‘Big Nunu’s Little Heist’ Ending Explained: Who Gets the Money in the End?

Big Nunus Little Heist Ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Big Nunu’s Little Heist, a new heist movie coming directly from South Africa, releasing this weekend on Netflix. Andy Kasrils directs the film, and stars Jefferson Tshabalala, Tony Miyambo, Amahle Khumalo, Thulani McKing, Daniel Hadebe, Thulane Shange, and Khanyisa Bunu. The film tells the story of a gang of thieves looking to make big money by robbing money trucks as they come and go on their routes. However, several difficulties make their job harder, including some backstabbing among themselves.

Big Nunu’s Little Heist is a strange movie that tries to do as much as possible with very few resources and still manages to be quite stylish in how it presents its story and characters. The music is also a highlight, creating some very cool moments. However, when it comes to the story and the characters themselves, the movie fails to make a case for them. Instead of delivering a compelling result in this aspect of the movie, the script and the performances go surface level, making the movie quite boring as there is no one interesting to follow for a long time.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Big Nunu’s Little Heist. Read at your own risk.

Why is delivering man becoming part of Nunu’s gang?

Big Nunu’s Little Heist is a strange movie. It executes its plot in line with other heist films but also tries to have this grindhouse mood that generates expectations regarding the violence and the way characters behave throughout the film.

While it is true that the movie has an entire cast of wacky characters, it never goes wild enough to become part of that movement. It sits in a strange limbo, where it is stylish enough to be recognized that way but not fun enough to be so.

The movie introduces its main character, Delivery Man, very early in the film. He is, just like his name says, a delivery man. He is supposed to make a delivery for his boss, but when he collects the package, he discovers that the Nunu Gang has robbed the place. Delivery Man is having a bad day, so he meets this gang and asks what he needs to deliver.


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Delivery Man shows that he is more than just what his name says. He reveals that he is actually a very good soldier, as he has very good aim and knows how to use a weapon very effectively.

Big Nunus Little Heist Ending Explained 2

Here, we meet Nunu, a short, fat man who leads the gang. He wants Delivery Man to teach him how to use a gun like he does. You see, they are preparing to make big robberies; to do that, they need weapons and the ability to use them. Something the gang lacks at the moment. Delivery Man offers to teach him if he gets paid.

He does, and Nunu seizes the opportunity to take him to one of the robberies. One where everything goes wrong, and in the end, there is a big shootout. Delivery Man and the gang get their hands on AK-47s and manages to escape the police.

Now that they have long weapons, Nune gets ready to rob money trucks on their routes. Delivery Man is unconvinced and just wants his money to leave, but then he meets Innocencia, a woman working for Nunu.

Delivery Man falls in love with her and starts a secret relationship. Inno reveals she wants to be an actress and that she is only with Nunu for the money, nothing else. Delivery Man doesn’t trust her, but he cannot help but fall into her hands. He will stay and work with Nunu, in hopes of receiving the money he is owned.

Who gets the money in the end?

The gang begins its rampage of robberies. They rob quite a few money trucks and get tons of money in the process. They also get into several more shootouts with the police forces, but they manage to escape every time. Delivery Man becomes desperate, though, as he still hasn’t gotten paid.

Nunu reveals that there is a huge problem with their robberies. All the money comes inside these bags that bank officials can only open.

Nunu and his gang lack the proper device to open the bags, and so when they open them, the bills get stained in purple ink. This ink makes the bills useless. Nunu actually has tons of these bills.

He and the gang could all be millionaires if it weren’t for this ink. Nunu has recruited the help of a scientist who has devised a method to wash the bills off ink, but it only works for the first hour after the bills have been stained. Nunu seeks help to acquire as many hands as possible on the project.

Big Nunus Little Heist Ending Explained 3

They manage to clean a big number of bills, but there are still so many more that become useless after the first hour passes. Delivery Man insists they need more hands, while Nunu is unsure about bringing more people to the table.

He doesn’t trust anyone. Delivery Man also starts seeing that some of the members of Nunu’s gang seem to want him out of the gang and are blaming him for some strange happenings around their headquarters, including some purple bills disappearing.

The police are also on the march. With each new robbery, they manage to get closer and closer to Nunu’s position. In the end, the police arrive, destroying the entire operation. However, Delivery Man and Inno manage to get a huge sack of money and escape with it after he reveals the other members’ plan to blame him for everything.

The rest of the clean money is dispersed in the air when the facility explodes during the police raid.


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The movie ends with Delivery Man and Inno kissing each other in his van. He then receives a call from his original boss, asking where he has been. However, Delivery Man couldn’t care less and hung him. He has money and a girl, and he is a happy man.

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