30 Best Korean Shows To Watch on Netflix


Netflix is a treasure trove of different shows that were produced internationally, and that is why there are plenty of great Korean series that you can watch in the streaming giant. Korean shows are taking over the world because of their high-quality production and engaging storylines. So, if you are looking for a good Korean show to watch on Netflix, we have a good list that will keep you binging for days.

30. The Reply Series (2012-2016)


The Reply Series stands as one of the most popular dramas that you can find on the Korean section of Netflix. This series ran for four years and had different Reply shows based on different years, such as 1997, 1994, and 1988. 

So, the story actually follows a group of friends and their kids telling the story of their current days while also reliving their younger years through flashbacks. And what makes it amazing is that it has a good soundtrack and great characters that only make the series so much fun for K-drama fans out there.

29. Vincenzo (2021)

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Vincenzo is a mafia-style Korean drama that follows a story that focuses on organized crime, but the thing about the way this story flows is the fact that it comes with all of the amazing things that make a good Korean show good. It has a good combination of romance, drama, and action, all while following a serious tone that anyone will enjoy. 

The story follows Vincenzo, who works as a Korean lawyer that lived within an Italian mafia family. However, he has to flee the country after his father’s death, and that is what takes him to Korea. In Korea, he needs to recover a stash of gold hidden under an old apartment building, as he is forced to work with the eccentric citizens living in said building while also working together with a righteous lawyer who has a vendetta against the corrupt company looking to demolish the building.

28. Hospital Playlist (2020 – Present)

Hospital Playlist season 2 k drama netflix renewed 1

Hospital Playlist is what you can call a somewhat Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy, as it follows the same kind of medical drama that can be fun and heartwarming to watch. And while it might be a good medical drama, it is less dramatic than your usual western medical shows because of how it takes a lighter tone.

The story follows five best friends who have all been together since medical school for 20 years. They all work in the same hospital but are in different fields. Still, despite working busy schedules, they manage to find a way to support one another and be there for each other through any of the hardships they go through in life. As such, it is more of a story of friendship that can be heartwarming and touching.

27. Signal (2016)


Signal is a series that is quite similar to western crime shows like CSI because it follows the same format. As such, if you are a fan of crime shows, it might be a good idea for you to try to watch Signal. And the best part is that it follows the story of a real-life serial killer in Korea.

As mentioned, Signal revolves around a real-life serial killer, as a mysterious walkie-talkie allows a detective all the way from the 80s to communicate with a criminal profiler based on the modern day. The profiler uses this walkie-talkie to solve cases that have gone cold for a while. And the best part about this series is that it has won numerous awards, and that should be enough to convince you to go see it.

26. Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020)

Mystic Pop up Bar mp01

Mystic Pop-up Bar is a fantasy series that should be great for those who love a good show that follows a bit of fantasy with drama. And the best part is that it takes a lighthearted approach to the life-after-death genre that makes it so interesting to watch for anyone.


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The show focuses on a person who had already seen her death but could not pass into the afterlife until she is able to solve the problems of 100,000 souls. But because she didn’t have a way to find lost souls, she decided to open a pop-up bar that allowed her to attract the souls. And with the help of a former afterlife detective, her life is made easier as she solves all sorts of different problems.

25. Because This Is My First Life (2017)


If you want to watch a Korean drama that is a little bit close to real life and to the real problems that people often face on a regular basis, Because This Is My First Life is a great show to follow because of how it uses an approach that may be quite relatable to a lot of people out there.

Because This Is My First Life follows the life of two roommates who are already in their 30s but aren’t in the best place financially. They decided to become housemates for financial reasons and then ended up entering into a marriage out of convenience so that they could make their families happy. And this is where they ended up falling in love with one another in a show that is quite funny and romantic.

24. Itaewon Class (2020)

Itaewon Class mp1

One of the most popular Netflix Korean series over the past few years is Itaewon Class, which is great because of how it is actually quite relatable in the modern sense, especially if you happen to live in the big city where you need to be able to learn how to handle a business and make friends.

Itaewon Class follows the story of a character who ended up in prison due to a fatal accident that killed his father. After his release, he decided to open a restaurant in Itaewon in Seoul, as he wanted to take revenge on the food conglomerate Jangga, which was responsible for changing his life. His business expands as he gets help from different friends who are both new and old in his life.

23. Run On (2020)

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Run On is another Korean drama that has a closer-to-life theme that can be quite relatable to a lot of people. And you are going to love this series if you prefer watching shows that are quite close to the boy-meets-girl genre that tends to be quite popular in the bigger romantic genre in movies and shows.


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The story follows a hardworking movie translator who lost her job when she stood up to her professor. Meanwhile, she meets a boy who happens to come from a prominent family and is actually a sprinter on the national team. The circumstances of their meeting were less than ideal, but they were forced to work together when the boy needed an English interpreter for his international tour.

22. Stranger (2017)

Secret Forest Poster2

If you are a fan of the best leading actresses in all of Korea, you will love Stranger because it follows Bae Doona, who has always been one of the most popular celebrities in the country due to her amazing performances. And the best part about Stranger is that it has been mentioned by the New York Times among some of the best TV shows to watch from 2017.

Stranger takes on a more serious approach to its story as a police officer works with a prosecutor in a murder case. But, get this, the prosecutor lost his sense of empathy and lacked basic social skills after surgery due to his hypersensitivity to certain sound frequencies. As the duo work together, they find out that their efforts were all in vain due to a web of corruption and conspiracy.

21. Start-Up (2020)

korean drama start up

Those who love watching shows that are based on Silicon Valley stories in California would love the fact that Start-Up takes on a similar theme that can be quite relatable to those who are in the middle of struggling with their own start-ups, especially in a tech industry that is only continuing to become more congested every single day.

Start-Up focuses on the story of a group of young adults who are developing their own start-up companies in a very competitive tech industry. However, as the main character focuses on her own start-up, she realizes that a person from her past ends up joining her company, as personal relationships get entangled with her larger goals.

20. A Love So Beautiful (2020)


A Love So Beautiful is actually adapted from a Chinese drama that you can also watch on Netflix. This means that you can compare the two shows to see which of them you prefer, but they are equally good.

The story of this series follows a group of friends who are growing up together. They face certain problems that most young people tend to face, such as unrequited love, family issues, and the common high school drama. So, of course, it’s a story that allows you to see characters coming into age.

19. Memories Of The Alhambra (2018)

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If you are a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, Memories Of The Alhambra should be a good story for you to follow because of how it is able to combine AR with real-life issues that a lot of people can relate to, especially if you are someone who loves to play games.

Memories Of The Alhambra follows the story of a game developer who created an addictive alternate reality game that uses high-tech lenses so that people can battle in the real world. It’s quite similar to the technology used in the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale anime movie. But the problem in this film is that a bug was found in the game, as the developer tries to fix it, all while managing his life as a developer with his own romantic interests as well.

18. Mr. Sunshine (2018)

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Don’t get confused with the title of this series because it is far from the happy series that you might think it is. And this series is far from being about rainbows and sunshine because of how it follows a quite tumultuous era in the history of Korea.

Mr. Sunshine follows the story of a tale of activists who are trying to fight for Korea’s independence in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty era. As such, you probably already know where this series takes you, as it is quite interesting to follow for history buffs that know a thing or two about what happened during that era.

17. Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)


This Korean drama is actually an adaptation of the US TV series entitled Younger. So, for those who loved the US version of the series, the Korean version is just as good or even better, depending on which between them you prefer.

Romance Is A Bonus Book follows the story of a young and gifted editor working for a publishing company. However, he ends up finding himself entangled with a former copywriter looking for a job. And, of course, like any Korean drama, they end up developing feelings for one another in a great rom-com that you might want to enjoy alone or with a loved one.

16. Lovestruck In The City (2020)

lovestruck in the city 3.jpg

Lovestruck In The City will initially look like your usual romance Korean drama because of how it looks like it doesn’t have anything unique regarding its story. But then again, you will be surprised to see how this series is actually quite unique in the romance genre.

What makes Lovestruck In The City unique is that it uses a documentary style of telling a love story in the sense that the characters are telling a story through an interview. They share their different experiences in the past, as they each watch each other’s interviews while learning that they all have something in common.

15. My Mister (2018)


This series might be a love story at first glance, but the thing about My Mister is that it actually uses an approach that you may find to be quite satisfying if you are tired of the common romance Korean drama that you often see on TV.

My Mister follows the story of a character who is actually working a temporary job while in the middle of financial troubles. She ends up developing a platonic relationship with one of her supervisors, as they learn to help each other navigate through their own problems in life. This makes it a heartwarming series that doesn’t use the common boy-meets-girl storyline that you often see on television.

14. When The Camellia Blooms (2019)

When The Camellia Blooms stars one of the best romantic comedy actresses in Gong Hyo Jin, who has seen her fair share of amazing shows. This means that you should already know what to expect from this series, as it stars a really good actress that can make your heart scream.

But the thing about When The Camellia Blooms is that you need to be a bit patient with its storyline because it can get a bit confusing for those who don’t watch it carefully. It can be dizzying because of how it involves a lot of different narratives, such as a single mom, a serial killer, and the drama surrounding a small town. You might get lost along the way, but it’s going to be an amazing ride once you get hooked.

13. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019)

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Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung is what we would call the Korean version of Little Women because it follows a similar plot. This is a period drama that you are going to love because of how it was able to combine multiple elements of a great period drama into one great show.

The series follows the story of a noble lady in the Joseon Dynasty. She is single and is working her way up the ladder as a historian. From there, she meets a handsome prince who secretly writes novels under a different name. Of course, the stories of the two characters clash in what is a relationship that carries societal risks.

12. Record Of Youth (2021)

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One of the best coming-of-age Korean dramas that you can watch on Netflix is Record of Youth, which tells the story of a group of young adults who are trying to reach their dreams in a somewhat difficult and cutthroat entertainment industry. This will allow teenagers and young adults alike to relate to the different characters in the story, as each character tells a different story.

Each character in this series has a dream to chase. One wants to be a model and a famous actor, while the other one wants to be a makeup artist. Then there are others who want to become famous in the entertainment industry as well. In that regard, you will be able to see the struggles of each character, as you have to look at their stories from their different perspectives so that you can relate to what they go through.

11. The Uncanny Counter (2020 – Present)


The Uncanny Counter is one of the most unique shows you can find on Netflix because of how it was able to approach fantasy and everyday drama into a great and fun experience that’s perfect for everyone who simply wants to binge through an entire series in one night.

In this story, the Counters are talented demon hunters who work at a noodle shop during the day and spend the evenings destroying evil spirits that escape from the afterlife after their shifts. The series is full of fun and excitement, especially if you love action, adventure, and character development. There is even a second season that you have to anticipate.

10. Hotel Del Luna (2019)


Hotel Del Luna is another one of those popular fantasy series that you need to watch on Netflix, regardless of whether you may be a fan of the genre or not. That’s because this series was able to combine fantasy and romance in a really good show that you shouldn’t miss.

The series follows the story of a hotel manager who was asked to run a hotel that caters to dead souls. As he is working on his new job, he steadily learns more about what the hotel is about while also getting to learn more about the owner as well as the different dead people who have visited the establishment.

9. Hellbound (2021 – Present)


One of the most recent Netflix shows that can blow your mind in terms of its overall plot and how relatable it is in the grander scheme of today’s society is Hellbound, which can be a polarizing show because of how it tackles religion and its many flaws.


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The story of this series focuses on a group of religious people who are taking advantage of a weird phenomenon that has been sweeping the globe. An “angel of death” visits people to tell them that they are bound for hell at an exact time, and when that time comes, hellish creatures arrive to make the person suffer and then burn their soul all the way to hell. The first season tackles the corruption of the religious group taking advantage of the situation, as the second season might end up telling us more about what the phenomenon is all about.

8. Hometown Cha Cha Cha (2021)

If you are looking for something that is on the lighter side of the spectrum after watching all of those horror and fantasy shows, Hometown Cha Cha Cha should be a good choice for just about anyone because it follows the same story as a good Hallmark movie in terms of its overall plot (but with much better acting).

The story revolves around a big-city dentist who decides to open a clinic in a small seaside town on a whim because she loved it when her family visited it long ago. However, she isn’t fully prepared for the quick transition. Here comes the town’s darling, who likes helping people out in whatever way he can because he can do all sorts of jobs. The two people end up meeting through the hand of fate.

7. Vagabond (2019)


One of the best action shows you can watch on Netflix is Vagabond, which is a great Korean series that follows a great actor who is well-known for being an amazing starring lead and a capable stuntman in his own right as well. And once you begin watching this series, trust us when we say that you will be able to binge it in a single day.

Vagabond follows the story of Lee Seung-gi’s character, who becomes involved in a dangerous web of corruption that is related to the plane crash that included his nephew. This means that this show is going to be full of spy-like action, as you get to enjoy something that you normally don’t see on Korean television.

6. Crash Landing On You (2019)

cloy 2

Also known as CLOY, Crash Landing On You is one of the all-time greats when it comes to Korean drama because it is that good. Of course, it is interesting to note that the co-stars of this series actually became real-life sweethearts and are getting married. This goes to show how great the chemistry is between them.

CLOY follows the story of a South Korean heiress who, while paragliding, lands in North Korea. As she tries to survive, she meets a North Korean army officer who stops at nothing to protect her while she is lost in enemy borders. They eventually begin a love story that transcends borders in a literal sense.

5. Sweet Home (2020)

sweet home 4.jpg

Sweet Home is one of the most action-packed Korean shows you can find on Netflix, as it combines fantasy in a gruesome and gory post-apocalyptic tale that will get your heart pumping. And this is not for the fainthearted because of how it can be quite emotionally stressful.

The story follows a group of people trapped in an apartment building in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world where people are mysteriously turning into monsters. As such, the group struggles to fight for survival while making sure that they don’t succumb to whatever it is that is turning them into hellish creatures.

4. All Of Us Are Dead (2022)

All of Us Are Dead.jpg

One of the newest Korean shows that you can watch on Netflix is the hit series All Of Us Are Dead, which follows a similar formula to the zombie apocalypse genre but was able to combine it with high school drama. If you have seen the hit HBO show Euphoria, you can imagine All Of Us Are Dead as a similar series but with zombies.


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All Of Us Are Dead follows a group of high school students trapped in their school, as their city is in the middle of a zombie virus outbreak that threatened to spread to the rest of the country. They fight to survive the outbreak while also getting learn more about one another in an amazing story that is all about survival and growth as a person.

3. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

Its Okay to Not Be Okay tvn poster 1

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is more of a fairytale than a true-to-life story because of how it follows a theme that is quite emotional and has elements of fantasy. And trust us when we say that this is going to make you cry tears as you bawl your heart out.

The story follows a children’s book author suffering from a personality disorder as he meets an empathetic health care owner who has suffered a rough past. As the two get to know one another, they help each other heal from the wounds that they suffered so that they can move forward. This series is so good that it was able to earn a spot in New York Times as one of the best shows of 2020.

In this fairy tale, an empathetic health care worker with a tragic past meets a children’s book author with a personality disorder. As the two get to know each other, they form a slow-burning romance that helps them both emotionally heal and move forward. The New York Times named this romantic drama series one of “The Best International Shows of 2020.”

2. Squid Game (2021)

squid game rules

Squid Game is another one of the most popular shows of 2021 as this series deals with the ugliness of the human soul in every way while also showing us that people can be kind in a world that’s full of personalities that won’t hesitate to take advantage of other people.


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The series follows the story of different people who have outstanding debts, as they were invited to take part in a gameshow-like environment that allows them to win a ton of money at the end. However, the games they play actually kill them off one by one, as only one person is allowed to win it all in this highly emotionally stressful series.

1. Kingdom (2019 – Present)


Arguably the best Korean series you can ever watch on Netflix is Kingdom, which is quite unique in the zombie apocalypse genre because of how different its take is. Because of how popular it is, it has a total of two seasons and a spin-off movie that talks about the beginning of the zombie outbreak.

Kingdom follows the story of a prince who was sent out to investigate a mysterious illness that was steadily taking over people in the kingdom in this period drama. It turned out that this illness was turning people into mindless zombies, as the prince struggled to help save his people from the outbreak that threatened the survival of everyone in the kingdom.

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