50 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

Just to get you ready for a Halloween season, we have made a list of the best Halloween movies you can watch on Netflix. Netflix has a wide variety of movies, so I promise there will be something for everyone.

So go ahead, scroll through our list of best Netflix Halloween movies (number 5 is a special one), and find out which scary flick is your favorite!

Best Halloween Movies On Netflix

What are the best Halloween movies on Netflix? What about if you want to watch something new or different than what’s been done before? Here are 50 of the best Halloween movies on Netflix that will make your Halloween a scary good time. Get ready for some spine-chilling thrills and chills!

50. Escape The Undertaker

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

Escape The Undertaker is a WWE production released in 2021 and directed by Ben Simms. Tag team champions Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods will attempt to survive in a mansion haunted by the Deadman, The Undertaker. The movie highlights a conquest to find The Undertaker’s urn that apparently has secret powers in it. 

Big E’s soul is about to be taken out of his body and to avoid that, they need to do different things. The Undertaker silently watches them as they continue their journey to find the willpower and survive the night.

49. Things Heard And Seen

Things Heard And Seen is a horror film released in 2021, directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. A young couple from Manhattan moves out and shifts to the Hudson Valley. When they move in, the wife, an artist, notices that there is something weird about the house. She starts hearing creepy things when there are just two people in the house. 

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Her suspicion grows stronger when she starts seeing things as well. Now in fear, she doesn’t know what to do when she notices that there is something wrong with her husband. Creeped out and feared by it, she soon discovers dark and horrifying secrets about her husband and the house.

48. Nightbooks

Nightbooks is a dark-themed horror movie released in September 2021 and directed by David Yarovesky. The story is about a boy who, being obsessed with listening to scary stories in his childhood, is now forced to tell those stories every single night to a witch to stay alive. 

The witch keeps an eye on the boy and puts fear in him by showing terrifying things that’ll scare him for life.

47. The Strangers

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

The Strangers is an excellent film from the last decade released in May 2008 and directed by Bryan Bertino. A young couple stays in a small house for a night after returning from a wedding and finds themselves in one of the creepiest situations ever. 

A woman with a mask knocks on their door, asking for a girl. When the lady inside ignores her, she, along with another masked guy, starts stalking her and then intrudes on her house, causing massive panic and discomfort among viewers.

46. Alive

Alive is a South Korean movie released in September 2020 and directed by Cho Il-Hyung. A deadly virus has spread worldwide that forces the infected to attack the uninfected and infect them (kind of like a zombie apocalypse). 

A live streamer whose neighborhood has already been run over by the virus is trying everything to survive and makes desperate measures to stay hidden in the house without much food, Internet, or phone signals. He finds another survivor in the neighborhood and shares food and other resources while waiting for help to arrive.

45. Vampires Vs. The Bronx

Vampire vs. The Bronx is an action, comedy, and horror movie released in October 2020 and directed by Oz Rodriguez. The Bronx, a place in New York, encounters vampires and has to find a way to kill them. Lately, vampires have been on the move and have started killing people for joy. A gang gathers intel about vampires and their weaknesses after extreme hard work and determination and saves the world from this horror fest.

44. The Binding

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

The Binding, also known as Evil Eye, is a magic-themed horror movie based in Italy. A woman is going to Italy to meet with his fiancé’s mother when she faces countless hardships such as scary moments, dark magic, and losing her daughter in the midst of it. 

The Binding was released in October 2020 and directed by Domenico Emanuele de Feudis. The film itself is based on a book and has been adapted brilliantly within a low budget. 

43. In The Shadow Of The Moon

In the Shadow Of The Moon is a crime-horror movie released in September 2019 and directed by Jim Mickle. A police officer, with the obsession of becoming a detective, finds a case that occurs every nine years. After looking and researching about it, he finds many clues that this is not a typical case, but it is weird in many ways. 

He notices a similar wound on all the victims symbolizing that it is indeed a work of a single person who has some hidden motive. In the latter part of the story, time travel is introduced as well, and how the killer used it to his advantage. 

42. It Comes At Night

It Comes At Night is a psychological horror film released in April 2019 and directed and written by Trey Edward Shults. A deadly virus has taken over the world and is spreading faster than ever. Most parts of the world are already affected by it, but a single-family in America who lives far in the woods has managed to stay unaffected by it. 

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They are taking desperate measures to avoid it and are avoiding human interaction. After the contagious virus has taken control in most of the world, our main character’s father also catches it and dies. They then burn the body and bury it in a shallow grave to kill the virus present in his body.

41. Cam

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

Up next on our list of best Halloween movies on Netflix is Cam. Cam is a psychological horror film released in July 2018 and directed by Daniel Goldhaber. The story is about a girl who works as a cam girl but has told her mother that she works as a web developer. Her dream is to get in the top 50s chart, and she works really hard to achieve it. She has two loyal followers who appreciate everything she does and helps her around with little things. 

After staging a fake suicide video, her popularity rises, and she finally enters the top 50 list. This made her extremely happy, but when it came to getting her pay, she finds out that she cannot access her account and later finds out a look-alike has taken it over. She plans to take revenge but gets herself in dangerous and scary situations that scare her for life.

40. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is a horror-thriller movie released in September 2017, directed and edited by Mike Flanagan. A couple is on holiday to enjoy some time alone when the husband dies of a sudden heart attack one night. 

The wife is left handcuffed and must do everything to survive and fight the horrors and demons that reside in her. It is a pretty nerve-wracking film where the main character experiences every stage of grief and then finally breaks out and escapes.

39. The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno is an action-adventure thriller movie released in September 2015 and directed by Eli Roth. A group of activists is fighting for the survival of tribes residing deep in the Amazon forest. The group activists decide to travel to the forest to raise awareness and fight for their survival. Upon their arrival, they are captured by a tribe that eats humans to survive. 

At first, it seems that they’re pretty hospitable, but once their group members start disappearing and finding clues about their painful deaths, they plan an escape. The cannibalistic tribe knows that and stops them and brutally kills most of them while some hide in the village. Slowly, everyone is hunted down and eaten, except some who call for help and escape after help arrives a little late.

38. Unfriended

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

Unfriended is a horror movie released in April 2015, produced and directed by Levan Gabriadze. The story is about a school student who committed suicide after facing severe bullying and harassment. Our main crew notices that an unknown account joins their call. Upon investigation, they find out that it belonged to the person who committed suicide. They start experiencing more weird things, and then some of them even commit suicide themselves. 

The main gang goes to different places to settle the dispute and hopefully find nothing haunted. What they face is beyond scary as every friend dies in some cruel way or another except the main character, who becomes a depressed, loner, and dark person at the end of the story. It now has a sequel as well.

37. Monster House

Monster House is an animated horror movie released in 2006 and directed by Gil Kenan. A young boy, whose parents are out of the house for some business, invites his two friends for a sleepover. They share the story of an old man who allegedly ate his wife and confiscated anything that came close to his house. The curious kids decide to look further into it and see what really the truth is. 

They keep a close eye on the house through their telescope and then finally plan to visit it. At the start, they see many horrifying things but, in the end, learn that the old man actually cared for her wife and was waiting for her sick wife to come back home.

36. 1922

1922 is an action thriller movie released in October 2017 and directed by Zak Hilditch. The story is about a dispute between some people over the selling of a farm. When a disagreement takes place, a man and his father plan a murder. 

They kill the woman by slitting her throat and then dumping it in a well. The murderer feels extreme guilt after feeling lonely and wants to atone for his sins. The story proceeds pretty fast-paced as one action scene takes place after another.

35. The Perfection

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

The Perfection is a horror thriller movie released in May 2019 and directed by Richard Shepard. The story is about a girl who is very talented at music. She leaves her academy to take care of her terminally ill mother, but she decides to rejoin the academy after six years of her death. She, being the most talented student, attracts jealousy from others. 

One of the students drugs her by telling her it was ibuprofen when she was hungover. This drug hallucinates her and shows her weird things. She starts seeing maggots inside her body and freaks out when she finally decides to cut her arm. After realizing how this was all a preplanned move by her rival, she plans to take revenge on that person.

34. Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is a supernatural horror film released in April 2018 and directed by Jeff Wadlow. The story is about a college student who unknowingly plays a supernatural Truth or Dare game in her last year in college. 

The game seems childish, but whoever fails to complete it is killed in some way or another. Some people reveal each other’s secrets when they see distorted images of people asking them to play. Some people even ignored this and thought of it as a prank and were later killed or committed suicide.

33. Hush

Hush is a horror-thriller movie released in April 2016, directed and edited by Mike Flanagan. A masked man shows up at a house far away from the city and murders the main character’s friend by stabbing her in the neck. Panicking by seeing this, the girl inside who is deaf calls her boyfriend. When he arrives at the place, he too is brutally murdered. 

The girl decides to step up and realizes that the only way to survive is to kill him. She locks herself in the bathroom armed with a knife when he finally breaks in, about to stab her when she takes the opportunity and stabs him in the neck and waits for the police to show up.

32. The Open House

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

The Open House is a horror film released in January 2018, written and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. The Open House is a generic horror film in which a widowed woman and her teenage son move into her sister’s house until their old one sells. They start experiencing weird and creepy things but cannot do anything about it. 

When these paranormal activities increase, they call an inspector but find nothing suspicious. Unable to live in a hotel, they stay in the house, face these problems, and try to fight them to attain peace.

31. The Ritual

The Ritual is a British horror film released in October 2017, based on a novel and directed by David Bruckner. Four friends go on a hike six months after the death of a close friend killed in a robbery. One of the friends gets injured and is forced to stay in the forest for one night. Everyone starts seeing nightmares, particularly about the death of their friend. 

They are then chased down by a weird creature who imprisons them and plans to use them as a sacrifice. They fight out of it and escape after facing many injuries and hurdles.

30. Death Note

Up next on our list of best Halloween movies on Netflix we have Death Note! Death Note is a horror-thriller movie adapted from the anime and manga Death Note, released in July 2017 and directed by Adam Wingard. The story is about a high school student who gets his hands on a book that instantly kills the person when his/her name is written on it. 

The main character, who hates crimes and criminals, starts eliminating them and then kills those law authorities who try to interfere with them. Filled with arrogance, Light Yagami starts calling himself a god who serves justice and the one to achieve peace. After much investigation, his identity is finally revealed, and detectives kill him.

29. Bird Box

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

Bird Box is a horror thriller movie released in November 2018, directed by Susanne Bier. Some scary creatures have taken over the world and made people kill themselves when they look at them. One woman and her two children are doing everything they can to survive this. They wear blindfolds, so they never get to see them.

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28. The Silence

The Silence is a horror-thriller film released in April 2018 and directed by John R. Leonetti. A group of researchers discovers a new species of creatures residing deep in caves. Those things kill the researchers and head towards the loudest areas. The government announces an emergency situation and asks citizens to stay indoors and quiet. 

A family decides to leave their house and go to a quiet place to avoid all the trouble but faces various hurdles and obstacles. They have to do everything to survive and live in this dangerous world.

27. Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake is a horror-action film released in October 2019 and directed by Zak Hilditch. A woman and her daughter are in a desert when the daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake and is about to die when a woman offers to help. Later, in the hospital, a man comes in and tells them that they must kill someone to make sure she survives. 

First, ignoring what the man has said, the mother sees clues and hints that this is actually true. She finds a man who a snake has bitten; she grabs the opportunity and kills him on the spot. The doctor calls and tells her that her daughter is now in stable condition.

26. Eli

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

Eli is a horror film released in October 2019 and directed by Ciarán Foy. Eli is a kid suffering from a rare breathing disease. He is taken to a facility where he is treated. He starts experiencing weird things and finds out that the doctor has been unsuccessful in the treatment every single time. 

He finds out that she is a nun who intends to kill him as a sacrifice. He finds out he is Satan’s child and his abilities are too great for the world as he and his mother escape the burning facility.

25. Eerie

Eerie is a horror film released in March 2019 and directed by Mikhail Red. The story is about a boy who died mysteriously in a catholic school. The people there suspect that their strict teacher is behind it because she’s abusive. It is later found out what creature this school has been breeding and how dangerous it is to the people of the world.

24. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House is a horror film released in October 2016 and directed by Osgood Perkins. The story is about a retired horror stories writer who has moved into an abandoned house. She starts seeing ghosts and other paranormal activities and immediately realizes what is happening. Sometime later, she dies as well, and another family has moved in, and now she lives with them as a ghost.

23. In The Tall Grass

In The Tall Grass is an action-suspense film released in September 2019 and directed by Vincenzo Natali. Two siblings are staying in a place where they wander off to save a boy who seems to be in trouble. After reaching into the field, they realize that there is an evil presence. That evil presence starts haunting them and makes their lives miserable.

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22. The Forest

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

The Forest is a horror film released in 2016 by director Jason Zada. The story is about a woman who receives a call from Japan that her twin sister has entered the suicide forest in Japan. She flies to Japan and immediately goes to search for her. 

On her journey, she starts seeing scary things, hearing creepy things and thinking there are demons. She even sees her dead father as a ghost and attempts to kill him. In actuality, she cuts herself deep and starts bleeding out.

21. Fractured

Fractured is a horror film released in October 2019 and directed by Brad Anderson. The story is about a man who hits his head and is treated in the hospital. He asks for his family when it is revealed that there is no record of them. He later discovers that his daughter has been taken and is getting her organs taken out while his wife has been drugged. 

He kills his way through the room and gets them out. After leaving, he sees that he has captured a man who was in the middle of surgery, and he has killed his wife and daughter, and all this was a coping mechanism for him to defy this reality.

20. Apostle

Number 20 on our list of best Netflix Halloween movies is Apostle. Apostle is a crime-horror movie released in October 2018 and directed by Gareth Evans. The story is about a man whose sister is kidnapped by a cult. He goes to the island where she is kept and finds out that this mysterious island has been fertile due to animal sacrifices, and now they don’t have enough money to afford it; hence they kidnap people and murder them as a necessary sacrifice for the survival of their island.

19. Polaroid

Polaroid is a horror movie released in September 2019 and directed by Lars Klevberg. Polaroid is a camera that is possessed by some sort of demonic creature that kills anyone that captures a photo with this camera. 

Many people have come into possession of this camera, and this demon has killed all. In the end, many people have died due to this, but a girl throws the camera in the river when she sees a shadow behind her in the picture.

18. Velvet Buzzsaw

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

Velvet Buzzsaw is a horror-thriller movie released in February 2019 and directed by Dan Gilroy. The story is about a man who steals some rare portraits in a house where someone has been murdered. He sets them on display and sends some of them to storage, but the truck driver dies after the truck is set on fire. Everyone meets the same fate when they carry those pictures.

17. Sinister II

Sinister II is a generic horror movie released in August 2015 and directed by Ciaran Foy. A ghost has haunted a house, and kills and brutally murders everyone that comes in its way. Some are burned, some are hanged, some are stabbed, and everyone suffers the same thing repeatedly. 

Some inspectors look into this matter but don’t find sufficient proof to classify it as a haunted house. The paranormal activity is concluded to be a cause of the long history of murders taking place.

16. Sinister

Sinister is a horror movie released in October 2012 and directed by Scott Derrickson. A family moves into a house and finds a box filled with movies of the house. There were 11 parts in this, in which all of them showed the murder of 11 families by someone filming it. After further investigation, they start experiencing paranormal activities and are scared for their life. 

One day their child wakes up, is possessed by a ghost, kills his siblings then murders his parents as well. It is then shown that house movie part 12 has been added to the collection.

15. Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween is a comedy-horror film released in October 2020 and directed by Steven Brill. Hubie is an employee in Salem but is recognized by everyone in his town. He is made fun of by people and never taken seriously. He is a Halloween inspector who keeps an eye on any dangerous movements. A police officer gives him a duty to lure him out. 

He arrives at the maze when he finds out there is something weird happening. He sees people getting dragged into the maze and cannot be helped. At first, nobody believed him, but later, people started trusting his antics and respected him as a formidable member of society.

14. The Babysitter

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

The Babysitter is a black comedy-horror film released in 2017 and directed by McG. A boy is babysat by a person called Bee. The boy checks on what his babysitter does when he goes to sleep. He finds her playing truth and dare with high school friends. 

When one of the friends is dared to kiss her, Bee stabs him in the skull and takes his body. It is revealed that they are part of a demonic cult that kills people and takes their blood. In the end, we find out that Bee made a deal with the devil to get whatever she wants if she kills the boys and makes them sacrifice.

13. ParaNorman

ParaNorman is a comedy-horror, animated movie released in August 2012 and directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler. Norman, who is a young boy, is given a task to end a curse that has lasted for 300 years and must be put to an end before more people suffer. Norman can talk to ghosts and fulfill his promise by going on adventures, working hard, and finally ending the witch’s curse.

12. Hotel Transylvania III

Hotel Transylvania III is a comedy-monster film released in July 2018 and is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. Drac has an arch-nemesis who is working hard to get revenge on him, while Drac is depressed over the fact that he’s still single. 

He and the rest of the hotel go on a vacation where he meets a lady he likes. It is later revealed that she is the great-granddaughter of his rival and has planned his demise. Johnny finds a way to defeat him through music and later returns to the hotel, where Drac proposes to the girl as she happily accepts.

11. Hotel Transylvania II

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

Hotel Transylvania II was released in September 2015 and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. The second part of Hotel Transylvania shows the new couple’s life of Johnny and Mavis, who visit the human world along with their son. Drac’s dad is opposed to the fact that the child has not yet become a Dracula, and he will not accept him. Later on, when enemies infiltrate and try to kill the people of the hotel, the grandpa saves the child, and the kid himself becomes a Dracula when put in a deadly situation.

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10. Hotel Transylvania 

Hotel Transylvania is the first part of this trilogy released in 2012 by Genndy Tartakovsky. A hotel far away and hidden from the human population is inhabited by creatures such as Dracula, monsters, giants, etc. No one discovered it when one man named Johnny finds and starts living in it. Drac, who can’t sacrifice the reputation of the hotel, hides that he’s a human. Johnny falls in love with his daughter, but Drac disapproves because of the deep hatred he bares for humans. After some events and action, he agrees to their wedding and ends the movie at a music dance party.

9. The Conjuring

The Conjuring & Annabelle Movies in Order: The Scariest Guide

Conjuring is a horror movie released in July 2013 and directed by James Wan. The story is about a family who moves into a house haunted by a ghost. The ghost possesses their mother and slowly takes control of her, and starts doing demonic things. When she is fully possessed, she kidnaps her daughters and attempts to kill them, but they had the help of professional ghostbusters who were extremely skilled in this and had a vast knowledge about this.

8. The Conjuring II

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

The next addition to our list of best Halloween movies on Netflix is Conjuring! Conjuring two is the second part released in May 2016 and directed by James Wan. The story follows ghost occults Ed and Lorraine, who have been summoned by a family that has been affected by paranormal activities. After some investigation, they think it was all staged and leave their house when Lorraine is contacted by a ghost begging to be released by a powerful entity. 

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They immediately go back but see that it may have already been too late. Ed somehow gets in the house and saves them, escaping death himself in one of the most heart-wrenching encounters in their whole life.

7. Winchester

Winchester is a supernatural horror film released in February 2018 and directed by The Spierig Brothers. A widowed woman believes that she has been cursed by the people who lived in this house and died. She blames her husband and kid’s death on them and starts to construct a mansion so big that it seems like a never-ending house. 

People who lived there start getting possessed by demons and don’t let them go no matter what they do. The ghost in the house killed without any hesitation which made the woman angry. This resulted in her getting the ghost out and sending him to hell.

6. House Of The Witch

House of the witch is a horror film released in 2017. The film is about teenagers who find a house to party in as it is Halloween. They are trapped inside by a witch who wants to kill them all as they enter the house. She has been terrorizing everyone who has set foot in the house in the past and then murders them. She will try to do the same thing with the group and will not take a break until she succeeds.

5. It: Chapter II

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

‘It’ Chapter II was released in September 2019 and was directed by Andy Muschietti. This is the second part in which our old gang reunites after 27 years to kill Pennywise, the clown, once and for all. They have almost forgotten what fear and terror they faced and how they narrowly escaped. Pennywise, who will resurface once more, will look to take revenge and kill more people than ever before to compensate for the last time.

4. Annabelle

Annabelle is a horror film released in 2014 and directed by John R. Leonetti. The story is about a possessed doll that has spread fear by killing and scaring people. It has been the toughest demonic possession for ghost occults, and they cannot do anything except keep it in a glass wardrobe.

3. A Quiet Place

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

A Quiet Place is an action horror movie released in 2018 and directed by John Krasinski. The story is about a world where creatures hunt people when they hear a noise and kill them. Only one known family has survived and is doing everything they can to live another day. 

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They take desperate measures to be quiet at all times and even learn sign language. In the end, the main character dies when he sacrifices himself for his family. A sequel to this movie is yet to be released.

2. Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle comes home is the second installment of this series released in June 2019 and directed by Gary Dauberman. Annabelle, who is confined in a sacred glass, cannot escape, but she summons many ghosts to attack Ed but doesn’t succeed. Out of curiosity, the babysitter of their daughter checks their basement and accidentally leaves the glass open. 

After that, all hell breaks loose as she, being the most powerful, becomes the toughest thing Ed and Lorraine have ever faced.

1. It

50 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix 2021

We finish our list of best Halloween movies on Netflix with “IT”. ‘It’ is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel and was released in September 2017 and directed by Andy Muschietti. It became arguably the biggest movie in the horror movies genre and grossed much more than any other movie taking over The Conjuring. 

Pennywise, the clown, drags a kid into the sewer after biting off his arm. Pennywise returns after every 27 years to eat children and whoever he wants. He has big teeth, a big forehead, and a scary face that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

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