All 4 Privaron Espada Members in Bleach, Ranked by Strength

Bleach: All 4 Privaron Espada Members, Ranked by Strength

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The Espada are a well-known group in the Bleach series. They were presented as Aizen’s strongest Arrancar, whose powers far surpassed those of other Hollows and were on par with the powers of the Gotei 13 Captains. But, the Espada aren’t really Aizen’s original creation, as they were present even before Aizen arrived in Hueco Mundo, although they were quite rare. With the help of the Hogyoku, Aizen “helped” Hollows become Arrancars, and the strongest of them became Espada.

Now, when the new Espada came in, many of the old ones lost their ranks; in fact, Aaroniero Arruruerie was the only “old” Espada remaining in Aizen’s army. The other Espada were stripped of their ranks and became the Privaron Espada, who were given numbers starting with 100 and going up. In total, four Privaron Espada were introduced, and in this article, we will rank them based on how strong they were.

The Privaron Espada are former Espada who were stripped of their ranks

The Privaron Espada, whose Kanji name (十刃落ち) means “Omission of the Ten Blades”, are the Espada that existed before Aizen’s appearance. He “demoted” them to the Privaron Espada because his Espada, which were created through the power of Hōgyoku, were many times stronger than the previous Espada.

Privaron Espada have three-digit numbers, and they belong to the second strongest group of the Arracar, as Aaroniero Arruruerie himself said; in fact, Aaroniero Arruruerie was the only old Espada who managed to retain a member in Aizen’s new army due to his ability being quite special, as it allowed him to grow constantly. It can be assumed that there were other Privaron Espada, but they did not appear in the plot or may have already died or disappeared from Las Noches when the story began.

Although they have high numbers, the Privaron Espada are extremely powerful, and they are an exception to the rule that the lower the number, the stronger the Arrancar. This is because they were former Espada; at the time, they were among the strongest, but when Aizen created a stronger Espada, they ended up being demoted, but they did not become weaker than they were. They were simply weaker in comparison to the new Espada, but were still either on the same level as the Numeros or even stronger than them.


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This is why they cannot be taken lightly and why we are going to analyze them specifically here and tell you about each of them, their powers, and why they are ranked as they are.

The Privaron Espada, ranked by strength

In this section, we will rank the Privaron Espada based on their strength, starting with the weakest and ending with the strongest on the list.

4. Gantenbainne Mosqueda, 107th Arrancar

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The reason why we think that Gantenbainne is the weakest among the Privaron Espada is his number, of course, but also the fact that he is primarily focused on physical attacks, and that is, pretty much, his whole deal. He was also defeated by Chad, who was, at the time, not on the same level as Ishida and Ichigo. That is why he was positioned last.

3. Cirucci Sanderwicci, 105th Arrancar

image 2023 09 12 154156180

Cirucci was also positioned here because of her number, but also because of her skills. It cannot be doubted that her speed made her a more versatile opponent than Gantenbainne, but she was still lacking in some aspects, which is why she was not positioned higher on the list.

2. Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, 103rd Arrancar

image 2023 09 12 160736704

Among the Tres Cifras, Dordoni is undoubtedly the strongest and most complete Arrancar, as he effectively combined both strength and speed, thereby manifesting what was lacking in his comrades. And while he is the strongest in the main canon, the expanded universe has introduced us to a Privaron Espada that was stronger than even Dordoni.

1. Pícaro, 102nd Arrancar

image 2023 09 12 161904377

The Pícaro are placed on top of this list because strength lies in numbers. Sure, individually, each child was not as powerful as the others, but they acted as a group and that group was far more powerful than the other Privaron Espada, hence this ranking.

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