15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

With the growing technology, IOs and Androids are up to releasing some pretty addictive pay-to-win games. Even I have experienced many. But the worst thing about any pay-to-win game is that the player has to pay some extra pennies to get the real experience of the game which unlocks many upgraded features, great tools, and a lot other significant gameplay elements.

I was a gamer for 5 years now but, I always run out of cash when the game is on the edge of something interesting and worth playing. I felt, this is a big injustice to all the dedicated players who can’t buy the premium features and so, the wealthy players always get that advantage to win over the real competitors because they can pay.

However, still, there are many pros to it, if one could pay obviously. So, here I have listed out some of the worst to best pay-to-win games in 2021.

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games In 2021

In this article, we will talk about some really exciting pay-to-win games in order from the last to the best. These 15 best pay-to-win games do not only give a productive screen time but, also offer a great experience.

So here is the list:

15. APB: Reloaded

14. Dungeon Keeper

13. Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

12. Candy Crush Saga

11. Angry Birds Go!

10. FIFA Series’ Ultimate Team

09. Farmville Series

08. Real Racing 3

07. Cooking Fever

06. Dr. Mario World

05. Destiny 2

04. Warframe

03. Clash of Clans

02. MapleStory 

01. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Xbox One)

15. APB: Reloaded (2011)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

APB (or known as All Points Bulletin) Reloaded is a next-level online video game, aesthetically designed by David Jones and currently available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Play Station 4. GTA-inspired APB Reloaded is an action-adventure third-person shooter MMO-based video game specially designed into two fractions of cops and robbers.

  • APB is the worst because it hardly let a freemium player go to the later levels and so a player can’t get access to the upgraded weapons, gears skins, and vehicles without paying.
  • There is more advantage to wealthy players who can pay off for everything!
  • However, my experience with APB Reloaded discovers that the ultimate premium weapons are not for real, but the reskins of (previous weapons).
  • Also, the finishing of the game is lousy.

14. Dungeon Keeper (2014)

Dungeon Keeper is based on the genre strategy. This game is made in the United States. The developer of the game is Mythic Entertainment. The Dungeon Keeper was released in the year 2014 (January 30, 2014). It is available for both Android and iOS.

Here are a few reasons why the game isn’t exactly on top of the list:

  • Dungeon Keeper has a pathetic pace for gameplaying.
  • The plot seems lifeless and unstimulating which offers a mind-numbing atmosphere.
  • Dungeon Keeper is a free version, yet charges many microtransactions at every next level to unlock something interesting or unique.
  • If you rate the game below 5 stars it would not be accepted!

13. Final Fantasy: All The Bravest (2013)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest is an action-based video game that is ranked “The 44th worst game ever made” by GamesRadar. IGN remarked that the developer BitGroove has maliciously created some insulting in-app purchases to bankrupt its fans. This certainly costs Square Enix’s Franchise a bad name in the market.

There is no way to give liberty to this game. Here is one of the many excuses to drop this option right away:

  • Each character costs $1 and the player must have to buy all the (35 characters) from the collection menu.
  • If any character lost his complete health it takes him the real world 3 minutes to retain his health. So what if the entire team lost? It would take no less than 2 hours to play the game again.
  • To avoid waiting long hours you can go for hourglasses (which are again not complimentary).

The Android version is better as it offers a few cost-free hourglasses (which are highly-priced in an iOS version of the Final Fantasy). 

12. Candy Crush Saga (2012)

Candy Crush Saga is notable among different age groups. This sweet and addictive game was developed in the year 2012. Both Android and iOS users can play this game. Candy Crush Saga is a single-player model video game and belongs to the genre ‘puzzles’. Candy Crush Saga was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Mobile Game 2016.

  • Once a player lost the game it will take almost 30 minutes to become alive or unless you pay for the life, otherwise.
  • Candy Crush Saga is upgraded with a paid feature of Power-ups to help you regain health instantly, later in the subsequent levels.

11. Angry Birds Go! (2013)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

Rovio Entertainment has cropped up with this very intriguing, fun, and adventurous game of a few colorful characters (bad piggies). Designed by Nic Cusworth and directed by Jon Gibson. Angry Birds Go racing game is for both single-player and multiplayer Android and iOS users.

Although the game offers some real car racing experience, however, certain drawbacks turn out to ruin the excitement over time:

  • Initially, the runtime of the Angry Birds offers a limited (though minimalistic) five running tracks for players.
  • The tiring long hours of a wait while the up-gradation is unlocking, cussed!
  • The upgraded carts are over-priced (among all the most expensive one is for 1500) which can only be purchased in the game’s currency (gems).

The plotting is so beguiling; the patterns for different race types are also enthralling that they make the screens to be unputdownable. The graphics are also pitch-perfect to every detail.

10. FIFA Series Ultimate Team (2010)

FIFA Franchise is one of the popular and so far the best-sellers of all time. Developed under the label of EA Sports, the FIFA Franchise has introduced a series of classic football video games based on the genre of Sports Associate Football. FIFA or (FIFA Soccer, FIFA Football, EA Sports FIFA) can be played using different platforms including PlayStation (2, 3, 4, 5), Mega-CD/Sega, Game Gear, Nintendo (64, DS, 3DS), iOS, macOS, Android, and so on.

  • FIFA most wanted players like Christiano Ronaldo’s price is so sky-high that one would have enough money to bid on the best players.
  • One of the main pitfalls that come across while playing FIFA is the coins that are also monetized however, it would be better if earned.

FIFA Soccer Ultimate team offers interactive squad challenges to compete and score for a thumping majority of coins. Also, FIFA Ultimate offers different player packs to build the best team out of the players which are the best of the bunch. However, Asian countries can have an access to an overall experience of online FIFA games as well.

09. Farmville Series (2009)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

The Farmville series under the label of Zynga was first released in the year 2009 (July 09, 2009) and followed by Farmville 2. Farmville is one of the most addictive Facebook online games and had won the award for “The Best New Social/Online Game” at the Game Developers Conference. 

The game-type is based on simulation farming lands that are being looked after by a farmer. Farmville Series is also readily available for Adobe Flash, iOS, and android.

  • Farmville has a plot that is too shallow to play and boring for most of the parts (like managing and decorating farms only)
  • The graphics and animations gave an average run-of-the-mill tone to the farm.
  • The characters are ordinary, speechless, and emotionless.
  • The game also lacks sound effects and character customization options.

Many Farmville fans out there love to play this game for some fascinating fictional things that keep the interest (at least for few hours). You can also exchange some exciting gifts with your friends and Farmville neighbors.

08. Real Racing 3 (2013)

Firemonkey’s Studios has launched a car-racing video game called Real Racing 3 back in 2013. However, the predecessor Real Racing 2 appeals more to gamers than its successor. Real Racing 3 is average in the list of the pay-to-win games.

Real Racing 3 has exceptional graphics and running tracks. However, the game controls and steering are not up to the mark which is a big disappointment!

07. Cooking Fever (2014)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

Cooking Fever is developed by Nordcurrent in the year 2014. The genre of the game is based on cooking simulation. Many cooking fever fans are most likely to pay for the upgraded restaurant levels however, others might give up!

The game is all good. However, Cooking Fever looks for more coins at all levels which is the only stumbling block to players.

The game is so fun only if you earn enough coins to unlock the upgraded kitchen appliances to complete all the restaurant levels. Every next level has some unique cooking equipment and kitchen accessories which are quite interesting to use.

06. Dr. Mario World (2019)

Dr. Mario World is recently developed by the cooperation of many developers including Nintendo, EPD, and NHN Entertainment in 2019.

At every level, Mario unlocks certain helpful objects like diamonds, coins, and different characters. However, the crowning moment is when a player gets access to unlimited lives for 30 minutes.

05. Destiny 2 (2017)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

Destiny Franchise has developed an online multiplayer action-based one-person shooter game which was recently released on Google Stadia (including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

Destiny 2 got some overwhelming features like gunplay and a high-quality life experience with some excellent graphics and art designs.

04. Warframe (2013)

Digital Extremes developed Warframe in the year 2013. The genre of the game is fast-paced combat. It had a great gaming community around the world.

Warframe offers a real-world experience of shooting and grinding in the classic role of the player. Also, being a coop game it has a pay-to-win model which works far better than others.

03. Clash of Clans (2012)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

Clash of Clans is the 2nd most popular online freemium game of the genre strategy. It has been released now for iOS and Android.

This game is all about building villages and training troops however, the pay-to-win model is clever. A player needs to win more gems to get into a faster pace of building and training more troops.

02. MapleStory (2003)

Wizard’s developers MapleStory is an MMORPG freemium-based 2D game available for both iOS and Android.

  • The plot has no specific objective however, it still keeps you hooked.
  • A player is required to improve his character’s skills and abilities.
  • Game controls can be customized according to the player’s ease.
  • Players are allowed to create multiple characters in different worlds.
  • It also has an in-game cash shop where players can buy unique gameplay enhancements and character appearances like virtual goods and digital pets.

It is the most reliable pay-to-win model that earns money only via cash shops. The game has a smooth plot where a character can interact, trade, and hunt in different maple worlds.

01. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Xbox One (2017)

15 Best Pay-To-Win Games (2021 Updated)

Minecraft Franchise under the label of Pocket Edition has developed another all-rounder sandbox survival online video game recently released in 2017.

  • Minecraft has digitally created a world of interesting building plots with intriguing block graphics.
  • Players once get into this world will experience a classy adventure exploring different gameplay elements.
  • Minecraft has so far created the best balance in the best 15 pay-to-win games.

The game provides a survival mode where the players can build their health and can access different resources for building. Players are allowed to modify the game and introduce new gameplay equipment, items, and mechanics.