15 Best Superheroes with Black Hair (Marvel and DC)

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

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We did the list of blonde superheroes so it is only appropriate to make a list of superheroes with black hair. This hair color was always quite prominent in both Marvel and DC since it is the most common hair color in the world. However, some superheroes just have an iconic look about them with black hair color. For that, we made a list of the 15 best superheroes with black hair from both Marvel and DC.

This was a really tough job because there are tons of black-haired superheroes in both universes. Hopefully, you will like this list, so if you are interested definitely stay with us until the end, and maybe you stumble upon a surprising choice for this list. Enough of stalling, let’s start!

1. Jubilee

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

The daughter of two prosperous Chinese immigrants, Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee is a mutant associated with X-Men. She first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men in 1989, and since then has been a consistent part of Marvel Comics. Her abilities include the generation of pyrotechnic energy blasts from her hands, explosively charging objects, evading telepathic detection, and more.

She is affiliated with multiple superhero teams like Generation X, X-Corps, New Warriors, and more. She appeared in multiple different live-action versions, most notable was her portrayal by Lana Condor in the 2010s X-Men movies.

2. Black Panther

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

T’Challa is one of the most iconic superheroes in Marvel Comics history. The culture around Black Panther’s story and the world-building country of Wakanda brought to the Marvel Comics is probably one of the richest additions to the Marvel Universe. T’Challa’s skillset is knowledge of previous Black Panther skillsets, superhuman abilities, and an expert in hand-to-hand combat, he is a genius, a great tactician, and a wielder of vibranium suit and equipment. An iconic character with an iconic look.

3. Wonder Woman

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Amazon goddess herself, Wonder Woman is the most iconic character in comics history. She is a feminist and LGBTQ+ icon and one of the most powerful superheroes in DC Comics. Her abilities include superhuman abilities, accelerated healing factor, immortality, electrokinesis, flight, master in hand-to-hand fighting and martial arts, multilingualism, and user of Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets, projectile tiara, and more.

Princess Diana of Themyscira has a specific Amazon look with a big physique and long black hair that rounds up her look.

4. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

One of the newer members of the Marvel Universe, Miles Morales came to prominence pretty quickly as a new Spider-Man. He first appeared in the Ultimate Fallout #4 in 2011, after Peter Parker died. Since then, Miles Morales has been affiliated with Avengers, Champions, The Ultimates, and more. He has some different abilities than Peter Parker’s Spider-Man – besides the usual Spider-Man powers, he can get invisible and produce bio-electric energy threads produced from his fingers.

Morales also has a Spider-Man costume in black and red colors.

5. Wolverine

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

As you can already see, the black-haired superheroes list is already stacked. Wolverine is the most famous X-Men and one of the most popular Marvel comic characters ever. Besides his black hair, his iconic sideburns are also part of the “wolverine” look that he sports. Sometimes seen in his yellow suit, Logan likes to be in only his civil clothes where his hair and sideburns stand out.

His powers don’t have to be explained much – his claws, superhuman strength, and regeneration factor are only part of his powers arsenal. One of the strongest Marvel superheroes.

6. Iron Man

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Besides his iconic armor, Tony Stark also has an iconic look. His playboy-millionaire look that charms everything that walks around him has been one of the Starks’ main peculiarities. His black hair with colored glasses and styled beard make him pretty unique and look that is only connected to him. One of the great characters of Marvel Comics, staples of Avengers, and a bonafide genius, Tony Stark truly is unique, and one of the rare characters that belong to many good lists and rankings.

Robert Downey jr. perpetuated and lifted Starks look in live-action movies for many years to come, and if Marvel Cinematic Universe executives decide to bring Tony Stark back in the near future, they will need to cast someone better, and that will be really hard.

7. Superman

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Black hair list of superheroes without mentioning the most iconic one? Not of Fiction Horizon. What to say about Superman that was not said before already. His jet-black hair and a little curl that falls on his forehead is the most iconic look in the superhero genre. Only a few can compare to his look, and they will probably be on this list.

Kal-El brought his Kryptonian look to Earth, and later in his life and some versions of his characters in DC comics, even bestowed his looks onto his child, Jon Kent. Noone can be compared to Superman.

8. Katana

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Katana is really interesting. She first appeared in DC Comics in the Brave and the Bold #200 issue in 1983. She is a samurai warrior, and her fighting skills include mastery in swordsmanship, master martial artists, and hand-to-hand combat. Her sword skill is her biggest strength – her sword is called Soultaker because it captures the skill of killing people. She can communicate with them as well.


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She even has the souls of her deceased relatives and husband with whom she is communicating. She’s been part of the many superhero teams including Birds of Prey and Justice League but is mostly affiliated with the team known as Outsiders, a personally hand-picked group by Batman who uses them as his personal black ops team, handling riskier missions.

9. Lady Sif

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Like every Asgardian, Sif was born with blonde hair, however, it turned black when Loki cut it and replaced it with enhancer hair made by dwarves. She is a fierce warrior who has superhuman abilities and masterful skills with various weapons and hand-to-hand combat. She is a close friend of Thor’s and usually accompanies him on the battlefield.

She first appeared in 1964, and since then was part in the big battles including Asgardians. Whenever there is a dangerous enemy that threatens the destruction of the world, she comes to help. Her jet-black hair became a really iconic look for her, and we would not change it for anything. Lady Sif’s character appeared in multiple live-action projects and will appear in the future.

10. Blade

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Blade aka Eric Cross Brooks is really cool. He first appeared in 1999, and since then became very popular. His fame extended to live-action movies where he was portrayed by Wesley Snipes. Blade devoted his life to “cleaning” the world from vampires, he is a perfect vampire hunter. In the beginning, Blade was a vampire-immune human – that fact got retconned to him being a dhampir, a result of a vampire and a human reproducing.

He is truly iconic and his team affiliation includes Avengers, MI: 13, Nightstalkers, and more. There is a future for Blade in the MCU and the filming of the Blade movie will start this year.

11. Batman

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Bruce Wayne with his blue eyes and black hair combined with his billionaire persona makes him a textbook example of the Golden Age characters that were released. However, his character is probably one of the best we saw from a comic book character. With his fights with his foes, especially Joker, and with his own demons, Batman will always be a very interesting character.

DC’s detective and a protector, with his cool gadgets, is trying to “clean” his city of crime and make it better for living. Bruce Wayne is also a father and his biological son Damien Wayne inherited his jet-black hair. One of the most complex characters in comic book history.

12. Catwoman

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Selina Kyle is next on this list. She was always on the edge between good and evil but always prevails on the good side when she sees that things are going really bad. A flirty and charming woman, whose main goal is to play with her enemies and then attack them, is such a cat thing to do. Master at hand-to-hand combat and cat-like claws on her hands make her a very capable fighter.

Never stays anywhere for too long, and only comes back if she needs something, is not really a true superhero quality but she shows her soft side as well – her relationship with Batman is the main example of that. Her short jet-black hair appeared in live-action multiple times – Selina was portrayed by true beauties, Halle Berry and Zoë Krawitz.

13. Shazam

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

One of the oldest superheroes in comics history, Shazam was always distinctive in his looks. Also known as Captain Marvel (for which the publisher of the comics, Fawcett Comics, was sued by DC because of Superman’s resemblance), Shazam is truly iconic. By saying the word “Shazam!”, he turned himself into a costume and gets superhuman abilities like enhanced strength, speed, flight, and more. His main enemies are Black Adam, Doctor Sivana, and Mister Mind.

Shazam’s character was portrayed in DCEU by Zachari Levi and will be getting a sequel to the first movie (in 2019) very soon.

14. Nightwing

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Dick Grayson is another old comic book character and the first and original Robin, Batman’s sidekick that was first released in 1940. His Nightwing alias first appeared in 1984, and since then is one of the fan favorites of DC comics. His bubbly personality and happiness are really contagious which was one of the reasons Batman adopted him. His circus background helped him a lot in his combat. Besides his athletic talent, he is also an expert in investigating and coming up with strategies.

Dick is also an expert in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat he mostly learned from Batman, which makes him a very strong individual. He is affiliated with the most notable DCs superhero groups like Justice League, Outsiders, Teen Titans, Titans, and more. Two batons, a skin-tight dark suit with a blue stripe in the middle of his chest, and jet-black hair make Dick Greyson one of the most iconic DC superheroes of all time.

15. Doctor Strange

15 Best Superheroes With Black Hair (Marvel And DC)

Last but not least, is Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange. He has a typical magician/sorcerer look, with grey sideburn, a stylistic beard, and very dark hair. He is very skilled and Sorcerer’s Supreme, which makes him one of the most powerful magic bearers in the Marvel Universe. Combining everything mentioned with his iconic cape, Doctor Strange truly has a recognizable and iconic look.

This is the end of this list. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it as we enjoyed it writing it. Until the next time!

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