10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes from DC and Marvel

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Motorcycles are the epitome of cool and badass, and of course, some superheroes are using these machines to transport themselves quicker from point A to point B. Usually, motorcycles are used for just that, transportation but some of them use them as weapons as well – machine guns, and rocket launchers attached to the vehicle. Because of that, we decided to make a list of the 10 best motorcycle-driving superheroes from DC and Marvel.

Motorcycles, for some of the superheroes on this list, became part of their signature skill and look, and whenever we see a cool motorcycle, it reminds us of that superhero. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article – maybe there will be a surprise on this list.

1. Black Canary

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

We will start with Dinah Lance aka Black Canary. She is one of the oldest DC characters ever and her motorcycle is made by one and only Superman. She uses it to transport civilians, transport herself pretty quickly from one place to other, and since then, it has become one of her signatures looks. Yes, her Canary scream and batons are more recognizable but we gotta say, Black Canary really looks cool on her motorcycle.

Her motorcycle first appeared in the comic book Justice League of America #75, where our favorite superheroes fight threats from other Earths. The narrators of this issue are Green Arrow and Black Canary, recalling the latest adventures they experience fighting alongside Justice League. This is the issue where she gains magical powers temporarily. A cool issue that made Black Canary even cooler.

2. Black Panther

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Black Panther was always known for his cool vibranium suit, cool tech, and great knowledge of past Black Panthers, but his motorcycle became cool in 2005. In Black Panther Vol.4 #5, T’Challa uses his motorcycle in combat, and oh boy is it cool. Since we know that Wakanda is technologically superior to the rest of the world, it is not surprising that his bike looks like a spaceship and literally floats above the ground. It is really fast and it is black like its owner with the Black Panther mask on the front of the motorcycle.

Black Panther could not be cooler than then.

3. Black Widow

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Natalia Alianovna Romanova aka Black Widow was a Russian spy and assassin who defected to the United States after realizing atrocities in the Soviet Union. She wanted to save herself and brought her skills to S.H.I.E.L.D. to help and complete missions for the good guys. Her skills like hand-to-hand combat, master of escapism, great tactician, and more, helped the Avengers multiple times. Black Widow assassins are skilled in almost everything and Natasha is the out of them all.

Of course, her riding and being skillful with a motorcycle is not a surprise at all. We saw it through comic book runs and live-action movies that her bike skills are second to none, and that she uses motorcycles for far more than just riding them. She’s cool but deadly, especially on motorcycles.

4. Batgirl

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl is one of the most iconic female superheroes of DC, I would argue even further than that. Her life story of being Commissioners Gordon’s daughter, who first started to work in Gotham City library and then became a badass superhero that is Batgirl, impresses anyone reading her story. As a Batgirl, and before her encounter with Joker that forced her to be in a wheelchair, Barbara Gordon, with her other gadgets, used a motorcycle as her main means of transport.

Bat superheroes in Gotham do not go without this vehicle and Batgirl respected the tradition. After the accident that made her become an Oracle for Suicide Squad and Batman, her “reboot” during the New 52 event, we have seen her recovering and going back to her Batgirl persona, but with a twist – she stayed an Oracle as well. A smart, badass woman going after you on the motorcycle? You better run.

5. Wolverine

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Logan aka Wolverine is a lot of things, but he is certainly a badass. His skills are unique, and his healing factor with great mental and physical strength, and vibranium claws, make him one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes. Of course, he needs a vehicle to transport himself from point A to point B, and that is a motorcycle. He used a motorcycle in multiple different scenarios – to escape, to defend himself, and to attack. We saw in live-action movies Hugh Jackman eviscerating his enemies with this vehicle a few times but in the comics, Wolverine is doing it more often.

If you see him, run. If you see him on a motorcycle, you better hide as well.

6. Captain America

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Brooklyn-made Steve Rogers is a WWII hero and the face of the United States of America. A former military man who got injected with Super Soldier Serum and stayed frozen for decades, is, of course, one of the first superheroes ever to use the motorcycle in the comics. Spangled Star on his chest with a signature shield made of vibranium, and just being cool overall, goes much higher when Captain America is using a motorcycle.

We saw it countless times in the comics, but also in live-action, Chris Evans showed how Captain America looks on the motorcycle, and we got to say, Steve Rogers is really cool.

7. Moon Knight

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Moon Knight is one of the most brutal and powerful Marvel superheroes. His unpredictability and powers are really unique in the comics and he needs a cool, useful vehicle to transport himself and use in combat. Moon Knight’s motorcycle first appeared in Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 in 2009, and it literally fell from the sky.

Moon Knight dropped a large metal ball from the sky during his return to New York and after some rolling, the metal ball stopped and revealed Moon Knight riding a motorcycle. Imagine if you were on the opposite side of Moon Knight that day… yeah we would rather not.

8. Batman

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy who makes a show of most of his public appearances, which the media follows religiously and reports to the public nonstop. Wayne also drives expensive, luxurious cars that only a few can afford. However, at night, Batman uses different vehicles. Do not get it wrong, Batmobile and Batman’s motorcycle are really, really expensive.

The high-tech gadgets and everything else attached to those vehicles are used in combat and for Batman’s investigations, and they are really efficient. The motorcycle that Batman rides only few can handle, and with mentioned gadgets and other perks, Batman’s motorcycle is a true technological masterpiece – no one has it, it is unique, and only Batman can handle it.

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9. Ghost Rider

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Every version of Ghost Rider has a cool motorcycle that complements the hellish look that we know and love. Ghost Rider’s motorcycle is not ordinary – everything he uses is enhanced and has a purpose in fighting against Demons of Hell. When he turns into Ghost Rider, he gets enhanced hellfire chains, a motorcycle, cars, and a shotgun, that he uses in combat.

This motorcycle actually exists in real life – Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Suzuki GSX-1300R (Hayabusa) are used in the Ghost Rider movie from 2007 with Nicolas Cage as the star of the movie. It is really cool, and when paired up with other features Ghost Rider has, there is a reason Ghost Rider is unstoppable.

10. Robin

10 Best Motorcycle Driving Superheroes From DC and MCU

Robin is probably the most famous sidekick in comic book world history. Batman’s right hand and helper in sticky situations, has cool gadgets, vehicles, and weapons that he uses in combat. It is not a surprise that Batman’s sidekick has one for use, but not all of them have it. Dick Grayson, first-ever Robin had a blue motorcycle that he used as a means of transportation. Grayson later customized it according to his attire and put the letter “R” on the side of it.

Timothy Drake is the other Robin who used a motorcycle pretty regularly, and he used it during a gang war that was raging throughout Gotham. He used it to escape and during combat. His motorcycle was used in other circumstances and situations as well. All in all, he looked really cool doing it!

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