20 Best Cheerleading Movies on Netflix to Stream Right Now

Best Cheerleading Movies on Netflix to Stream Right Now

Netflix’s vast library encompasses all kinds of interests and topics, if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for, you might have a hard time finding your next binge-watch, or your next favorite movie. In today’s post, we’re going to focus on cheerleading movies. Often uncovering the ugly underbelly of high-school cliques, cheerleading can be an endless source of drama, rivalry, and competition. This makes these kinds of movies a perfect guilty-pleasure watch. We’ve rummaged through the Netflix library, so you don’t have to, and found 20 best cheerleading movies currently on Netflix so let’s take a look at our list.

1. Raising The Bar (2016)

Raising The Bar 2016

Kelly Johnson is a superbly talented gymnast. There has been an accident though and she somehow ended up with a torn ACL. Nevertheless, she managed to get into an elite gymnast program which she eventually had to give up on because of her upcoming move to Australia. Once there, despite being reluctant, she decides to re-enter the gymnastics competitions in order to help out her new friend.


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2. Poms (2019)

Poms 2019

We’re used to cheerleading movies being about high-school girls or college-aged girls, our next movie, Poms, leads us through the lives of older ladies who decided to pick up pom-poms after retiring! Poms follows Martha, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

She decides she doesn’t want to get any treatment for it but feels like she needs a change of scenery. She moves to a retirement community expecting some peace and quiet in her last days, she never ever dreamed of picking up cheerleading in the twilight of her life.

3. Bring It On (2000)

Bring It On 2000
Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford, Nathan West, Gabrielle Union

Bring It On is a series of successful cheerleading movies. The first installment in the series follows the story of Torrance Shipman, she just inherited the position of cheerleading team captain. Previous team captain “Big Red” managed to win quite a few titles while she was acting as a captain and this already puts Torrance in quite an awkward position.

She’s afraid she won’t be able to live up to the expectations of her community. And this is where Missy Pantone enters. Missy is a new student at school and she auditions for a freshly opened spot on the squad. After watching the first cheerleading practice Missy accused them of copying her ex-school routine. Turns out that Big Red plagiarized the moves, and now Torrance needs to choose between saving her reputation and winning the competition.

4. Jessica Darling’s It List (2016)

Jessica Darlings It List 2016

Jessica Darling is just about to start a new stressful period of her life. She is officially a middle school student and quite frankly she has no idea how to act. Her sister comes to the rescue with her “It” list, a guide so to speak about the ins and outs of middle school popularity hierarchy and how to climb its ranks. At first, it seems like this won’t be all that hard to achieve, but in a silly twist of fate, Jessica would soon learn that some situations cannot be summed up in a few pages.

5. Kiss and Cry (2017)

Kiss and Cry 2017

Kiss and Cry is a touching movie based on a true story. It follows the life of Carley Elle Allison, an accomplished competitive figure skater, a happy and active girl whose life turned into a nightmare overnight. She was diagnosed with a rare tracheal tumor but despite the situation, she managed to stay positive throughout it all.


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Through her positivity and winning mentality, she managed to beat the tumor and promote various charities related to cancer and its research. But the happiness was only short-lived, eventually, Carley was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma in her lungs, a battle which she didn’t manage to win.

6. Bring it on Again (2004)

Bring it on Again 2004

This is the second installment in the Bring it On series of cheerleading movies. This time the story follows Whitter Smith, she just started college and was hoping to join the cheerleading team.

However, the team turns out to be extremely toxic and bursting at the seams from overwhelming amounts of drama, rivalry, and jealousy. When she was forced to choose between friendship and the team Whitter called it quits and decided to form her own cheerleading squad.

7. Work It (2020)

Work It 2020

Work It is an exciting story about determination, dedication, and how everything is possible if you try hard enough. At the beginning of the movie we meet Quinn Ackerman, she is a technical director for the local high-school cheerleading team called Thunderbirds.

Even though she has no connection to the dancing part of the routine at all, she uses her “position” on the team to get an advantage on her Duke college application. When the admissions counselor is excited to see her perform live, Quinn realizes she will have to master dancing and form her own team overnight.

8. Fired Up (2009)

Fired Up 2009
Nicholas D’Agosto (left) and Eric Christian Olsen star in Screen Gems’ comedy FIRED UP.

We’re used to seeing girls in the main roles in cheerleading movies and Fired Up decided to go in a different and unique direction. Two guys, Nick Brady, and Shawn Colfax are talented and quite popular high school football players.

One day they overhear about the cheering camp and due to the overwhelming number of girls that attend it, they decide to skip football camp and join the cheer camp instead. They liked their odds and expected to meet plenty of girls. What they didn’t expect was to fall in love with a few girls and the cheering itself.

9. Bring It On: All Or Nothing (2006)

Bring It On All Or Nothing 2006

A third installment in the Bring It On series follows Britney Allen. Britney loses her dream life overnight. One day she was the head cheerleader, dated a star quarterback, and had her own clique.

Everything changes when her father loses a job and she is forced to move into a disadvantaged city. Now Britney will have to adjust to her new status in her new school, she will have to adjust to her new family dynamics, and she will have to earn her place on the cheer team once again.

10. Senior Year (2022)

Senior Year 2022

Senior Year is a touching but at the same time hilarious movie about a girl named Stephanie Conway who landed herself in a 20-year-old coma after a cheerleading stunt gone wrong.


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Stephanie decided to become the most popular girl in school by the time she is in her senior year and she was on a good track to becoming one. Except, she had enemies in her own cheer squad who sabotaged her high-risk stunt and this consequently led to her becoming extremely injured and landed her in a coma. Now, 20 years later, Stephanie missed a huge chunk of her life, however, she is still determined to become a prom queen.

11. Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Not Another Teen Movie 2001

We’re all familiar with Not Another Teen Movie. It landed the spot on this list since it includes all possible cliches in the world of teenage movies. This of course includes a rude and catty head cheerleader out to get everyone she registers as threats, as well as the guys trying to score a date with her.

12. Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007)

Bring It On In It to Win It 2007

Two rival cheer squads are preparing for an ultimate face-off. One team The West Coast Sharks is led by Carson and the other team the East Coast Jets is led by Brooke. Carson randomly meets Penn, an interesting guy and the two immediately hit it off. What neither of them knows at the moment is that the other person belongs to the rival cheer team. The two of them will have to choose between loyalty to their squads and between loyalty to their hearts.

13. Battle (2018)

Battle 2018

Amalie leads quite a promising life, she is a talented dancer, she comes from a rich family and she is an attractive young girl. It seems like all the doors are open when it comes to opportunities and she will seemingly have a life devoid of hardships.

Everything changes when Amalie’s father goes bankrupt, suddenly all the doors close and she finds herself surrounded by people she would never socialize with before. Most importantly, she meets a street dancer Michale, who shows her the side of life she never before imagined seeing.

14. Step Sister (2018)

Step Sister 2018

Step Sisters follow Jamilah, a promising young student who hopes to eventually get into Harvard Law school. She is a talented step dancer as well. Her chances of getting into Harvard Law School are endangered by reckless acts committed by white sorority girls. She has a chance to set things right by teaching them how to step dance and helping them win a dancing competition.

15. Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)

Bring It On Fight to the Finish 2009

The fifth installment in the Bring It On series follows Catalina Cruz, a Latina who finds herself in an unlikely setting where she feels she doesn’t belong – a posh, predominantly white Malibu high school. Soon after arriving at the new school, it doesn’t take long for her to acquire some new enemies.


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She is competing for a spot on the cheer team with Avery, a wealthy and influential girl. Both Avery and Lina will soon realize how far are both of them willing to go to get what they want.

16. Cuties (2020)

Cuties 2020

If one thing Cuties is known for, it’s controversy. This highly polarizing movie introduces us to Amy, a Senegal girl living in Paris in a poor neighborhood. Lacking good role models in her life, Amy realizes that she’s bored and tired of her strict Muslim upbringing.

Instead of following in her aunt and mother’s footsteps, she becomes impressed with her neighbor Angelica and her twerking routine. Amy wants to start dancing with Angelica and this will lead to a conflict between her femininity and her culture.

17. She’s All That (1999)

Shes All That 1999

She’s All That deals with one of the best-known cliches in teen movies. Zack Siler just got cheated on and dumped by his prom queen popular girlfriend. In a fit of coping he claims that he can turn just about any girl into a prom queen. His friend challenges him to turn Laney Boggs, an unpopular and shy girl into a prom queen. At first, Zack sees Laney as a project, but soon real feelings will develop between them.

18. Man of the House (2005)

Man of the House 2005

This comedy follows Roland Sharp, a Texas ranger who got charged with keeping a team of cheerleaders safe after they’ve witnessed a murder. This is a unique and funny movie that shows us cheerleading drama from a completely different and hilarious perspective.

19. Bring It On: Cheer or Die (2022)

Bring It On Cheer or Die 2022

The last installment in the Bring It On series (so far) presents us with a shocking new direction the series started to take. The story follows Diablos, a cheer squad that is forbidden from practicing any type of dangerous and risky stunts. For that reason, they decide to use abandoned school as practice grounds. Soon after arriving at the abandoned school during Halloween weekend, they realize they are trapped inside with a serial killer.

20. Going For Gold (2018)

Going For Gold 2018

Emma is successfully climbing social and cheerleading ranks at her high school when her dad makes a decision for both of them to move to Australia. Once there, Emma is unsure how to proceed but eventually manages to befriend Hannah. Both of them get a brilliant idea of introducing cheerleading to a group of newbies at the new school.

And that’s about it, all the best cheerleading movies on Netflix. if you’re interested in more similar content, check out our list of best cheerleading movies on Lifetime!

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