15 Best Halo Weapons of All Time


Like any sci-fi action game, Halo isn’t short on weapons that the player can use to kill aliens and fellow players alike. There are plenty of different types of weapons that cater to different playing styles in the Halo video game franchise. But while the weapons in this game are just as good as the players who are using them, there are still weapons that tend to stand out in terms of how iconic and strong they are. That’s why we are here to rank the greatest Halo weapons of all time.

15. Fuel Rod Cannon

H2A Render FuelRodGun

Hunters are some of the strongest Covenant enemies in the entire game and are very difficult to kill as well. On top of that, they also hit like a truck, thanks to their powerful weapons. The good news is that you can be just as strong as a hunter as well, thanks to the Fuel Rod Cannon, which is one of the trademark weapons of a Hunter.


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The Fuel Rod Cannon is like the counterpart of the UNSC Rocket Launcher because it functions in a similar way. This means that it is a heavy-hitting weapon that may not have the same kind of versatility as a rifle but is very powerful in the right hands. On top of that, it has a larger capacity than a Rocket Launcher, and that means that you’ll be able to destroy plenty of opponents when you are able to aim precisely using this great weapon.

14. Plasma Rifle


One of the first weapons introduced in the Halo franchise is the Plasma Rifle because it was already included in Halo: Combat Evolved as the Covenant’s counterpart for the Assault Rifle often used by the UNSC. While it isn’t the strongest weapon that you can use in the game, it is pretty cool because of how it comes with a design that you don’t often see in other weapons. And that makes it pretty iconic in its own right.

The Plasma Rifle can also be a good weapon in the right hands, although it isn’t necessarily the strongest. It can be pretty useful in a lot of different situations, especially when you have put in the necessary hours to learn how to use it effectively. That said, it ended up becoming obsolete when Halo 4 replaced it with the Storm Rifle and when Halo Infinite included it with the Pulse Carbine.

13. Shock Rifle

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle

What you’re going to love about the Shock Rifle is that it is a pretty strong weapon that seems to be a combination between the Sniper Rifle and the Plasma Pistol and is pretty effective in combat when you know how to use it the right way. On top of that, it is also one of the most uncommon weapons when compared to other first-person shooting games.

The Shock Rifle is actually pretty strong if you are an expert at headshots because of how it can cause instant death for most enemies. On top of that, the Shock Rifle can drain shields pretty quickly, even if it just glances your enemy. This is why the Shock Rifle can be useful in multiplayer games because it can bring down shields of multiple enemies pretty quickly and can help assist players with weapons that are built for killing.

12. Plasma Grenade

can tuncer cov grenade 1600 5500 1

If there’s one area where the Covenant tends to be superior compared to the UNSC, then it should be their grenade technology. That’s because Covenant grenades seem to be very powerful and are very useful in a lot of situations. Of course, our favorite grenade is the Plasma Grenade, which is quite possibly the strongest grenade in the entire game.

What we love about the Plasma Grenade is that it sticks onto an enemy and can instantly kill. This means that it is very entertaining to use and can be quite utilitarian in a lot of different situations. While it doesn’t have the same versatility as a gun, it can be very useful in certain situations that call for the use of a grenade. And because the Plasma Grenade is the strongest grenade in the game, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it.

11. Assault Rifle


The Assault Rifle tends to be one of the default weapons that you start out with whenever you play a multiplayer game. In that regard, this is actually a standard weapon that most weapons tend to have in their hands most of the time, and that is why it is very iconic and can be quite strong. Because the Assault Rifle is one of the weapons you will end up having to use a lot of times, there is a need for every great Halo player to master it. Of course, mastering the Assault Rifle means that you are basically a master of the game as well.

While it doesn’t stand out in a lot of different areas, the Assault Rifle tends to be great when it comes to its versatility because of how well-rounded it is. It comes with a solid clip size that will allow you to fire a lot of bullets for a long time. On top of that, it does well in almost any range, and that means that you can stick with this gun throughout an entire game without feeling inferior. 

10. SAW

1200px H5G Render SAW

Known as the M739 Light Machine Gun, the SAW is basically the better version of the classic Assault Rifle because of how it is a lot more versatile and a lot easier to use than the standard weapon. Since it was introduced in Halo 4, the SAW has become a favorite among different weapons due to its all-around capabilities.

What we love about the SAW is that it has a damage output that is a lot better than most other automatic weapons in the game and has an accuracy that is quite surprising, given the fact that it is able to pump out rounds at a rapid pace. This means that it is a very reliable weapon that can be very dangerous in the right hands, especially when it comes to short and midrange battles.

9. Gravity Hammer

H5G Render GravityHammer

The Halo franchise began with the Elites being the big bad guys that served as the most trusted warriors by the Prophets in the Covenant. However, because of their failure in the first Halo game, they were replaced by the Brutes. While the Brutes aren’t as smart and as skilled as the Elites, they are bigger, stronger, and more brutal than them. And their strength and brutality can be seen in their signature melee weapon, the Gravity Hammer.


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Considering that Brutes look like they are apes that are crossed with bears, they need a weapon that looks more aggressive and more painful than the Energy Swords that the Elites use. This is where the Gravity Hammer comes in as a big, loud, and very powerful weapon that can easily take out multiple enemies at one go. And its splash damage can be very useful in a lot of different melee situations.

8. Shotgun

1200px H2A M90Shotgun

Shotguns have always been staples in different FPS games because of how iconic these guns are. While the Halo version of the shotgun is understandably more technologically sound compared to the shotguns we usually see in other games, it still is a shotgun in every sense of the word. That is why the Shotgun is one of the best weapons you can use in Halo.

What we like about the Halo Shotgun is the fact that it is a very reliable weapon in close-quarter combat because of how basic yet very effective it is. There really is nothing special about the Shotgun except for the fact that it is a solid weapon that is similar to the classic shotgun you see in most games. It has a good clip and an acceptable rate of fire that will make it very dangerous when used by a skilled Halo player who doesn’t mind getting close enough to enemies to kill them with a few rounds.

7. Plasma Pistol

1200px H5G Plasma Pistol

Yes, the Plasma Pistol is a standard sidearm that the Covenant use in the game, and that’s why a lot of players tend to brush it off as a last-resort weapon that they should only use when their primary firearm has already run out. But the fact of the matter is that this is a very useful weapon when it comes to certain situations that require you to use every weapon you have at your disposal.

The best part about the Plasma Pistol is that it has a charged shot that can deplete enemy shields well enough, and this will allow you to go for the headshot kill. This gun is light, swift, and very underrated, and those qualities make it a great weapon to use in Halo. There have been plenty of players who were able to stand out against their opponents just by knowing how to properly use a Plasma Pistol.

6. Rocket Launcher

halo infinite dec 2020 rocket launcher

Another classic weapon that you almost always find in a lot of shooter games is the Rocket Launcher. You may have also noticed that this weapon is also almost always one of the strongest you can find in any game, and there’s a good reason why, as the Rocket Launcher is able to kill multiple enemies in one go. Then there’s the fact that this weapon is also very powerful in Halo.

Halo’s Rocket Launcher has always been used as a weapon that can help turn the tides in certain situations. It might not have the versatility of a rifle, but this weapon can clear out rooms, destroy a vehicle, or take out multiple enemies with a single shot. As such, it stands as one of the strongest weapons in the game, even though it might not be the best in all-around situations.

5. Sniper Rifle

1200px HReach SRS99AM SniperRifle RightSide

Of course, there is always room for the Sniper Rifle in the top five of the strongest weapons in Halo because it can be the deadliest weapon in the entire game when used the right way. And this isn’t something that’s unique to Halo because the same holds true in most first-person shooter games, as a sniper that is positioned strategically and is skilled at using the weapon can be the MVP of any team.

The reason why the Sniper Rifle in Halo can be the deadliest weapon in the game is that it can instantly take out enemies with one shot to the head or a few shots to the body. Of course, you can take them out from a far distance without having to worry about your enemies getting too close to you to retaliate. This is why this weapon has always been a mainstay for most teams in Halo because the only way for you to take out a sniper is to have a sniper or to find a way to get close to them without getting seen.

4. Pistol

d2 halo pistol

The different pistols in the Halo games have undergone several changes, but none of them can stand up to what the original Pistol in Halo: Combat Evolved could do because this sidearm was a broken weapon that can be effective in almost any kind of situation. While it isn’t the strongest weapon to use in the first Halo game, it still is one of the best.


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Halo’s original pistol was almost broken not only because it had a 2x optical zoom but because its damage output was somewhat questionable for a gun that small. As such, it was a dominant weapon to use in multiplayer, despite not having the best range or the best damage. The fact that it is a light weapon that’s easy to use but is capable of doing serious damage made it a favorite.

3. Needler


One of the weirdest yet most effective weapons in the entire Halo franchise is the Needler. It looks like a bird beak that fires pink bullets that scream alien technology. Of course, this weapon looks as alien as any weapon that Halo has ever made. But while it might not have been the best weapon when it was first introduced, it eventually became a powerful weapon in Halo Infinite.

In the latest Halo game, this weapon can do a lot of damage very quickly. This is why a lot of players tend to seek out this potent firearm in the game. Nevertheless, it can still be quite tricky because of the delay in between the explosion of the needles. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it is a powerful weapon that you should master if you want to dominate in Halo.

2. Battle Rifle


If you want versatility in Halo, then there is no weapon that is as versatile as the Battle Rifle, which stands as one of the favorite weapons among different Halo players. And the fact that it is very versatile is what makes it one of the most powerful weapons in the entire Halo franchise ever since it was first introduced in Halo 2.

The reason why the Battle Rifle is one of the best weapons to use in the game is the fact that it gives you a good chance of winning any encounter you find yourself into because it is effective in any kind of situation. That isn’t something that you can say about any other weapon in the game because they tend to stand out in only a few specific situations. But the Battle Rifle can just about be useful in any situation imaginable, and that’s why it should be the best primary weapon to use for those who prefer guns.

1. Energy Sword

40 energy sword halo igns top 100 video game weapo y65r.1280.jpg

While the Battle Rifle is the strongest firearm in the game from an overall aspect, we favor the Energy Sword as the best weapon in Halo. This weapon was reverse-engineered from the technology of the Covenant Elites, who are the only ones other than the Spartans skilled enough to use this weapon. And the reason is that this weapon is literally and figuratively a double-edged sword.

In the right hands, the Energy Sword can clear out rooms in a hurry and can be very useful in melee fights if you manage to get yourself close enough. But if you can’t find a way to close the distance, you are going to find yourself dead in a hurry. Still, despite its apparent weakness, the Energy Sword is as strong as it is iconic because it can instantly kill enemies and can be the best weapon in the entire game when the circumstances are right.

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