50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

Animations have gained a central position in the Japanese media industry. And among all the genres, you will see that several ghost animes are a perfect combination of violence, blood, and scary sounds. Ghost anime will prove to be the best escape from reality. Once you have started watching them, nothing would stop you from watching these spooky animes. You will become addicted to ghost animes. And that’s why this article is all about the best ghost animes you need to watch.

There are plenty of options for anime fans. This article is a complete package of scary shows, haunted anime series, terrifying tales about ghosts, and bloody dark-themed animes. If you are looking for the best horror movies, then this guide would be helpful for you. This article will mention the fifty best ghost animes you need to watch in the dark. You will learn about the complete story as well. 

Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

Talking about ghosts will undoubtedly make you scared. You will feel unprotected and in danger. That’s what the given ghost animes will put you in the same situation. If you love watching such kinds of animes, then you have landed on the perfect article. 

Here, I will enlist and explain the fifty best ghost movies that will come out with hair-raising twists and turns for you. So, let’s gear up for all the best and exciting ghost animes that will be full of actions and thrills. 

1. Monster 

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

Among the Japanese animations, Monster is of prime importance. Monster is all about a Japanese brain surgeon who was currently working in Germany. Kenzou Tenma was happy with his life, fiancé, and job at that hospital. Tenma wanted to save the life of a young boy. 

As soon as Tenma started saving that boy’s life, all the staff members went against him. Tenma not only lost his job but also lost his girlfriend. After some days, all his opponents were no more. It seems as if there was someone who wanted to take revenge for the injustice to Tenma. 

Tenma got all the things back. Among other things, there was a serious concern about who killed all the persons responsible for making Tenma’s life hell. Tenma came to know that the boy is more than a human being with supernatural powers.

2. School-Live

School-Live is also one of the best Japanese ghosts anime series. What would you learn after watching this ghost anime? 

The anime is all about a school student who lived in a world full of fantasies and dreams. During that golden period of his life, Yuku faced a serious and deadly zombie attack. That incident made Yuku get rid of his fantasies and save the other students of his school. 

You will see that it was an impossible mission that Yuku was trying to fulfill. This zombie anime turned Yuku’s dreams and blissful illusions into a terrific and unbelievable reality. 

3. Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World

There is another exciting ghost anime for you that will never make you regret after watching this anime. Kino No Tabi (The beautiful world) is all about life adventures and travels. 

In this ghost anime, Kino (a human) and a talking motorbike (Hermes) visited many places of their dreamland. Thanks to their destiny, both went through pillar and post to fulfill their dreams. Both have explored many countries and the traditions of their people. 

Will Kino and Hermes be able to put a pause on their adventures? Will they be able to get through the minds of the people of different countries? 

4. Death Note 

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

I must say that you won’t find any other ghost anime best for your enjoyment. You can watch this dark anime anytime you want. Death Note is one of the best animes that you can watch in dark times. 

Death Note tells you about the story of Yagami Light (An ace student). Yagami found a death note and tried to change the world by using that death note in the near future. What Yagami wanted was to make the world a perfect place for all human beings. 

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Yagami wanted to make the world free from criminals. Yagami started killing all the criminals one by one. That’s where the authorities hired a secret detective to find the killer. 

5. Shiki

This dark anime is all about investigating the hidden mysteries in the bizarre deaths of the people of a specific village (Sotoba). Most of the people started leaving their village to get rid of the chain of deaths. 

One of the families moved to the nearby city where they saw a hospital. After telling the whole history of their village, all the hospital staff started investigating the reasons, causes, and effects of the endless deaths. 

It came to the forefront that vampires were the leading cause of those unusual deaths in that village with time. That thing put the villagers and the hospital staff in a sudden shock. 

6. Vampire Hunter D

Well, this is another one of the best and popular dark anime series. You will find it best in terms of mysteries, hidden se4crets, actions, and ghosts’ life. What’s the actual plot of this dark anime? 

As the name indicates, Vampire Hunter D is all about the story of a powerful vampire lord (Count). The anime is full of twists and turns. You will see that a girl is in Count’s hands. The Count was beating her and making her a prisoner. That thing pushed the girl to take her revenge. 

The girl asked for help from a stranger (D). Stranger D was a powerful vampire hunter. Now the girl and the stranger made the team. Both were against the tyrannical rule of the vampire lord (Count). The ultimate aim behind their get-together was to put a pause on the rule of the vampire lord. They wanted to make the world free from Count’s rule.

7. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing ultimate is another wonderful creation of the dark anime series. It is a perfect combination of zombie and monster animes. You will not only see zombies but also see monsters throughout the anime. Let’s learn about what does Hellsing implies? 

Hellsing is a famous organization that you will see in this ghost anime. Whose ultimate aims and objectives are to preserve and safeguard humanity from deadly zombies and monsters. What makes this anime interesting and suspense-filled is the continuous bloodshed and actions. 

Hellsing aimed to end the bloodshed and remove the zombies and monsters from that place. Watching this anime in the dark will give a pleasant feeling. 

8. Mirai Nikki

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

Mirai Nikki came with another mind-bending ghost anime story. This anime is all about a boy (Yukiteru) who wanted to spend his time writing a diary on his cell phone. Yukiteru used to reject participation in different games and sports. 

One day, one of Yukiteru’s close friends asked him to participate in a game. Yukiteru’s friend was living in imaginations. That is where the story took a sharp turn. After that competition, the game replaced Yukiteru’s imaginary friend. 

9. Black Bullet 

The black bullet will tell you the story of a parasite and the ways to get rid of that deadly parasite. Gastrea was the kind of deadly parasite that could put the lives of millions of people at stake in the near future. Let’s learn about this heroic action anime in detail. 

Black Bullet revolves around the story of a powerful boy (Rentaro) who lived in Tokyo. Rentaro aimed to fulfill the difficult tasks to get a special assignment from the government. Rentaro was fulfilling that task with the help of another powerful girl. Both had special and supernatural powers. 

Rentaro belonged to a special organization aimed at fighting against Gastrea. The ultimate aim behind that fight was to save Tokyo from the attack of deadly parasites and to save humanity from that catastrophe in the near future. 

10. Taboo Tattoo

Taboo Tattoo is all about the life of a school-going boy who always tries to help the needy and the miserable people. Here, you will see that how the life of that boy changed after defending a helpless man. 

One day, Seigi helped a homeless man. That man gave a tattoo in return to Seigi. That was a powerful tattoo. That tattoo (a secret weapon) was the product of war between the United States of America and one kingdom. 

After that incident, Seigi found himself in a difficult time. A powerful girl was using the same weapon and trying to snatch that tattoo from Seigi. 

What will happen at the end of this dark anime? Will the boy get rid of that powerful girl? 

11. Tokyo Ghoul

There is no denying that Tokyo Ghoul has taken the lead as the best zombie anime of all time. You will see that there are zombies surrounding the whole anime. 

This dark anime revolves around a college student (Ken). Ken faced a severe accident and lost his needed organ. At that critical time, a ghoul helped Ken and transplanted the organ to Ken. That was the revival of Ken’s life. Now Ken was behaving differently from the regular humans. That’s why Ken was trying to find out how Ken could regain his lost identity. 

Ken didn’t give up on his aims and objectives. You will find this anime full of horror scenes and actions. So, what are you waiting for? 

12. Another 

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

As per the name, Another is providing you with one more dark anime. You will feel like zombies, ghosts, monsters, and other scary creatures are wandering around you. 

Another is all about the after-effects of the death of a young boy. After his death, all the people will start thinking about the dark atmosphere of their place. People began raising concerns about the hidden secrets and entities of their place. 

After some years, another student felt the same unusual things from a hidden girl. There started the real story with endless twists and turns. 

13. Ghost In The Shell 

Ghost in the shell is another hallmark dark anime that is all about a cyborg federal agent (Maj). It is the best Japanese anime in which two friends were trying to make their mission possible. Both have tried their level best to get access to the computerized hacking system. 

Both did their best in this regard. Thanks to their dismay, both the friends lost their true identity in their mission. Now both have started finding out their original identity. They did so by forgetting about their mission and objectives. 

Will they get their identity back? Will they be able to find the reasons behind the loss of their identity? 

14. Death Parade

A hundred years ago, anime series were climbing their popularity charts. Along with being the best action, horror, and dark ghost animes, you will find them full of suspense and supernatural powers. 

Death Parade is one such dark anime that would be perfect for you to watch in the dark. In this dark anime, some overlaying forces are aimed at introducing new characters. Those forces aimed at turning different characters against each other. 

What would be the reasons behind this selfish attitude of the underlying forces? 

15. Elfen Lied 

If you are looking for future-related dark anime, then you are going on track. Here, I will share one of the most interesting anime with you that will tell you about the future of human evolution.

This dark anime is all about two human mutants that can destroy the human race. The rising concerns about the destruction of humanity made the fall arrest two human mutants in a laboratory. 

One of the two mutants happened to get out of that lab. She fled to the nearby city and started living everyday life with two other humans. 

16. Ghost Hunt 

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

This is one of the exciting ghost anime series. Ghost hunt (as the name suggests) is all about ghosts and the related stuff. Mai tells her friends about the ghosts and their stories in this anime until she meets with Kazuya (an investigator at a haunted school). 

Kazuya helped Mai to get out of a difficult situation. That was the first meeting between Mai and Kazuya. After that incident, Kazuya asked Mai to become his assistant in return. 

Will Mai accept Kazuya’s offer? Let’s watch the anime to get the answers to your questions. 

17. God Eater 

As the name implies, God Eater was the name of that organization which aimed at wiping out the very existence of Aragami (a kind of mysterious Monster who destroyed the world population during the 1970s). 

Fenrir (an organization aimed at getting rid of Aragami by using special weapons called God Arcs). God Arcs were consists of two types. They can either use guns or blades for exterminating Aragami. 

18. Ergo Proxy 

Ergo proxy is another addition to the best dark anime series. What does this anime tell you? 

Well, this ghost anime is all about the secret agendas of the Board of management. Autoravers are playing a pivotal role in preserving and controlling the life of many citizens. Still, there were concerns that the Autoravers were encountering with something (Proxy). 

That thing made the management find the causes behind that. A female inspector was responsible for investigating that unusual thing. She found that the management itself is hiding something to save their so-called name and fame. 

19. Fate Zero 

Fate zero depicts most of the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Fate zero will also lead you to a world where Holy Grail will choose a servant and a master from the population. 

There would be fierce competition between them. Whoever wins will ultimately get something in reward. That’s the story of Fate zero is all about. 

Let’s see who will win and get that special reward in return. 

20. Jormungand

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

This ghost anime is again telling you the story of a girl who is not abiding by international laws. Being an arms dealer, Koko used to sell weapons by using illegal means under a shipping corporation. 

Koko was doing this by hiding herself from the local authorities. This time Koko was traveling with her crew consisting of a new member (Jonah). Jonah hates arms dealers, and the ultimate aim behind Jonah’s participating in her team is to find out the killers of his family. 

21. Psycho-Pass

Want a bit different ghost anime to watch in the dark? Here you go. The psycho pass came with one more exciting piece of ghosts’ anime series. This dark anime is different from the others. 

Let’s find out about the thing that makes this dark anime different from others. 

Psycho pass will show you how to check a person’s criminal tendency factor. This factor will help you find out the criminals that are difficult to identify otherwise. The anime is the best example of maintaining public order by a team of policemen.

There you will see that different groups of the team perform different duties to catch the criminals. Some groups will identify the criminals while others will grab those criminals by using that tendency factor. 

22. Berserk 

This ghost anime will take you to the point where you will be able to see the life of a person (Guts). Guts were a member of the Band of the Hawk. 

Guts (The black swordsman) got the support and strength from a ruthless and ambitious Griffith. Griffith and Guts tried their best to fulfill their mission. Both were fighting a case in the Royal Court. That case would be able to change their entire lives. 

Will they win the case? What would be the effects if they not be able to make up for their case? 

23. NO.6

No six is all about the life of a two year old boy (Shion). Shion lived in an exclusive area of the future model city. That’s where the name No six has been given to this dark anime.

During Shion’s twelfth birthday, Shion saved the life of another boy, Nezumi (Rat). Nezumi got help from Shion at the most difficult time of his life. Shion never knew that his life would change after rescuing Nezumi from the Security forces. Nezumi fled from the City’s particular Security area. That’s where Shion had to face a very grave situation.

What happened next is full of mysteries and horror scenes.

24. Hell Girl

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

This dark anime is for all those anime lovers that want to take revenge on their enemies at any cost. Are you one of those anime lovers? Here you have this dark anime to wipe out the very existence of your enemies.

Hell girl will tell you the story of a girl whose ultimate aim is to help the needy. Hell girl (Ai Enma) used to help all those people who wanted to take revenge on their enemies. Ai always helped others without even knowing and asking the reason behind each act.

Is it a catch? Well, you don’t have to use your energy to overthink about this dark anime. Just watch the anime to expose the actual story behind these supernatural abilities and hidden secrets. 

25. Blood+

This dark anime is all about a deadly creature who used to eat humans for pleasure and satisfaction. This anime is all about the life of a schoolgirl who died from an attack on vampires. Her friend tried a lot to find and kill the murderers by using her special and gifted powers. 

26. Attack On Titan

The Titans were deadly creatures who used to think that humanity was on the verge of extinction. That’s why the titans attacked the regular humans. 

With the increasing fear and threats from the titans, all the people were thinking about a way out. Who will save them from the cruelty of the titans? What would be the consequences if they do not find a way out of this disaster? 

27. Corpse Party

Corpse Party is one of the most gruesome dark anime series. This anime shows how a student’s life changes after performing a classroom ritual in his school. There would be corpses attending that ceremony. You can easily get an idea about the entire story of this dark anime. 

28. Deadman Wonderland

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

Deadman wonderland is again an incredible creation of the dark anime series. You will find zombies, ghosts, supernatural thrills, and related things throughout this ghost anime. 

The story is all about a deadman who lived in his fantasies. He wanted to make a world after his death. 

29. Mononoke

Mononoke will tell you the story of science fiction based animations and thrills. If you are looking for some supernatural thrills, then this ghost anime is in your service. You will also find it useful to watch in the dark. There will be strange entities surrounding the entire anime. 

30. School Life 

School life is one more addition to the list of best ghost anime to watch in the dark. School life revolves around the story of a schoolgirl (Yuki). Yuki and her friends were members of the School Living Club. 

All were enjoying their lives to the fullest. They never knew that they had become a part of a zombie apocalypse. A single incident changed their lives and turned them into the last survivors of the zombie apocalypse. 

Yuki and her friends decided to leave the school as the only way out to save themselves from that zombie apocalypse. Would they be able to make it happen? Would they find a way out to leave that school club? 

31. School Days

As the name suggests, this dark anime is all about a high school boy (Makoto Itou). Makoto’s life took a sharp turn and became upside down. You must be thinking about the reasons behind Makoto’s life twists and turns. 

Well, Makoto’s life changed with the appearance of a small crush. Makoto lived in a small town with his divorced mother. Makoto fell in love with one of his female classmates. 

After some time, Makoto’s life took a sharp turn. Makoto used to sit with another female classmate. From there, Makoto developed feelings for her. 

Will Makoto give up on his first crush? What would you say?

32. Future Diary 

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

The future diary needs no introduction to tell you about the theme and story of this dark anime series. You will see how an ordinary student made his way to write every aspect of his life in a future diary. You will also learn about how that diary helped him in his future.

33. Akame Ga Kill

As the famous proverb goes on, “Poverty is the mother of all ills of the society.”

This ghost anime will also tell you the story of a boy and his poverty-stricken village. What was the aim behind the life of that boy (Tatsumi)? 

Tatsumi was willing to go along the lengths and breaths of the world to help save his miserable village. You will also see how the injustice of Prime Minister Honest will put the whole village in a critical time. 

Honest was not honest, as his name is. A group of the youngsters decided to get rid of their ruthless leader. They made a group called Night Raid. Tatsumi also joined Night Raid to help save his village from the never-ending poverty. 

34. Goblin Slayer 

Goblins and dragons are supernatural beings that have supernatural powers. It would be totally up to them whether they used their powers to destroy humanity or for the welfare of human beings. 

This ghost anime will leave you with satisfaction once you have watched this anime. Goblin Slayer was one of the adventurers who used to slay goblins and the related creatures. Being a knight, Goblin has to take different adventures in his life. These adventures will affect Goblin’s life in one way or another. 

35. Parasyte

Parasyte is all about the kind of organisms that came with a hidden purpose in their mind. This dark anime will tell you the story of a strange creature who wanted to mentally retard humans in the long run. 

In this dark anime, aliens from the other planet tried to overtake the humans. They wanted to control all the activities by controlling their brains.

36. Madoka Magica

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

Here, I will tell you about the story of two ordinary middle school girls (Madoka and Miki). Both were spending a simple life in their hometown. 

One day, Madoka and Miki encountered a strange creature (Kyuubey). Kyuubey was a cat-like zombie or a strange entity. Both the girls got an offer from that cat. Kyuubey told them that she would fulfill the desire of each girl. 

So, what would be the price of making the wishes of the girls come true? Both the girls were ready to make that deal possible. Everything is not as wonderful as it seems. Their life took a sudden shock after that deal. 

37. Talentless Nana

Talentless Nana is all you need to watch in the dark. What makes you watch this anime in the dark hours? Obviously, the dark hours will add to the story and the mysteries hidden in this ghost anime. 

Talentless Nana will tell you about the enemies of humanity that appeared almost a half-century ago. There were concerns that these enemies would do anything to wipe out the very existence of humanity. At that critical time, a group of girls gifted with supernatural powers played their due role. 

All the teenagers were under training in a secluded academy. Nana was one of those teenagers. With the advent of time, teenagers started developing feelings that would help them find ways to get rid of those enemies of humanity. 

38. Happy Sugar Life 

Unlike other dark anime, Happy sugar life needs no such introduction among dark anime lovers. Happy sugar life portrays the life of a small school-going girl (Matsuzaka) and her little feelings of love. 

Matsuzaka’s life has changed with the addition of a small girl (Shio) in her life. Matsuzaka was too obsessive for Shio and the matters related to Shio. Matsuzaka brought Shio home after the death of Shio’s mother in an accident. 

Matsuzaka’s life was never like that. Her possession and obsession were increasing day by day. There will be dark twists and supernatural powers hidden in Shio. You will get yourself amazed and availed of this dark anime to watch during late hours. 

39. Paranoia Agent 

Along with being the most famous ghost anime, paranoia agent will take your imaginations to another level. This dark anime is all about exposing and unraveling secrets and hidden mysteries. 

Here, a paranoia agent uses a basketball bat to attack different and random humans from the population. His ultimate aim was to wipe out the very existence of humanity. 

40. Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia 

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

This dark anime is all about a ghost (Yuko). Throughout this anime, you will see that the different clubs and groups are trying to find the reasons and causes of Yuko’s abrupt and unnatural death.

41. High School Of The Dead

Well, this is a wonderful addition to the already best dark anime series. Highschool of the dead is all about a high school student. The student found himself in a very difficult situation. What did that high school student do to save his school and the other students? 

Thanks to his supernatural abilities and powers, that boy saved the school from the zombie apocalypse and the monsters dangling over their heads. 

42. Gantz

Gantz didn’t get as much popularity as the other dark animes get among the anime lovers. That’s why Gantz is no more desirable. You will see the same story with a lack of quality animations here. 

43. A Letter To Momo

Do you like spirits and supernatural entities? Do you want to watch a dark anime based on the same genre? Well, A letter to Momo is a perfect anime for you in this regard. 

A letter to Momo will show you how an ordinary city boy (Youkai) tried to make a friendship with the city’s protagonist, Momo. You will also learn about the ways how both the friends helped each other in their difficult times.

44. Dororo

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

I have found something new for you in dark fantasies, monsters, supernatural thrills, and revenge. Dororo will tell you about how to take brutal and justified revenge on your enemies. 

Hyakkimaru was an abnormal person who gave up on all the body parts during the initial period of his life. Some demons were claiming all the parts of Hyakkimaru’s body. 

Will Hyakkimaru take revenge on those who have wronged him? How would Hyakkimaru take his justified revenge?

45. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure  

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most supernatural adventures among all the dark anime series. Nothing will stop you from watching this marvelous anime after reading this guide. 

You will see vampires and zombies surrounding the entire dark anime. You will also see a super powerful breathing method in this amazing ghost anime series consisting of more than ten episodes. 

46. Demon Slayer 

Demon Slayer is again another story about the demons and the supernatural entities gifted with unusual powers. Let’s find out what the show is about? 

You will see a unique animation and fight that will put a question mark on your thinking. Demon Slayer is telling you the story of three friends gifted with different powers and abilities. You will see special breathing and fighting skills in this dark anime. To get your hands on this amazing dark anime, you will need to watch it till the end.

47. Ghost Stories 

Speaking of monsters and ghosts and having ghost stories at your hands is no less than a dream coming true. Ghost stories will take you to another level of thrills and dark fantasies. 

Ghost stories will tell you about the life of a person or a city changes with the induction of ghosts and the ghosts’ related things. You will also be able to learn about how supernatural powers exist and work among human societies. 

48. Witch Hunter Robin 

50 Best Ghost Anime You Need To Watch In The Dark

Being the best ghost anime to watch in the dark, Witch hunter robin will surely intrigue you. 

Just as the name implies, Witch hunter robin is all about witches. The story will let you see the world with the eyes of a witch hunter (Robin). Robin used to work for an organization. The ultimate aim behind that organization was to understand the witches instead of killing them. That’s what Robin was doing to fulfill the mission of her organization. 

49. Spirited Away 

Spirited away is again a recreation of the story in which you will see how to get rid of the unusual entities in the long run. In this dark anime, a girl tries to save her place and purify her place from the supernatural effects and powers. 

Will that girl live up to her words? 

50. Colorful: The Motion Picture 

The anime will give you a colorful story as per the name of this dark anime. This ghost anime is a mixture of finding others’ happiness, getting rid of the surrounding toxicity, and feeling others’ pain. 

Colorful is all about the real-life sufferings of humans. You will learn about the present sufferings of the humans and find out their afterlife sufferings in this dark anime.

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