What Is the One Piece Treasure? Mystery Explained!

What is the One Piece Treasure? Mystery Explained!

One Piece, as envisioned by Eiichiro Oda, is one of the most popular and entertaining anime and manga series in history. Part of the “Big Three“, along with Bleach and Naruto, One Piece is considered a global anime classic and has a large, global fandom. Now, One Piece has its fair share of mysteries, that much is true, but we’re quite sure that the biggest one among them is the nature of the titular One Piece treasure.

As of yet, the One Piece treasure remains a mystery. Oda has confirmed that it is an actual physical reward, but its nature is still unknown. In-universe, it was confirmed that the revelation of the treasure’s true nature would be a shocking one, but nothing has been specified in the meantime.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything that we know about the One Piece treasure. You’re going to find out about its name and its nature, but also about the best theories surrounding the One Piece treasure. This treasure is probably the most mysterious aspect of the whole show and one of the most notable objects in the history of anime and we are going to give it our best to tell you everything that is necessary for you to understand its importance.

Why Is the Treasure Called One Piece?

In the original manga, the term “One Piece” (ワンピース Wan Pīsu) is often accompanied by an additional line of text, roughly translating to “the great Hito-tsunagi treasure” (ひとつなぎの大秘宝 Hito-tsunagi no Dai-hihō), first as a separate descriptor and later as a base text glossed directly with the “One Piece” katakana.

The exact meaning of “hito-tsunagi” has yet to be determined, and current theories offer three possible readings:

  • That it should be read as “一つなぎ” – a more or less literal Japanese translation of “(in) one piece”.
  • That it should be read as “人繋ぎ” – a phrase that roughly translates as “the rope that connects all people”.
  • That it should be read as “hitotsu-nagi” or “一つ凪” – a phrase that can be roughly translated as “a sea at peace”.

What Is the One Piece Treasure?

The One Piece is the legendary priceless treasure that turns out to be the sum of the items that someone left centuries ago and the treasures of the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. Before his execution, Roger told the world that the great treasure could be claimed by whoever managed to get there, thus ushering in the “Great Age of Pirates.”

It is hidden on the deepest island of the Grand Line, the last island, later named Laugh Tale by Roger himself. At least a part of the treasure was left by Joy Boy under unknown circumstances and ends there during the Void Century. Apart from the Roger and Joy Boy Pirates, nobody knows what One Piece is. Given the recurring theme of a treasure, it may be of great personal value, but of little value.

In Buggy’s flashback of his days as a member of the Roger Pirates, he discussed with Shanks the meaning of treasure, and found that the entire team shared the same opinion regarding personal worth. The only time the Straw Hat Pirates ever discovered anything about the One Piece was during their passage through the Sabaody Archipelago, when Usopp tried to ask Silvers Rayleigh about it.

However, Luffy stopped Usopp by telling him that the treasure is the purpose of his adventures, that becoming the King of the Pirates would have little merit if he already knew about One Piece and that, therefore, he preferred to stop being a pirate before knowing. something.

After constant speculation and doubts, the existence of the treasure was confirmed by Whitebeard with his last breath. He mentioned that “everything will be written in history” and “a great battle that would engulf the entire world” would come when the One Piece was found.

Before the death of Whitebeard, that he was called “the Man closest to the One Piece”, he announced by broadcasting to the whole world through den den mushi that the One Piece did exist. After his death, many pirates have regained hope of the existence of the legendary treasure.

As you can see, the existence of the One Piece treasure has been confirmed, but we still don’t know anything about it.

Has Luffy Found the One Piece Treasure?

As of the recent episodes and chapters, Luffy still has no idea what the One Piece even is. Even his crew still has no idea what it looks like, or if they have it already. Some would say that Luffy already has “part” of it since the treasure in Mariejois was a giant Straw Hat identical to Luffy’s in terms of appearance and color.

However, there is no implication if that natural treasure of the World Government is one One Piece. Because if it is, then for sure Roger would have taken the Straw Hat from Shanks, who was left behind to take care of the sick and unlucky Buggy. So, as it is clear now, as of the current events in the series, Luffy has not found the One Piece yet.


Does Luffy Find the One Piece Treasure?

And even though the series had already shown a major part of Gol D. Roger’s flashback through Oden’s story, the One Piece was never shown. It showed a scene where Roger’s crew was in Laugh Tale, but never showed any background of the mysterious Final Island as well!

Did Luffy Destroy the One Piece?

We have established that Luffy did not find the One Piece. In fact, Luffy doesn’t even know where it is, let alone what it is. This means that Luffy did not destroy the One Piece, seeing how he has not even traveled his whole world.

Now, Oda could perhaps make a surprise reveal that the One Piece is actually an earlier-discovered item that has been destroyed in the meantime, but we don’t think it very likely.

One Piece Treasure: Best Theories

In this section, we are going to bring you some of the best and most popular theories related to the true nature of the One Piece treasure, as talked about in manga and anime.

The series has implied that there are three ancient weapons hidden in the world. Crocodile was in search of the great battleship Pluton, whose blueprints were in the possession of Franky’s master, Tom. Poseidon turned out to be the Princess Shirahoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom, who was prophesied to one day command all the sea kings of the world.

The whereabouts and identity of Uranus are still unknown. Given her importance in the series’ history and the World Government’s paranoia about who might find her, there is reason to believe that the One Piece itself could be Pluton, Uranus, or a hidden amalgamation of all of them.

The fantasy got rolling when the story revealed that the Straw Hat once belonged to Gol D. Roger, possibly suggesting that he himself was its greatest treasure, or at least had some connection to it before giving it to Shanks. Now, this doesn’t make sense (as you’ll soon see), and would be a pretty big disappointment.

IT has also been suggested that the Devil Fruits might be somewhat interested in some that could fit in the mold and be connected to the devil in some way. Because of this, Devil Fruit users cannot swim, as they have been cursed by the gods of the sea.

Scientists in the One Piece world have tried to debunk these legends, but they have not had much luck discovering their secrets, though they have found a way to make some cheap fruit. Given the importance and mystery of the fruits in the world, some fans think that the One Piece is the origin of all Devil Fruits, perhaps even a large tree that grows them.


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In reference to the Devil Fruit, some fans believe that the One Piece itself is a Devil Fruit, but a very special one. The world is full of mysteries, and in order to reduce all answers to one origin, the One Piece has been considered the origin of all mysteries.

It could be the most powerful of all the Devil Fruits that people fought over and feared centuries ago. It could have the power to erase people’s memories and create the Void Century. It could be connected to the voice of all things. It’s a hodgepodge of the various mysteries surrounding the world of One Piece but that wouldn’t really fit into Oda’s concept, no.

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When Roger first landed on Laugh Tale, he and his crew were just staring at something. A short time later, Roger started laughing and named the island Laugh Tale because of this experience. This got fans wondering what the One Piece could be if it could make Roger laugh just by looking at it.

One idea is that Roger read something and that the One Piece is another Poneglyph that left an important message. It could be Joy Boy’s last words, or even the entire true history of the world. Either could warrant the World Government’s concern, and such a truth left behind on a well-documented piece of writing could cause a huge uproar that will make everyone scramble to remake the world.

This theory doesn’t really make any sense because it would stomp over the 20 years that have been invested in building the franchise. Although the creator himself has said that the One Piece will actually be a thing and not something vague like friendship, fans are still speculating that it will be in some way related to friendship and that the One Piece will leave the Straw Hats Laugh Tale with nothing more than a cheesy lesson, but we don’t really believe that.

One of the biggest theories connecting One Piece to the series is the idea that it is the Old Kingdom itself. During the Void Century, the kingdoms that would one day unite to form the World Government overthrew a prosperous and sophisticated kingdom. In this case, the One Piece might not just be the reveal of the Old Kingdom, but the entire kingdom itself. It could be a ruined city or even a fully preserved but hidden civilization (possibly the “D” clan).

This is a pretty heavy story that got a lot of attention after it was featured on the One Piece Podcast website. The idea is that the Old Kingdom, and perhaps One Piece itself, can be seen on or from the moon. When Eneru traveled to the moon, he found a hidden community of androids being threatened by space pirates.

There he found various ancient texts whose symbols seemed to resemble the Skypeian people. This has led many to believe that the Skypeians once came from the moon, or at least traveled there, and are in fact an angelic race. Laugh Tale could therefore be the place where some of these ancient people lived, or there could be a hidden mechanism that can bring people to the moon.


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This would connect every sea to the All Blue and the entire world to One Piece. This would create unity, if not better travel between kingdoms, but it also means the destruction of the Holy Land of the Celestial Dragon, Mariejois, which might be why the World Government is so worried about people discovering this idea.

As soon as Luffy or whoever first comes across the One Piece, they find a simple explaining that it was all a hoax, or that the One Piece is just the first piece of many, so the whole adventure was just a boondoggle. This makes sense in a way, but not really, no, as it is simply too ridiculous.

After the series first revealed Roger’s reaction to Laugh Tale, people speculate even more than the One Piece itself could just be a big hoax. This would be related to the name Joy Boy, and some people even think that Joy Boy himself is some sort of old trickster. In any case, many fans will not be laughing if this is true.

Is the One Piece Treasure Luffy’s Hat?

Luffy’s hat is an extremely important artifact in the series. Although straw hats aren’t rare or overly specific in the universe of One Piece, the one worn by Luffy has both a strong sentimental value (as it is Luffy’s heirloom) and historical importance, since it is the same straw that was, at one point, worn by both Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, and Shanks. This is why Luffy keeps it so close to him, although there have been occasions where he could be seen without it.

Will the One Piece Treasure Ever Be Found?

From the beginning of the series, we know that finding the One Piece is Luffy’s primary and only goal. The whole series actually revolves around the One Piece treasure and around Luffy’s search for it, through which he wants to become the greatest pirate of all time. This is why it would be illogical for the series to end without anyone actually reaching the famed treasure.

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