Blue Lock Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Blue Lock Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

In this article, we are going to present the main characters from Blue Lock. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, of different affiliations, that have appeared in the manga and are set to appear in the anime. You’re going to find out about Blue Lock characters’ ages, heights, birthdays, genders, nationalities, and background stories. It’s going to be a very fun list, so enjoy!

Yoichi IsagiMale17JapaneseApril 1175 cm (5′ 9″)
Meguru BachiraMale17JapaneseAugust 8176 cm (5′ 9¼”)
Rensuke KunigamiMale17JapaneseMarch 11188 cm (6′ 2″)
Hyōma ChigiriMale17JapaneseDecember 23177 cm (5′ 9¾”)
Rin ItoshiMale16JapaneseSeptember 9186cm (6′ 1″)
Julian LokiMale17FrenchUnknownUnknown
Jyūbei Aryū MaleUnknownJapaneseNovember 3195 cm (6′ 4¾”)
Seishiro NagiMale16JapaneseMay 6190 cm (6′ 3″)
Gin GagamaruMale18JapaneseJanuary 2190 cm (6′ 3″)
Anri TeieriFemale22JapaneseAugust 17Unknown
Jinpachi EgoMaleUnknownJapaneseMarch 31Unknown
Sae ItoshiMale17/18JapaneseOctober 10179 cm (5′ 9”)

Yoichi Isagi

Volume 01

Isagi is a fairly tall teenager with average musculature, but over time he develops a stronger physique. He has short dark blue hair in the manga but black hair in the anime. Her hair leaves a V-shaped fringe between her blue eyes. When he was in Ichinan High School, he wore an unbuttoned blazer over a white undershirt and striped tie.

The Ichinan High jersey and gymnastics uniform are light in color with black stripes. At Blue Lock, Isagi wears the standard jumpsuit (black with blue stripes) and tracksuit. In the first selection, he wore the blue team Z jersey No. 11 and wears the gray team Z cleats.

In the second selection, he wore the white team jersey No. 15, and the one -ci later switched to the A-team black No. 15 jersey at Blue Lock Eleven tryouts. Isagi dons an official blue-colored Blue Lock player uniform with No. 11, which looks a lot like the ones seen on the front cover, minus the Japanese flag during the Japan U-20 game.

Meguru Bachira

Volume 02

Bachira is a fairly tall young man with a slim build and oval-shaped face and bob haircut. He has bright yellow eyes shown for the first time in his official art and has chin-length black hair curled at the ends with gold under lights. When Bachira was younger, his hair was only ear length, and when he was in a junior football league, he wore jersey No. 8.

During the Chiba Prefecture tournament, Bachira wore jersey No. °8 from Namikaze High, which had a special bird design in the center. At Blue Lock, Bachira wears the standard bodysuit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. In the first selection, he wore the Z team’s blue #8 jersey and in the second selection, he wore the white team’s #16 jersey which later changed to red.


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During the third selection, he switched between Team A’s black No. 7 jersey and Team C’s white and blue No. 7 jersey and he wears Team Z’s gray studded cleats. During the game against Japan U-20s, Bachira dons an official Blue Lock player uniform with the #8, which looks very similar to the ones seen in the first cover without the Japan flag.

Rensuke Kunigami

Volume 04

Kunigami has a very moral personality. He can take his football career, training, and lifestyle very seriously, but he also knows when to relax and enjoy life. He is considered calm but passionate when it comes to football and can be very rational and cautious at times, but can also be as stubborn as Raichi, whom he often clashes with.

Kunigami won’t let troublemakers and people playing injustice get the better of him when he’s around; he almost looks like a big brother. Although serious most of the time, he can be very grateful and a little embarrassed when others praise him. Meeting Ryusei Shidou impacted Kunigami’s way of thinking and doing things.

His moral and fair playstyle was matched with a more aggressive and instinctive playstyle and he quit Blue Lock, questioning Shidou’s words by quitting Blue Lock. Back at Blue Lock, Kunigami is noticeably cooler and more focused, has a whole new philosophy on how he plays football, and struggles to assert his dominance on the pitch. Kunigami barely says a word to Isagi and doesn’t talk to anyone during the shift.

Hyōma Chigiri

Volume 03

Chigiri considered himself superior from an early age due to his naturally strong muscles, incredible footballing skills, and exceptional speed. He despised those who stood in his way or annoyed him for a moment but mostly remained humble. It wasn’t until his cruciate ligament ruptured that his sense of superiority began to crumble and being bullied by the Wanima brothers scared him into playing football with all his heart.

He is so afraid of never playing football again that he would rather find a reason to quit than pursuing his dream. When he regains control of his ego and ambition, Chigiri has proven to be a tenacious and persistent force on the pitch. He always strives to make an impact on the pitch that will get other players to notice and recognize his skills.

Chigiri has shown that he is very focused on being a player who constantly runs through tight spaces, and between players and even goes from dribbling to passing. He enjoys taking care of his appearance, often such as brushing and grooming his hair. He also talks about taking care of his injured knee.

Rin Itoshi

Volume 06

As a young boy, Rin was very innocent and in awe of his brother Sae. He wanted nothing more than to become strong and cool like his older brother. He started playing football just because his brother told him to and he followed his orders no questions asked. As they played soccer together, Rin listened to everything Sae said and adjusted accordingly.

When Sae left for Spain at Real Madrid, Rin found football more difficult without his brother but strove to become like him and replace him, doing whatever it took. A bit of Rin’s selfish style of play came through during this time. Rin is often portrayed as cold, brutal, and serious. He is also very selfish, as he always puts his goals ahead of everyone else and their motives.


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His personality alone makes him the top candidate for Blue Lock’s supposed best forward. Rin has a lot of pride as a striker, which borders on arrogance, as he often describes football and other people’s way of thinking as ‘lukewarm’. All of Rin’s current mannerisms and behavior come from his brother. In an attempt to be like his brother, Rin copies his words and lives his mindset. All Rin does is allow him to beat his older brother and end the rivalry.

Julian Loki

Julien Rocky Profile 28manga29

Loki is a fairly tall teenager (a hair taller than Isagi), with dark skin, brown eyes, and buzz cut short black hair. He is well built, for his age, being wider than Isagi despite his height. In the third selection, he wore the same Team White jersey used in the second selection but with the No. 1 on it. During the Neo Egotist League, he wears the PXG team uniform.

Jyūbei Aryū

Volume 09

Aryu is known to say “stylish” a lot and wants everything to be “stylish”. He loves those with a good sense of fashion and is not shy about asking anyone how they maintain their beauty, as he showed when he asked Chigiri what hair treatment he used and admired. her hair up close.

Aryu also has a self-confessed “complex” about his name, believing it to be his only awkward point. He feels that his name is very old-fashioned and therefore not in line with his preferred aesthetic. Aryu was shown trying to “get over” this by striking stylish poses as his name would be dated.

Seishiro Nagi

Volume 05

Nagi is a supernaturally talented footballer with incredible reflexes, good speed, and jumping abilities. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to deal with football at first, like, for example, training, and belittles those who are weak and untalented in the game. He doesn’t even know much about the best footballers in the world, much to the chagrin of his rivals.

Initially, he is shown that he doesn’t care about playing football and becoming the best striker and would rather play video games or skip training. However, after playing against Team Z in the match, Nagi takes the initiative and tries to score goals himself.

This only happens because he notices his teammate Reo Mikage looking lost to the opposing team. Despite his initially indifferent appearance, Nagi struggles to improve his soccer skills following his team’s loss to Yoichi Isagi. This urge to improve follows him in later arcs, and it even tarnishes a friendship as a result.

Gin Gagamaru

Gagamaru rebounds the ball 28Team Z vs Team V29

Gagamaru is a very tall and tall young man with long black hair that is pulled back into a bun that was eventually dyed blonde. At Blue Lock, Gagamaru wears the standard bodysuit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. In the first selection, he wore the Team Z blue jersey #6 and the gray Team Z football boots.

In the second selection, he wore the Team Red jersey #88, which is then passed to the white and blue jersey during the third selection. The C-Team In the game against Japan U-20, Gagagmaru dons an official Blue Lock player uniform with the number 1, which looks very similar to the one on the front cover without the Japanese flag.

Anri Teieri

Volume 18

Anri is a calm yet very determined woman whose biggest dream is to see Japan win the World Cup. Anri is a football enthusiast. Although the majority of the Japan Football Association makes fun of her and treats her as a woman with big dreams and big breasts, she sticks to her goals and vision. She also speaks her mind, uninfluenced by the business ideologies of the Japan Football Association.


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Jinpachi Ego

Volume 11

Jinpachi Ego is a trainer with a very egocentric philosophy, which makes him a very different trainer from others in Japan. According to him, an attacker is the master of the field and all the other players are there only to pass to the attacker. Despite all his differences with the point of view of most of his compatriots, Ego loves his country and wants him to win the World Cup by creating the best striker in the world.

Ego has shown several times that he is very intelligent. For example, he said to himself during the game against Japan U20 that apart from Yoichi Isagi’s goal, he planned everything else.

Another time, Anri Teieri asked him if he had foreseen Baro’s awakening, implying that he had foreseen other awakenings. He must also be someone very good at calculations because he was the one who made the first BL ranking by evaluating the potential of all high school players in the country.

Sae Itoshi

Volume 17

From an early age, Sae was cold, outspoken, and very serious. All he cared about was becoming the best striker in the world and only had time for things that would bring him closer to his goal. Sae can also be arrogant and condescending, looking down on others even though they are older than him and have more organizational authority.

He is selfish in his football game but has shown an ability to hold back and play his position without trying to upstage others unnecessarily. Sae is very proud as a football player and despises Japanese football and everyone involved in it.

Sae says he would much rather die or play in Europe with students than play in the J-League or the Japan national team. He is very confident in his abilities and wholeheartedly believes that no one in Japan is worthy of his abilities as a teammate. He doesn’t like the fact that he was born in Japan and says things like he was just born in the wrong country.

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