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Petra Pralica

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Petra Pralica has been a content writer for over three years and is based in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied economics in high school and went to college to get her English language and literature degree but decided against proceeding with her studies after three years since an opportunity arose for her to work as a content writer full-time. Petra’s interests span wide, which is clear from her content writing history. She spent around a year and a half writing content about animals and animal products for Petovly, making sure to educate people about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, especially when it comes to non-traditional pets like parrots, rats, and ferrets. Then she went on to write about all things related to kitchens. After that affair ended, she educated herself on advertising through social media and search engines. Still, she decided to postpone a career change for the future since she got the opportunity to write about another one of her passions: movies and series. She enjoys an occasional Hollywood blockbuster, but what matters most to her is if she can connect with the characters and how well the technical aspects of the movie or a show are executed. It’s all about how the movie or a show makes her feel. She was and still is a die-hard Doctor Who fangirl, and she can’t escape her love for the Star Wars movie franchise either. As of late, she’s been rewatching old Marvel and DC movies to better prepare for the upcoming movies being released. She isn’t all that into sci-fi, but if you put the fantasy genre in front of her where she can dream about alternate worlds for months to come, she’ll eat that right up and binge-watch it. Petra is a technical writer that loves to mix facts with fiction through deep statistical analysis. It would seem like the two can’t mix and match, but she has found a way to give the readers the best of both worlds. She will vigorously analyze every piece of information available, connect the dots, and come up with her theory about anything that might have left readers wondering in the past. It’ll be hard to disprove her theories, but if you succeed, she’ll gladly take the loss and continue learning about all the universes she learned about through watching her favorite series and movies.


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