10 Best Shows to Watch After the Owl House

10 Best Shows to Watch After the Owl House

If you finished watching the third season of The Owl House you must be wondering what to watch next. If you liked the quirky series that centers around the main character Luz Noceda and her two mystical friends King and Eda Clawthorne, we made the perfect list for you. The protagonist of the show, Luz, takes us on a journey with her to a mysterious Demon Realm in which she fell through a portal accidentally.

Even though she does not possess any magical abilities, she still aspires to become a witch while serving as Eda’s apprentice. If you are missing all of the adventures with Luz and her friends in the Boiling Isles, don’t worry, we present to you the 10 best shows you should watch after The Owl House. If you are interested to see what series we have recommended you watch after The Owl House, stick with us and keep reading for more!

City of Ghosts (1 season)

City of Ghosts

What’s it about: This series is for the younger audience but don’t worry, if you are older you might enjoy this one too! The story follows a group of children who go around their city looking for ghosts. They discover all kinds of stories by communicating with the ghosts who haunt their city.

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Why it’s like The Owl House: The reason why The Owl House and City of Ghosts are similar is that both of them are leaning toward certain horror elements. The Owl House shows a world where all kinds of demons, witches, and ghosts live, and so does the City of Ghosts. It’s human protagonists who try to navigate different fantasy worlds.

Over the Garden Wall (1 season)

over the garden wall

What’s it about: Over the Garden Wal is an animated mini-series that aired on Cartoon Network in 2014. This absolutely stunning show follows the story of two half-brothers who accidentally stumble upon a magical forest and get lost in it. The two of them have to find their way back home, and on their journey, they meet all kinds of fantastical creatures.

Why it’s like The Owl House: The similarities between these two shows are the same way that the main characters stumbled upon an entryway to a magical place, and then have to follow a certain journey. Luz discovers herself in this new fantasy world and wants to stay there. In Over the Garden Wall the two brothers, even though they like some aspects of the magical forest, still want to get back to their reality.

Gravity Falls (2 seasons)

gravity falls

What’s it about: The popular animated series Gravity Falls, follows the story of twin siblings Dipper and Mabel who are sent away for the summer. They spend their time at their great-uncle Stan’s house in the small Oregon community called Gravity Falls.

Why it’s like The Owl House: The two series are similar in their setting. At first, everything seems normal at Gravity Falls, but soon we discover that there are many mysteries lurking in this tourist spot. The Owl House starts off similarly until everything changes for Luz when she enters the Boiling Isles.

Hilda (2 seasons)


What’s it about: Hilda is a brave blue-haired girl who goes on many different adventures with her friends. She grew up in a cabin near the edge of the woods and always wanted to visit the town nearby. She starts her adventure by going to the town with her friends and on the way she meets all kinds of mystical creatures.

Why it’s like The Owl House: The Owl House and Hilda are very similar in that they both follow a young protagonist who decides to follow an adventure and discover new things along the way. While Luz stumbled upon her adventure and Hilda had chosen hers, they are still following their paths with the same mindset.

Amphibia (3 seasons)


What’s it about: Amphibia is a series that follows the story of 13-year-old Anne Boochuy. She finds a mysterious music box that teleports her to a place called Amphibia. This world has many different fantastical creatures like frogs, giant insects, and so on. Anne’s friend Sprig will try and help her adjust to the new life in Amphibia.

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Why it’s like The Owl House: This is probably one of the most similar shows to The Owl House on this list, so definitely check it out. You probably gathered from the short summary that this is almost the same story as The Owl House, the only difference is in the worlds themselves, and the way they look and function differently.

Disenchantment (4 seasons)


What’s it about: Disenchantment follows the story of a rebellious and alcoholic princess called Bean. It is a medieval fantasy world in which Bean and her companions Elfo and Luci go through different adventures together.

Why it’s like The Owl House: Disenchantment is similar to The Owl House in its core premise, where the protagonist goes on different adventures with their companions in some kind of fantastical world. We would just like to add that the Disenchantment series is recommended for an older audience since some of its themes are related more to the adult world.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (5 seasons)

she ra and the princesses of power

What’s it about: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a series that follows two warriors on opposing sides. She-Ra is one of the leaders of the rebellion and wants to free her home Etheria, and then we have Adora who is a young and ambitious soldier for the Horde.

Why it’s like The Owl House: Most of the similarities between the Owl House and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are in the fantasy setting. Both stories have these incredible worlds where the characters get to have different adventures. Although, in She-Ra’s case there is an overarching war between the two sides.

Steven Universe (5 seasons)

steven universe

What’s it about: Steven Universe is another really popular series made for Cartoon Network. The story of the show follows the main character Steven, and the fictional town he lives in, called Delmarva. This is the world where Crystal Gems live and their main mission is to protect humanity from different monsters and threats.

Why it’s like The Owl House: The two series are similar in that, again, we have a fantasy world that is driven by magic and other sources of power. Steven also goes on different adventures with his fantastical friends, just like in The Owl House.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (6 seasons)

fosters home for imaginary friends

What’s it about: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is an older Cartoon Network series that gained a lot of traction after its release in 2004. The show follows a foster home where, when children arrive their imaginary friends become real.

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Why it’s like The Owl House: There is some overlap between the two series where in both cases we have these special places that hold some kind of power. The separation of two worlds and realities is present in both series.

Adventure Time (10 seasons)

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What’s it about: Another very popular animated series, Adventure Time, where we follow the main characters, Finn and Jake. Finn is a human living in a fantasy world with his friends, Jake is his main companion, and he is a dog who can change into any possible or impossible shape.

Why it’s like The Owl House: The two series are similar in that the main characters go on different adventures together, exploring the magical worlds, and meeting new friends along the way.

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