20 Best Fat Cartoon Characters We All Love (RANKED)

20 Best Fat Cartoon Characters We All Love (RANKED)

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Cartoon characters are a diverse bunch. There are many of them, and they come in all shapes and sizes. And while we do love most of them, there are some of them that we love more than others. These also come in different shapes and sizes. In this article, we have decided to focus on those loveable chubby fictional characters that have made us laugh and happy over the years. Whether it’s Western or Japanese animation, whether it’s a TV series or a movie, here is a list of the 20 best fat cartoon characters we all adore!

20. Hachigen Ushōda


Franchise: Bleach

This Visored is an expert in Bakudo, and, therefore, is not very good at melee but has a sword. As a specialist in Bakudo, he becomes more or less friendly with Orihime Inoue because according to him, they possess the same type of power. He will help her in particular to regenerate Tsubaki, scattered during the fight against Yammy.

He was Tessai’s second in the Necromancer Corps and therefore he excels in matters of Kido and Bakudo. He will be sent to rescue the 9th division as a member of the special division, along with the other future vizards, he will immobilize Kensei and Mashiro with his Bakudo but will also end up transforming into a Hollow.

In the battle at Karakura he sent his right arm, infected by the power of Barragan Luisenbarn, into the latter’s stomach. This will have the purpose of killing the “King of the Hueco Mundo”. His power is such that he is able to send a type 99 bakudo without incantation (Kensei’s hollow paid the price in volume 36), which is remarkable.

19. Russell 


Franchise: Up!

An eight-year-old boy scout who stowaways on Carl’s houseboat, which he assists for most of the story, for the purpose of earning his “Assisting the Elderly” medal, the only one given to him. missing to get a higher scout rank. However, despite his status as a scout, he has never had direct contact with wildlife, as well as feeling discouraged because his father is always too busy to spend time with him.

In a brief conversation, Russell even hints to Carl that his parents are separated. The character’s design is based on Pixar animator Peter Sohn. To choose the right actor, Docter auditioned a total of 400 children. throughout the United States. Nagai, who is of Japanese-American nationality, and was 8 years old at the time, appeared for the test along with his brother, who was interested in the character. Instantly, Docter noticed that Nagai acted and talked non-stop in a manner similar to Russell, so he decided to cast him.

During the production process, he encouraged the boy to perform both physically and vocally when recording his voice, especially in the scene where Russell meets Kevin.

18. Paxton


Franchise: Timmy Time

Paxton is a little pig that says “oink oink”. He is characterized by his appetite and his weight. He always wears a blue sweater with horizontal yellow stripes across his chest and is never seen without the sweater. He is very cheerful and avoids conflicts with anyone. He loves to eat, especially (red) apples, although he is often seen eating a sandwich. He likes to fly the kite and is also very good at football. He can sometimes be unintentionally clumsy.

17. Muriel Bagge

Muriel Bagge

Franchise: Courage the Cowardly Dog Show

Muriel Bagge is the owner of Courage and the wife of Eustace. She is an elderly, overweight, kind and hard-working Scottish woman who took Courage in when he was an abandoned puppy. Muriel often carries a rolling pin with which she hits Eustace whenever she harasses Courage. She also likes tea and usually tends to her garden, as well as being an accomplished sitar player.

Muriel also has a great fondness for cooking; however, her recipes tend to include an excessive amount of vinegar, much to the chagrin of both her dog and her husband. Most of all, she loves to sit in her rocking chair with Courage on her lap and watch TV. Due to her kind and sweet nature, Muriel is an easy (and often attractive) target for villains.

16. Peter Griffin

peter griffin family guy

Franchise: Family Guy

Peter Löwenbrau McFinnigan Griffin, known simply as Peter Griffin, is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Family Guy series. He is the patriarch of the Griffin family, he is married to Lois Pewterschmidt, with whom he has three children, Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin, he is also Bertram’s biological father. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane with a thick Rhodesian accent. Said actor, as well as creator of the series, designed Peter and the rest of the family on January 31, 1999 in the premiere of the first episode, after Super Bowl XXXIII.

15. Patrick Star

the executive treatment 024 1 by austinsptd1996 dd2c1uh pre

Franchise: SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star, is a character from the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He first appeared in the first episode of the series, which aired in the United States on May 1, 1999. Depicted as an overweight pale pink starfish, Patrick lives under a rock in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom next to Squidward.

His most notable character trait is his lack of common sense, which sometimes gets him into trouble with his best friend, SpongeBob SquarePants. Patrick is unemployed and describes himself as an expert in the “art of doing nothing”. The character receives many positive reactions from both critics and fans of the series.

14. Majin Buu (Good Buu)

Innocent buu

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Once the Great Kaiohshin is also absorbed, the absorbed Majin Buu Kaioshin of the South becomes Good Buu (or Fat Buu). It is the form in which, in the Dragon Ball manga and in Dragon Ball Z, the demon is initially presented to us: cheerful, playful and a lover of sweets (a trait inherited from the Great Kaiohshin).

Although he appears to be suffering from obesity, he is very powerful, so much so that Vegeta, controlled and empowered by Babidi, is unable to damage him, and fights on par with Goku at the Super Saiyan 3 stage, although Goku later claims that he could have defeated him. From the waist down he wears the same clothing as Kid Buu but the boots turn yellow and a vest, a purple cloak and a pair of yellow gloves appear to replace the cuffs.

13. Eric Cartman

ericcartmanauthority upscaled illustration x4

Franchise: South Park

Cartman is a student at South Park Elementary School, in Mr. Garrison’s class. During the first 58 episodes, Cartman and his comrades were in CE, they then move to a class of CM, where they have remained since. He is the only son of Liane Cartman, a single mother claiming to be hermaphrodite and having conceived Eric herself. We finally learn in episode 201 (season 14, 2010) the true identity of his biological father.

Cartman is considered the “little fat” of the gang and his obesity is often the subject of ridicule. Kyle, who is Jewish, is often the subject of Cartman’s defamatory accusations and anti-Semitic slurs. The two protagonists have always not supported each other at all and their rivalry has increased over the course of series 3.

12. Uncle Fester


Franchise: Addams Family

Fester is a completely bald person, he is chubby, haggard and usually wears a long fur coat. He apparently is a masochist and likes to be tortured, he is also an arsonist as he loves explosions. He is able to conduct electricity and turn on light bulbs with his mouth. He has a superhuman ability to resist physical damage. In the original series, Fester is mentioned as Morticia’s uncle. His last name is never revealed in the original series. But in all other versions Fester is Gomez’s brother and Pugsley and Wednesday’s uncle, and is assigned the surname Addams.

11. Fred Flintstone

1200px Fred Flintstone

Franchise: The Flintstones

Fred Flintstone is the main protagonist of the cartoon series The Flintstones, which originally aired as a prime-time show on ABC television from 1959 to 1966. Fred is the husband of Wilma and the father of a little girl named Pebbles. His best friends, but also his neighbors, are Betty and Barney Rubble. Fred lives in Bedrock, a fictional prehistoric town, in a world where dinosaurs coexist with modern cavemen, who have a primitive version of current modern devices such as the telephone, the car or even the machine. to wash.

10. Baymax

Baymax Big Hero 6 Disney Plus Series

Franchise: Big Hero 6 (Disney)

Baymax is a universal nurse robot created by Tadashi, appears as a reassuring ball-man and is often thought to resemble a huge marshmallow. He is later modified by Hiro to fight crime and he becomes his best friend, joining Big Hero 6. He activates upon hearing a sound of pain and deactivates with the phrase I am satisfied with the treatment.

According to his program of him, he is calm and extremely devoted to his patients, but if the combat chip is inserted he becomes stronger and more combative. However, if his health chip is removed, leaving the combat chip, he becomes aggressive and uncontrollable until someone puts it back.

As he builds a friendship with Hiro, he begins to experience human-like emotions and download data and information to help support him after Tadashi’s death, and becomes very protective of him, not just by protocol, but because of his friendship with the boy, to the point of becoming insistent when he feels he needs his help and disobeying his orders when he wants him to kill Callaghan to avenge Tadashi.

On a mission, he is equipped with red armor equipped with wings and thrusters to fly, magnets to hold Hiro on his back while flying, attacks by firing his fists like missiles, and also knows martial arts moves like karate. He ends up stuck in another dimension to save Callaghan’s daughter, but is eventually rebuilt

9. Garfield


Franchise: Garfield

Garfield is a fictional cat from the comic strip Garfield created by Jim Davis and first published on June 19, 1978 by United Feature Syndicate in syndication to 41 newspapers. This character loves to eat, sleep, annoy his master Jon and his friend the dog Odie. He speaks through thought bubbles, and while other animals can understand him, Jon usually can’t (although Jon does have what sounds like a conversation with Garfield). Rarely, Jon’s reaction involves reading Garfield’s mind, but it has happened before, as in the comic strip dated January 21, 1992.

8. Shrek

Shrek 1

Franchise: Shrek

Shrek is a character created by American writer William Steig and adapted by Dreamworks Animation. He is the main character of the book and the movie of the same name, which started a franchise that involves movies, television series, musicals, among other things. Shrek is a big green ogre who lives in a swamp.

There he happily resides, scaring humans who venture or get lost, until one day he discovers that the place has been overrun by fairy-tale characters who have been driven from the land by the villainous Lord Farquaad. After talking to him, he agrees to try to rescue Princess Fiona, in exchange for Farquaad getting all the fairy tale characters out of the swamp. His new friend, Donkey, will accompany him on his adventure.

7. Porky Pig


Franchise: Looney Tunes

Redler Olan “Porky” Pig or simply Porky, is an American fictional character from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies created by Warner Bros studios, whose first successful character he is. The animators (in particular Bob Clampett) produced several short films with this anthropomorphic pig as the main character.

Even after being supplanted by the studio’s other future characters, Porky did not lose his popularity, even though the directors at Warners Bros. now gave him the roles of sidekick and handyman. He is known for his sentence that ends the cartoon: “Th’ the-ba-dee th’-the-dee that’s all, folks!” “. The catchphrase (minus the stutter) has also been used by Bosko, Buddy, and even Beans at the end of every Looney Tunes cartoon. In contrast, the Merrie Melodies series used the tagline: “So Long, Folks!” until it appeared on the Looney Tunes series in the 1930s.

Porky is the oldest Looney Tunes character still used, including on the Looney Tunes Show and Bugs! A Looney Tunes Production. Porky’s most distinct character trait is his very strong stutter, in which he replaces words he can’t seem to get out with other words. Porky is said to have appeared in 152 cartoons during the Golden Age of American Animation.

6. Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson in The Simpsons

Franchise: The Simpsons

Homer is the father of the Simpson family. With his wife, Marge, they have three children: Bart (10 years old), Lisa (8 years old) and Maggie (2 years old). In Season 24, Episode 3 we learn that when he was young he made several donations to the sperm bank of Shelbyville to earn money. He would have done enough to afford a Corvette, we also see a table filled with photos of “mini-Homer”: whites, blacks, girls, boys… and even septuplets.

He works at the Springfield nuclear power plant and embodies the American stereotype of the working class; he is vulgar, alcoholic, overweight, incompetent, clumsy, lazy, ignorant but is however devoted to his family. Despite the routine of his life as a suburban worker, he had many extraordinary adventures.

5. Obélix

publicity still animated film Asterix Conquers America 1994

Franchise: Astérix

Obélix was born on the same day and at the same time as his friend Astérix in the village where they will both evolve in all the albums. During his childhood, he is brooded by his mother, who feeds him with roasted wild boar for a snack. Despite his corpulence, the young Obélix was weak, and his comrades took the opportunity to make fun of him.

It was to put an end to the mockery that he sneaked into the hut of the druid Panoramix with the help of his friend Astérix, with the idea of drinking a little magic potion. But a clumsiness caused him to fall into the druid’s pot full of magic potion; stuck in the pot, he will drink the entire contents. Since then, the effects of the magic potion have been permanent in his home and he is forbidden to drink it again (although he does, eventually, but only in small drops).

4. Pumbaa

Lion king disneyscreencaps.com 5210

Franchise: The Lion King (Disney)

Pumbaa is a warthog. He is very noble and has a big heart, but suffers from a serious flatulence problem that caused him to be marginalized in the Pride Lands. He met Timon, the meerkat, another outcast, with whom he struck up a close friendship. Together they migrated to the jungle, where they lived under the philosophy of “do not worry” (Hakuna Matata).

Although he is dim-witted and somewhat clumsy, he possesses a big heart and a strong sense of responsibility, which often causes him to be manipulated by the cunning Timon. Pumbaa and Timon found Simba dying and took him with them into the jungle. They eventually returned with him to the Pride Lands and helped him defeat Scar and the hyenas. Pumbaa and Timon returned to the Pride Lands, maintaining their carefree lifestyle and acting as mentors to Bunga and babysitters to Princess Kiara.

3. Winnie the Pooh


Franchise: Winne the Pooh (Disney)

Winnie the Pooh is a character from childhood literature created on October 15, 1926 by Alan Alexander Milne. The character of Winnie, an animated teddy bear, was inspired by the author by his son, Christopher, whom he saw playing with his stuffed animals. In the same way that children invent stories in which they are the only ones to perceive the stakes, Winnie and her friends experience adventures that may seem ridiculous to adults.

The universe in which these characters evolve is kind and joyful without being devoid of worries. Winnie is a yellow bear cub that the narrator of his adventures often describes as “little savvy”. In fact, he is not necessarily very intelligent, but has a big heart, and helps his friends. His cute sin is gluttony, he is particularly fond of honey, which will sometimes cause him some trouble, with bees among others.

2. Po

Kung Fu Panda 3 Secret Panda Village Revealed 9

Franchise: Kung-Fu Panda

Po is a giant panda who lives with Mr. San Ping, his adoptive father (a gander) who runs a noodle restaurant and works there as a waiter. His dream is to become a kung fu master and fight alongside the Five Cyclones (Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane and Mantis), students of master Shifu. His dream comes true as accidentally falling in the arena, he is chosen by master Oogway to be the dragon warrior.

However, Master Shifu refuses to believe that Po is worthy, given that he is not proficient in kung fu. This one will do everything to get rid of it, but Po persists in not giving up. While Taï Lung, a former student of master Shifu, escaped from prison (in which he was locked up for 20 years), master Oogway, before disappearing, tries to convince his former student and old friend to train Po, to teach him kung fu and believe in him.

Shifu then decides to take Po under his wing and train him in the martial art. Thanks to him, Po progresses very quickly and quickly and effectively masters kung fu. Meanwhile, the Cyclones Five confront Tai Lung but are quickly defeated by the latter with a crippling attack.

Po eventually obtains the Dragon Scroll. Upon Taï Lung’s arrival at the Valley, Shifu tries to buy time by confronting him but is defeated by his former student. Po then intervenes and confronts him in turn. After a fierce fight, Po defeats his opponent.

1. Totoro

Moj susjed Totoro Odlicna simpaticna voznja kroz ruralni Japan

Franchise: Tonari no Totoro (Studio Ghibli)

Totoro lives in the Tsukamori forest, which is in the neighborhood of the Kusakabe family. He can only be seen by children. Totoro is also a general term for creatures of different sizes. However, in the movie My Neighbor Totoro, the noun Totoro is used for this character. Totoro appears as a supporting character in the spin-off Mei and the Baby Cat Bus. His name Totoro is a modified version of Torōru, which means something like troll. Since Mei can’t even pronounce Torōru, she calls him Totoro instead.

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