30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

With video game companies developing new ways to stand out in the oversaturated market, there are quite a few features that gamers loved. One that stood out among them is cross-platform play and more and more games implement this feature. With the increases in the number of games that feature it, the question of which games offer the best experience remains in the air.

If you ever wondered about this question keep reading since this article offers a brief description of the 30 games which offer the best cross-platform play feature.

1. Fortnite

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Fortnite is one of the most widely available games right now. The game can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, or Android and this played an important part in getting the game as famous as it currently is.

With over 350 million registered members worldwide, Epic’s battle royale giant continues to rule supreme when it comes to the greatest multiplayer shooters. It’s a game that’s geared more toward enjoyment than reality, and it never gets old thanks to its regular events and crossovers.

2. Halo Master Chief Collection

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This game is available for crossplay only on box and PC and although it may not seem like much the game provides the players with hours upon hours of fun.

You get to experience one of the greatest cross-platform packages available, not in terms of platforms, but in terms of numbers! Because it allows Xbox users to play with PC users in up to 8 group party matchmaking online, Halo MCC makes it to the Best Good crossplay Games 2021! On the Xbox Series X|S and with an 8-player party, Halo MCC reaches 120 FPS and 4K on the Xbox Series X|S.

3. Dead by Daylight

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Dead by Daylight is available for cross-play on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC which adds up to quite a few platforms. 

Imagine playing a round of Among Us while also playing Phasmophobia. Dead by Daylight is the result of such union. The newly popularised horror genre makes up for an amazing experience. When it comes to horror games, there are no dull moments, and the good ones will make you leap out of your seat. Dead by Daylight, fortunately, falls within this category.

There are four Survivors and one Killer in this multiplayer horror game. The position of Killer will be allocated to one individual from your session. Survive the Killer, power up the generators, and attempt a daring escape are the only options for surviving.

4. No Man’s Sky

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

No Man’s Sky is available for cross-play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC which gives it a great range of players to choose from. The game deals with one of the most interesting concepts out there and that is exploring space.

While you can’t do this in real life yet, the game offers a chance to fulfill this dream virtually. With its stunning graphics and comprehensive world construction, this simulation strikes gold. No Man’s Sky sometimes referred to as a sandbox game, has the simplest concept of all of the titles on our list. It’s as simple as exploring planets and completing missions on each one. 

5. Rocket League

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Rocket League is available for cross-play on Xbox One, Switch, PC, and PS4 which acquires a huge player pool and makes the game more interesting. This is also one of the greatest cross-platform games you can play with your friends since it supports four different platforms.

This game’s concept is simple: imagine soccer, but with rocket-powered automobiles instead of players.

Rocket League understands what it’s doing when it comes to raising the stakes of soccer and giving automobile games a new lease of life. You have the option of forming a team with your friends and against strangers online. You may even play with yourself if you need a fast party game.

6. Minecraft

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Minecraft is available for cross-play on Xbox, PC, Switch, and mobile which makes it extremely available for all different sorts of players. Minecraft is still a household brand and a classic for many players, despite being inaccessible on a few prominent platforms. 

It appeals to any sort of gamer: you can explore the environment while building buildings, playing with your friends, and even fighting zombies and other monsters.

Minecraft is a popular game among children because it inspires them to be creative. The game is so enjoyable that children may play it well into early adulthood. Games like Tekken provide a similar feeling.

7. ARK: Survival Evolved

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Ark Survival Evolved is available for cross-play on Xbox and PC. You are stranded on the shores of a mysterious island in a world populated by large primitive insects, plants, and animals. You and your buddies must seize control of this prehistoric island in order to survive.

You receive exactly what you see in Ark Survival Evolved. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game. However, like with everything, having a team alongside you increases your chances of winning.

8. Sea of Thieves

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Sea of Thieves supports crossplay on Xbox, Windows, and Steam which is a bit limited in comparison to other games on this list, however, the game makes up for it.

Sea of Thieves is a game that brings your pirate fantasies to life. Sail throughout the world with your buddies and see islands that no one has ever seen. Investigate mysteries, amass wealth, and coerce individuals into handing over their gold.

You become a pirate in your own right in Sea of Thieves. The way you play the game will have an impact on your pirate’s reputation and esteem. No matter what platform you’re playing on, enjoy the open world and try to conquer it with your buddies.

9. Call of Duty: Warzone

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

While Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also allows for cross-platform play, Warzone has the upper hand because of its larger player population and greater weapon choices. In reality, the latter contains a number of Cold War-era weaponry, as well as a few other features.

Crossplay is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and it’s as simple as creating an Activision account and sharing the ID with pals on other platforms. There aren’t many better alternatives out there when it comes to realistic FPS games with crossplay compatibility.

10. Paladins

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Paladins is available for free on Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PS4. In this free online shooter, you may play as either a magistrate or a paladin, two opposing groups. If you want to win a game, you must maintain continual touch with your teammates.

You get access to all of your favorite game types, including team deathmatch, ranking, assault (in which teams compete for points throughout a map), and the main game style, siege. More competitive gamers will be satisfied by these fantastic gaming options, as well as a unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy. 

11. Rogue Company

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This game is available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and PC. It’s cross-platform, which adds to the reasons why I’d play it because if it didn’t, it’d lose a lot of its appeal; nevertheless, it’s free to play, so you can invest as much as you want, and boy have I done so.

Dr. Disrespect has a stake in the game, and the fact that it works across all platforms is a significant factor in its inclusion in our list of the Best Good Cross-Play Games for 2021. It also has a distinct over-the-top attitude that makes it a fun and interesting game to visit.

12. Dauntless

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This game is truly one of the most widely used games with cross-platform play out there.

Epic Games’ Dauntless is an action roleplaying game that is one of only three completely cross-platform games. It’s completely free to play and has a fantastic look.

You are a Slayer, and your job is to hunt down Behemoths. The player will use the resources obtained from defeating monsters to create stronger gear to take on more difficult opponents, similar to Monster Hunter.

13. Chivalry 2

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

On PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC, crossplay is supported.

Chivalry 2 was published for current and last-gen consoles in June 2021, over a decade after Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was released on Windows. It’s a hack and slashes action game, similar to its predecessor, with a strong emphasis on multiplayer gaming.

The game looks incredible, and combat has never felt more smooth, with enhancements evident everywhere. Those hoping to play it on PC may be a little disappointed to learn that it’s an Epic exclusive, but for those who don’t care or will be playing the game on console, it is a great multiplayer title with an awful lot to offer.

14. Phantasy Star Online 2

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This game may be the one that allows cross-platform play on the biggest amount of platforms: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is an action RPG based on the RPG Phantasy Star Universe. It allows players to explore a vast and diversified universe. In addition to in-depth customization, Phantasy Star Online 2 provides users with an Abroad variety of futuristic weaponry to wield. Fans of RPGs, science fiction, and previous games in the series will enjoy this installment.

15. Genshin Impact

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Genshin Impact swept the globe by storm after its debut in late 2020. It made over $400 million in its first two months alone, and it has nearly quadrupled that amount since then. However, although the single-player experience is pleasant, the game appears to have been created with multiplayer in mind.

Players must first reach Adventurer level 16 before they may begin to enjoy the game’s co-op feature. They’ll be able to join up with up to three pals on other platforms once they’ve done so, as long as they’re all playing in the same region.

16. Among Us

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Even though its popularity has dwindled since the beginning of 2021, Among Us is still one of the most popular multiplayer games on Steam. Furthermore, with the upcoming release of the new Airship map, there’s a good possibility that a large number of players will return to the game in the not-too-distant future.

The game’s cross-play capability supports PC, smartphone, and Switch at the time of writing, and it’s extremely simple to set up. However, with an Xbox version of the game on the way, the number of compatible crossplay platforms is expected to grow again before the end of the year.

17. Mortal Kombat 11

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

You can play Mortal Kombat 11 on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This is already one of the most famous video game franchises out there which gives it instant respect from the gaming community, however, this crossplay feature makes it even better.

To the regular pool of fighters, Mortal Kombat 11 includes unique character variants, aesthetically amazing visuals, and new combatants. The creators are taking things a step further by introducing additional dramatic narrative modes to the game.

Each Mortal Kombat game is welcoming to both novices and veterans. Mortal Kombat has something for everyone, and it promises nothing but good fun.

18. Final Fantasy XIV

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This MMORPG was a second effort to rectify certain gaming wrongs after being renamed as A Realm Reborn owing to an extraordinarily unfavorable response to the first game. Experience points, fantastic missions, and other MMORPG mainstays are all present and correct.

If you’re a lover of the Final Fantasy series, picking up this game is a no-brainer. The creators add new features and development to the storyline of the in-game world with each patch and expansion, giving the player the impression that they are in a critical period in Hydaelyn’s history.

The cross-platform play is available on PS3, PS4, PC, and OS X.

19. Trailblazers

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

You can play Trailblazers on the following platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

Trailblazer takes a leaf from Mario Kart’s playbook. This game adds crazy back to auto racing with its colorful and loud graphics. You may personalize your vehicle to fit in with the ever-changing world. Trailblazer is a game that is both engrossing and enjoyable to play.

At times, party games become too taxing to play. In this genre, horror has grown popular, although games like Trailblazers cater to those who simply want to have a good time.

20. Guns of Icarus Online

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This game is available for cross-platform plays on Microsoft, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4. This will be exactly up your alley if you’re searching for some collaboration in your cross-platform gaming.

You and your buddies may control many parts of airships in this game, which is largely based on the steampunk genre. You may choose from a variety of ships, like the Galleon, Junker, and Squid, to mention a few.

Each one is distinct and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For a combination of fantastic, seamless gameplay, players can pick between gunner, pilot, or engineer.

21. Tooth and Tail

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This game is among the most widely available games on this list since the cross-platform play is available on Play Station 4, macOS, Microsoft, and Linux. 

Pocketwatch Games’ Tooth and Tail is a unique cross-platform real-time strategy game.

Tooth & Tail puts gamers in the position of freedom fighters by using a unique visual style to show armies of anthropomorphic mice fighting over various political beliefs and resources.

The emphasis, like in other RTS games, is on accumulating resources and completely defeating your opponent.

22. War Thunder

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

You can try out War Thunder on Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One. Another of the finest cross-platform games you may play with your pals is his Rocket League meets Call of Duty game. The best thing is that you may play this high-quality game for free.

War Thunder matches vehicles from different eras against one another. Of course, you and your pals will be in command of vehicles from World War II. You have the option of playing in Arcade mode or Realistic mode. Expect the latter to be more difficult because it replicates how these war vehicles functioned in real-life scenarios. 

23. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This witcher-themed game is available on Xbox One and Play Station 4. Gwent, the card game included in the hugely successful game series, was well-known among Hearthstone fans for its excellent gameplay. 

Gwent is no longer limited to a completely optional side feature of a larger game; instead, it uses the wonderful graphic style and mood of the games it is based on to immerse you in a rich and complex universe made solely of cards and gameplay.

For individuals who just want to practice their abilities against a computer, there is a single-player standalone version called Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

24. HearthStone

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

HearthStone supports crossplay on PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. This game is quite different than the others on this list since it is not a battle arena game, but rather a card game.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone is a digital trading card game. To overcome opponents who have their deck of cards, players use a deck of 30 cards. The game has a defined hierarchy and card values for you to understand to figure out which cards do what.

The game’s accessibility is one of its strongest selling features. It is not only cross-platform compatible, but it is also available for free to anybody.

25. Eve: Valkyrie

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Eve is only available only on PC and PS4 putting it at the bottom of the list when it comes to the player pool, however, the game makes up for it.

Valkyrie is a dogfighting simulator set in the EVE Online world that puts the player against other players in thrilling space warfare. It was created specifically for the Oculus Rift and empathizes with virtual reality compatibility.

Although you may play this game solo, it is mainly focused on multiplayer. PvP is at the heart of the game, and you’ll soon be shooting down adversaries from the sky. I believe that flight simulator lovers, such as those who enjoy games like Wing Commander, have been waiting for a wonderful small title like this to tide us over till the next big flight simulator comes out.

26. Gears of War 4

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

The new installment in the franchise was added 25 years after the original installment and the game was available on PC and Xbox One.

After defeating the Locust hordes, we continue the tale of the previous protagonist, Marcus Fenix, as they face a new danger. This game offers a return to the Gears franchise’s best qualities: excellent gunplay, strong action, and compelling characters. 

Horde mode is back, and you’ll be preparing to top your previous score with pals regularly. It has a wide range of weaponry as well as a more intense multiplayer experience.

Although some have complained that the campaign is too short, the other elements more than compensate.

27. Crackdown 3

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

Crackdown three is available for cross-platform play on both Xbox One and PC. Although the franchise hasn’t been talked about for a while, this installment is a step into the direction the first game took. It seems like the latest addition to the franchise will continue the tradition of great third-person shooter games.

The player takes on the role of a future soldier on the hunt for the Chimera, a terrorist superweapon. The more you perform activities like leaping and shooting, the higher your level becomes.

This is a fantastic motivation to participate in virtually all activities since it allows you to access new places and weaponry that you couldn’t access previously.

28. Street Fighter V

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

You can check out the crossplay feature of Street Fighter V on PS4 and PC. Despite the restricted two-platform cross-play option, Street Fighter remains one of the greatest cross-platform games available.

Street Fighter V is a fighting game developed by Capcom that features 16 characters to pick from. All you have to do now, like in previous editions of the game, is select your character and begin the combat.

29. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

You can crossplay this game on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the Xbox Series X. This is a hybrid of a few different Call of Duty gameplay styles. This game has a striking resemblance to Call of Duty: War Zone. Visit battlegrounds in Vietnam, Berlin, and the Soviet Union as you travel across the world. When the Cold War heats up, be there to fight for your loyalty.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy Cold War, Call of Duty knows better than to leave out one of the game’s most popular features: zombies. The zombie mode in Black Ops Cold War transports you to the world of Cold War-era undead. You don’t have to go through the gruesome pseudo-history lesson alone thanks to the co-op option.


30 Best Cross-Platform Games You Can Play in 2021

This game supports crossplay on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Windows. Free combat arena video games abound in the twenty-first century. Overwatch and Valorant are certainly familiar names, but SMITE is joining them in this party.

Hi-Rez Studios’ game blends traditional combat arena themes with gods, goddesses, and emblems from many civilizations. Play as mythical characters such as Loki, Zeus, the Monkey King, and others.

Everything else is standard combat arena practice aside from this unique selling factor. To win at SMITE, hone your plans, level up your weapons, and boost your abilities. Due to the large number of participants on this platform (about 35 million), competition is fierce.

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