15 Best Castle Crashers Characters (Ranked)

Castle Crashers is a 2D adventure game that has tons of fun awaiting its players. But, considering how many characters the game has to offer, many players can get stuck trying to figure out which ones are the best fit. Stick around to find out about the best Castle Crashers characters, ranked according to their strengths and attributes.

15. Green Knight

The last spot on this list is the Green Knight, just evading the Castle Crashers characters that are seen as ‘bad’ by most of the community. While he has silly disadvantages, the character does still have good skills that can be used in many situations:

Magic Splash is useful for Heavy Enemies.
Magic Does a lot of Damage Over Time.
His melee attacks are gimped.

He is the only poison element character in the game, and also the only character that has Magic Damage Over Time x3. He is a slow attacker but a fast killer and he can defeat an enemy in between 5 and 10 seconds with his toxins. But, his normal attacks make it difficult when taking on groups.

14. Necromancer

The Necromancer can be a good choice for many players. But, many have found that the advantages do not quite outweigh the cons in many instances:

Magic Projectile is faster than normal magic projectiles.Magic Splash is somewhat useless as it’s weaker than normal splashes.

His projectiles are really fast to land, but they do not necessarily deal enough damage to get kills, and his magic splash is pretty weak. Still, this character can pay off if you’re patient and strategic enough.

13. Orange Knight

The Orange Knight is a pretty good choice for many players. But, the disadvantages may outweigh the pros for many players:

Normal Magic Damage Over Time.
XXXY combo is very damaging.
XXXY combo is gimped.

This character can land some solid blows with high damage. However, his XXXY combo takes longer than normal compared to Fire Demon.

12. Pink Knight

The Pink Knight can be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to put out some ruthless damage. This character has a crazy strong bomb-type projectile that offers a wide range of advantages, as described below:

Magic Projectile is pretty Powerful.
Magic Splash sometimes rapidly damages enemies.
Magic Splash can stun.
Magic Splash has a good range.
Magic Splash is gimped.
Magic costs a lot.

Unlike other splash attacks that knock enemies back, the Pink Knight’s splash attack will keep them pinned to the ground and make them defenseless for 1.3 seconds. Players can take advantage of this by attacking them in this state.

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The rainbow will also do some great damage as it goes along, and the splash attack does great damage as well. The main reason why this character is ranked lower is since the Magic Splash attack costs a lot of Magic.

11. Fire Demon

Fire Demon is a really well-rounded character that can be useful to just about any Castle Crashers player. He has some great benefits with no downfalls to note, as seen below:

Normal Magic Damage Over Time.
XXXY combo is very damaging.

Fire Demon is pretty similar to the Orange Knight – minus the disadvantages. This character is a great choice for anyone, offering some amazing damage without notable combo or skill problems.

10. The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith in Castle Crashers is far simpler than one might expect. But, he still has some great advantages and almost no disadvantages to note, as described below:

Magic Splash has very good range.
He has a little bit of good Crowd control.
Magic Projectile gives Magic Damage Over Time

He has some good Magic splash attacks with extended range compared to other characters’ splash attacks, and his projectile provides the normal damage over time. He primarily uses a splash summoned from a greater height – which could act as a form of crowd control.

9. Bear

The Bear is really similar to Saracen in terms of juggling enemies. He has some great skills that can be simple to use while being effective against opponents, detailed below:

Using his Tornado in the air during a juggle is a good way to continue the juggle.His Magic Tornado can be broken or blocked, and it moves slowly.

The main thing about this character is that he uses a projectile attack, and he can provide some good damage output. But, his Tornado can be blocked and moves quite slowly, and his lower ranking is due to Saracen’s similar yet better skills.

8. Iceskimo

Iceskimo is an awesome option for any Castle Crashers player who loves using ice to attack enemies, but also wants to use juggle tactics. He has some amazing advantages with next to no disadvantages, as seen below:

Magic Splash can freeze.
Magic projectiles are fast.
XXXY combo is really good.
Crowd Control.
Magic effects.

This character can freeze his foes, and his Magic attacks are faster than standard projectiles. His projectiles also have no element, meaning element-resistant enemies will still be affected.

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But, the main reason why he has been ranked lower is due to the crowd control and Magic effects aspects. But, otherwise, he’s a really solid character to use in the game.

7. King

King in Castle Crashers is similar to mages in many other RPGs, and he can be one of the most helpful characters in multiplayer mode. He has some amazing benefits that can make him a good choice for your main character, as seen below:

Magic Splash doesn’t cost much.
The only character that can heal himself with magic.
Very helpful in multiplayer.
Hard to defend himself against crowds.
Healing to full health takes a long time.
More of a supporting character.

King is actually the only character in the game that can heal himself and allies, making him super special. His splash attacks do not cost much magic, but the main reason why he’s been ranked lower is since he does not hold up against crowds as well as others.

6. Saracen

Saracen would be the ideal choice for anyone who loves juggling enemies in the game, and he can really be entertaining to use as well. He has some great skills that can be simple to use while being effective against opponents, detailed below:

Using his Tornado in the air during a juggle is a good way to continue the juggle.
Magic Projectile is good for spacing and launching enemies in the air for a juggle.
His Magic Tornado can be broken or blocked, and it moves slowly.

Players can continue a juggle approach much easier with Saracen, and he can damage the enemy between 5 and 6 times per second if you get it right. But, the main downfall with Saracen is that the Tornado can be broken or blocked by enemies and is pretty slow overall.

5. Alien

The Alien is a great choice for any sci-fi and Castle Crashers lovers. This character is much faster and more powerful than one might expect, flaunting some creat skills, detailed as follows:

Magic doesn’t cost much.
Magic Splash is good for breaking up crowds and can be cast at a fast rate.
Limited Weapons.
Downward Air Magic Projectile is a little hard to mix in with a juggle.

Alien has some incredible casting speed with a max of between 7 and 9 shots per splash – until the Magic gets drained. He can also launch enemies into the air at times before juggling them during attacks.

There are also a few extra benefits of using Alien, such as the fact that his moves do not cost much and he does not get pushed back after shooting a Damp. But, he cannot switch weapons and you’ll be stuck using the weapons he comes with – which, may or may not be seen as a downfall, depending on what you like.

4. Brute

The fourth goes to Brute, a character that offers some great skills for heavy enemies. He is somewhat underrated, but this character really has some great qualities to offer, as seen below:

Magic Splash Is good for damaging heavy enemies.Fewer hits compared to other characters.

Brute can deal tons of damage at rapid speeds with his Magic splash. While he is by no means the best in the game, this character can be really handy for many tough opponents.

3. Blue Knight

The Blue Knight is a classic favorite for countless Castle Crashers players, offering the best of everything with only somewhat negative aspects. He held the number one spot for quite some time in many players’ opinion – some may still feel he’s the best character for all-around use, as seen below:

Has the best crowd control and the best XXXY combo.
All magic freezes.
Magic costs a lot.
Takes time and patience to master.

The Blue Knight has the special ability to freeze his enemies in battle, which can really be super handy in tons of situations. He has the best crowd control in the entire game, and he can easily escape hordes of enemies using his Downward Air Magic Projectile ability.

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Unlike most characters that have slow magic splashes, the Blue Knight’s splash attacks come down really quickly. Players don’t have to fret about the delay on damage with this character, and the move can be effective for taking down groups of enemies right in front of you as well.

He can also be really skilled on the ground as he does have quite a few ground tactics to use, which opens a lot of room for different options during gameplay. But, getting the hang of this character will take some patience – not to mention that his attacks cost a lot of Magic.

2. Red Knight

The Red Knight is by far one of the most popular choices for many Castle Crashers players – in fact, many players feel that the Red Knight deserves the number one spot on this list. Still, this Castle Crashers character has landed the runner-up spot due to a minor disadvantage, detailed below:

Has good crowd control.
Magic Splash can Stunlock against regular enemies.
Weakest XXXY combo (Tied with the Gray Knight).

His Magic splash ability is definitely one of the best things about this character, dealing tons of damage when it is held down. At the same time, the crowd control abilities of the Red Knight really help out a lot when it comes to dealing damage, making him a really tough opponent in Arena fights.

But, things can also go wrong at times, such as in cases where enemies decide to walk behind the character or are positioned outside of the splash. Still, while it is easier said than done, players can get around this by trying to get maximum damage output from the beginning to the very end of the splash.

He also has a really bad XXXY combo, and the enemy could just suck up the attack at the end and hit you. That being said, the Red Knight can be really great for juggling enemies, which can outweigh the disadvantages if players strategize how they play him.

1. Industrialist

The top spot on this list goes to the Industrialist, possibly sharing the spot with the Fencer as they are quite similar in many ways. The Industrialist is amazing for his splash attack. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Industrialist and the Fencer:

Magic Splash is really useful for taking out heavy enemies (like most bosses, cicadas, Beefies, and Fishmen).None.

The splash attack does some amazing damage to enemies and it will stay out for longer than other splash attacks as well, which can make it useful for many instances – especially if you manage to use it like a bear trap. Both the Industrialist and the Fencer can go through a Sonic Mode when they are in insane mode.

The overall experience when playing these 2 characters is really fun and enjoyable as well, another reason why they are both so popular amongst players. Their insane mode is especially useful for tough bosses like Corn Boss, Medusa, Ice King, Painter, Mecha Cyclops, and the Second Phase of the Wizard.

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Of course, considering that the vast majority of Castle Crashers characters do have specific pros and cons, some characters may be ranked higher or lower in different players’ opinions. You may find that certain characters deserve a better spot, but they are all amazing in their own way – it can depend on preferred playstyles.

That’s all of the best Castle Crashers characters for you to use in-game, with images thanks to the Castle Crashers Wiki. Although each character in the game does have its pros and cons, the characters on this list definitely have plenty to offer Castle Crashers players of all preferences.

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