15 Best Movies Like Ambulance You Need to Watch


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Ambulance has become the newest thriller movie to hit the big screens as more and more movies are appearing in theaters worldwide. Of course, it carries director Michael Bay’s trademark fast-pacing in movies. That means that it is full of thrills, excitement, and action as well. So, if you’ve seen it and are looking for something similar to it, we have a good list of movies like Ambulance that you need to watch.

15. Misery (1990)

REVIEW Misery 3 1200x900 1

Misery is actually a thriller and suspense movie that came from the mind of Stephen King himself. This is a classic that explores what a stalker could do when she’s desperate. The story follows a writer who was rescued by a former nurse after a car crash. This nurse takes him to a remote cabin and reveals that she is actually his biggest fan. But when she found out that he was going to kill off her favorite character, she decided to keep the writer in the cabin until he would write a story that suited her tastes and twisted fantasies.

Why it’s like Ambulance: Ambulance is in no way similar to Misery when it comes to the overall plot. However, there is a similarity in the sense that the tension is felt in how the characters in both of these films are both confined and aren’t free to go. As such, even though Misery has a different plot, the tension you can feel in the film is similar to the tension exuded by the characters in Ambulance. 

14. Bad Boys (1995)

badboys 1024x714 1

Bad Boys is the very first film that Michael Bay directed, and it was the movie that put the director on the map as someone who could bring to life fast-paced movies with a lot of action and explosives. Of course, the movie follows the story of two detectives who often like to do things beyond the playbook. Bad Boys followed up the explosive action with another Michael Bay called Bad Boys 2. 


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Why it’s like Ambulance: So, the reason why Bad Boys is just like Ambulance is the fact that it is directed by the same director, and that means that there are a lot of similarities. Bad Boys has the same kind of fast-paced and high-octane action that you can see in Ambulance. Of course, there’s also the fact that Bad Boys is full of explosives, which is something that has become a trademark of Michael Bay.

13. Devil (2010)

devil elevator

Devil is the only true horror movie we have on this list as this film follows the story of five strangers who got stuck in an elevator in a building when the power seemingly went out. But what they didn’t know was that one of them was actually the devil, and the passengers are forced to face their own secrets and past transgressions in this horrifying and terrifying film. It’s a great experience if you’re into horror movies.

Why it’s like Ambulance: How is a horror movie similar to Ambulance? Well, the plot isn’t the same, but the tension is there because of the fact that you are looking at characters who are stuck in a confined space and are forced to feel the tension rising in the middle of a supernatural event. There’s nothing supernatural in Ambulance, but the same tension can be felt in the characters who are stuck in the Ambulance in the middle of a high-speed chase.

12. Baby Driver (2017)


Baby Driver was one of the best movies of 2017 and is still better than a lot of the films we have today. The basic premise of this movie is that the main character works as a driver for people who want to have the best driver in the business when it comes to heists. And you would already understand that this movie is full of high-paced car chases as Baby, the main character, drives while listening to his iPod playlist.

Why it’s like Ambulance: What makes Baby Driver so similar to Ambulance is the high-paced action that’s fueled by the high-octane police chases that you can see in both films. Baby Driver is basically a movie that’s about a driver who excels at getaways, and that makes it similar to the entire plot of Ambulance, which is about two robbers trying to get away from the cops. 

11. Dragged Across Concrete (2018)

Dragged Across Concrete Featured

Not a lot of people might be familiar with this movie but Dragged Across the Concrete is actually a great film if you are into movies about stakeouts and similar plots. The entire movie focuses on a pair of cops who stake out a band of bank robbers but ends up keeping their loot for themselves. In that sense, you are looking at crooked cops that found a way around the system in what’s an action-heavy thriller movie.

Why it’s like Ambulance: Dragged Across the Concrete is just like Ambulance because this is a movie that’s full of action and thrills. Truth be told, this movie is a lot more brutal and gorier than Ambulance, but the similarities are there in the sense that you will feel just as thrilled when watching this movie as you would when you are watching Ambulance. But they are unique in their own brand of thrills and suspense.

10. Hush (2016)

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We are now looking at another movie that might not seem like it’s the same as Ambulance but actually has some similarities. Hush is a movie about a deaf writer who retreated to the woods for a life of peace but ended up having to deal with a killer who wants to enter her home for reasons you probably already know. As such, she now has to fight for her life in silence in what is a thrilling movie that’s all about the suspense that you feel in every single scene.

Why it’s like Ambulance: Again, Hush might not seem like it’s the same as Ambulance, but it actually is because of the fact that it comes with the same kind of suspense and hopelessness that a person would feel when they are confined in an area with no escape in sight. The plots are different, but the characters in Ambulance feel just as hopeless as the ones in Hush.

9. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

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One of the best movies in the entire Cloverfield franchise is 10 Cloverfield Lane, which is loosely connected to all of the different Cloverfield movies. The movie is another confined thriller film that is all about three people confined in a shelter after what was described to be an apocalyptic event. Nevertheless, the two other characters in the movie doubt the other one as they believe that there is something more to their confinement.


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Why it’s like Ambulance: Like some of the other films on this list, this is a movie that doesn’t come with the high-paced action that Ambulance has. However, the thing that makes it so similar to Ambulance is the fact that it comes with the same kind of suspense. 10 Cloverfield Lane is an hour and a half of moments and scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat because of the suspense.

8. Ambulancen (2005)

Ambulancen is a Danish movie that’s all about two brothers who decided to commit robbery out of desperation. However, they ended up stealing an ambulance when the robbery went awry, and now they have to deal with the emergency situation in the ambulance while making sure that they escape the authorities. Yes, the plot is familiar.

Why it’s like Ambulance: The reason why Ambulancen’s plot and title are so familiar is the fact that this is the original version of Ambulance. Surprise, surprise! Ambulance is actually just a remake of the original Danish Ambulancen film, and that means that the plot is the same. However, the way that Ambulance is delivered is a lot more fast-paced and high-octane compared to the original version.

7. End Of Watch (2012)

356711 120507 end of watch

End of Watch is a movie that follows the found footage framework that you often see in horror movies. However, this time, the concept is used in a movie that features cops on the job. It’s a movie that’s grounded on realism and follows the story of cops who are dedicated to their job and to one another.

Why it’s like Ambulance: The reason why End of Watch is similar to Ambulance is the fact that the main characters in both of these films are played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Of course, Gyllenhaal also has a police cop partner that mirrors his partner in the events of Ambulance. The plots are different, however, because Gyllenhaal is on opposite sides of the law in these movies.

6. Speed (1994)

d01g1lline22 19p6 x 17lines.jpg

Speed is one of the biggest cop-chase movies of the 90s and is similar to the usual Michael Bay movies that you see nowadays. The plot of this movie follows a woman who can’t stop the bus that she is driving because a bomb attached to it will explode if the speed drops below 50 mph. As such, she is forced to work together with a cop on the bus to find a way out of a situation that could very well kill everyone inside the vehicle.

Why it’s like Ambulance: Ambulance is just like an ambulance version of Speed in the sense that they have similar plots. In Ambulance, the characters can’t stop the ambulance because the cops would catch and arrest them. However, in Speed, the bus shouldn’t slow down because the bomb will explode. The similarity is clearly there because both movies rely on the fact that they can’t stop the vehicles that the characters are driving. 

5. Unstoppable (2010)

Unstoppable 1

Unstoppable is a movie that follows railway employees who are tasked with bringing a rogue train to a halt. This puts a younger employee in a situation where he has to work with an older and disgruntled veteran who is angry at the fact that management is pushing him out in favor of the younger generation. The dynamic and the tension between the characters are evident as they seek to find a way to stop the over-speeding train from causing damage. 

Why it’s like Ambulance: The most obvious reason why Ambulance and Unstoppable are similar is the fact that they both rely on a plot that focuses on a speeding vehicle. There are a lot of things at stake in both of these movies. In Ambulance, the life of the people in the ambulance and the future of the robbers are at stake. Meanwhile, the lives of the people on the train and the damage that it could cause are at stake in Unstoppable.

4. Heat (1995)


Heat is the first movie where Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, two of the greatest actors of their generation, united to form a tandem that literally brought the heat. This movie tells the tale of an erratic detective who is chasing a bank robber that tends to be quite meticulous with his approach to handling his business. 

Why it’s like Ambulance: Heat is similar to Ambulance in the sense that you are looking at the authorities chasing after robbers. Of course, let’s not forget about the fact that Heat actually has a lot of different action scenes that tend to stand out as some of the best when compared to the other films of the 90s. As such, both movies are intense and full of action, despite the fact that there are more than 25 years separating each film.

3. The Rock (1996)


Following the success of Bad Boys, Michael Bay followed the film up with The Rock, which showcases some of the elements that were present in his first movie and eventually became staples in Bay’s different movies. The Rock is like Die Hard that takes place in Alcatraz because of the fact that you see an FBI agent partnering up with a former spy to take on a mission involving a terrorist who plans on launching a chemical weapon from Alcatraz.

Why it’s like Ambulance: Even though The Rock doesn’t have the same kind of high-octane chase that you can find in Ambulance, the other elements of Michael Bay films are present in the sense that the nonstop action is there, and the explosive themes are also present. And the tension and suspense that you could feel in The Rock are similar to what you would experience in Ambulance.

2. Transformers Movies (2007 – Present)

transformers movies in order 3

There are too many Transformers movies to mention, but they are all directed by Michael Bay, who implemented his brand in a series of sci-fi movies that were based on the Transformers toys and animated shows. The Transformers movies are about the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, two different factions of Transformers that are looking to involve Earth in a conflict that has been going on for ages.


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Why it’s like Ambulance: While the plots are very different from one another, the common denominator between the Transformers movies and Ambulance is Michael Bay. As such, you can expect the same kind of explosive action and nonstop, fast-paced style of storytelling in Transformers. And all of the different Transformers movies are actually just similar to one another despite the different stories and plots.

1. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)


13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is based on a true story about the soldiers who took part in a battle against Islamic extremists that attacked the US Consulate in Libya back on September 11, 2012. The soldiers in this movie are assigned to protect the operatives and the diplomats in the city of Benghazi from the different Islamic militants that are seeking to erase anything related to America in the city.

Why it’s like Ambulance: Despite how different 13 Hours is to Ambulance in terms of their plots, you can once again see the same kind of Michael Bay elements in both of these movies. In 13 hours, we see nonstop action that allows us to see the battles between the soldiers stationed in Benghazi and the Islamic militants that seek to kill the remaining Americans in the city. While that isn’t the same plot in Ambulance, the element of suspense and the nonstop thrilling actions in both of the movies are quite similar to one another.

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