Black Knight Vs. Thor: Who Would Win and Why?

black knight vs thor

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The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the long-awaited movie Eternals. In the movie, we got introduced to a new, amazing character that the Marvel Comics fans have known for decades – the Black Knight. He had been known as the opposite of Thor due to some traits, but if the two fought each other, who would win?

Thor would easily win the battle against Dane Whitman’s Black Knight, although he had surprisingly lost to the original Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia. The Black Knight has some superpowers due to his magical artifacts and scientific knowledge, but he’s still only human.

On the other hand, Thor is a god, and one of the most prolific Asgardian warriors in history, fighting for centuries in countless battles. He’s superior to Dane Whitman in every aspect. Still, that doesn’t mean the Black Knight stands no chance against the God of Thunder. Let’s dive into the characters to decide who would win in a fight and why.

Physiological Attributes

Dane Whitman is a human with an incredibly high IQ and scientific knowledge. He finds out he’s the descendant of the Black Knight, a superhero-turned-villain whose name had been tainted by Whitman’s predecessor, Nathan Garrett.

As Garrett is mortally wounded in a fight with Iron Man, he realizes the errors of his ways and summons his nephew, Dane, to take the Black Knight mantle and clear the superhero’s name for good. He gives him many useful weapons and artifacts, including the infamous Ebony Blade – a sword so powerful one can’t even fathom its full potential.

Whitman used his scientific expertise to do good, but he was forced to fight when his experiments brought Magneto back to Earth.

As for his physiology, Whitman is still just a human despite all his weapons, artifacts, or science. There was a brief time where he shared the gann josin with Sersi, during which he had enhanced speed, strength, stamina, and durability. However, when the connection had been broken, he returned to being a regular human.

As for Thor Odinson, he’s known as the God of Thunder. The son of the almighty Odin possesses incredible powers stemming from his physiology, such as superhuman strength, speed, durability, and complete control over thunder and lightning.

He’s strong enough to fight the Hulk one-on-one, and wielding Mjolnir gives him even more power, such as flight. One might think that Thor isn’t the brightest guy in the room most of the time due to his quirky, fun-loving personality, but as he became older and more experienced, he grew wiser as well.

Still, the brains would go on Black Knight’s side, but every other physiological attribute gives Thor a clear advantage. Not really fair comparing a god to a human, is it?

Point: Thor (1:0) Black Knight

Ebony Blade Vs. Mjolnir

Physiology is very important, but it’s not everything when determining a superhero’s overall power. The weapons, artifacts, and gadgets they use also play a vital role, so let’s compare Black Knight’s and Thor’s favorite weapons: the Ebony Blade and Mjolnir.

The Ebony Blade is a powerful sword enchanted with magical powers by Merlin the Wizard. It had been bestowed upon Sir Percy of Scandia as the original Black Knight and inherited by every Black Knight after him.

The Blade has vast powers, granting its wielder incredible abilities. It can be used for good, but it also has a curse that usually corrupts the mind of the one using the sword. We learn just how powerful the Ebony Blade is in King In Black: Black Knight storyline.

Knull, the God of Symbiotes, tells Black Knight that he doesn’t even know how powerful his sword really is. It can break worlds if wielded to its true nature – sort of like an antithesis to Thor’s Mjolnir; the more “unworthy,” angry, or corrupt the wielder, the more power they can unleash from the blade.

On the other hand, Mjolnir is Thor’s well-known enchanted hammer that grants whoever is worthy the power of Thor. Eitri the Dwarf forged Mjolnir on Nidavellir, while Odin, Thor’s father, enchanted the hammer. Those who are unworthy have no way of lifting the hammer from the ground, no matter how strong they are.

Thor can strike his enemies from close or long-range with Mjolnir. When he throws it, the hammer comes back to him as he wishes, passing through any obstacle to return to his hand. He can also spin the hammer fast to fly and cast thunder and lightning.

They both use other weapons too, but between the Ebony Blade and Mjolnir, it’s hard to pick a winner. They counter each other perfectly, being on opposite sides of the power spectrum, so I’m giving a point to both Black Knight and Thor here.

Point(s): Thor (2:1) Black Knight

Mutual Fights

Although we’ve never seen Thor fight Dane Whitman’s Black Knight in the comics, it is obvious throughout the Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade storyline that the God of Thunder has quite the hatred towards the Knight.

However, it becomes clear that it’s not Whitman personally that Thor hates, but rather the Black Knight mantle generally. Why? Well, because the original Black Knight defeated his embarrassingly a long time ago.

thor vs black knight comics

When Sir Percy was the Black Knight, Thor and his Vikings came to Camelot to fight “the darkness” it was filled with during the medieval ages. The Black Knight refused to stand back, though, challenging Thor to a one-on-one fight instead of an all-out brawl.

Thor accepted, but instead of defeating the Knight comfortably, he toyed around and taunted his opponent. Keep in mind; this was not the same Thor we know today – he was still green, arrogant, and immature. His actions only made Sir Percy angry, which fueled his Ebony Blade highly, even though he was considered “uncorrupted” by the blade up to that moment.

He fired a full blast, knocking the God of Thunder out cold, embarrassing him in front of the Vikings. Obviously, the Asgardian can hold a grudge for centuries. Still, it was Sir Percy of Scandia as the Black Knight, not Dane Whitman. But, Black Knight is Black Knight, so he gets a point as the winner of their very old, but only fight.

Point: Black Knight (2:2) Thor

Black Knight Vs. Thor – Who Would Win?

Although the score is even so far, I think it’s reasonable to say that there would still be a clear winner to this fight – yes, it’s the God of Thunder.

First of all, the fight that Thor embarrassingly lost in Camelot is ancient, and not even against Dane Whitman, but the original Black Knight. Thor was nowhere near his best self – he was inexperienced, cocky, and fought for attention, not a cause. If the fight happened today, or when they are both at their most powerful self, it wouldn’t even be a contest.

Even if their weapons cancel each other out in terms of strength and power, you then get a highly intelligent human fighting a warrior in a god’s body. Whitman is unfairly overmatched here. Therefore, Thor would win against Black Knight, and barring any unexpected or specific circumstances; he would do so comfortably.

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