18 Best Minecraft Players in 2024 (Ranked)

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Minecraft has an enormous player base; within it, the best players emerged. The thing with Minecraft is that every player is good at something. Some might be great redstoners, good hunters, PvP-ers, speedrunners, or just regular builders. Whatever your jam is, I made sure to include a little bit of everything in this list of the best Minecraft players in the world.

Remember that I won’t jam them all into one category because they are impossible to compare. You can’t say one player is the best if there are so many other categories where they’re lacking, so to make it fair, the categories I’ll cover will be builders, redstoners, speedrunners, and PvPers.

The Redstoners

5. FastJaz

Fast Jaz

Although not very well known, FastJaz might be one of the most impressive redstoners/builders out there. His accomplishments might be overlooked, proven by his subscriber count of 9.5k, but I’m here to honor the man for his hard work and dedication.

He figured out how to build the Ender dragon farm. You can farm the dragon repeatedly while being AFK; even better, he gives you a tutorial on how to do it. The video alone has only 7.555 views, so if you’d like to have 45.000 XP per hour, check out his channel and video.

4. Sethbling


Sethbling is the original creator of TNT Olympics. A custom map where you can play the Olympics with your friends. He’s a redstoner and a Custom map maker, but unfortunately, he hasn’t uploaded in over five months which is why we put him in the 4th place.

He writes programs and has been a part of UHC for multiple seasons. He has won 3 seasons in total. He hasn’t uploaded Minecraft-related content in over a year, though.

3. Sammyuri


Sammyuri was a hot topic several months ago when he made the impossible possible. After seven months of work, he built Minecraft inside Minecraft. He collaborated on the project with Uwerta and StackDoubleFlow.

Together they made every computer component needed to start up Minecraft in-game, a screen and a controller, and finally, it’s here and playable. He doesn’t post much, and it might be due to the fact that his builds take forever to complete, but you can’t deny the talent.

2. Ianxofour

Ianxofour is a highly underrated Minecraft Redstone engineer who builds amazing farms, mob switches, and anything you can imagine or can’t but will need once you see his build. RyanTheScion often uses his contraptions for his mega builds to help him get the materials he needs

His YouTube channel is easy to navigate, and you won’t have to search for hours to find what you need. He explains in detail what you need to do and why you need to do it if you’re interested in building the farms and becoming a redstoner yourself.


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1. MumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

Although people will argue a lot about who the best redstoner is, Mumbo Jumbo takes the cake as being the most popular one for sure. He’s part of the HermiCraft SMP, and his videos average 3 million views per video. He does insane Redstone build, and you can learn a lot just by watching him along the way.

Not only is he a great redstoner, but he is also a great builder. He’s been a part of HermitCraft since its beginnings in 2013, and even back then, his bases and redstone builds were insane and seemed unreachable to the average Joe like me. He’s constantly improving and shares his knowledge with the viewers as well.

The Speedrunners

4. Dream


If you don’t know who Dream is, you’ve likely been living under a rock. He’s one of the best speedrunners in the world. Even though there has been some controversy regarding his speed runs, his skill is undeniable. This is visible from his videos where hunters try to chase him down while he’s trying to win the game.

Dream is so popular that he even did a video with MrBeast and holds the record for the largest number of views on a Minecraft-themed video. At this time, the video has 116 million views. He has incredibly high IQ outplays, and you can learn a few things just by watching him along the way. This also makes him a great PvPer.

3. Illumina


Illumina is a veteran of Minecraft known for being one of the best speedrunners. He’s in great spots in many of the speedrunning categories, which include: random seed, all advancements, and set seeds for versions pre-1.9, 1.16, 1.9, and more.

He’s played numerous MC championships and has won 2 with his team. Even though he didn’t win, he ranked high in the top 3. His weakest result was when he ended up 7th along with his team. In 2021, he was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest Any% glitchless completion of Minecraft Java by using a set seed.

2. Rayoh


Speedrunners don’t tend to post regular YouTube content, which is true with Rayoh, the world record holder for the fastest glitchless run. He completed it in 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

There’s not much to say about him except that he set a new world record in a set seed glitchless one month ago that he completed in just 1 minute and 49 seconds.

1. Cube1337x


Cube1337x from Finland holds the world record for the fastest random seed Minecraft speedrun. He completed the game in a total of 9 minutes and 8 seconds, which I find impressive, considering I still never finished the game.

Many speedrunners have come to congratulate him, but it’s only a matter of time before this world record is broken. Besides, even though speedrunners are a humble community, many players cheat on their speed runs.


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The Builders

5. RyanTheScion


If I had to use one word to describe RyanTheScion, it would be creative. His builds are amazingly impressive, large, and downright bizarre. Apart from the builds, the way he edits the videos and makes them funny is worth waiting for him to upload his edited versions.

This usually takes a few months, but in the meantime, you can relax by watching one of his long plays that can last up to 11 hours. He’s most known for his villager trading hall video and endquarium video.

4. GeminiTay

GeminiTay 1

GeminiTay specializes in mega builds, and she builds everything for art’s sake. She’s part of the HermitCraft server, and often posts build tutorials and let’s builds. Although there are far more impressive builders out there, she made it on the list because one part of being a builder is that you can inspire others to build their stuff.

Her builds range from fantasy to medieval towers. One of her more impressive builds was the Epic dragon tower she made in the Empires SMP series. She mostly does roleplay, with which she then showcases her builds.

3. MegRae


From majestic ice castles to amazing 3D human statues, MegRae does it all. Her work is often overlooked since it’s only a hobby for her but she still puts an incredible amount of effort into her builds.

You can watch her review builds, give out tutorials where she makes epic statues, and she’ll even help you learn to model, color, texture, and everything in between.

2. ChrisDaCow


ChrisDaCow puts mega-builds into a whole new dimension, or universe if you will. I mention the universe because he recently built the entire universe in Minecraft. On its own, the video amassed over 8 million views.

He was part of MrBeast’s $50.000 builders competition and spent 45 hours building in it, but unfortunately, he didn’t qualify to be reviewed since there were likely over 700 builders participating in it. The person who won was Leovardo

1. Grian


The thing that separates Grian from the rest is that he pays close attention to detail when building. He’s inspired many builders to try their hand at building the best bases and worlds possible, and if you ever run out of inspiration, it would seem Grian never does.

He’s currently sitting just a little under 8 million subscribers, and he earned every single one. He’ll even teach you how to improve your builds in a very easy-to-follow way.

The PvPers

4. Danteh


Danteh hasn’t been around for five years, but his PvP skills can’t be dismissed. His reason for leaving Minecraft was that he didn’t enjoy the game anymore. This was before Minecraft had a comeback and became the number 1 selling game in the world.

Most of his videos are deleted, but his greatest achievement, reaching 2800 elo on the Badlion Build UHC, remains. He was ranked one overall and in multiple other disciplines. As of 2016, he was the best PvPer, but times have changed, and surely, there are people more skilled than him now.

3. Gamerboy80


Gamerboy80 is an amazing Minecraft PvPer. His specialty is Bedwars. He plays on the Minecraft Hypixel server. When he became famous, he was the best-ranked Bedwars player out there but unfortunately, he was passed and became the 2nd best Bedwars player.


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His content mostly revolves around playing on the Hypixel server and Bedwars. He has more than 700k subscribers on YouTube, and his videos average 500k views. He stopped uploading for some time in 2019 but returned after winning the cancer fight.

2. Huahwi


Huahwi is an insane player, given that he mostly plays UHC. UHC, or ultra hardcore, is the hardest version of Minecraft. I placed him in the 5th spot, given that many other Pvpers beat him, but he always puts up a good fight against everyone.

His fighting technique always includes coming up with a strategy, and it’s impressive that he manages to upload as frequently as he does, given that he is in college and has a busy schedule. You will frequently see him playing Valorant and Osu! so he isn’t a die-hard Minecraft player but still enjoys it.

1. Technoblade


A quick thinker with an amazing personality and great humor is who Technoblade was. He was skilled in combat and all other versions of PvP. In 2013, he uploaded his first video; from there, only the sky was the limit. He had an open, friendly rivalry with Dream, a speedrunner and a PvPer. He was winning tournaments left and right and was frequently besting other players.

In June 2022, Technoblade celebrated his 9th channel anniversary but unfortunately, the last video he uploaded, titled ”so long nerds,” will be the last video his channel ever uploads. After a long fight with cancer, Alex lost his battle to cancer and left us with a legacy that the Minecraft community will respect and appreciate until Minecraft is no more. Remember, Technoblade never dies.

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