20 Best One Piece Scenes Fans Love to Rewatch (Ranked)

20 Best One Piece Scenes Fans Love to Rewatch (Ranked)

It’s been almost 23 years since the One Piece anime series debuted back on October 20, 1999. Twenty seasons and more than 1,000 episodes later, One Piece is still alive and well, remaining one of the most popular series in the history of anime. Now, you can imagine how many epic scenes we’ve seen in the history of the One Piece anime, and in this article, we are going to show you the best 20 scenes that One Piece fans love to rewatch, ranking them by their importance. This article is going to include only the scenes from the anime.

20. Luffy vs. Crocodile (Episode 126)

Thanks to Pell’s sacrifice, the soldiers of the kingdom and the rioters are saved, but no one is going to stop fighting. Vivi is crying out for the fighting to end, but no one hears her. In the royal cemetery, the crypt is collapsing and Crocodile believes he has won, but Luffy gets up again and the two pirates resume fighting, with Straw Hat breaking the opponent’s hook.

Then he hits him several times, kicking him up into the air and punching him until he smashes the ceiling, knocking him to the surface unconscious. Suddenly, he starts raining and both sides notice it; as soon as they stop fighting, they can hear Vivi’s voice.

19. The Rumbar Pirates’ Last Concert (Episode 380)

Brook continues to remember his past. One day Captain Yooki and other crew members contracted an extremely contagious infection; they, therefore, decided to abandon their companions trying to get out of the Rotta Maggiore through a band of calm. Brook became the new captain and the crew continued the voyage to the Florian Triangle, where she was entirely exterminated by another crew using poison arrows.

Brook’s soul took a year to find her body; after which the pirate collected the remains of his deceased companions and placed them below decks inside some coffins. He then remained in complete solitude for fifty years. The skeleton then decides to have Luffy and the others listen to the version of “Binks’ liqueur” which he and his dying companions recorded on a Tone Dial for Lovoon.

18. Luffy’s Execution (Episode 52)

Luffy is joined by a woman who claims to have met him before. This is Albida, who changed her appearance after eating the Swish Swish fruit. The pirate is joined by Buggy’s crew, with whom she is allied. Kabaji traps Luffy in the logs on the scaffold and Buggy declares he wants to kill him. Elsewhere Smoker orders his men to prepare to arrest all the pirates, but to wait for Buggy to kill Luffy so that the job is easier.

As a storm is about to break out on the island, the marines head to the harbor to destroy the pirate ships. Nami and Usopp, foreseeing this move, run to protect their boat. Moji and Richi are already on the scene, intent on setting the Going Merry on fire. Luffy, close to death, shouts to the crowd about his intention to become the king of the pirates; Zoro and Sanji reach the square and try to rescue their captain, but they can’t free him in time.

Luffy smiles in the face of death and Buggy drops his sword, but lightning strikes him, stops the clown, and destroys the gallows. The danger is not over because the marines invade the square, but Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji flee directly to the pier. Smoker decides to personally capture him.

17. Luffy vs. Lucci (Episode 309)

Luffy’s crew continues to defeat the marines one after another. Usopp instead observes Luffy who is on the ground exhausted and begins to provoke Lucci, managing to make him angry. The CP9 agent decides to kill him, but Luffy gets up to continue fighting, in order to stop him. Sanji, who has left his comrades to fight on the bridge, reaches a room where there is a switch he was looking for.

Franky confronts a marine who possesses the power to split into spheres, with which he starts hitting him from all directions. Zoro, however, intervenes in defense of him and when he rejects them all, only the opponent’s head remains: Franky shoots it at one of the Navy ships, knocking him unconscious. Zoro is then attacked with his bare hands by another marine, who touches the Yubashiri and causes her to rust.

The man then touches Zoro’s arm, who can no longer move, but Usopp hits the enemy with one of his bullets, saving his friend. Lucci hits Luffy with another Rokuogan and walks away believing the duel is over. The pirate, however, remains standing and begins to punch him while he thinks back to the words of those who had told him that having Robin in the crew would be their undoing.

Lucci tries to defend himself with the Tekkai; however, the technique is not sufficient, and therefore he is thrown first against the wall and then through it, falling to the ground unconscious. Everyone is informed that Luffy has defeated Lucci.

16. Luffy’s Gear 2 Intro (Episode 272)

Gomorrah continues to advance, although due to the blows received he has almost completely lost his sight. The animal, however, thinks back to when Franky welcomed him and Sodom among his companions, and for this, he continues until he reaches another door. The Franky Family splits into groups, in order to take control of both towers that lower the drawbridge and allow the advance of Luffy’s crew over the waterfall.

Meanwhile, Spandam receives a new update on the status of the fighting on the island: he learns that Oimo and Karsee have allied themselves with the invaders and that Blueno is facing Luffy. The clash between the two continues on an equal footing and for this reason, Luffy is not satisfied.

After his fight with Aokiji, he realized that in order to protect his teammates he would have to become stronger, and what he is in is just one of the situations he had imagined. For this, he decides to use a new technique, the Gear Second, with which he is sure that he will get rid of the opponent in a few moments.

15. Sabo gets the Mera Mera no Mi (Episode 678)


Inside the bullfighting colosseum, Gats can’t explain to the public why the toys have turned into ferocious humans and animals. While Diamante curses Trebol for allowing Sugar to be defeated, Rebecca regains her father’s memories. Sabo decides to end the fight and destroys the ring. Diamond and Burgess are unable to stop him from jumping onto the boss warrior fish that holds the Foco Foco fruit and eating it.

Thanks to his new power, Sabo further destroys the rubble, until it breaks through to the underground. Right there, Hajrudin is showing those who had been turned into toys their savior, Usopp. Everyone, even due to a misunderstanding, begins to believe that he will lead them, so the sniper tells them to destroy Smile’s factory.

14. Yasuie’s Execution (Episode 940)

Yasuie continues the speech by expressing what she thinks of Orochi, admitting that she designed and distributed the Kozuki family flyers as a joke, stating that the crescent moon tattoo was just a passing fashion long ago, and revealing the dirty methods that the current shogun used to rise to power with Kaido’s help and by killing the daimyos who opposed him.

In the past, when he was the daimyo of Hakumai, Yasuie discovered the servants of Oden attempting to steal the region’s treasury to help their lord and, instead of punishing them, gave them more of what they wanted to steal so that they could increase their education, buy some clothes and don’t tarnish Oden’s name.

The guards realize that they have unjustly arrested those they thought were conspirators, who unbeknownst to them have been given directions to a new meeting point. Toko and the three following him reach Rasetsu just as Orochi and his guards shoot Yasuie. The servants of Oden and the inhabitants of Ebisu now mourn Yasuie’s death.

13. Mihawk vs. Zoro (Episode 24)


Johnny and Yosaku tell that Nami threw them into the water and walked away claiming that after all she is just a thief who robs pirates. Luffy orders the two bounty hunters, Usopp and Zoro to chase her to get her back, but Zoro decides to take on “Hawkeye” Mihawk, the best swordsman in the world. Zoro uses the three-sword technique, while Mihawk decides to use only a dagger; despite this, all of Zoro’s attacks are repelled.

On his last thrust, the latter is also hit by the opponent’s blade, but refuses to retreat. Mihawk is impressed by Zoro’s spirit and gets his name mentioned, before showing off his Yoru as a courtesy gesture. At the end of the duel, Mihawk remains unharmed as two of Zoro’s swords break. The latter accepts the defeat and allows Mihawk to inflict the coup de grace, following which he falls into the water.

Johnny and Yosaku save him and when they resurface Mihawk urges the pirate to train to become stronger, so that in the future the two can face each other again. Creek decides to take revenge on Mihawk, but the swordsman leaves without giving him any importance. Usopp, Zoro, Johnny, and Yosaku set out in pursuit of Nami, while Creek returns to his original plan of seizing the Baratie. Luffy proposes a pact to Zef: if she defeats the invader, his debt will be paid off. Zef accepts the proposal.

12. The Minks saving Raizo (Episode 767)


Franky, Robin and Brook discover that the two samurai have already entered the Duchy of Mokomo and set off in pursuit. Meanwhile Variete rings the bell to warn that two strangers have arrived: all the musketeers and guardians head towards the city led by Storm Dog and Viper Cat. Kin’emon and Kanjuro walk through the forest unaware that they pose a threat and come across Momonosuke.

The guardians reach the city and Pedro realizes that Storm Dog has also come this far. Zo’s two authorities meet their eyes and approach each other with a threatening air. The samurai arrive a few moments later and would like to get closer, but the Straw Hat Pirates prevent them and hide them. The two minks begin to fight, but Kin’emon comes out and orders them to stop immediately.

Momonosuke and Kanjuro also show up and ask about Raizo. Cat-Viper and Dog-Storm join them and reveal that their friend is indeed on the island and is safe and sound. The three inhabitants of the country of Wa are servants of the Kozuki family, which has been allied with minks for a very long time. For this reason they would have preferred to die rather than surrender one of their own to the enemy.

11. Luffy vs. Katakuri (Episode 868)

Katakuri heads towards Flampe and his subordinates and, once reached, injures himself in the side with his trident, which he then drops to the ground. After showing his appearance to her sister, he scolds her for interfering in her fight, adding that if she wants to laugh she must do it for her face and not for her opponent.

He then walks over to Luffy, while Flampe orders his men to take pictures of Katakuri to show everyone who lives in Tottoland how he looks like him. Once they come face to face, Katakuri apologizes to the opponent for not noticing his sister’s interference, but Luffy states that he should have avoided the attack.

At that point, the two use the Ambition of the conquering king which makes everyone present faint, as well as damaging part of the mirror world, and then resume fighting. Meanwhile, aboard Our Castle, Chiffon says that if they bring the cake to Liqueur, being the island close to Cacao, Big Mom would then be able to get there and attack the Straw Hat Pirates, with whom she feels indebted for having helped his sister Laura.

He asks Bege to change course and join Funwari. Although the rest of the crew, frightened by the empress who is chasing them, are against it, the captain agrees. Sanji climbs on Rabiyan to return to Cacao with Pudding and Nitro. Soon after, the crew of the Thousand Sunny is grappling with Smoothie’s liquid slashes, which he can hardly avoid. Carrot then wakes up.


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10. Luffy vs. Usopp (Episode 236)

Usopp begins to fight. His first moves consist of using tricks to fool Luffy’s simple mind, some Dial, and his own slingshot to hit him with rotten eggs and Tabasco. Usopp’s plan is much more complex than it first appears: the pirate has littered the battlefield with four-pointed nails and Breath Dial filled with flammable gas.

The next attack is a fiery bullet that causes a large explosion in which Luffy becomes involved. Luffy, although wounded, gets up and starts off again, but Usopp uses his sling again and fires more explosive bullets. He also absorbs an attack from Luffy in an Impact Dial and uses it against them; the move, however, injures Usopp in the arm, while Luffy remains standing.

The latter stops for a moment to think back to the good times spent together and hits Usopp with great force, putting an end to the duel. Luffy, despite winning, leaves the Going Merry to Usopp, repeating his intention to find a new ship for his crew. As he walks away, however, he cries, sorry for what he was forced to do.

9. Farewell to the Going Merry (Episode 312)

On the return journey to Water 7, Luffy and Chopper start looking for Usopp without realizing that Sogeking is him. Meanwhile, the pirates have confirmation that no one but them is present on the ship, and as hard as it is to believe they begin to think that the rumor they heard was that of the Going Merry.

Suddenly in front of them, a ship of the Galley-La company appears and a few moments later the bow of the Going Merry breaks. Luffy begs Iceburg to repair it, but the man replies that there is nothing more to be done: the ship can no longer sail. As soon as the Acqua Laguna was finished, Iceburg, passing near the scrap yards island, was attracted by a sound.

Arriving in front of the Going Merry he had heard a voice asking him to stare at her to allow her to sail one last time. All night Iceburg had plugged the most serious leaks, until another big wave had put the boat back into the sea. The crew realizes that Iceburg is right and gets into a lifeboat; Luffy then gives his ship a Viking funeral by setting it on fire and letting it burn until it sinks.

During the ceremony, the pirates think back to the thousand adventures they lived on the Going Merry starting from the village of Shirop. Suddenly the Going Merry starts talking again and thanks everyone for being loved, as well as apologizing for not being able to take them further.

8. Luffy gives Nami his Straw Hat (Episode 37)

Nezumi, accompanied by Genzo, reaches Nami’s house with the intention of confiscating the treasure he has accumulated over the years. Nami first tries to use Arlong’s name as a threat and then attacks the marines before they start searching his property. However, the search continues and Nami discovers that it was Arlong who sent him to prevent Coco’s village from being redeemed.

A marine finds the spot where the treasure is hidden and Nezumi shoots Nojiko as she tried to stop Nami from attacking him. Nojiko is brought to the village to be treated by Nako, while Nami heads to Arlong Park to force him to admit his faults, but the fish-man claims that what he did was not incorrect. Unable to do anything else, Nami returns to the village to stop her fellow citizens from attacking, as it would only lead to their death.

The population, however, does not hear reasons and takes part in the office. Nami, left alone and desperate, begins to stab Arlong’s tattoo she has on her shoulder until she is stopped by Luffy. Nami asks him for help and the pirate, along with his companions, heads to Arlong Park.

7. Shanks stops the Marineford War (Episode 489)


Shanks picks up Luffy’s hat and when he sees Buggy levitating in the air he asks him to give it to Law, who is diving in his submarine, in exchange for a treasure map. The Clown accepts but later realizes that he has been made fun of. The submarine then dives, escaping Aokiji and Kizaru’s attempts to block and hit it.

Hancock decides to follow her in love with her and for this, he pretends to be willing to make sure she dies: she gets on board a Navy ship and sets off in pursuit of her. Mihawk also leaves the battlefield, because the agreement with the World Government provided for siding against Whitebeard’s crew and did not concern Shanks and his companions. The emperor invites Marco to retire peacefully, after which he joins Sengoku and Blackbeard and declares himself ready to fight if the two groups do not immediately cease hostility.

Teach orders his men to retire, as he has already gotten what he wanted. Sengoku also turns off his transformation. Shanks demands Whitebeard and Ace’s corpses to receive a proper burial and Sengoku agrees, taking responsibility for them. Immediately after the Grand Admiral declares the end of hostilities.

6. Zoro’s Sacrifice (Episode 377)

Bartholomew Kuma approaches Luffy, still exhausted from the fight against Moria, but as he is about to take him, Zoro manages to surprise him, cutting him and thus discovering that he is a cyborg created by Vegapunk. The swordsman then asks to take his life instead of that of his captain. Exhausted Sanji does the same, but Zoro hits him knocking him unconscious and throws his swords, ready to get hit.

Kuma accepts his request and extracts all the pain and fatigue that Luffy experienced during the last battle, incorporating her into a sphere. Zoro enters the sphere and manages to survive despite the excruciating suffering. Sanji then recovers and searches for Zoro, finding him standing in the middle of a lake of blood, while there is no trace of Kuma.

5. Oden’s Death (Episode 974)

As Fukurokuju threatened Shinobu for revealing too much, the truth about the daimyo’s actions spread and the people present at the execution who had returned to cheer Oden were killed by Orochi and Kaido’s men. Oden also revealed what he had learned during his travels and his intention to open the borders of Wano Country, closed in the past by the Kozuki family, ordering the Nine red scabbards to carry out this goal.

After the agreed time, he sent the latter away, who therefore hurried to reach Kuri’s castle along with Shinobu. Kaido revealed to Oden that he had killed Higurashi and the daimyo, now exhausted, let the emperor shoot him in the head as a sign of respect so as not to prolong his suffering: Oden fell into the cauldron and died smiling.

4. Whitebeard’s Final Speech (Episode 485)

All the marines are speechless to see Teach and his new companions. The Blackbeard Pirates escaped from Impel Down leaving the prison in a bad state and passed the gates of justice because previously the marine guard posts had been hypnotized to let every ship pass.

Teach admits that everything he did to join the Fleet of Seven was necessary to ensure that he could reach Impel Down and free prisoners to enlist in his crew, but now he no longer needs them and therefore renounces the title. Whitebeard attacks Teach with his power and destroys the gallows, but he and his companions are saved.

Blackbeard uses the Dark Dark and prevents his opponent from delivering his most powerful blows, absorbing their effects, but is still wounded by the emperor’s naginata and then hit by a shock wave. But Teach survives and orders his companions to kill Whitebeard; all of them shoot him numerous times and stab him with their repeating blades.

In his last minutes of life, Whitebeard looks back on his last meeting with Roger, during which the pirate king spoke to him about D.’s will and the mystery that surrounds her. He then reveals to Teach that he is not the man Roger is waiting for and that someone will soon arrive who will wreak a war on the whole world. He confirms that One Piece really exists, after which he dies on his feet.

3. Death of Portgas D. Ace (Episode 483)

Ace collapses to the ground from the wound received from Akainu. His companions open fire on the admiral to protect him, but to no avail because of his Rogia fruit. The second attempt to hit Ace is stopped by Jinbe, Marco and Vista, but Akainu doesn’t mind because he’s sure the pirate is done for. Luffy begs the Whitebeard Pirates to do something for his brother, but the wound is incurable; not even the power of Iva is able to save his life.

Ace thinks back to his childhood and the question that he accompanied him all his life: to understand if he had the right to be born and to live. People used to say that if Gol D. Roger had a child, he would have to be tortured and killed for the simple fact of existing, and each time Ace beat them violently.

The boy thanks Luffy for having loved him and asks him to relay that same message to his companions as well. After that he dies, while his Vivre Card is completely consumed. Luffy tries to restrain himself, but bursts into tears.

2. Luffy punching a Celestial Dragon (Episode 396)

The auction continues and Charloss, arriving on the spot, ruins the crew’s plan to buy Kayme by offering her an exorbitant amount. The auction house is turned upside down by Luffy breaking into it with the flying fish. The young man is stopped by Hacchan who prevents him from throwing himself on the stage, but in doing so, he accidentally reveals his nature as a Fish-Man.

Most of those present are disgusted and Charloss shoots Hacchan, proving happy at the prospect of having acquired a new slave without paying any money. Luffy, having reached the limit of tolerance, hits Celestial dragon Charloss in the face with a powerful punch.

1. Luffy Declaring War on the World Government (Episode 278)

Sauro destroyed some Navy ships, but his former colleagues opened fire with rifles and cannons. At the same time, Ohara’s archaeologists were trying to save as many books as possible, throwing them into the lake so that they wouldn’t burn in the fire of the tree of omniscience. Robin instead reached the evacuation ship as she was setting sail, but Spandine ordered that she not be allowed on board.

Sauro tried to attack the CP9 ship in revenge but was blocked by the ice of Vice Admiral Kuzan, who had just landed. While the two friends argued about justice, the evacuation ship was destroyed by Vice Admiral Sakazuki, convinced that the risk of even one archaeologist on board was too great. Sauro tried to escape taking Robin with him, but Kuzan immobilized one leg of the giant forcing him to let the child escape alone, just before he was completely frozen.

Robin reached another beach, but there she found Kuzan, who decided to let her escape in a boat in honor of her friendship with Sauro. Robin reached another island, but the news of his safety was made known and for this, a price was placed on his head. Robin tried to survive by being hosted by people who pretended to be nice, but they all eventually tried to betray her by calling the Navy to pocket her bounty, until she met Crocodile, who let her into the Baroque Works.

At Enies Lobby, Robin is afraid that Luffy’s crew may one day abandon her as everyone before they did. Luffy orders Sogeking to burn the flag of the World Government, after which he demands that Robin admit he wants to live. Luffy then prepares to go on the attack.

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