All 13 Celestial Dragons in One Piece Ranked by Strength

All 13 Celestial Dragons in One Piece Ranked by Strength

The World Nobles, also known as the Celestial Dragons, are descendants of 19 of the 20 founding Kings of the organization known as the World Government. Several of the antagonists of the One Piece series, such as the Five Elders, Don Quixote Doflamingo or even the Celestial Dragons present on the Sabaody Archipelago, are part of this family of descendants. The Celestial Dragons are extremely powerful characters, although they rarely fight; in fact, their fighting skills are – usually – very debatable. In this article, we are going to analyze all the 13 Celestial Dragons and rank them by strength for your enjoyment.

13. Homing’s wife

M3Fre de Doflamingo et Rossinante alit3Fe

Although she was a woman with fragile health. If she was ever attacked, as a Celestial Dragon, she could summon a Navy Admiral who would go to the scene of the crime immediately. Thirty three years before the current story begins, she and Homing asked to be removed from their positions of World Nobility. His wish was granted and they returned to human status, even though the other members considered them traitors.

They moved to a northern country outside the influence and control of the World Government with their two sons. Although she hoped to live a normal and happy life, she was unaware of the locals’ hatred against the World Nobility. Afterwards, she and her family were persecuted by citizens. Her house was burned down and she was forced to flee with her family. As they lived in poverty, they were driven out and tortured. She eventually died of illness.

12. First Lady

First Lady Portrait

Saint Camael’s partner is named First Lady, as per the official movie guide titles One Piece Film: Gold – Backstage Pass, which is a reference to title unofficially used for a state president’s wife. It is unknown if that’s her actual name or indeed a title for Celestial Dragon’s partners. Nothing else is known about her, but she does have quite a menacing look.

11. Mjosgard’s Father

Like all the nobles shown so far, he is extremely pretentious, thinking he is superior to everyone else. He is a wine lover. We see him being made to drink wine by his slaves. He doesn’t bother to hold or even turn the pages of his diary. Being a noble, he can basically do whatever he wants, with the ability to summon a Navy Admiral if he deems someone is threatening him.

Ten years ago, he let his son go to Fish-Man Island. We see it in the flashback of his son, he is accompanied by his exclusively female slaves who make him drink wine when he wishes and read his newspaper.

10. Saint Rosward

As a member of the World Nobles, Rosward can do as he pleases without fear of repercussions, having the ability to summon an admiral if he finds himself in danger. Like all the other Celestial Dragons, he has a weapon capable of shooting some kind of light, in this case, it’s a rifle on his staff but he doesn’t have any kind of skill with it; he’s also easily defeated (Usopp fell on him and that was enough).

He is first seen with his daughter, Shalria, looking over her shoulder at his slave Dias, who was the captain of the Acumate Pirates, attempting to flee from him. After his dog urinates on the man, his daughter shoots him with a pistol, and she shows no remorse. A demonic creature is seen behind him. Later in the story, it is revealed that the demonic creature is, in fact, the pirate captain Jean Bart.

He later shows up at the Human Auction House with his son Charlos and his daughter Shalria. He gets upset with his son Charlos when he offers 500,000,000 Berrys for Camie. When his son is attacked by Luffy, he uses his staff (which has a hidden rifle) and starts shooting randomly around Luffy, then yells that someone will call an admiral.

Sanji punches his hands and Usopp knocks him unconscious, after accidentally falling off the roof and smashing his face into the ground. He is later seen dejected and unconscious alongside his son when Shalria berated the Marines for failing to capture the Straw Hat Pirates. Before the Levely started, Charlos told Rosward that he found a very large mermaid.

Later, Rosward found out what happened to his son, and made his appearance at the gate of the Heavenly Dragons on his rented slave, Kuma, commenting on the advantages that Kuma has as such since he does not express pain when he is abused by him.

9. Saint Shalria

As a World Noble, she can do as she pleases without any restrictions on her actions by the World Government. She too, has the authority to summon an Admiral from Headquarters in case someone opposes her decisions. She seems to possess a weak will, as she was easily knocked out by Rayleigh’s Haki in the Auction House.

Like other Celestial Dragons, Shalria was shown with a gun pointed at Camie, saying that she would kill him. Her ability and her prowess with said weapon are unknown. She first appears when her slave Devil Dias escapes to the archipelago, getting her father to comment that her carelessness could ruin his collection of captains.

After Dias’s necklace explodes, she mocks his weakness and shoots him. When she does, she leaves commenting that next time she wants a giant as a slave. She later shows up again at the Human Auction House with her father, waiting for her brother Charlos. She tries to kill Camie while the Straw Hats are busy fighting the guards, but she is stopped by Rayleigh’s timely intervention, who knocks her unconscious using her Haki.

She is seen outside the auction house later, next to her despondent and unconscious father and brother. Angry at this, she begins to insult the Marines for not having stopped the Straw Hats already. In her fit of rage, she swears that as soon as she captures them she will force the pirates to their knees to beg her forgiveness and then take them to hell.

8. Saint Charlos

As a Celestial Dragon, he can do whatever he wants and can summon an admiral, if injured. He seems to have good eyesight as he could see Zoro moving at a fast speed, but was knocked out in one punch by Luffy, showing that he is physically weak. Charlos has a golden pistol. His ability and accuracy remain limited, however: He repeatedly shot Luffy and Zoro, but did not hit his target.

On the other hand, he was able to kill civilians. His ability to wield a pistol remains somewhat vague, but he seems to handle it better than any civilian. He can afford anything, he buys slaves and mistreats them, and when he travels on the Sabaody Archipelago, he does so on human backs. Passing by a stretcher carrying a wounded man, he does not hesitate to knock it down, then orders the nurse to become his thirteenth wife.

Zoro, who witnessed the scene, tries to attack him but Jewelry Bonney stops him and calms the two men down. Saint Charlos leaves thinking that Zoro is dead after he shot him, not knowing that in fact he had missed him, and we see him again later in the slave auction room. It is there that he discovers what he has wanted for a long time, a mermaid, Camie in this case, and buys it for 500,000,000 Berrys.


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Luffy then appears to save the mermaid, Octo tries to kill her. prevent it, unfortunately he loses his jacket and the crowd discovers that he is a fish-man. Saint Charlos, who hates this species, shoots him, which challenges Luffy. Despite Octo’s recommendations and the threat of seeing an Admiral land, Luffy sends him into the background with an incredible right.

Saint Charlos and his family are saved a little later by soldiers from the Navy. While the Neptune family arrives at Mary Geoise, Charlos with the help of binoculars sees Shirahoshi from his domain, he pays close attention to it. The latter bursts into the hall of Pangea Castle a little later accompanied by a giant slave, and asks him to seize Shirahoshi in order to make him his pet, Vivi and Rebecca try to intervene but are held back by other nobles who wish to avoid a diplomatic incident.

7. Saint Jalmack

As is often the case with world nobles, Jalmack is cruel and indifferent towards those who are of a lower social class than himself. For this reason, he does not hesitate to finish off anyone who dares to challenge him, including a child like Sabo. He has been seen with three slaves: one leading him, as if he were a horse, and two others walking with chains; which shows that he has no qualms about enslaving people.

However, unlike other nobles, he shares his reason for shooting Sabo: the boy had raised a pirate flag, meaning that he is a criminal, and deserving of being killed. This is in keeping with the doctrine of absolute justice that many Marines have embraced. However, the most important reason for him to shoot her is that he got in her way.


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Actually, his first justification was just an excuse. As a world noble, Jalmack has the authority to do as he pleases and no one has the right to challenge him, unless he wants to be targeted by an admiral or eliminated himself. Jalmack has been seen using a bazooka. Unlike Roswald, who carries a rifle without any sights to increase accuracy, the bazooka did have one, which may have increased his accuracy.

Twelve years ago Jalmack went to visit the Kingdom of Goa in the East Blue. When Sabo’s ship crossed his path, Jalmack shot him with a bazooka, claiming that he had a pirate flag, despite being a child, and that Sabo had defied him by getting in his way. Afterward, Jalmack was escorted into the city with his slaves and the royal guard.

6. Saint Donquixote Mjosgard

Mjosgard Injuries

As a World Noble, Mjosgard can do as he pleases, with the ability to summon a Marine admiral to attack anyone he deems a threat, even having carte blanche to hit another noble without Rob Lucci intervening. Although he was pampered with the greater riches of his culture, like the rest of his people, he was at least strong enough to resist attack from underwater sea creatures, while the rest of the crew of his ship died.

Like other World Nobles, he wields a gun to shoot anyone he doesn’t like, which he used to threaten the inhabitants of Fish-Man Island with the intention of giving him medical assistance. While in the manga he is shown as a flintlock, in the anime he is shown as a golden pistol very similar to Charlos’. He was shown using it to shoot slaves for fun. In his appearance in Mary Geoise, he used a spiked mace to beat Charlos for his arrogant and abusive attitude.

5. Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo at Age 8 28Celestial Dragon29 1

As Captain of Donquixote Doflamingo’s Pirates and exceptional member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Doflamingo is a world-famous pirate. He is very present in the underworld (slavery, production, and distribution of weapons of mass destruction and Zoan Smiles) since he is currently the most powerful and influential broker in the New World.

Indeed, his influence extends to several warring countries and his simple defeat by Luffy forced most of them to capitulate. His connections and network of influence are considerable as he was able to acquire the reincarnated Mera Mera no Mi that once belonged to Portgas D. Ace without issue. Ten years before the current events, he managed to grab the riches intended for the Celestial Dragons; his reputation was such that the World Government had to give in to his threats for him to obtain the status of Grand Corsair, therefore illegitimately.

By the way, Doflamingo was originally one of them; however, after his father Donquixote Homing decided to lead a normal life among “humans”, Doflamingo lost all his privileges, experiencing suffering and hunger for the first time. After killing his father at the age of 10, he returned to Mary Geoise, where the World Nobles sit to regain his status, without success.


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However, he managed to escape, while learning about the National Treasure of Marie-Joie, which allowed him to regain the privileges of a Celestial Dragon, such as the ability to trick the whole world, by falsifying his resignation of the Grands Corsairs, or even that of mobilizing the CP-AIGIS0.

Another highlight is that he was the King of Dressrosa for a decade; indeed, he managed to dethrone King Riku by force but also via a game of manipulation, then exercising his tyranny over an entire kingdom, without anyone realizing it. In other words, Doflamingo is so powerful that the strong Trafalgar D. Water Law chose not to fight him immediately, to preserve his energy and maximize his chances of defeating him.

4. Donquixote Rosinante

Rosinante27s clumsiness

For being born into the Donquixote Family, Corazon was a World Noble, thus granting him political rights and privileges, allowing him to do almost anything he pleased, as well as unlimited wealth and the ability to summon a Navy Admiral. When his family left Mary Geoise, then became a pirate family, he lost these privileges and became a criminal in the eyes of the whole world.

As a former elite officer of the Donquixote Doflamingo Pirates, Corazon was no doubt a powerful fighter to have achieved such a rank. Besides, he is strong enough to be able to destroy hospitals on his own. He was second in command to many other officers and soldiers of the crew, alongside the other elite officers.

Rosinante ate the Nagi Nagi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that have him the ability to create invisible soundproof spaces. Someone inside the field cannot hear sounds from outside and vice versa. Thanks to this fruit, Rosinante was able to trick Doflamingo into believing that he was mute and to be free from suspicion for a long time.

3. Donquixote Homing

As a World Noble, he could do whatever he wanted, without having to face the consequences. He had enormous political power and possessed the right to summon an Admiral should he be attacked or think of someone as a threat. He was extremely wealthy and wielded enormous political influence throughout the world. When he resigned his position as a World Noble, he lost all previous privileges, having only a relatively moderate amount of wealth with him.

Due to his pampered past and lack of knowledge of the prejudice commoners have towards his heritage, and the loss of World Government protection, Homing had a difficult time surviving in the North Blue, barely able to gather food to support himself. himself and his children alive, while they were left defenseless against civilians.

2. Saint Camael

Little is known about his personality. Since he wears an oxygen helmet, it is assumed that he does not like to leave Mary Geoise and mingle with the population. Additionally, he must consider normal humans as trash just like other Celestial Dragons. Camael has a physical tic that causes him to shake his head repeatedly.

When it does this, it makes a repetitive noise. When he ends his sentences with the word “eh”, he lengthens it in the same way. Being a World Noble, he does not have to follow the laws of the World Government and if he gets attacked, an Admiral must come to the scene of the attack.

1. The Five Elders

Five Elders Infobox 1

Being the main leaders of the World Government (below Im), they have complete control over this organization and the marines, disregarding the orders of Sengoku and Sakazuki with their decisions, they have control over the CP0 and control over what is published, discarding any inconvenience. They also have the power to reclassify a Devil Fruit into a different terminology.

Their main concern is the public image of the World Government, and they will go to great lengths to maintain good public opinion, such as destroying an entire island to hide the discovery of the Void Century, hiding the fact that Moria was building a zombie army and his defeat, or keeping Impel Down’s level 6 inmate breakout a secret despite the damage they may cause.


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Some of these decisions have even angered Sengoku, who tolerated Absolute Justice in the Marines. They have also angered his successor, Sakazuki, when they agreed to Donquixote Doflamingo’s request to fake his resignation as Warlord of the Sea.

It is currently unknown how strong they are, but unlike the pampered existence of the World Nobles, some of these elders demonstrate muscularity and scars have been shown across the body of several of their members. There is also the fact that one of them is always accompanied by a sword, being on one occasion trying his weapon, being possible that unlike the rest of the Celestial Dragons, they have experience fighting.