King says he suffers nobody. That’s when Aragorn delivers the epic quote before their sword clashing, even though the dead thought it wasn’t possible. It proves that Aragorn is the true King of Gondor, and the Undead army follows him into battle.

“What does your heart tell you?”

Aragorn to Gandalf, The Return Of The King

Gandalf is one of the wisest members of the Fellowship. However, even he has moments of doubt where he needs reassurance. Luckily, Aragorn was by his side to deliver this quote when the wizard questioned if Frodo and Sam were still alive. Aragorn asks him, “What does your heart tell you?” Gandalf smiles, saying he feels they are alive and well.

It just goes to show Aragorn’s true personality. Calculations or potential benefits don’t guide his actions – but his heart does.

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