20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

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One of the best parts about being an anime fan is that many characters have canonical birthdays. Some people have personalities that are perfectly suited to their astrological signs, displaying all of the qualities that one would expect. With that in mind, let’s look at some anime characters who are Cancer.

The Cancer sign represents the fourth sign of the zodiac cycle, which is a water sign. Cancers are profoundly sympathetic, sociable individuals recognized for their great caregiving talents – but when things aren’t going well, they can quickly fall into codependency and even self-harm. Here are the 20 best anime characters that are Cancer ranked by likability.

When Are Cancer Born?

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Cancer, and thus under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign between about June 21 to July 22. If your birthday falls in this date range, you have a Cancer Sun Sign.

Best Cancer Anime Characters

Cancers may be adventurous and adaptable, quickly adapting to their surroundings, in addition to these typical characteristics. They are also extremely creative, whether they employ that skill in artistic endeavors or in inventive problem-solving. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite anime characters born under the sign of the crab!

20. Minori “Minorin” Kushieda – Toradora!

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Having a type-A personality, Minori Kushieda is a bubbly young lady who is the captain of the girls’ softball team. She has a positive attitude and can laugh at her own errors. Minori works as a convenience store clerk and a waitress at her family’s restaurant in addition to her school activities.

Cancer characters are well-known for being social folks with exceptional caring abilities. She is always juggling commitments between school and her personal life. Minori’s priority is to make people happy, even if it means sacrificing herself. This is obvious when she ignores her own sentiments to help her closest friend pursue Ryuuji Takasu.

Ryuuji would become romantically engaged with Taiga Aisaka as a consequence of her incapacity to communicate her genuine feelings. Minori must conceal her feelings from her two pals by focusing only on her school and job duties.

Minoria Kushieda has had a love-hate relationship with the anime fandom since Toradora debuted. Their passion has divided the fanbase, with some believing Minori offered signals to Ryuuji and others believing she was indecisive. 

19. Ritsuko Akizuki – THE IDOLM@STER

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Ritsuko began her career with an internship at 765 Production Studio, a company that promotes budding idols. She is a significant resource in the workplace, excelling in management and logistical coordination.

She is so committed to the studio that when she learned they were low on talent, she resolved to help by striving to become an idol herself.

Ritsuko is a Cancer who works as both a businesswoman and an idol at the same time. Her family is precious to her, as it is to many others born under her sign. In some ways, she is unique for her star sign ­ she has a balanced demeanor and is highly structured.

She does, however, employ important Cancer characteristics to get the task done ­ resourcefulness and inventiveness.

18. Nanao Ise – Bleach

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Nanao Ise, a Shinigami and the leader of the Ise Clan, is a lieutenant in the Gotei 13’s First Division. She is the administrator of the Division and reports to her uncle, Captain Shunsui Kyraku. Shinigami, often known as Soul Reapers, lead souls from the World of the Living to the Afterlife.

Nanao, a master administrative logistician, is quick to chastise her uncle for his laid-back demeanor and amusing pranks. When pushed to the limit by irritating conduct, she removes her spectacles and produces a terrifying aura that ensures the individual becomes a blathering fool. Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the heartless, has been brought to his knees by her ferocious glare.

Nanao Ise’s sword abilities are inferior to those of the First Division and Seireitei. This lack of talent does not deter her steadfast commitment or battle for what is right. In general, Nanao’s demeanor and skills are similar to those of other Cancer characters.

17. Tsukune Aono – ROSARIO+VAMPIRE

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Tsukune Aono finds himself in a difficult situation. He accidentally enrolls as a student at Yokai Academy, which is exactly what it sounds like ­ a school for monsters. This would be OK if he were a monster himself, but Tsukune is a human.

He quickly becomes a bit of a commodity among the monster females, and he begins to worry if he will last it till graduation!

Tsukune is a gentleman who, like many Cancers, has an abundance of empathy and generosity for his friends. Despite his sensitivity, when individuals close to him are endangered, he is able to stand up and serve as a guardian.

In typical Cancer form, his weak nature can lead him into trouble when he isn’t paying attention, but with the aid and love of his pals, he is always able to emerge unscathed.

16. Suzaku Kururugi – Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Suzaku Kururugi dubbed the “White Knight,” is all about becoming the hero everyone needs, yet he frequently suffers from an inferiority problem. Suzaku’s demeanor changed dramatically during Japan’s invasion of the Holy British Empire.

Suzaku’s protective instinct went into overdrive as the sword intended to eliminate wicked terrorism/rebellion, causing him tremendous inner anguish at his deeds as a killer of justice. Suzaku isn’t a terrible person, but like other male cancers, his emotions have caused him to overthink his sense of value, which is one of anime cancers’ primary flaws. 

15. Yuuta Togashi – Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Yuuta Togashi is an Icho Private High School freshmen class representative with a well-kept secret. His chniby conduct was on display for all to see as the middle school Dark Flame Master. He spent the eighth grade annihilating imagined evil forces with the might of black flame magic. Yuuta’s responsible high school persona crumbles when he meets Rikka Takanashi.

Yuuta develops love affections for Rikka despite her chniby pranks. He begins to humble Himself as a well-known Cancer character for the sake of her and their love. Yuuta and his pals are no longer judged by society’s standards. When Rikka’s sister questions her about their connection, he states that she should develop at her own speed.

The narrative of Chniby Demo Koi ga Shitai! is one of growth, love, and acceptance. Yuuta Togashi learns these things as a result of his friendship with Rikka Takanashi. Yuuta is a fantastic romantic comedy protagonist because of his religious journey to be with the one he loves.

14. Rachnera Arachnera – Monster Musume

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Rachnera is a monstrous girl that is half human and half spider, and she is extremely odd in appearance, despite her beauty. She was abandoned in the past, then exploited and used by people for their own benefit. She has profound hate for people as a result of her horrific events.

However, she ultimately meets one human who she starts to perceive as compassionate and kind, and she becomes trapped in the web of infatuation that is Monster Musume, along with other monster females.

Cancers, according to some, maybe cruel, and Rachnera is no exception. She does, however, display a more notable feature of this star sign. Cancers are very sensitive at their core, even if they disguise it effectively.

When someone has been misled as many times as she has, they build a tough shell to protect themselves. It takes a special person to regain their trust, and even then, it is not easy.

13. Takemichi Hanagaki – Tokyo Revengers

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Takemichi Hanagaki, formerly a weakling owing to his anxieties, was given the opportunity to remake his life, and he didn’t waste any time in doing so. Even while Takemichi—dubbed the crybaby hero—is frequently fairly easy to beat in a fistfight or to physically overpower, his protective side will show when his friends/loved ones need him.

This has been demonstrated by his willingness to be devastated by gangs as long as it means keeping his buddies safe. Takemichi was born on June 25, and he exemplifies the Cancer zodiac’s principles.

12. Haruka Nanase – Free!

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Haruka is a high school student with a hobby: he enjoys swimming. His passion for water sports has been with him his entire life. As a result, swimming contests become increasingly important in his life as he grows older.

The drama that unfolds between Haruka and other characters at his high school is central to the show Free!, with competitive swimming at the core of it all.

Cancers, like Haruka, are fully faithful to their friends for the rest of their lives. Cancers are also a water-related sign, thus Haruka’s interest makes perfect sense. He will discover a method to swim in any body of water large enough for him to do so.

However, he does not enjoy just any type of swimming ­ his preference for freestyle swimming might be viewed as a display of Cancer’s inventiveness.

11. Usagi Tsukino – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Usagi Tsukino is the commander of the Sailor Scouts, a squad of magical girls who are the only ones capable of saving the planet Earth from unknown forces that would otherwise destroy it. This enormous duty would be difficult for anybody to bear, but Usagi has a lot more on her plate.

She may be a superhero, but she has the same obligations and insecurities as any other adolescent girl. Unfortunately, no one, not even Sailor Moon, can slow downtime!

Usagi is perhaps the most well-known Cancer character, and she embodies the sign in many ways. Her sensitivity frequently causes her to cry, and her friends refer to her as a crybaby. In true Cancer form, her sense of commitment to her friends allows her to set this aside, and she can be a powerful leader if they are in peril.

10. Nami – One Piece

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Nami is initially presented as a known burglar with an intuitive sense of direction at sea. When she initially meets the series’ pirate protagonist, she is skeptical of him but is soon persuaded to join his crew as one of its first members and navigator. With fresh adventures ahead of her, she hopes to one day sketch a complete map of the world.

Nami, like many Cancers, is clever, creative, and resourceful. After all, being a thief or a pirate, let alone both, necessitates flexibility and quick thinking.

She appears harsh, but those who have won her devotion and trust have discovered a real friend in her, demonstrating the classic Cancer attribute of her bark being far worse than her bite.

9. Akira Hayama – Food Wars!:Shokugeki no Soma

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Akira Hayama, a 92nd Ttsuki Generation student, was raised in poverty without his parents. He tried to subsist by scavenging for food from whatever his neighbors threw out. His life would be turned around when he met a young lady who was buying spices at the local market.

Akira’s keen sense of smell detected that the vendor was selling contaminated herbs. Jun Shiomi, impressed by this talent, would adopt the young kid and provide the groundwork for him to become a culinary master.

Akira Hayama’s character journey, as a genuine Cancer character, is one of resilience and loyalty. This is especially true when it comes to his need for Jun Shiomi’s care. 

Their relationship progresses from student/teacher to equals as husband and wife in the manga’s epilogue. Akira’s personal narrative and ranking on our list demonstrate that people appreciate a well-thought-out character.

8. Kyoya Sata – Wolf Girl and Black Prince

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Kyoya Sata is the most popular kid at his school, and he is especially popular with the girls. He has a reputation for being a gentleman, but one of his classmates discovers, via a series of tragic events, that he is everything from the “Prince” many perceive him to be.

Initially, he blackmails her into being his pet, but it appears that genuine affections may emerge between the two.

Cancers are sometimes accused of being two­faced because they might behave considerably differently with strangers than they do toward people they trust. Kyoya’s outward appearance is endearing, and Cancers are typically widely loved by the general population.

However, he, like many Cancers, has a sensitive side to him. He conceals his actual character beneath an extra cruel mask because he is terrified of having genuine romantic affections.

7. Tamaki Kasuga – Hiiro no Kakera

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Tamaki Kasuga is a normal girl who leads a normal life that is completely disrupted when she sees a strange creature that turns out to be a spirit. This is only the beginning ­ she finds out that she is the descendant of an ancient royal bloodline with supernatural powers. 

Because of her ancestry, she is charged with the sole responsibility of defeating a powerful demon. Luckily, she has five handsome guardians to help aid her in her task.

Tamaki is a kind person who loves her friends and protects them at all costs, even when they get her into trouble. Her fierce loyalty is a common quality of her star sign. Surprisingly, she is generally more optimistic than most people think this star sign to be. 

However, her gentle sensitive nature is a good example of how all Cancers are at their core, whether they like to admit it or not.

6. Denki “Chargebolt” Kaminari – Boku no Hero Academia

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

A student in class 1-A whose Quirk Electrify allows him to absorb and emit electricity, without being able to control its direction. Excessive use of this power (its current limit is 2 million volts) causes a short circuit in his brain, causing him to lose his intellectual abilities for about an hour: to remedy the lack of control of his power, he then equips his costume with a device that, after being launched, allows him to create an electrical bridge with it and direct electricity precisely.

His hero name is Chargebolt. Like Kirishima, he is quite open and outgoing, although not particularly intelligent, and beneath his swagger lies a spontaneity and friendliness that drives him to do his best to help his friends. Like Mineta, he’s quite interested in girls, but he’s not very lucky when he tries to approach, often being ignored or kicked out directly.

When in battle he sometimes panics but always keeps in mind how and how much to use his power to avoid hurting allies near him. Throughout the story, he befriends Kirishima and Bakugo. He is often teased by Kyoka. He will try to bring Izuku back to the Academy like the others, stating that although he hasn’t spent much time with him, he still considers him a friend and doesn’t want to see him like that.

5. Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Ichigo is a human child who has been granted demonic talents as well as a unique duty. He must utilize his new abilities to ward off bad spirits and send good spirits on their way. In addition to his responsibilities in the spirit realm, he must reconcile his newfound duty as a magical protector with the trials of adolescence.

Ichigo may be gloomy and brooding ­ two traits most frequently associated with the star sign Cancer. He also tends to act before he thinks, and this impulsiveness is also associated with the crab star sign.

He has a weak emotional underbelly that he hides beneath a hard outer shell of a personality, which is maybe the most common Cancer attribute of all. He, like many Cancers, acts as a protector for his friends and family.

4. Mitsuba Sangu – Owari no Seraph

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Mitsuba “Mitsu” Sang, a series deuterogamist, is Aoi Sang’s younger sister and a second lieutenant in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. She enrolled at the age of thirteen and became the Moon Demon Company’s fifth member. Mitsu is a strong vampire slayer because of her fierce battle talents and the Tenjiry cursed armor she wields.

Her ambition is to avoid bringing dishonor to the Sang House by becoming a disciplined soldier. This personal ideology occasionally clashes with Mitsuba’s impulsive temperament. She broke ranks and assaulted the giant while fighting the Four Horsemen of John to save a squad member’s life. Her actions resulted in the squad leader’s untimely death.

Mitsuba “Mitsu” Sang is ruthless in fighting, putting her at risk of being swamped by vampires. This persistence is a quality that astrologers link with the zodiac sign Cancer.

3. Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Spike Spiegel is a space cowboy with sinister background. Behind his pleasant, laid-back demeanor hides a steely resolve. Though he considers himself a lone wolf bounty hunter with one close buddy, he rapidly creates a crew of numerous unusual partners via happenstance alone.

He uses their assistance to track down some of the galaxy’s most wanted criminals. Even while they frequently succeed, they always end up broke and right back where they started.

Spike, despite his cheerful demeanor, is prone to episodes of Cancer pessimism and moodiness. He also possesses the sign’s ingenuity, flexibility, and insatiable appetite for adventure.

Even when he is in a tight situation, he is generally able to devise inventive methods to avoid harm. Throughout the series, he repeatedly demonstrates his devotion to his companions, sometimes to the point of obsession.

2. Tanjiro Kamado from Kimetsu no Yaiba – Demon Slayer: Kimesu no Yaiba

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist, is the eldest son of a coal seller. He was born on July 14. While he was away to sell coal, his family was slaughtered by a demon, with the exception of his sister Nezuko, who was transformed into a demon. His goal is to find a cure to make her human again, and it is to this end that he decides to join the Demon Slayer Corps.

Trained by Urokodaki in the technique of aquatic breathing, after training he becomes a skilled swordsman and a great strategist. He is a kind-hearted boy and often feels sadness for demons and their victims. His infinite optimism and straightforward nature of him often make people appreciate his company, but at the same time, it puts him at odds with some characters.

His sword is a very rare black color, sometimes turning red combined with Nezuko’s explosive blood. He also has a highly developed sense of smell, which allows him to track down demons and escape their attacks. Later he begins to use the Hinokami Kagura of his family, which in turn is derived from the first form of breathing, the Sun Breathing, as a more powerful form of combat, also managing to combine it with Water Breathing, to create a more sustainable fighting style.

1. Shōyō Hinata – Haikyū!! 

20 Best Cancer Anime Characters Ranked By Likability

Hinata is a first-year student at Karasuno high school and is the protagonist. He has been in love with volleyball since, as a child, he saw on TV a game of the Little Giant, a player from Karasuno from Miyagi prefecture famous for being the ace of the team despite his small stature (164 cm). He joins the volleyball club, the same as his idol, to take revenge against Tobio Kageyama, who beat him in the first and only tournament in middle school.

He has great speed and strength, which he expresses above all in jumping, but he is low and quite poor in the other fundamentals of volleyball (reception and dribble above all), which makes him a mediocre player.

Despite his stature, his role on the pitch is that of central. Taking advantage of his speed and jumping power he develops an almost infallible attack (an extremely fast one) with his partner Kageyama, the only lifter capable of providing sufficiently precise and fast lifts, becoming a real formidable lure for opposing teams who, when expecting his infallible attack, take points from the other Karasuno Hunters.

He is an anxious person, who easily gives in to panic attacks when he gets carried away by nervousness, but when he regains self-control he proves to be competitive, so much so that he wants to challenge opponents stronger than him in order to improve more and more. He has a younger sister named Natsu. He is wearing a jersey number 10.

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