30 Best Lost Ark Mounts & How To Get Them


Lost Ark features a ton of awesome and classic MMORPG aspects, including the use of numerous Mounts. While Mounts do not typically grant significant advantages, they can greatly increase the quality of gameplay. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the most powerful Mounts in Lost Ark and how to get each of them.

Best Lost Ark Mounts and How To Get Them

There are around 150 different Mounts in Lost Ark, with new Mounts being added over time. Mounts in Lost Ark are account-bound, they cannot be sold, destroyed, or dismantled, and they can add great value to the overall experience.

Mounts in Lost Ark also offer numerous unique skills, including a greater range of jumping, enhanced speed, and other handy effects, which cannot be rerolled or changed and involve a cooldown. While uncommon Mounts can be easier to obtain, they may have less than 2 skills – or, none at all.

As a result, Lost Ark players are itching to get their hands on the Mounts providing the best boosts and bonuses. Below is a summary of the best Mounts in Lost Ark, all offering 3 skills each, ranked according to their rarity with all Mount Icons thanks to the Lost Ark Codex:

No.IconMount NameTop Varieties
1Snowflake ReindeerSnowflake Reindeer1
2Golden NaruniNaruni4
3Auf ShutenAuf Shuten6
4Azure Soul VanguardSoul Vanguard2
5Intrepid ChamkuriChamkuri7
6Dantier RoaderDantier Roader8
7Blossom Unicorn FloatUnicorn Float5
8Dyorika WarhorseDyorika Warhorse1
9Golden Rhinoceros BeetleGolden Rhinoceros Beetle1
10Hatred Ghost HorseGhost Horse5
11Chief MingoChief Mingo1
12Sweet RollysnowRollysnow6
13Flashing ThundercloudCloud3
14Cookie PinataPiñata7
15Coral Armor WagonArmor Wagon5
16Night Pumpkin WagonPumpkin Wagon4
19Courageous Snow White Mountain ArmyMountain Army8
20Lost Ark BubbleBubble6
21Snow BikeSnow Bike3
22Unique Red CloudUnique Red Cloud1
23Vernese ElkVernese Elk1
25Steife BriseSteife Brise5
26Golden TerpeionGolden Terpeion1
27Wingsuit BikeWingsuit Bike5
29Suite RoomSuite Room1
30Wind Mane MustangWind Mane Mustang1

1. Snowflake Reindeer (Legendary)

The Snowflake Reindeer Mount is a mysterious deer, only found in extremely cold conditions. The ornaments on its body glisten like frost crystals under lights when it runs, and it has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Snowflake ReindeerSnowflake ReindeerPurchasable in the Cash Shop for 720 Purple Crystals

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Snowflake (5s)
  • Frost festival (8s)
  • Cool Pose (8s)

2. Naruni (Relic)

There are many variants of Naruni, but only Dark Naruni, Golden Naruni, Bronze Naruni, and Aqua Naruni have 3 skills. These Naruni grew large and powerful after receiving an Elemental’s Blessing, and have 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Dark NaruniDark NaruniUse relic Item
‘Mount: Dark Naruni’, during future Events
Golden NaruniGolden NaruniCan be obtained after collecting sufficient Island Souls
Bronze NaruniBronze NaruniUse relic Item
‘Mount: Bronze Naruni’, during future Events
Aqua NaruniAqua NaruniUse relic Item
‘Mount: Aqua Naruni’, during future Events

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Small Talk (5s)
  • Pool of Light (10s)
  • Heart of the Island (10s)

3. Auf Shuten (Relic)

Auf Shuten is a mobile Heavy Walker, created by Airst of the Arthetine Technology Department. It comes in various colors, offering exceptional style and comfort for its riders and providing 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Auf ShutenAuf Shuten
(B, C, G, R, S, Y)
Use relic item
‘Mount: Auf Shuten’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Hello, Friend! (8s)
  • Shy (8s)
  • Keep Going, Friend! (8s)

4. Soul Vanguard (Relic)

Soul Vanguard is a sacred creature, leading souls to another world. It has an incredibly cryptic aura that is distinct and unforgettable, and it has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Azure Soul VanguardAzure Soul VanguardUse relic item:
‘ Mount: Azure Soul Vanguard’
Dark Soul VanguardDark Soul VanguardUse relic item:
‘ Mount: Dark Soul Vanguard’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Roar! (5s)
  • Tiger Energy (5s)
  • Eating (5s)

5. Chamkuri (Legendary)

The Chamkuri Mount is a mysterious Llama-like animal that only inhabits Rohendal. It’s very well-trained and comes in numerous forms.


Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colors: Choose The Best One For You

There are quite a few versions of the Chamkuri mount, many of which have different color palette options. But, only the following Chamkuri variants have three skills and 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Feisty ChamkuriFeisty ChamkuriUse Item ‘Mount: Feisty Chamkuri’
Graceful ChamkuriGraceful ChamkuriUse Item ‘Mount: Graceful Chamkuri’
Gracious ChamkuriGracious ChamkuriUse Item ‘Mount: Gracious Chamkuri’
Intrepid ChamkuriIntrepid ChamkuriUse Item ‘Mount: Intrepid Chamkuri’
Leaping ChamkuriLeaping ChamkuriUse Item ‘Mount: Leaping Chamkuri’
Soaring ChamkuriSoaring ChamkuriUse Item ‘Mount: Soaring Chamkuri’
Cool headed ChamkuriCool-Headed ChamkuriUse Item ‘Mount: Cool-Headed Chamkuri’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • I Can Fly! (6s)
  • Superpowers (8s)
  • Magick Dance (12s)

6. Dantier Roader (Legendary)

Dantier Roaders are an Arthetine style mount, fashioned by Kazeros Server’s Embodiment of Cool. These mounts were created with modern technology that incorporates Verdantier’s power source, and they have 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Dantier RoaderDantier Roader
(B, D, G, L, M, P, R, W)
Use Item ‘Mount: Dantier Roader’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Light (5s)
  • Burnout (5s)
  • Willy (5s)

7. Unicorn Float (Legendary)

The Unicorn Float is a playful mount, created for water fun without getting wet. These whimsical mounts have 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Summer Unicorn FloatSummer Unicorn FloatUse Item ‘Mount: Summer Unicorn Float’
Blossom Unicorn FloatBlossom Unicorn FloatUse Item ‘Mount: Blossom Unicorn Float’
Night Unicorn FloatNight Unicorn FloatUse Item ‘Mount: Night Unicorn Float’
Sea Unicorn FloatSea Unicorn FloatUse Item ‘Mount: Sea Unicorn Float’
Dawn Unicorn FloatDawn Unicorn FloatUse Item ‘Mount: Dawn Unicorn Float’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Spiral (5s)
  • Into The Sky! (8s)
  • Artificial Waterfall (8s)

8. Dyorika Warhorse (Legendary)

The Dyorika Warhorse is an excellent horse from Dyorika in East Luterra. Their exceptional lineage is being preserved by East Luterra’s culture as much as possible, and this horse has 450 speed as a result.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Dyorika WarhorseDyorika WarhorsePurchase the Vanquisher Starter Pack, which includes the Dyorika Warhorse

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Thrilled (5s)
  • Hack (5s)
  • Windmill Spin (5s)

9. Golden Rhinoceros Beetle (Legendary)

The Golden Rhinoceros Beetle Mount is from the Tortyok forests. It is so rare that the Mokokos may only catch a glimpse of it once in a lifetime if they are lucky, and it has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Golden Rhinoceros BeetleGolden Rhinoceros BeetleFuture Western release

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Victory Pose (5s)
  • Shake (8s)
  • I Want To Fly (5s)

10. Ghost Horse (Legendary)

The Ghost Horse was granted superior abilities compared to ordinary horses, and was cursed to never leave the battlefield. Each variant has been corrupted by various energies, flaunting 450 speed.


Lost Ark Omen Skins Collection: Release Date, Design & Where To Get It

The Ghost Horse Mount can be acquired by purchasing the Omen Special Package, available for 3,800 Royal Crystals until April 14th.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Chaos Ghost HorseChaos Ghost HorseOmen Special Package
Rage Ghost HorseRage Ghost HorseOmen Special Package
Hatred Ghost HorseHatred Ghost HorseOmen Special Package
Sinful Ghost HorseSinful Ghost HorseOmen Special Package
Corruption Ghost HorseCorruption Ghost HorseOmen Special Package

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Summon Ghosts (5s)
  • Thrilled (5s)
  • Back Kick (5s)

11. Chief Mingo (Legendary)

Chief Mingo is a mysterious bird that inhabits a special island. It became the leader of its flock after its performance in a fierce battle, boasting 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Chief MingoChief MingoUse Item ‘Mount: Chief Mingo’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Refreshing Droplet (6s)
  • Happy Time (6s)
  • Sunbathe (8s)

12. Rollysnow (Legendary)

Rollysnow Mounts come in various patterns and styles, but only in one form. This cute little ball loves to roll around, and it has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Cold RollysnowCold RollysnowUse Item ‘Mount: Cold Rollysnow’
Festive RollysnowFestive RollysnowUse Item ‘Mount: Festive Rollysnow
Sweet RollysnowSweet RollysnowUse Item ‘Mount: Sweet Rollysnow’
Snowflake RollysnowSnowflake RollysnowUse Item ‘Mount: Snowflake Rollysnow’
Splendid RollysnowSplendid RollysnowUse Item ‘Mount: Splendid Rollysnow’
Winter RollysnowWinter RollysnowUse Item ‘Mount: Winter Rollysnow’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Snowkin’s Performance (5s)
  • Gingerman’s Performance (5s)
  • Rudolph’s Performance (5s)

13. Cloud (Legendary)

There are numerous Cloud Mounts in Lost Ark, all flaunting unique characteristics. These clouds choose their masters to ride on them, and they have 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Cold White CloudCold White CloudPurchasable from the Lost Ark in-game store
Radiant Golden CloudRadiant Golden CloudObtainable from in-game chests.
Flashing ThundercloudFlashing ThundercloudPurchasable from the Lost Ark in-game store

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Cool Trick (10s)
  • Discharge (8s)
  • Baby Nimbus (8s)

14. Piñata (Legendary)

The Piñata runs around while giving off a sweet smell. Its feet rustle with a festive feel and it has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Sugar PinataSugar PiñataPurchasable in Lost Ark’s in-game store via Royal Crystals, or from the Auction House.
Grape PinataGrape PiñataPurchasable in Lost Ark’s in-game store via Royal Crystals, or from the Auction House.
Lemon PinataLemon PiñataPurchasable in Lost Ark’s in-game store via Royal Crystals, or from the Auction House.
Soda PinataSoda PiñataPurchasable in Lost Ark’s in-game store via Royal Crystals, or from the Auction House.
Strawberry PinataStrawberry PiñataPurchasable in Lost Ark’s in-game store via Royal Crystals, or from the Auction House.
Cookie PinataCookie PiñataPurchasable in Lost Ark’s in-game store via Royal Crystals, or from the Auction House.
Melon PinataMelon PiñataPurchasable in Lost Ark’s in-game store via Royal Crystals, or from the Auction House.

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Paper Dustling (5s)
  • Festival Dance (8s)
  • Gift Chest (8s)

15. Armor Wagon (Legendary)

The Armor Wagon Mount is a hermit crab, equipped with exquisite armor. These crabs are admired for their determination and drive, and they have 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Onyx Armor WagonOnyx Armor WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Onyx Armor Wagon’
Opal Armor WagonOpal Armor WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Opal Armor Wagon’
Pearl Armor WagonPearl Armor WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Pearl Armor Wagon’
Coral Armor WagonCoral Armor WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Coral Armor Wagon’
Ruby Armor WagonRuby Armor WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Ruby Armor Wagon’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Bait Taunt (5s)
  • Water Cannon (5s)
  • Claw Tapping (5s)

16. Pumpkin Wagon (Legendary)

The Pumpkin Wagon Mount is a mysterious carriage, decorated with various pumpkins and candles. It has a strange yet calming aura, topped with 450 speed, but how it operates is a mystery.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Sunset Pumpkin WagonSunset Pumpkin WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Sunset Pumpkin Wagon’
Dawn Pumpkin WagonDawn Pumpkin WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Dawn Pumpkin Wagon’
Twilight Pumpkin WagonTwilight Pumpkin WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Twilight Pumpkin Wagon’
Night Pumpkin WagonNight Pumpkin WagonUse Item ‘Mount: Night Pumpkin Wagon’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Halloween Candy Party (8s)
  • Pumpkin Christening (8s)
  • Scare (8s)

17. Funmingo (Legendary)

The Funmingo Mount is a mysterious bird that can only be located on a special island. It spends its time preparing for summer fun and has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
FunmingoFunmingoUse Item ‘Mount: Funmingo’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Refreshing Droplet (6s)
  • Happy Times (6s)
  • Sunbathe (8s)

18. Terpeion (Legendary)

The Terpeion Mount is a dazzling horse of the sky, with glorious wings and remarkable strength. This famous horse has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
TerpeionTerpeionLaunch Celebration Gift for those who logged in before March 2nd. Terpeion Upgraded after 15 days from its unlock.
Terpeion of the ShadowTerpeion of ShadowLaunch Celebration Gift for those who logged in before March 2nd. Terpeion of Shadow Upgrade after 30 days from its unlock.

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Victory Pose (5s)
  • Rest (8s)
  • Back Kick (5s)

19. Mountain Army (Legendary)

There are many Mountain Army Mount variants, but this Mount is the king of the mountains boasting extraordinary strength. This tiger inherited superior abilities, placing him on par with that of the gods, and he has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Mysterious Golden Mountain ArmyMysterious Golden Mountain ArmyRelic Item
Mysterious Snow White Mountain ArmyMysterious Snow White Mountain ArmyRelic Item
Noble Black Mountain ArmyNoble Black Mountain ArmyRelic Item
Noble Scarlet Mountain ArmyNoble Scarlet Mountain ArmyRelic Item
Sleek Scarlet Mountain ArmySleek Scarlet Mountain ArmyRelic Item
Sleek Snow White Mountain ArmySleek Snow White Mountain ArmyRelic Item
Courageous Pale Mountain ArmyCourageous Pale Mountain ArmyRelic Item
Courageous Snow White Mountain ArmyCourageous Snow White Mountain ArmyRelic Item

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Roar! (5s)
  • Tiger Energy (5s)
  • Eating (5s)

20. Bubble (Legendary)

Bubble Mounts are enlarged soapy bubbles, each of which resembles something unique. They comprise various energies and have 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Thunder BubbleThunder BubbleUse Item ‘Mount: Thunder Bubble’
Lost Ark BubbleLost Ark BubbleLost Ark 2nd Anniversary
Mirror Ball BubbleMirror Ball BubbleUse Item ‘Mount: Mirror Ball Bubble’
Rainbow BubbleRainbow BubbleUse Item ‘Mount: Rainbow Bubble’
Rose BubbleRose BubbleUse Item ‘Mount: Rose Bubble’
Snow BubbleSnow BubbleUse Item ‘Mount: Snow Bubble’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Spin (5s)
  • Bubble Shower (10s)
  • Somersault (8s)

21. Snow Bike (Legendary)

The Snow Bike Mount is a winter bike, created using a combination of magick and technology. It offers perfect comfort no matter the weather and has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Snow BikeSnow Bike
(B, G, R)
Use Item ‘Mount: Snow Bike Mount’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Between the Snow (8s)
  • Sleigh Ride (8s)
  • Jingle Bells (8s)

22. Unique Red Cloud (Legendary)

The Unique Red Cloud Mount is a mysterious VCloud, only seen at sunset. It chooses its master, and only allows its master to ride on it, moving at 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Unique Red CloudUnique Red CloudUse Item ‘Mount: Unique Red Cloud’, Buy Price 10

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Cool Trick (10s)
  • Discharge (8s)
  • Baby Nimbus (8s)

23. Vernese Elk (Legendary)

The Vernese Elk Mount is an elk that can be found in the Vern region. It has beautifully majestic horns and has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Vernese ElkVernese ElkTradeable and purchasable with in-game collected gold or other valuables. Can usually be found in the Auction House, being sold for gold.

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Divine Concentration (5s)
  • Deer Are Easily Startled (8s)
  • Threaten (5s)

24. Yarrmingo (Legendary)

The Yarrmingo Mount is a mysterious bird found on a special island. It flies to a distant sea after the summer ends, and has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
YarrmingoYarrmingo Use Item ‘Mount: Yarrmingo’, Buy Price 10

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Refreshing Droplet (6s)
  • Happy Times (6s)
  • Sunbathe (8s)

25. Steife Brise (Legendary)

The Steife Brise Mount is a machine designed by combining Arthetine technology. It was created using high-tech materials for ensuring a balance between comfort and durability, and it has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Steife BriseSteife Brise
(B, G, P, R, Y)
Use Item ‘Mount: Steife Brise’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Dig ground (5s)
  • Photon Shooter (8s)
  • Matrix (8s)

26. Golden Terpeion (Legendary)

The Golden Terpeion Mount is a famous horse of the sky. It boasts a sparkling appearance and dazzling golden wings, and it has 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Golden TerpeionGolden TerpeionComplete the Adventurer’s Tome.

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Victory Pose (5s)
  • Rest (8s)
  • Back Kick (5s)

27. Wingsuit Bike (Legendary)

The Wingsuit Bike Mount, also known as the Tron Bike, is a bike that glides with a dazzling trajectory. It comes in various colors and flaunts a magnificent glow as it moves with 450 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Wingsuit BikeWingsuit Bike
(B, G, O, R, W)
Use Item ‘Mount: Wingsuit Bike’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Maintenance (5s)
  • Virtual Drive (5s)
  • Spotlight (5s)

28. Ritter (Epic)

The Ritter Mount is an awesome ash hoverboard made in Arthetine. Hoverboards are quite a popular addition to Lost Ark, allowing players to ride in style with modern and high-tech flair.


Lost Ark Hoverboard: How & Where To Get It

This hoverboard mount was upgraded from the original hoverboard in-game, making it extremely lightweight with 420 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
RitterRitter Use Item ‘Mount: Wingsuit Bike’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Boost (12s)

29. Suite Room (Epic)

The Suite Room Mount is a classic Arthetine-style hoverboard. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art materials such as the latest RV-48 engine, allowing it to reach high speeds of 420 instantly.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Suite RoomSuite RoomUse Item ‘Mount: Suite Room’

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Boost (12s)

30. Wind Mane Mustang (Epic)

The Wind Mane Mustang Mount is a wild horse with a dark flame-red mane. It has been blessed by the wind, can only be mounted on Azure Wind Island, and can reach 420 speed.

IconMount NameAcquisition
Wind Mane MustangWind Mane MustangUnlockable on Azure Wind Island by completing the chain quests.

Skills (Cooldown)

  • Jump (2s)
  • Charge (4s)
  • Hawk Attack (6s)

How To Use Mounts In Lost Ark

Players will need to complete the “Town Where Light Lingers” Quest to use a Mount in Lost Ark. This quest will be given to players at the first major city visited past the prologue. Once the quest is complete, players will need to speak with Brother Alfael to close the quest and receive their first mount (Uncommon), being given the options between:

  1. Loghill Black Horse
  2. Yudia White Horse
  3. Dyorika Brown Horse

After players choose their first mount, they will need to register it by right-clicking it from their inventory – automatically registering it into the available selection of mounts. Follow these steps to ride your Mounts in Lost Ark:

  1. Add the Mount to your Mount Collection by right-clicking it from your inventory.
  2. Navigate to the Mounts Menu/ Mounts Collection (Alt+V).
  3. Right-click the Mount to ride.
  4. Players can also drag their favorite Mount to the quick bar and press the designated key to ride the mount at will.

All future mounts will need to be obtained individually, depending on their acquisition methods. The rarer the Lost Ark mount, the more challenging it will be to acquire.

It will take plenty of solid Lost Ark grinding and gameplay to build up your mount collection, especially if you’re going after the esteemed Epic, Legendary, and relic Mounts. However, with so many awesome quality of life aspects and enjoyable skills, these mounts will definitely be worth it.

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