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Blue Lock is a Japanese sports manga series, specifically football. The series is set after the results of the Japan soccer team after the 2018 World Cup. On August 12, 2021, an anime adaptation produced by 8-Bit was announced, which premiered in October 2022 with a 24-episode first season. While we’re waiting for more episodes and seasons of Blue Lock, we have decided to bring you a full and detailed watch order of the series, so you know your way around it.

Editor’s Note: This post is regularly updated to include the most recent episodes and reflect all changes made to the official watch order

Blue Lock watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of the Blue Lock works in the proper release order:

  1. Blue Lock, Season 1 (anime, 2022-)

In the next part of this article, we are going to tell you how you should watch the series in chronological order.

How many Blue Lock seasons and episodes are there?

As of the time of writing this article, there is only one episode and one season of Blue Lock, which premiered on October 8, 2022. Currently, only one season has been confirmed and we know that the season is going to have a total of 24 episodes.


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In what order should you watch Blue Lock?

Blue Lock fans will need to start off with the very first season of Blue Lock to begin the story, following through in the episode’s numerical progression until the season’s conclusion. Since there is only one season so far, you should simply watch the episodes as they are released on a weekly basis until more content is available in the future.

Blue Lock chronological watch order:

Blue Lock Season 1 (24 episodes)

At the time of writing, Blue Lock Season 1 is still ongoing, premiering on October 8, 2022. Below is the list of all of the episodes in Blue Lock Season 1 in chronological order:

No.Episode titleOriginal air date 
Transcription: “Yume” (Japanese: 夢)
October 9, 2022
Transcription: “Kaibutsu” (Japanese: かいぶつ)
October 16, 2022
3“The “Zero” Soccer”
Transcription: “Soccer no 0” (Japanese: サッカーの0)
October 23, 2022
4“Premonition and Intuition”
Transcription: Yokan to Chokkan (Japanese: 予感と直感)
October 30, 2022
5“To Be Reborn”
Transcription: Yokan to Chokkan (Japanese: 予感と直感)
November 6, 2022
6“I’m Sorry”
Transcription: Gomen (Japanese: ごめん)
November 13, 2022
Transcription: Tagiri (Japanese: 滾り)
November 20, 2022
8“The Formula for Goals”
Transcription: Seikō no Hōteishiki (Japanese: 成功の方程式)
November 27, 2022
Transcription: Kakusei (Japanese: 覚醒)
December 4, 2022
10“Just the Way It Is”
Transcription: Kono Mama de (Japanese: このままで)
December 11, 2022
11“The Final Piece”
Transcription: Saigo no Pīsu (Japanese: 最後の)
December 18, 2022
12“The Second Selection”
Transcription: Sekandoserekushon (Japanese: セカンドセレクション)
December 25, 2022
13Top 3January 8, 2023
14“The Geniuses and the Average Joes”
Transcription: “Tensai to Bonsai” (Japanese: 天才と凡才)
January 15, 2023
Transcription: “Kueru” (Japanese: 喰)
January 22, 2023
Transcription: “Torai・Sesshon” (Japanese: 三者融合トライ・セッション)
January 29, 2023
Transcription: “Hetakuso” (Japanese: ヘタクソ)
February 5, 2023
18 “The Stage for the Lead”
Transcription: “Shu Sutējiza” (Japanese: 主役のステージ座)
February 12, 2023
19“Dancing Boy”February 19, 2023
20“Super Link-Up Play”
Transcription: “Chō Rendō” (Japanese: 超連動)
February 26, 2023
21“I’m Not There”
Transcription: “Ore ga Inai” (Japanese: 俺がいない)
March 5, 2023
Transcription: “Koe” (Japanese: 声)
March 12, 2023
23“Luck”March 19, 2023
24“The Time Has Come”
Transcription: “Toki wa Kitari” (Japanese: 時は来たり)
March 26, 2023

That’s it for the complete Blue Lock watch order so far, and things are only just starting to heat up for characters in the Blue Lock universe. Hopefully, this guide will help you get up to date with all of the available episodes, so you’re all set for everything the Blue Lock creators have in store!

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