One Piece: All 15 Celestial Dragons Ranked by Strength

world nobles ranked by power

The World Nobles, also known as the Celestial Dragons, are descendants of 19 of the 20 founding Kings of the organization known as the World Government. Several of the One Piece series antagonists, such as the Five Elders, Don Quixote Doflamingo, or even the Celestial Dragons present in the Sabaody Archipelago, are part of this family of descendants. The Celestial Dragons are extremely powerful characters, although they rarely fight; their fighting skills are usually very debatable. In this article, we will analyze all the 13 Celestial Dragons and rank them by strength for your enjoyment.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in January 2024 with the inclusion of Garling Figarland.

15. Homing’s wife

M3Fre de Doflamingo et Rossinante alit3Fe

Despite her fragile health, as a Celestial Dragon, Homing’s wife possessed the ability to summon a Navy Admiral for immediate assistance if attacked. Thirty-three years prior to the current story, she and her husband, Homing, voluntarily gave up their positions as World Nobility, facing betrayal and hostility from others. They settled in a northern country to lead a normal life, but unaware of the locals’ hatred for World Nobility, they faced persecution. Their house was burned, and the family was forced into poverty, experiencing torture and hardship. Tragically, she succumbed to illness in the end.

14. First Lady

First Lady Portrait

Saint Camael’s partner in One Piece Film: Gold is known as First Lady, as per the official movie guide titled One Piece Film: Gold – Backstage Pass. This name is a reference to the unofficial title for a state president’s wife. It’s unclear whether First Lady is her actual name or a title for Celestial Dragon partners. Limited information is available about her, except for her menacing appearance.

13. Mjosgard’s Father

Mjosgard’s Father, like others in the story, is exceptionally arrogant and considers himself superior. He is a wine enthusiast, often served by his slaves. Unconcerned about simple tasks like turning pages, his noble status allows him to wield significant authority, including summoning a Navy Admiral if he perceives a threat. A decade ago, he allowed his son to visit Fish-Man Island, where he was accompanied by exclusively female slaves, indulging in wine and having his newspaper read to him.

12. Saint Rosward

As a World Noble, Rosward enjoys unchecked freedom, able to summon an admiral for protection. Despite wielding a light-shooting rifle on his staff, he lacks skill and is easily defeated. He is first seen with his daughter Shalria overseeing the escape attempt of his former slave, Dias, who led the Acumate Pirates. His daughter shows cruelty by shooting Dias, with a demonic creature revealed to be the pirate captain Jean Bart. At the Human Auction House, Rosward, along with his son Charlos and daughter Shalria, faces conflict as Charlos attempts to buy Camie. When Luffy intervenes, Rosward threatens to call an admiral but is thwarted by Sanji and Usopp. Later, dejected and unconscious, he learns of his son’s fate and arrives at the Heavenly Dragons’ gate on his rented slave, Kuma, acknowledging Kuma’s pain and resistance.


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11. Saint Shalria

As a World Noble, Shalria wields unrestricted authority, capable of summoning an Admiral to enforce her decisions. Despite her status, she demonstrates a weak will, easily knocked out by Rayleigh’s Haki. Like other Celestial Dragons, she brandishes a gun, expressing a desire to kill Camie. Her proficiency with the weapon remains unknown. Initially introduced when her slave Devil Dias escapes, she dismisses him, mocking his weakness and shooting him after his necklace explodes. At the Human Auction House, she attempts to kill Camie but is thwarted by Rayleigh. Later, outside the auction house, she expresses anger at the Marines’ failure to stop the Straw Hats, vowing to capture and force them to beg for her forgiveness before taking them to hell.

10. Saint Charlos

As a Celestial Dragon, Saint Charlos holds unchecked power and can summon an admiral for protection if injured. Despite good eyesight, he is physically weak and easily knocked out by Luffy. Charlos possesses a golden pistol but lacks accuracy, frequently missing his targets. He exhibits cruelty by killing civilians and mistreating slaves, even using human backs for transportation. His arrogance leads him to knock down a stretcher and demand a nurse become his wife. Zoro attempts to confront him, but Jewelry Bonney intervenes.

Charlos later appears at the slave auction, where he purchases the mermaid Camie for 500,000,000 Berries. When Luffy tries to save Camie, Charlos, harboring a deep hatred for fish-men, shoots Octo, a fish-man, prompting Luffy to retaliate. Despite the threat of an Admiral’s intervention, Luffy defeats Charlos and saves his family. Later, Charlos observes Shirahoshi from Mary Geoise, expressing a keen interest in her.

9. Saint Pluming

Saint Pluming manga

Pluming, like other World Nobles, exhibits a spoiled and arrogant personality, expecting compliance and respect from commoners. He is intolerant of any failures from slaves and is willing to resort to killing them if they cease to be of use to him. Additionally, Pluming is characterized as a coward.

8. Saint Jalmack

As a World Noble, Jalmack displays cruelty and indifference towards those of lower social classes, readily eliminating anyone who challenges him, even children like Sabo. He is often seen with three slaves, treating them harshly and demonstrating a willingness to enslave others. Jalmack justifies his actions by citing absolute justice and his authority as a World Noble, claiming the right to kill those who obstruct him. Unlike some nobles, he uses a bazooka, possibly with increased accuracy, as it has a sight.

Twelve years prior, Jalmack visited the Kingdom of Goa in the East Blue. Upon encountering Sabo’s ship, he shot the child with a bazooka, alleging a pirate flag and defiance. Despite this cruel act, he was escorted into the city with his slaves and the royal guard, showcasing the unquestioned authority World Nobles possess.

7. Saint Donquixote Mjosgard

Mjosgard Injuries

As a World Noble, Mjosgard possesses unrestrained authority, able to summon a Marine admiral to attack perceived threats, even striking fellow nobles without intervention. Despite enjoying the privileges of his culture, he exhibits physical strength, surviving attacks from underwater sea creatures when his shipmates perished. Like other World Nobles, Mjosgard brandishes a gun, threatening Fish-Man Island’s inhabitants for medical assistance and using it to shoot slaves for amusement.

In Mary Geoise, he employs a spiked mace to punish Charlos for his arrogance and abusive behavior, showcasing the internal dynamics and power struggles among the World Nobles.

6. Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo at Age 8 28Celestial Dragon29 1

Doflamingo, the Captain of Donquixote Doflamingo’s Pirates and a renowned member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, holds a prominent position in the underworld. His influence spans across various warring countries, making him a powerful broker in the New World. Defeated by Luffy, Doflamingo’s impact is so significant that his downfall forces many nations to surrender.

Known for his extensive connections, Doflamingo acquired the reincarnated Mera Mera no Mi with ease and, a decade earlier, successfully seized riches intended for the Celestial Dragons. Despite originally being a World Noble, his father’s decision to lead a normal life led to Doflamingo losing his privileges. After killing his father at the age of 10, he failed to regain his status at Mary Geoise, where the World Nobles reside.

Despite losing his World Noble status, Doflamingo managed to escape and discover the National Treasure of Marie-Joie. This knowledge allowed him to reclaim his privileges as a Celestial Dragon, enabling him to manipulate the world through tactics like falsifying his resignation as a Grand Corsair and mobilizing the CP-AIGIS0.

Doflamingo’s notable achievements include reigning as the King of Dressrosa for a decade. He forcefully dethroned King Riku through a combination of manipulation and brute force, establishing his tyranny over the entire kingdom while keeping his true identity hidden. Doflamingo’s strength is so formidable that Trafalgar D. Water Law chose to delay confronting him immediately, prioritizing energy preservation to maximize his chances of success.


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5. Donquixote Rosinante

Rosinante27s clumsiness

Born into the Donquixote Family, Corazon was initially a World Noble, enjoying political rights, privileges, unlimited wealth, and the authority to summon a Navy Admiral. However, when his family transitioned from Mary Geoise to piracy, he lost these privileges, becoming a criminal in the eyes of the world.

As a former elite officer of the Donquixote Doflamingo Pirates, Corazon demonstrated significant strength, holding the position of second in command among other officers and soldiers. He exhibited the power to destroy hospitals independently.

Corazon consumed the Nagi Nagi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit granting him the ability to create invisible soundproof spaces. This power allowed him to deceive Doflamingo by pretending to be mute, successfully avoiding suspicion for an extended period.

4. Donquixote Homing

As a World Noble, Homing enjoyed unparalleled privileges, unrestricted authority, and the right to summon an Admiral for protection. His immense wealth and political influence spanned the world. However, upon resigning from the World Nobles, he forfeited these privileges and was left with only a modest amount of wealth.

Unaware of the prejudice commoners held against his heritage and lacking World Government protection, Homing struggled to survive in the North Blue. He faced difficulties gathering food and ensuring the safety of himself and his children, leaving them vulnerable to mistreatment by civilians.

3. Saint Camael

Camael, a World Noble, maintains an enigmatic personality. His choice to wear an oxygen helmet suggests a reluctance to leave Mary Geoise and interact with the general population, likely viewing normal humans similarly to other Celestial Dragons – as beneath him. Camael exhibits a physical tic of repeatedly shaking his head, accompanied by a repetitive noise. As a World Noble, he enjoys immunity from the laws of the World Government, and any attack against him mandates the intervention of an Admiral.

2. Garling Figarland

Garling Figarland

Garling, a Celestial Dragon, shares the typical moral outlook of his status, viewing those beneath him as “trash.” He is ruthlessly strict in enforcing World Noble rules and customs, particularly condemning Nobles who protect individuals of lower status. Garling’s cruelty extends to a lack of regard for commoners’ lives, evident in his participation in the Native Hunting Competition on God Valley 38 years ago, where he saw the slaughter of an entire island’s population as a form of sport.

During his youth, Garling displayed confidence in his abilities, considering a 10,000-point penalty in a hunting contest as a mere handicap to make things competitive. Unperturbed by the formidable Rocks and Roger Pirates landing on God Valley, he was ready to confront them, showcasing his unwavering disposition and willingness to face the strongest crews of his time.

Garling serves as the Supreme Commander of the God’s Knights, holding authority over the group and possessing the ability to pass judgment even on fellow World Nobles for intolerable behavior. As a World Noble, he likely enjoys the standard rights and privileges, including significant wealth. While little is known about Garling’s combat abilities, his leadership of the God’s Knights, a group that concerns Monkey D. Dragon, indicates that he is considered a formidable figure among World Nobles.

1. The Five Elders

Five Elders Infobox 1

As the primary leaders of the World Government, ranking below Im, the Gorosei exercise complete control over the organization, the Marines, and the CP0. They make decisions independently, often disregarding orders from figures like Sengoku and Sakazuki. Their authority extends to reclassifying Devil Fruits and controlling information publication.

The Gorosei prioritize maintaining the World Government’s positive public image and have gone to extreme lengths to preserve it, such as destroying entire islands to conceal Void Century discoveries and hiding significant events like Moria’s zombie army and the Impel Down level 6 inmate breakout. Their decisions, at times, have caused disagreements with figures like Sengoku and Sakazuki.

Despite the mysterious nature of their strength, the Gorosei exhibit physical prowess, showing scars and muscularity. Unlike the pampered World Nobles, some Gorosei members seem experienced in combat, with one often accompanied by a sword, suggesting a potential history of fighting, unlike the typical Celestial Dragons.

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