20 Best One Piece Arcs & 5 Best Filler Arcs (Ranked)

20 Best One Piece Arcs & 5 Best Filler Arcs (Ranked)

In case you were wondering, One Piece is still running and has reached the 1000-episode mark. One of the longest-running manga and anime series, One Piece is extremely popular around the world and has a large fanbase. Now, seeing how big the story is and how expansive the universe is, it is expected that One Piece has been combining canon arcs and filler arcs throughout its run, which is actually correct. Unlike other “Big Three” series, One Piece doesn’t have that much filler content, which made our job easier.

Our list is going to be dealing with the One Piece story arcs, both canon and filler ones. The list is going to contain a total of 25 arcs; twenty of these arcs will be canon, and they are going to be ranked from 20th to 1st place, taking into consideration the impact they had on the plot and the quality of their stories. Five arcs are going to be biller ones, ranked from 5th to 1st place, based on how interesting and narratively coherent they have been.

Best One Piece canon arcs

This section is going to contain the 20 best canon arcs in One Piece, ranked from 20th to 1st place. This section will contain information on which Saga the Arcs belong to, what episodes they encompass and the plot outline for each of them.

20. Amazon Lily Arc

Saga: Summit War Saga
Season: 12
Episodes: 408-417

At Grove 41 of the Sabaody Archipelago, Duval and his men worry about the Straw Hat Pirates and decide to guard the Thousand Sunny until a coater arrives. Meanwhile, in the Grove 1 auction room, Saint Sharlia is furious that the Navy still hasn’t captured the Straw Hats despite Admiral Kizaru’s presence.

She promises to make them pay for going after her father and brother, which she considers an affront to the Celestial Dragons. Finally, at the Rip-Off Bar, Camie and Pappug are also concerned for Luffy and his friends, but Octo reassures them saying they are very strong. However, Shakky expresses his doubts about their chances of victory against an Admiral, and feels that great upheavals are about to occur…

19. Baratie Arc

Luffy Breaks Krieg27s Armor

Saga: East Blue Saga
Season: 1
Episodes: 19-30

After leaving Syrup Village, the Vogue Merry encounters Lieutenant Fullbody who sends Luffy waltzing to the Baratie, a restaurant ship ruled with an iron fist by “Red-Footed Zeff”. He must work there to repay the damage of his landing and quickly sympathizes with the young rooster of the restaurant: Sanji.

Shortly after, Captain Don Krieg, a pirate, docks the Baratie, and orders the cooks to feed his starving and distraught crew following their excursion on The Road of All Perils...

18. Post-War Arc

Straw Hat 3D2Y

Saga: Summit War Saga
Season: 14
Episodes: 490-491, 493-516

With the death of Whitebeard and Portgas D. Ace, the official victory is therefore that of the Navy. Whitebeard’s dying words and his death cause chaos that ripples throughout Grand Line. Already, the continuation is preparing: it must hold secret the insurrection of Impel Down, in particular the fact that Barbe Noire released prisoners of the 6th basement to constitute its crew.

Monkey D. Luffy, on the other hand, is between life and death, his mind and body are in critical condition due to the efforts he had to make to escape from Impel Down to save his brother. to Marine Ford during the war, to no avail. He is brought to Amazon Lily by Trafalgar Law to tend to his severe injuries. Finally awake, Luffy goes on a rampage and destroys everything that comes to hand despite his condition.

When Jinbe arrives on the scene, at Luffy’s request, he confirms Ace’s death. It is then with enormous sobs that he remembers his first meeting with Dadan, Sabo and, in particular, Portgas D. Ace, with whom they hated each other from the start and who will nevertheless become his “brother”…

17. Loguetown Arc

Dragon Saves Luffy from Smoker

Saga: East Blue Saga
Season: 1
Episodes: 45, 48-53

Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji stop in Loguetown, the town where Gol D. Roger was executed. The city is known to be the last stage before The Road of all Perils, and everyone leaves to equip themselves for the journey ahead, except Luffy who prefers to visit the place of execution of the Lord of the Pirates.


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But he is captured by “Baggy the Clown”, freed from his torments and now associated with Lady Alvida. As the latter was about to kill Luffy, a storm rises and lightning strikes, knocking out Buggy and freeing our hero. When Marine Colonel Smoker bursts in, the pirates decide to flee. However, when Smoker manages to stop Luffy, the latter is saved by a man who is none other than Dragon, the revolutionary…

16. Thriller Bark Arc

Oars Destroys Hogback27s Mansion

Saga: Thriller Bark Saga
Season: 10
Episodes: 337-381

The Straw Hat Pirates land in Florian’s Triangle, a dangerous sea area shrouded in mist. After encountering Brook, a living skeleton, our heroes are trapped on Thriller Bark, Corsair Captain Gecko Moria’s huge ship with a gothic vibe. The crew also crosses paths with very strange creatures such as zombies, a Cerberus, etc…

However, they discover what is hidden behind these supernatural phenomena: Moria and Hogback, a scientist, have the ability to bring bodies back to life by stealing people’s shadows. The latter also take advantage of Luffy’s arrival to steal his and bring back to life a giant named Oars. After battling numerous zombies, the Straw Hat Pirates eventually defeat Moria and reclaim all of the shadows he stole.

Nevertheless, it is at this time that another Captain Corsair appears: Bartholomew Kuma, causing new adventures. At the end of the arc, Brook will join Luffy’s crew to take on the role of musician…

15. Punk Hazard Arc

Luffy Meets a Dragon

Saga: Dressrosa Saga
Season: 16
Episodes: 579-589, 591-625

Finally entering the New World, the Straw Hat crew immediately receives a distress call from a group of people on an island called Punk Hazard, stating that they are being attacked by a samurai. Without hesitation, Luffy sets off for the Burning Island, with Vice Admiral Smoker hot on his heels.

Supposed to be a ruined and deserted island, the Straw Hats soon learn that they are not alone, encountering many new and old enemies as they explore the island. Punk Hazard is the first island the Straw Hats find in the New World, and is made up of lands of ice on one side and lands of fire on the other. This island also contains Dr. Vegapunk’s abandoned research facility...

14. Arlong Park Arc

Arlong Lies Defeated

Saga: East Blue Saga
Season: 1
Episodes: 31-44

Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku immediately go in search of Nami by heading to the Konomi Archipelago where Arlong is, a terrible Fish-Man who has taken control of all of East Blue. During the chase, Yosaku takes the opportunity to tell the Straw Hat and the Cook what he knows about the Grand Corsairs. Nami arriving on the archipelago, goes to the base of Arlong and gives him the loot she had stolen from “Baggy the Clown”.

Meanwhile, Zoro, Usopp and Johnny are also on their way to the archipelago. Once there, Zoro is captured by Arlong’s gang. Usopp for his part has a lot to do once he infiltrates the village. Usopp meets Nojiko, Nami’s adoptive older sister. The young woman tells him that Nami works for Arlong. Nojiko and Nami are two orphans who grew up here in Kokoyashi Village.

Arlong and his gang go to the village and terrorize the inhabitants. Nami reveals why she robs the pirates they come across: to redeem the village from Arlong…

13. Jaya Arc

Luffy Finds Shiro Mokuba I

Saga: Sky Island Saga
Season: 6
Episodes: 144-152

With Princess Vivi now safe and back in Alabasta and a new teammate, Nico Robin, on board, the Straw Hats’ new adventure begins when the log pose suddenly points upwards and a giant ship suddenly falls from the sky. Robin explains that the Pose log was drawn to an island with a strong magnetic field, a Sky Island. While exploring the wreckage of the ship, they come across an old map.

Thanks to a skull and some books, they figure out that this ship is the St. Briss, which left the Kingdom of Briss 208 years ago. When 13 Organized try to save the sinking ship to get more information, they come across a group of pirates led by Masira, who claims he has control of all the territory and all sinking ships belong to him…

12. Fish-Man Island Arc


Saga: Fish-Man Island Saga
Season: 15
Episodes: 523-541, 543-574

The Straw Hats have donned the Thousand Sunny and are descending into the depths of the ocean. Franky tells them in passing the history of the ship during these last two years. The ship suffered numerous attacks from Pirates. It was Duval and his troops who defended the ship at the risk of their lives. But another man also protected the Sunny.

Bartholomew Kuma, the Straw Hats’ splitter, was programmed before becoming a full Pacifista. Indeed, before becoming the government’s human weapon, he asked V├ęgapunk to set him up with a mission to carry out before his complete transformation. His goal was to defend the Sunny until one of the Straw Hat Pirates returned.

The mission ends when Franky finds the ship. The crew is therefore indebted to the great corsair who saved them from certain death during the attack of the Pacifistas, Kizaru and Sentomaru. But also for protecting the Thousand Sunny…

11. Dressrosa Arc

Luffy Punches Fujitora

Saga: Dressrosa Saga
Season: 17
Episodes: 629-746

Back to Punk Hazard: A few G-5 Marines don protective suits and set off to search for their comrades on the island, with Caesar revealing that the suits were meant to protect them from the gas. The gas is so dangerous that those who are still frozen risk inhaling the poison and dying if they are not treated quickly.

Smoker chats with Brownbeard; he allows him to go save his men but still warns him that he intends to arrest them. Meanwhile, Marines discover the decapitated bodies of Baby 5 and Buffalo; they then wonder what to do with them. It is then that they see in the sky, the heads of the latter rushing towards them: Baby 5 and Buffalo find their respective bodies. But that’s not all: Don Quixote Doflamingo appears out of nowhere at Punk Hazard!

10. Arabasta Arc

Luffy Defeated by Crocodile Fight 1

Saga: Arabasta Saga
Season: 4
Episodes: 92-130

The Straw Hat Pirates and Nefertari Vivi eventually arrive at the desert kingdom of Alabasta, intent on dismantling Baroque Works and destroying Crocodile’s ambitions. From the first town, Luffy comes across Colonel Smoker who had anticipated his movements, but easily gets out of this mess thanks to his brother, Portgas D. Ace, whom he also meets by chance.


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As Crocodile puts an end to his plans to take over the kingdom, our heroes witness the extent of the unrest spreading there: drought, rebellion and the threat of civil war. They then decide to go straight to the Grand Corsair’s lair, Rainbase, to confront him, but they get trapped (along with Smoker), and then Luffy is left for dead by Crocodile after a one-sided duel, being unable to do anything. do against his opponent’s Logia powers. This fight, however, will allow him to understand the weak point of the corsair...

9. Skypiea Arc

Chopper Defeats Gedatsu

Saga: Sky Island Saga
Season: 6
Episodes: 153-195

After arriving on Skypiea via the Knock Up Stream, Usopp faints from the shock, while Nami, Robin, and Chopper discuss how the Log Pose’s needle oddly indicates to climb higher still. After that, Usopp wakes up and wants to explore the sea of clouds by diving into it (he also notices that the resistance is much lower than that of water).

A few minutes later, it has still not risen to the surface and Robin hypothesizes that this sea would not have a bottom. The Straw Hat Pirates start to panic and Luffy decides to grab them with his arm, but he can’t. Robin then uses “Ojos Fleur” and she manages to locate it, then catch it…

8. Impel Down Arc

Luffy Uses Jet Pistol on Blackbeard

Saga: Summit War Saga
Season: 13
Episodes: 422-425, 430-452

After the trip, Luffy arrives at Impel Down. He goes to a room with Hancock for a strip search. Hancock petrifies Domino and the Den Den Mushi. Then Luffy runs away while Hancock goes in an elevator to see Director Magellan. While walking through the first basement, he encountered Buggy who was being chased by a horde of Blue Gorillas. As they were running away, Luffy will offer Buggy to fight them instead of running away from them.

Buggy will (against his will) follow Luffy to Marineford. During his journey in the second basement, Luffy and Buggy come across Mr. 3. The latter will offer Luffy to help him find the 3rd basement. They will find themselves face to face with the Sphinx an overpowered beast but Luffy will manage to defeat it thanks to his Gear 3…

7. Whole Cake Island Arc

Brook vs. Big Mom

Saga: Four Emperors Saga
Season: 19
Episodes: 783-877

Big Mom’s ship with Sanji on board reaches the Totto Land Archipelago, and on the ship, Tamago explains to Sanji why he should join Big Mom’s Pirates. Vito arrives and shows Sanji a picture of his future bride; Charlotte Pudding, which makes him mad with joy. Vito talks to Sanji about a comic book he read in his youth that told the stories of Sora fighting Germa 66.

The comic is meant to be propaganda to get kids to idolize the Marines, but Vito came to idolize Germa 66, and is therefore honored to meet Sanji. The cook feels insulted at being compared to the military and tells Vito that he has nothing to do with them…

6. Levely Arc

Im Sits on the Empty Throne

Saga: Four Emperors Saga
Season: 19
Episodes: 878-889

Luffy, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Carrot sail the Thousand Sunny towards Wano Land after leaving Totto Land. Luffy and Chopper discover a Raid Suit that Niji gave to Sanji, unbeknownst to him. The latter refuses to try it despite the protests of his two companions. As for Nami, she now manages to summon Zeus from her Clima-Tact.

Carrot receives a journal from a Martin Facteur relating the events on the archipelago and their exploits; it also introduces Luffy and Sanji’s new bounties. The latter is on the one hand delighted that his exceeds that of Zoro (320.000.000 Berrys) and on the other annoyed that his wanted notice now includes his surname.

The captain is on the other hand depressed because his bounty seems to have dropped to 150,000,000 Berrys(which is not to displease Nami, aware that it could get them less trouble)…

5. Zou Arc

Jack Attacks Mokomo Dukedom

Saga: Four Emperors Saga
Season: 18
Episodes: 751-779

After defeating Doflamingo, the Straw Hat Pirates along with Trafalgar Law, Kin’emon and Kanjuro head to Zo in order to find Sanji and the other crew members. Zo is the third island visited by the Straw Hat Pirates in the New World. This “island” sits on the back of a giant elephant that has existed for at least 1000 years…

4. Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Drake against a Pacifista

Saga: Summit War Saga
Season: 11
Episodes: 385-405

Luffy and his friends continue their adventure towards Fish-Man Island, not knowing how to get there. Fortunately on the way, they meet Camie and Octo who explain to them that a special coating for the boat is needed for their trip.

So they guide the Straw Hat crew to the Sabaody Archipelago for the pirates to meet a naval craftsman. The archipelago is actually famous for its Auction House. Unfortunately, renowned pirates are also found on the Archipelago. They are called the “Eleven Supernovae” and are also in search of the New World…

3. Water 7 Arc

Straw Hat2C Galley La2C and Franky Family Alliance Formed

Saga: Water 7 Saga
Season: 8
Episodes: 229-263

After departing from Long Ring Long Land, the Straw Hat crew stumbles upon a train station in the open sea. The station master, Kokoro, explains to them that the Puffing Tom, a train capable of running on floating tracks, connects several surrounding islands.


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Following this stopover, the crew finally arrives at Water Seven with the firm intention of repairing the Vogue Merry thanks to the 300 million Berrys they were able to recover in Skypiea, but not everything goes as planned. The best craftsmen in the world, officiating at Galley-La Company, discover that the boat is too damaged to be repaired. Some of the money is stolen by the Franky Family and Robin mysteriously disappears…

2. Enies Lobby Arc

Robin is Freed

Saga: Water 7 Saga
Season: 9
Episodes: 264-290, 293-302, 304-312

First, the Kairiki Destroyers of the Franky Family are sent into battle. Unfortunately, his last ones are beaten soundly. The Franky Family, wanting to honor their boss, then decide to fight the two giants. They knock these out. Shortly after, he helps them escape the navy. Luffy finds Blueno on one of the rooftops leading to the Tower of Justice, and uses Gear Second to defeat him.

Joined by the rest of his crew, he finds Spandam and the rest of CP9 keeping Robin and Franky prisoners. When Luffy listens to Robin talking about the threat of the Buster Call, which she experienced as a child, he asks Sogeking to burn the World Government flag, thus declaring war on the 170 countries that this flag represents. Robin, shocked at the actions the crew are taking to pursue her, agrees to join them, wishing to live with them…

1. Marineford Arc

Impel Down Alliance Arrives

Saga: Summit War Saga
Season: 14
Episodes: 457-489

Having failed to reach Ace before he was transferred, Luffy, along with the other Impel Down escapees (including Ivankov, Inazuma, Crocodile, Jinbe, Mr.1, Mr.3, and Buggy), instead decides to pursue his brother to Marine Ford, the Worldwide Marine Headquarters.

However, with the odds high against him, the threatening arrival of Whitebeard, and the ulterior motives of the pirates who want to overthrow one of the Four Emperors, will Luffy manage to stay standing in this battle of titans?

Best One Piece filler arcs

As for the filler arcs, we have decided to give you the best five, ranked from 5th to 1st place. This section will also contain information on which Saga the Arcs belong to, what episodes they encompass and the plot outline for each of them.

5. Little East Blue Arc

Little East Blue Arc

Saga: East Blue Saga
Season: 13
Episodes: 426-429

Twenty years prior, Shiki escapes from Impel Down by cutting off his legs and using his powers. Again in the present day, the Straw Hat crew come across a giant beetle and discover an island that is a carbon copy of East Blue.


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The pirates visit the island and get to know the citizens under the watch of Yoko, a young girl who hates pirates. Suddenly, the Amigo Pirates attack the island to capture Boss. The pirates confront and defeat them, causing the girl to change her view of pirates…

4. Z’s Ambition Arc

Luffy and Lily Gluttons

Saga: Dressrosa Saga
Season: 15
Episodes: 575-578

The Straw Hats arrive in the New World during a great storm, and suddenly find themselves surrounded by a fleet of sea warships. Robin replies that only the Marines could accomplish this, knowing all of the Marines’ movements. Usopp and Chopper panic, but Luffy is very excited by this turn of events. He orders them to fight, then they rush off to make preparations for battle. Nami calls the attack, but the ships begin to disappear with the rain. She explains that it was simply a mirage…

3. Ocean’s Dream Arc

Episode 224

Saga: Water 7 Saga
Season: 7
Episodes: 220-224

One night, while moored near an island, the entire crew began to fall asleep. Only Nico Robin stayed awake to finish reading a book, while a mysterious young man blew underwater into a seahorse. The next morning, Robin greeted Nami, who didn’t recognize her. In the boys’ room, Tony Tony Chopper was the first to wake up, and jumped when he saw that he was surrounded by humans…

2. Marine Rookie Arc

Luffy vs. Grount

Saga: Four Emperors Saga
Season: 18
Episodes: 780-782

Sanji’s retrieval team is starving after Luffy squanders all of their food supplies, and they decide to stop at an island Nami had spotted. They prepare to search for food there, but Pekoms warns them that Fron’s Island is home to a Marine base that watches Big Mom. Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Carrot, and Brook then head to the island with the Shark Submerge III while Pedro and Pekoms stay behind to protect the Thousand Sunny…

1. G-8 Arc

G 8 Arc

Saga: Sky Island Saga
Season: 7
Episodes: 196-206

When the Straw Hats land in the middle of a navy base, the G8, they are forced to abandon their boat there under fire from the navy. The crew split up, forced to disguise themselves to escape the navy and try to find a way to escape from the base of the base, which is located on a huge mountain surrounded by the sea, itself surrounded by a ring of cliffs which forms a surrounding wall…

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