How Many People Play Diablo: Immortal? (User & Growth Stats)

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The Diablo franchise has been an iconic piece of gaming history for many, many years, with various pieces being released over time. Naturally, gamers around the world had fairly high expectations for Diablo: Immortal. But, despite some impressive player counts, the recent feedback and events prior to the game’s release have brought a ton of questions for community members.

Around 30 million people play Diablo Immortal either casually or actively. Diablo: Immortal at launch hit the #1 downloaded spot for Android. The number of players skyrocketed after the game launched in China.

Although Diablo: Immortal was expected to have astounding player counts and fans that mirror the game’s predecessors, there have been quite a few factors that may have put a damper on the community’s experience. Stick around to find out about Diablo: Immortal, how many people play Diablo: Immortal to date, and what the future may hold for this Diablo installment.

Diablo: Immortal

The Diablo saga began in 1996 when the first Diablo game was released by Blizzard Entertainment. Diablo would later be known as one of the most crucial and influential games of all time, having a massive impact on the entire gaming industry and community for years to come.

Diablo III 2012

This action role-playing game (RPG) flaunts a ton of amazing game mechanics, some of which can be compared to hack-and-slash, all blended with irresistible touches from the roguelike genre. The franchise took the world by storm, with Diablo II and Diablo III both outgrowing their predecessors in success and fanbase size.

Blizzard Entertainment has released numerous Diablo installments over the years, all of which have seen highs and lows. Wyatt Cheng, the Principal game Designer at Blizzard Entertainment, announced the future release of Diablo: Immortal way back in 2018.


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However, it came with a twist – Diablo: Immortal was only intended for mobile. Diablo fans responded with outright backlash, and most gamers were furious at the idea of this title being stripped from its former platforms.

The entire debacle led to quite a few awkward moments and drama between the Diablo-loving community and Blizzard Entertainment – including Wyatt Cheng himself. Still, fans were able to look past this hiccup in order to give Diablo: Immortal a fair chance.

Fans who were still hyped for the game had patiently awaited Diablo: Immortal for quite some time. It was initially scheduled for release back in 2021, but it was only released on June 2nd, 2022 due to a series of delays.

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Now, it is worth noting that there is a lengthy string of issues that the gaming community has had with Diablo: Immortal overall – which we’ll get into later. But, Blizzard Entertainment did get a handful of things right with Diablo: Immortal, and there are a ton of people who absolutely love this game.

They managed to port the game to PC very well, meaning that it’s now available for Android, iOS, and PC. It’s clear that this section of feedback was at least taken to heart, and Cheng stated the following during a Diablo: Immortal Q&A before the game’s launch:

“Diablo Immortal is not only our first game built from the ground up for mobile, it’s also our biggest and most ambitious Diablo game to date. As we started to explore how we were going to reach new players and bring new players into the Blizzard family, we knew that if our goal is to truly reach as many players as possible, we should be on PC as well.”

It flaunts some incredible graphics, some enjoyable classes, and a variety of AAA-quality elements which are definitely worth some credit. The game also has some debatably decent gameplay – although that department is arguable.

How Many People Play Diablo: Immortal In 2022?

Based on the number of downloads, around 30 million people currently play Diablo: Immortal on mobile alone, whether it be casually or actively. But, this figure is estimated o be higher since the number of players cannot necessarily be tracked in the same way for players on PC.

Diablo: Immortal Player Count & User Stats 2022

According to Video Games Stats, Diablo: Immortal had approximately 30 million game pre-registrations. Despite the issues pre-launch, it’s safe to say that the community was still eager to see what all the fuss was about and give Diablo: Immortal a fair try.

It was also the #1 downloaded game on Android and iOS after its initial launch. Diablo: Immortal started off with a bang, hitting over 1 million downloads on Google Play within the first 48 hours alone. Nowadays the situation looks much different, after the launch in China Diablo Immortal has hit an amazing 30 million players (both active and casual). Although it’s important to note that the trend is steadily falling since the novelty of the game wears off.

At the time of writing of this article, Diablo Immortal has 10+ million downloads on Google Play.


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At launch, iOS’s App Store did not publicly display downloaded numbers on the platform, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that Diablo: Immortal was also the #1 downloaded game on the US App Store. Diablo: Immortal can be found at the top of the Play Store’s Top Free Games Category at the moment.

Blizzard has also confirmed that Diablo: Immortal’s popularity was not exclusive to the United States. According to the developers, Diablo: Immortal was also #1 in more than 40 regions outside of the US.

Diablo: Immortal Popularity

The vast majority of the Diablo fanbase claims that the general outlook of the game is mediocre – not bad, and not better than other Diablo installments. But, the community seems to be pretty divided here, so it is tough to say what the general outlook is when it comes to Diablo: Immortal – especially considering that it’s still early days.

diablo immortal 1

Some have argued that Diablo: Immortal’s combat, equipment, and classes display enjoyable variety, while others simply feel that it’s just another typical hack-and-slash. Some of the most notable issues that players and community members have with Diablo: Immortal revolve around the game’s promotional techniques as well as a perceived ‘paywall’, and the main issues include the following:

  • Pay to Win aesthetic
  • Paying increases the odds of better drop and loot chances
  • Takes time to level up without paying

Diablo: Immortal is not necessarily a bad game, but the monetization mechanics have definitely put a damper on the entire experience for many of its players – it has good ratings, and the game itself is great, but some players just feel that something is ‘off’. Perhaps, it may also feel incredibly underwhelming considering the Diablo franchise’s history, and many gamers feel Diablo: Immortal is not living up to the legacy.


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This is not to mention the range of other issues that Blizzard Entertainment has been dealing with over the past couple of years. Even if it hasn’t directly impacted Diablo: Immortal, Blizzard Entertainment had already been on continuously thinning ice long before the game was released.

While the gaming community has often forgiven developers for hiccups in the past (where it’s been deserved, of course), the situation with Diablo: Immortal doesn’t seem to be changing much going forward. Blizzard Entertainment has made no efforts to revamp or alter Diablo: Immortal at all, choosing to neglect much of the feedback given to them within the game’s initial phases.

diablo immortal 2

It seems that the major issue that Diablo’s community has at the moment is the way they were treated by Blizzard Entertainment, and how feedback had been completely ignored after the game’s release was initially announced back in 2018. Sadly, while Diablo: Immortal may be a decent game, the situation leading up to its launch may have scarred the Diablo name altogether.

On the other hand, it’s worth pointing out that Diablo players (and all gamers) should be more open to change where it’s fit – although some of the backlash for Diablo: Immortal is entirely justified. No franchise can remain exactly the same over so many years, and it is clear that Blizzard Entertainment was hoping to venture along a new path.

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Many of the bridges built here may just need to be burned – there may be no way to change Diablo: Immortal at this point (especially considering Blizzard’s responses). But, there is hope for players who feel Diablo: Immortal has left a bitter aftertaste – Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 4, scheduled for release sometime in 2023, could reignite the global Diablo community’s spark altogether.

With that being said, it needs to be mentioned that there are quite a few Diablo fans who absolutely love the feel and experience of Diablo: Immortal – in fact, over 1 million! Some Diablo: Immortal players have even stated that the game feels addictive, while others now feel that Diablo was always meant for mobile – stating that Diablo: Immortal is better than previous Diablo installments.

diablo 4 rogue feature 1

These are, of course, just some players’ opinions, and it’s fair to say that many Diablo fans might find such phrases offensive. But, it is what Wyatt Cheng intended for Diablo: Immortal, and there is definitely a silver lining seeing that so many players have had the experience that the developers had hoped to provide.

At the time of writing, Diablo: Immortal seems to have gained quite a lot of popularity amongst the mobile gaming community, boasting a seamless launch and a stellar rating a few months after the game’s launch the situation has changed somewhat with more reviews and less than stellar ratings.


It is really a shame the way the initial feedback and communications with fans were handled by Blizzard, and it’s evident that Blizzard Entertainment has begun growing out of touch with its community and fanbase – the very people they should be trying to keep happy! It’s uncertain whether Diablo: Immortal will ever be redeemed by the entire community, although many players love the game. Still, fans hope that Blizzard’s Diablo 4 will unleash a loveable force that gets these devs back in the good books.

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