15 Best Gymnastics Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2023

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The sport of gymnastics has a special place in the heart of many different sports enthusiasts because of how graceful and amazing gymnasts are. Of course, if you want to be in awe of the grace that gymnasts have and the hard work they put into their craft, you can watch some of the best gymnastics movies on Netflix any time you want.

When it comes to gymnastics, it is hard to put into words what gymnasts can do. The good thing is that a lot of different gymnastics movies have been able to show us the journey and the stories behind gymnasts. So, in that regard, we are here to give you a list of the best gymnastics movies that you can stream on Netflix.

Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix

1. Raising the Bar (2016)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Raising the Bar is actually the first of two movies about the same characters. Of course, both the films are about gymnastics. As such, if you are a fan of gymnastics, it is best for you to watch these two movies together.

The first is Raising the Bar, which follows the story of a teenager who just moved to Australia because of her father’s job. However, the problem is that moving to Australia forced her to give up her spot in the US gymnastics program, as she could have been a part of the national team.

Nevertheless, in Australia, she enters competitive gymnastics once again to help a friend in need and to make up for the mistakes she committed in the past.

2. Going For Gold (2018)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Going for Gold is the second part of the Raising the Bar movie series, which follows the same characters, Emma and Hannah. Of course, the first movie was about Emma reinvigorating her love for gymnastics while helping her friend in the process.

Meanwhile, Going for Gold is more about Emma and Hannah, who both team up to teach the art of cheerleading to a group of beginners. It might not be about gymnastics entirely, but it still follows the same core of the first movie.

3. A Second Chance (2011)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

A Second Chance is similar to the first two movies we have on this list because of the very fact that the setting is based in Australia. Nevertheless, this movie is set in an entirely different universe and follows a different set of characters, even though it is set in Australia and is all about gymnastics.

In A Second Chance, we follow the story of a young girl and her teammates, who are trying to overcome the obstacles along their way as they try to win a place in the National Australian Gymnastics Squad. Of course, they do so with the help of an entirely new coach.

4. The Horse Dancer (2017)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

The Horse Dance is one of the most unique movies about gymnastics on this list because of how it incorporates totally different themes together in one movie. And the amazing part about it is that you wouldn’t expect horses and gymnasts to actually blend well together in a single plot.

What happens in The Horse Dancer is that financial problems are threatening to shut down a girls’ horse camp. However, Samantha Wick, who is one of the best gymnasts in the entire country, uses her talents in gymnastics to start up a horse-dancing team in an effort to raise enough money to keep the horse camp running.

5. Full Out (2015)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Full Out is the first of the many gymnastics movies we have on this list that are based on real life. As such, watching this movie will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of a successful gymnast and to see the perspective of working hard to become one of the best gymnasts only for an unfortunate incident to snuff it all out.

This movie is inspired by the true story of gymnast Ariana Berlin, who is based in San Diego, California. She had a chance to make it to the 2008 Olympics team, but a car accident derails her dream of competing at the highest stage. Still, by working hard for a comeback, she was able to defy the odds and do what she loves to do the most.

6. Chalk it Up (2016)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Chalk it Up may not be the best story when it comes to the women empowerment movement because of how it revolves around someone who is trying to catch the attention of an ex. However, this movie is going to surprise you with how it was able to portray gymnastics well enough while also offering some twists along the way.

The movie follows the story of a girl dumped by her boyfriend. Wanting to prove to her ex that she is worth it, she builds a college gymnastics team as she attempts to impress the same person who dumped her. However, she learns along the way that there is something more about being a gymnast than trying to win the heart of a boy.

7. The Gabby Douglas Story (2014)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

The Gabby Douglas Story is once again a movie that is inspired by the real-life story of Gabby Douglas, who went on to become an Olympic champion in the 2012 London Olympics. As such, this is a movie that will truly inspire those who want to work hard to achieve their dreams and become successful in their own right as well.

The story follows Gabby Douglas, who makes a lot of personal sacrifices while training with her coach Liang Chow so that she could become good enough to not only make the US team but also win it all in the 2012 Olympic Games.

8. Destination: Team USA (2016)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Destination: Team USA is not necessarily about gymnastics because it is all about sports, in general. However, it does have a part about gymnastics. Whatever the case may be, this is still a very good film to watch if you are into sports, in general. Even if you are simply into gymnastics, learning about the path that the other athletes took to represent the USA in the Olympics should still be inspiring enough.


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This film is a documentary about five different dreams, who are all united by their pursuit of winning it big in the Olympics. However, while they may want to seek Olympic glory, it is their desire to seek out new experiences that ultimately unite these athletes.

9. An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars (2012)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars should be the best film on this list when it comes to little girls who dream about becoming gymnasts. That’s because the star of this movie is a young girl who is barely in her teens.

The movie follows the story of the titular character, who is determined to become a successful gymnast. As such, she focuses on her strengths while overcoming all of the challenges that come along the way so that she can find the strength to once again believe in what she can do as an athlete.

10. Standing Ovation (2010)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Standing Ovation isn’t necessarily about gymnastics because it is more about dancing. However, because dancing and gymnastics have some similarities in the sense that there are different acrobatics involved in this movie, you will still love it if you are a fan of gymnastics.

The movie follows the story of five classmates who form a music group in an attempt to win one million dollars in a music video contest. Despite the limited resources that they have, these teenagers use their passion and skills to create their own dance numbers. While they may have a chance at victory, a dance group composed of five rich girls is in their way.

11. Athlete A (2020)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

In most cases, Athlete A belongs on the top of this list because of how amazing this documentary film is. However, because of how it isn’t the most approachable film for most people because of the very fact that it is quite controversial, it has to settle at this spot. But we promise you that this is one of the best documentary films about sports available today.

Athlete A follows the story of reporters from The Indianapolis Star as they expose the toxic culture inside USA Gymnastics. And they also bring to light the truth behind Dr. Larry Nassar sexually abusing the young gymnasts. This is where it becomes controversial as it might not be a film that is friendly for the entire family.

12. A State of Mind (2004)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

A State of Mind is also a great documentary film that explores gymnastics. Under normal circumstances, it should also be higher up on this list. But due to the controversial nature of this film, we have to put it on this spot instead. However, those who are interested in the stories behind the stories should find a lot of value in this film.

This film explores the Mass Games, which is a North Korean gymnastics festival that is actually two months long. These games hold a special heart in North Korea, but they can also put a lot of pressure on the young girls who are chosen to compete in the Mass Games.

The film follows two girls who have eight months to train for the 2003 Mass Games, as the filmmakers interview the girls and their families to get to know more about what it takes to perform in one of the biggest North Korean sports events.

13. A Second Chance: Rivals (2019)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

A Second Chance: Rivals is the sequel to the 2011 A Second Chance film. However, the movie takes on an entirely different approach as it explores the main character’s own second chance in life as a gymnast.

Failing to qualify for the Australian Gymnastics Olympic team, the main character decides that she could try to inspire younger gymnasts by coaching them. This allows her to rediscover her passion for gymnastics.

14. Bring it On (2000)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Bring it On isn’t necessarily a gymnastics movie, but it does have gymnastics in it because it focuses heavily on cheerleading, which is full of stunts that are quite similar to gymnastics. As such, if you love gymnastics and cheering, this should be a good movie to watch.

In this movie, we follow a high school cheerleading squad that has already come up with a killer routine that is sure to win them the national championship trophy. However, the problem is that they discover that their amazing routine was stolen by a hip-hop group from a rival school. This is where the controversy happens in this story. 

15. Bring it On: All or Nothing (2006)

15 Best Gymnastics Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Bring it On: All or Nothing is part of the entire Bring it On series of cheerleading movies. Of course, it has the same formulaic approach, but it has a different take. Again, it isn’t necessarily a gymnastics movie, but it does have a lot of it because of how cheerleading takes elements from gymnastics.

The story follows prom queen-material Britney Allen, who had to transfer to an underfunded school when her father got laid off from work. In her new school, she is recruited by the cheerleading squad and its hardnosed captain.

While Britney struggles to earn the respect of her peers in her new school, she eventually does so when she does all she can to lead her squad to victory against her old school.