What Does Bingo Center Do in Cookie Clicker? Upgrades Guide

What Does Bingo Center Do in Cookie Clicker? Upgrades Guide

Cookie Clicker has a ton of sweet and chaotic fun awaiting its players, from freshly baked cookies to terrifying havoc and mayhem. The Grandmapocalypse is one of the most interesting events that can happen in the game, but it requires the Bingo Center and upgrades – many players wonder what else the Bingo Center does in the game as a result.

The Bingo Center in Cookie Clicker acts as a Research Facility, enabling players to access upgrades as well as efficiency benefits for grandmas. Players will need to unlock 7 grandma types, and the base cost will amount to around 1 quadrillion cookies.

While unlocking the Bingo Center in Cookie Clicker will be worthwhile for most players, it is not an easy process. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the Bingo Center in Cookie Clicker, how to unlock it, as well as the unique events and benefits that it leads to in the game.

What Does The Bingo Center Do In Cookie Clicker?

Having the Bingo Center, also known as the Research Facility in Cookie Clicker, will unlock a new upgrade after 30 minutes. Although, research will only start once the last item researched is purchased. The primary benefits of the Bingo Center in Cookie Clicker are as follows:

  • 5 multiplier upgrades
  • 1 upgrade to double grandma efficiency
  • 3 upgrades to greatly increase grandma output

Is The Bingo Center Worth It In Cookie Clicker?

The Bingo Center is currently the only upgrade to make a building four times as efficient, as of update 1.036. Although its price of around 1 quadrillion cookies is definitely a milestone that will take time to reach, the Bingo Center is worth the cost. According to the Cookie Clicker Wiki:

“In theory, fully upgraded grandmas are the most efficient building a player can buy because they have a CpS based on the number of grandmas purchased. That is grandma’s CpS rate increases quadratically where other CpS rates increase linearly. “

Cookie Clicker upgrades are quite expansive, as there are currently 663 normal upgrades and 13 debug upgrades in the entire game.

With that being said, the crossover point where grandmas outperform the best buildings will require the purchasing of so many grandmas. Increasing grandma level will ultimately increase the grandma CpS by 1% per level as you progress. Securing a higher number of grandmas and grandma levels will enable more stockbrokers to be hired in the Stock Market mini-game, which can help you lower the overhead cost.

How To Unlock The Bingo Center In Cookie Clicker

Players can unlock the Bingo Center in Cookie Clicker once they have the Elder Achievement. There is a fairly wide range of grandmas in Cookie Clicker, but players will need to unlock 7 specific grandma types to unlock the Bingo Center, namely the farmer, worker, miner, cosmic, transmuted, altered, and grandmas’ grandma.

How Do You Get 7 Grandma Types?

Grandmas are the main antagonists in Cookie Clicker, both in the Classic version as well as within the 1.0 Update. She costs 100 cookies and will produce 1 CpS by baking them for the player – she is also one of the two buildings shown at the very beginning of the game.

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Below is an outline of exactly how to unlock each of the grandma types required for the Bingo Center in Cookie Clicker:

Grandma TypeUnlock
Farmer grandmas15 farms
1 grandma owned
55,000Grandmas are twice as efficient. Farms gain +1% CpS per grandma.
Worker grandmas15 factories
1 grandma owned
6.5 millionGrandmas are twice as efficient. Factories gain +1% CpS per 3 grandmas.
Miner grandmas15 mines
1 grandma owned
600,000Grandmas are twice as efficient. Mines gain +1% CpS per 2 grandmas.
Cosmic grandmas15 shipments
1 grandma owned
255 billionGrandmas are twice as efficient. Shipments gain +1% CpS per 7 grandmas.
Transmuted grandmas15 alchemy labs
1 grandma owned
3.75 trillionGrandmas are twice as efficient. Alchemy labs gain +1% CpS per 8 grandmas.
Altered grandmas15 portals
1 grandma owned
50 trillionGrandmas are twice as efficient. Portals gain +1% CpS per 9 grandmas.
Grandmas’ grandmas15 time machines
1 grandma owned
700 trillionGrandmas are twice as efficient. Time machines gain +1% CpS per 10 grandmas.

Should I Start The Grandmapocalypse?

Players can enjoy the horrific Grandmapocalypse after a certain point in Cookie Clicker, a mini-game that changes many key elements of the classic game in a variety of ways. The background completely changes the feel, topped with Golden Cookies being replaced with Wrath Cookies and Wrinklers (which look like tiny worms) latching onto the player’s main cookie.

As a result, this event is not something players should rush into early on in the game – in fact, players even get a warning before triggering it. It’s more recommended for players that have neared of reached the endgame, as it’s better to have a lot of grandmas as well as a high CpS before starting the event.

The Grandmapocalypse in Cookie Clicker can be triggered by players purchasing the One Mind upgrade from the Research Facility. It will be indicated by shaking, flashing, and a tiled background of grandmas.

Should I End The Grandmapocalypse?

Although the Grandmapocalypse can seem incredibly daunting at first and players often wonder if the entire experience is worth it, the event can bring in some amazing CpS, research upgrade unlocks, as well as the chance to get a variety of achievements. In addition, the Wrath Cookies provided by the Grandmapocalypse provide the chance of getting numerous status effects that can alter the player’s CpS for the effect’s duration.

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However, some players may feel like they want to end the event – either because they’ve had enough of it or have gotten the most out of its benefits for the time. But, either way, players will need to get through the complete event to get the ability to end it.

The event will progress in stages, starting with Awoken, then Displeased, and finally Angered/ Appeased. Getting through the final stage will add Elder Pledge and Elder Covenant to the game, and players will need to use them to put a stop to the Grandmapocalypse.

Players can choose to end the Grandmapocalypse either temporarily or permanently if they feel they’ve had enough of the activity. But, they both have certain pros and cons, as seen below:

Elder Pledge

The Elder Pledge will cause the game to be paused for 30 minutes, and players will be able to enjoy the classic Cookie Clicker game during that time – this pledge can be purchased multiple times. After players have used it ten times, they can research Sacrificial Rolling Pins to increase the duration.

Elder Covenant

The Elder Covenant ends the Grandmapocalypse event permanently, but it does come with a price that may not be worthwhile for some players – CpS will be reduced by 5% for the rest of the game. If players want to return to the Grandmapocalypse after using the Elder Covenant, they can revoke it by spending 6.66 billion cookies. While this is a hefty cost, the upside is that players will get 5% of their CpS back by revoking the Elder Covenant.

The Bingo Center/ Research Facility in Cookie Clicker definitely offers some amazing benefits for players, from awesome upgrades to unique yet challenging endgame events. Although it will take time to gather everything you need to unlock it, it’s definitely worth the effort!

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