20 Best Blue Lock Quotes from the Anime & Manga

20 Best Blue Lock Quotes from the Anime & Manga

Blue Lock is a football manga and anime that has captured the attention of otaku fans ever since its debut. The anime is currently ongoing, giving rise to the series’ popularity and certainly making it one of the most popular titles within its genre. Now, as manga and anime usually are, they are filled with some great lines of dialogue and these lines will be the focus of this article.

This list is going to include a total of the best 20 Blue Lock quotes you need to know from various chapters and episodes. The quotes are taken from various contexts and situations, and we have decided to group them based on the message they are conveying.

1. “Football is a sport played with 11 people. So, one person can’t win on their own. Football isn’t just for one… One for all… I wanted to win!” – Yoichi Isagi

2. “Nonsense? It is nonsensical indeed. But then, so is the world. Either you win or you lose. While you were getting excited over your mediocre successes, true strikers tread a path of winning or losing everything. Every single day, in order to keep on surviving.” – Jinpachi Ego

3. “I’m gonna win if it kills me!! Since coming to Blue Lock… I don’t want to lose everything that I’ve found here! I really would have been happy just being able to keep playing soccer with Isagi by my side. I don’t want to lose the first friend I’ve ever made. I don’t want to go back to those days of being alone!! That’s why I’ve been seeking someone else’s voice instead of mine. Win even if it kills me, and steal back Isagi! That’s what my voice is telling me!!” – Meguru Bachira


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4. “If you’re surrounded with all your special buddies, you could be able to synergize, by your lonesome, your coordination is nothing but mediocre. I guess watching all those VTR videos had results after all. I’m gonna crush you and your team.” – Tabito Karasu

5. “Luck isn’t a result of pure coincidence. It’s an underlying element of the field that reaches only those who move by their will. If you can’t understand that, you’ve got no right to live in a competitive world.” – Rin Itoshi

6. “Well, to be honest, I could only really catch up to ya, Isagi-san. Sorry if this sounds rude, but… Rin-kun and Shidou-san’s movements felt like they were in a different dimension. So I couldn’t figure them out. But in your case, I felt like I could understand a bit what you were going for.” – Nijiro Nanase

7. “I will fullfil this dream of mine, and fight against the world for it, fair and square. I don’t think there’s anything embarrassing about that.” – Rensuke Kunigami

8. “I’m a huge gamer myself. You know those tile-matching games (Tetris and Puyo Puyo)? In those games, you start out slow, so you have time to plan your moves, right? But by the end, they’re way too fast, so you don’t have the time to think about it, right?” – Yo Hiori

9. “Aahh…! This is bad. We’re gonna lose… I mean, it’s always intimidating people like him (Baro) who run this world… spineless people like me, we just end up doing what we’re told… that’s just how it is. I knew it, I’m not cut out for this.” – Aoshi Tokimitsu

9. “What’s the word that again? ‘Sportsmanship’ whatever you call that outdated kumbaya-loving bullshit? You see, to me, football is not just fun and games. It’s the very act of living an explosion of life, you could say. Let’s have at it, hero. You won’t find anyone as fair or as in love with football as me, you know?” – Ryusei Shido

11. “Congratulations, you unpolished gems. All you Under-18 strikers have been chosen solely based on my criteria and biases to be here. All 300 of you. I am Jinpachi Ego. My job is to make Japan a team capable of winning the World Cup. (…) I’ll put it in simple terms. Japan only requires one thing to become the strongest powerhouse in football. And that is the creation of revolutionary striker. From you 300 players gathered here today, I will forge the best striker in the world through a certain project. (…) All of them revolutionary strikers!! Their extraordinary egoism is the one thing Japan’s football lacks. You will not become the greatest strikers in the world, unless you have the ego to match. My purpose here, is to create such a player in Japan.” – Jinpachi Ego


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12. “As long as I can win against Nagi, I don’t care about anything else… I will make him say that he needs me.” – Reo Mikage

13. “Oh, hell yes. Fight, Fight. I love these kinds of brawls. It’s like Fight Club.” – Eita Otoya

14. “I won’t let my teammates drag me down with them again!” – Wataru Kuon

15. “With an opponent that’s a developing country (Japan) when it comes to football, I thought it’d be like taking candy from a baby. But it looks like we’re gonna have to actually try a little.” – Adam Blake

16. “It’s too bad that you’re fighting against your opponent’s strong point… If you aim for their weak points, your chances of winning will greatly increase. Yoichi Isagi you’re the weak point of this team.” – Tabito Karasu

17. “Football’s most basic form is the 1-on-1. If I can drag the situation on that I can proudly say I’m the strongest in Japan.” – Kenyu Yukimiya

18. “A striker who chokes in front of the goal simply doesn’t have what it takes to be one.” – Shoei Baro

19. “Back when becoming one with the ball was all that mattered. Back when that was the only reason I needed to play soccer!! For me there is nothing in this world that’s more fun than this!! Fight lose yourself!! That fire is within me!! I will become the monster even if there’s nobody else waiting for me!!” – Meguru Bachira

20. “The difference between me and Rin is the difference in our resolve to accept. I sure am lame. I thought I’d finally reached Rin. No I even thought I’d won against him. I lost to him, and was just picked to go on! I have to accept that reality!! Otherwise, there won’t be a next time. I have to incorporate that piece called ‘Luck’ in my thought process. I have to update my understanding on a fundamental level!! In order to win against Rin, I have to become a newer version of myself!!” – Yoichi Isagi

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